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somebody dreaming bout losing their virginity?

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Shitposter shitposting a shitpost.

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/d/ is that way sick fuck

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Notice nothing is said about it feeling good.

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Ugh, you sick fuck. gb2/d/

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its much better if you wrap your arms around her shoulders from beneath her arms and push down as you thrust upwards. Makes her feel like shes totally covered by you and makes for better and more forceful penetration

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that ain't 2D, bro

>> No.9826745

i frew up in my mouth a little

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also makes her walk funny afterward if you do it right

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I find 5-10 minutes at a quick pace and she wont be able to stand easy, its great.

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/tg/ - Sex Tips?!

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>wrap your arms around her shoulders from beneath her arms and push down

i dont get it

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go back to bed Timmy

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you know when you hug someone with their arms on top?
like that, only you hold their shoulders and you're horizontal.

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Sage for shitspammming.,

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Oh. You sick... sick fuck. Get ye hence, foul abomination.

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...why would you hug someone? That means you have to touch them and get in close.

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Die monster! You don't belong in this world!

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oooh oh oh I love this position

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trying to sleep, if it helps im on my laptop, at bedside

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You don't understand! It starts with missionary, but someone will eventually bring up "consensual" and finally some weirdo will be saying you can rape elves! It's the thin edge of the wedge! We have to kill it before it gets any further!

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As a long time faggot and 4 year ass gremlin I am thoroughly confused by this blasphemous activity. Explain this breeding ritual to me in your primitive non-faggoty human words.

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you said the word...

>> No.9827157


12 years old.

>> No.9827174

am i the only drawfag who doesnt doodle porn casually for 4chan

>> No.9827196


possbly, i also do it for myself

>> No.9827202

no, but you are a rare and dying breed.

>> No.9827206

How can you stand that filth? You monster, get out of /tg/, get out of 4chan, get away from the machine, you hungus!

And if you're trying to sleep, coffee isn't going to help.

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Im going to buy a tablet so my paint scrawls aren't so bad.

maybe ill draw something good

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>this thread

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Good lighting in that vagina.
Track lighting? Or just good use of ambient light?
Very tasteful.

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if it helps its because I've done it several times. on a bed, desk, floor, bench...


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dear god, are there zits on that guy's dick?

>> No.9827406

in order to draw something good you have to BE good.

>> No.9827430

drawing with my opposite hand with a mouse in paint does hinder it a bit

>> No.9827441

Fordyce's spots probably

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