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Hello /tg/

I frequent /v/. What's the difference between that board and this?

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more giantess porn

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more heretical

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its not /b2/

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Less tolerance for weeaboo shit, but it still manages to rear its ugly head here.

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This actually.

/v/ crapfloods are now the norm and the entire board is rife with immature shitheads and other such children.

The giantess threads give me hope. No, really.

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Sometimes we talk about tabletop games.

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You can't troll /v/ with /tg/ stuff.

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We're cooler.

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not often

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At this point? nada.

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Yeah we are like /b4/ or /b5/ after /a/ and maybe /jp/.

Fetish porn is part of the problem. It makes us /d/-lite. I know it is a lot to ask, but when I click on /tg/ I expect to see /tg/ not shitty porn, furry shit, vidya shit, and stupid forum games.

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We have refinement and class.

We're also more awesome.

Also, I'm here.

And there's a Baneblade under your top-hat.

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>differences between /v/ and /tg/

Lower traffic, so you can actually find threads again without tabbing all the good ones

more furry pron

no doubles

/tg/ gets shit done(it might not be what you wanted, but shit got done)

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Theres not nearly enough futa to be /d/-lite

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giantess threads?

why the fuck not.

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We tend to have better discussions here and we have a lot more whiny people instead of flat out trolls.

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and a warlord titan in your nostril

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/v/ sucks and is full of 14 year olds.

this board is not.

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/d/ isn't just futa, bro

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and Creed up your butt

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That 1% of other content does not count.

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I have to say, /tg/ just seems to have a better atmosphere.

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/tg/ is mainly for Warhammer art and half-reasoned complaints about games you don't play. Also, tranny porn.

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and a penal legion up creeds butt

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Yup. Sometimes it's tentacles and piss.

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that can be easily remedied

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Have you been to /d/ lately? Its atleast 90% of /d/

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Demotivators with text from the pic are the most fail demotivators.

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pee isn't really /d/ material, it's just that the people in /e/ are too fucking uptight and have female issues

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9 minutes into a porno thread.

Slowest Derail Ever.

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90% =/= 100%

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oh /tg/ you always make me feel aroused by the wierdest things..

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you'er welcome bro's.

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Sorry, I was reading the strange story thread.

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btw, any goo girls or dryads? Im fancing that at this moment.

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Of course, but for something to be /d/-lite it requires atleast a 30-40% futa saturation.

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Eh, it's alright, bro. Don't worry too much.

You need to stay on top of the ball though. Those guys over at /v/ are gonna think we're not demented fa/tg/uys who like dickgirls and other weird things. Then we'll get /v/ouyers in here. That's not good, bro.

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not sure to save that...

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/tg/ loves thri-kreen girls and they love us.

/v/ has Tali.

That is the difference.

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not want

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let me give you a two for one!

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We're all ironically self-hating neckbeards, with a fair dash of creativity (it's the common thread required for most of what /tg/ likes, anyways).

And a neckbeard isn't a physical trait, although that can be a manifestation. A true neckbeard is on the inside.

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Don't forget our beloved and worshiped queen, The Lady of P


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>/tg/ loves thri-kreen girls and they love us.
That's only you and two or three other people. Don't speak for the whole board when you don't know.

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beautiful japanese girl

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but, i want Tali too...

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If some day it may happen that a victim must be found...

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This is true. Some people prefer dragonborn girls.

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>worrying about what /v/ thinks
that's like worrying about what the 5 year old next door thinks about you
in other words, it's fucking stupid

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thank you /tg/!

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>The difference between us and them is our taste in waifus.
I love this board.

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And some prefer lamias.

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yeah, that's probably eight total people

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Yes, yes some of us do

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i've fap'ed to that manga... i know how it ends, dont try to trick me!

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Hey, we like Tali too.

Just not as much as /v/ does.

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Xenos love.
Extra-flavorful, extra-wonderful, extra-heretical.

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/v/ is about video games.
/tg/ is about Warhammer 40.000.

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And here I was hoping to see a dick.

What have you done to me /tg/

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When /v/ talks about heresy, they're talking about Dawn of War.

When /tg/ talks about heresy, they're talking about Warhammer 40K.

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Son I have something to tell you.

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>xenos = extra-boring

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more derp

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/tg/ - /d/, but good.

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And some enjoy illithid girls, preposterous though the notion might be.

