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Hey /tg/

I've been looking to get into WH40k for a long time. Problem is, I'm got into it playing Dawn of War. My friends thus far have been unwilling to invest in building a TT army to play with me.

Until today.

A friend of mine (and some of his friends) are all starting new 500pt armies. Some have played the game before, but I have not. So, I'd like some help.

1. What does a 500pt army look like? How long do the games go, assuming 1v1?
2. Given that I'm the noob, anything I should be aware of? E.g. armies to avoid, outdated BS that doesn't work so well anymore, etc...
3. What kind of cheesy things can I do with 500 points?

Right now, I only know that my friend (the one person in this group I know) is going IG.


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I forgot to mention; I'm a fast learner, and don't see the need to get into a simpler codex; I'll ultimately get into an army that I know I'll enjoy, not necessarily one that's easy to pick up

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500 points of IG?

can you fit two russes in there?

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with such low point your best bet is to go with an army with cheap units. no one is going to be fielding land raiders and nightbringers so you dont have to worry about a handful of quality units wrecking your business. what you do have to worry about is an imperial guard player fielding over 100 models and simply having more wounds than you could possibly dish out in 6 turns.

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Tau really don't work in the new edition. Though they might do alright in 500 points, where LOL TRANSPORT SPAM might be less noticeable.

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500 points is considered small by most. I recommend DLing the codexs and rulebook and looking though them. Also, Necrons had their upcoming update leaked and are looking quite nice. Though that's all subject to change.

Ultimately I'll recommend the army that you enjoy playing.

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Don't try to cheese your friends with powergaming crap. Just get the Black Reach starter box off ebay or somewhere else - comes with everything you need to start playing. Also, if your friend just wants to try it, then see if you have some cheap army men toys lying around. Use empty tissue boxes to stand in for vehicles like tanks and dreadnaughts.

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The Assault on Black Reach box is ~500 points and gives both Space Marines AND Orks plus a load of other goodies (templates, dice, rulebook) for a decent price.

That is, if you and a friend are planning orks and SM.

500 Points is really small size. You'll be lucky to get more then an HQ and 2 troops.

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500 points being small is an understatement. 500 points is REALLY small. You're best served going with tyranids or orks.

If you go with tyranids, pick up a couple Tervigons and a LOT of Termigants. >SO MANY TERMIGANTS<

If you go with the boys in green, you're going to want a few trukks (just use any old toy truck you've got and convert the shit out of it with plasticard), a Bigmek with KFF or a Warboss with Power Klaw. You'll need about 38 boys and 3 Nobs with power Klaws and 'eavy armor to accompany this. If you field 2 sets of 9 boys + nob in 2 trukks, with a group of 20 + nob in cover somewhere as far up as they can get, you've got a decent force that can put out a lot of wounds and soak up a lot of damage.

Alternatively, you can just go with 72 boys in squads of 12 and a warboss. Make sure they're shoota boys. Alternatively, 60 in squads of 10 and give em all a big shoota, give the boss something nice.

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Silly question, but where can I download the codexs??

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THE thing is you'd have to be a PIRATE to do that and keep the authorities at BAY.

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My mistake, good sir.

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/rs/ is fine too.

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armies that blow in sub 1k games:
Chaos, Daemonhunters, Necrons
Armies that are mediocre sub 1k:
Marines, Eldar, witch hunters, tau
Armies that are pretty good sub 1k:
Dark Eldar,
Armies that kick shit in sub1k:
Tyranids, Orks, Guard (The swarms)

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Excellent advice, thank you

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