What I'm getting at here is that we're a bunch of weirdos. So is /v/ for that matter but at least we're mostly not in denial of it.

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best slime girl ever.

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>Xenos love - Boring
>Posting a human with different coloring that you can see through.
>My face.

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oh boy that was a good thread.

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This is the only board where I can count on hordes of neckbeards to helping me masturbate.

How can I pay you /tg/

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We have WAY FUCKING BETTER Morrowind threads than you guys

>> No.9819238

I like the xenos myself

>> No.9819241

>illithid girls
that's like implying that a female spider can be a girl

>> No.9819260

I have no idea where you're going with this.

>> No.9819267

"hey... what are you looking at?"

>> No.9819272

Why is it all your goo girls are underaged? I mean, my brain is like "Yes! Ooze porn!" but then it's "augh, too young" and the sudden flipflop of arousal is cruel.

>> No.9819278

By helping us masturbate by posting porn of your own?

>> No.9819282

Hey Liar, can you draw some more anal drillin ? Maybe of an elfdar this time

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Apparently you're too stupid to get it.
The xeno thing has roots in 40k racism and labeling them as xenos is like labeling black girls as niggers.
The difference is referring to them in a derogatory tone instead of using terms like 'dark chocolate'.

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We're /d/ if /d/ didn't have quite as much of a futa obsession and a hatred for western art, basically. Also, we occasionally discuss traditional games.

>> No.9819314

fuck id draw more but im drunk...

>> No.9819316

spider-girl, not a spider, bro

so you're retarded derp is very applicable

>> No.9819320


post images i dont have, make my folder larger...

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Anatomically correct porn.

Back on topic. I've been on /v/ They tend to have threads being on denial that their seriose games are nothing more than childrens' toys.

On /tg/? Everybody knows we are playing pretend with rules. And toy soldiers. We are proud manchildren.

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Best new fetish creature ever.

>> No.9819335

Have some demon lovin'

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>Commission drawfags for porn
>Post it on /tg/
Everybody wins!

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how about a mommy spider?

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>Anatomically correct porn.
Yes, that is part of it.

>implying that the topic is static
>implying that OP sets topic and it must stay that way
Oh yeah, /tg/ can use greentext to imply and get away with it.

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>We're /d/ if /d/ didn't have quite as much of a futa obsession and a hatred for western art, basically.

To put it more bluntly, /tg/ ain't fussy. Human, nonhuman, male, female, Trap, futa, anthro, alien, dead, undead...whatever. If it's porn, we'll fap to it.

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It shouldn't really matter how somebody is hung.
Other things are more important- like how you use your tongue!

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OP, in case you're still here and you weren't trolling, the big difference between us and /v/ (besides the obvious vidya games there and not vidya games here) is that we can't stay on topic. If you make a pokemon topic on /v/, you'll get people talking about pokemon, trading friend codes, complaining about the new starter 'mons, that kind of stuff. You start a pokemon thread here and you get five posts about the 'mons, then the thread gets hijacked and you have /d/ material, discussion on politics, archeology majors arguing with metallurgy professionals about damascus steel, Mass Effect, a brief history of how mongols took over europe, someone drawfagging Warhammer 40k, and someone pretending to be a vampire werewolf all in that one thread that was supposed to be about pokemon.

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awwwwwwww pretty pleaaaaase

>> No.9819396

>Dude your fetish sucks, go fuck yourself.

>Hey asswipe don't ride on my fetish! This stuff is cool.

>> No.9819402


you're welcome too bro.

>> No.9819407

I don't fap to Fucking Liars moe 'nid, but she/it sure gets me in the mood.

Should I feel ashamed?

>> No.9819417


Your jello ladies pale in comparison to mine.

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>> No.9819435


nope, now bend over.

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Moetyrant is fucking hot.

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>> No.9819465

oh franken fran...

>> No.9819470

>post images i dont have, make my boner harder

Sadly, in this laptop, I only have vanilla stuff

>> No.9819481

Threads disappear slower, and sometimes dice get involved.

>> No.9819483

I don't fap to those pics either. They don't get me in the mood but I sure do enjoy looking at them.

Also more demon girls needed

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>> No.9819492

Oh, yeah, and lots of lots of by-request furry porn.

>> No.9819496

>> No.9819499


I dont think you should

considering I put the heresy bait to the max.

>> No.9819500

i think /tg/ is a pretty gool guy

eh faps to aliens and doesn't afraid of anything

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>> No.9819514


dont worry, i can help.

and as im in a good mood, have a comic.


>> No.9819516

she looks tan to me, also thunder thighs and thunder hips

>> No.9819524

Being an epic-level Druid never felt so good.

>> No.9819526

I remember the last time this was posted, it triggered over a hundred posts of civil discussion, dissecting the picture and what made it so perversely attractive.

In a fashion, that tells you everything you need to know about /tg/. We're capable of overanalysing EVERYTHING.

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>> No.9819538

Look at that little guy go!

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>> No.9819548

As one of the three deeply twisted individuals who enjoy thri-kreens here on /tg/, I must make a request to you.

Thri-kreens. Doing whatever the fuck you want them to do. I don't care. I just want to see you draw them.

>> No.9819554

Also, we'll put tits on everything.


>> No.9819557

/v/ and /tg/ have joined forces

>> No.9819561


and 4. and a good end too.

>> No.9819564

That's pretty much anything I could want from the female form.

>> No.9819569

Eventually you'll make a "weird" or "why does this turn me on" folder.

>> No.9819573

draw me tits on a sword, an axe and a bow and I will believe you.

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>> No.9819588

How come we can have delicious xeno threads along with the HUMANITY FUCK YEAH ones?

We want to literaly fuck the universe as alpha males?

>> No.9819590

"please... dont rape me..."

>> No.9819591

you like fat girls too?

>> No.9819595

Do you one better and skip to the hardcore smut.

>> No.9819604

because the crossover is VERY little, most people don't look at both

>> No.9819606


who doesnt?!

>> No.9819612

you fail to grasp the *tits on everything* idea

>> No.9819625 [DELETED] 


I was looking to post that

>> No.9819626

>We want to literaly fuck the universe as alpha males?
Yes. We plan to fuck everything out of existence.

>> No.9819629

Eventually, it will be something like this, but with computer files.

>> No.9819632

This good enough?

>> No.9819634

It was a joke, I am not into fat girls. It's a 'I can't keep a boner thing' going. But you guys can have them.

>> No.9819648


>> No.9819652

Looking at a drawing like that is ok, looking at the real thing is horrifying.

>> No.9819655

and now im gonig to post some of my favourite brown girls.


>> No.9819656

>deeply twisted

What's so twisted about liking Kreen girls?

>> No.9819659

If by fat you mean "giant tits and ass" then yes.

If by fat you mean "disgusting land whale" then no.

>> No.9819663

not sure whether to shriek in horror or laugh my ass off

>> No.9819674

fat, thin... I dont care as long as they have DEM HIPS

>> No.9819680

i wouldnt say that

dat zipper.

>> No.9819681

They aren't even mammals.

>> No.9819682


>> No.9819683

Im assuming if /tg/ could they would insert there penis into every type of creature in a fantasy world, not just humans.

>> No.9819692


om nom nom

>> No.9819698


>> No.9819699

Would hit so very hard.

>> No.9819706

here. have some more wissil good sir.

>> No.9819708


and the last of my best ones.


yeah you should.

>> No.9819709

If the snake part was lowered a wee bit I'd hit it too.

>> No.9819711

I'll pass
Sure is swell Im not the only one with strange ideas.
Stupid sexy nids getting me BLAM'd...

>> No.9819715

Tall, thin, and bony girls are the best.

>> No.9819728

>>9819715 worst

>> No.9819739


umm, i dont have this.


>> No.9819740

I was talking about myself.

You people need to stop thinking that if somebody posts something on this board it is a fact and not a personal opinion.

>> No.9819745



>> No.9819756

Yes, as long as it had tits. Also a dragon would be fine too, just for the story.

>> No.9819766

Using the only two sources of info we have, Thri-Kreen of Athas and that original fapfic, I can tell you that this picture is anatomically inaccurate.

2e thri-kreen had abdomens and they were fucking huge. 11 feet long all told. Their genitals were at the very tip of the abdomen and they copulated like insects. Presumably.

The fapfic, which is more interesting, places the female's epigyne (yes that's a real word and it's the best word applicable here) "between the thighs," which is pretty vague. It indicates that external friction is the best way to stimulate a female because they lay the eggs first and then stimulate the male into fertilizing them.

Either way it won't look just like vanilla sex.

Also kreen don't have eyelids. Their eyes are, depending on interpretation, either compound or parallel-evolved binocular lensed eyes that have hard, translucent outer shells and an interior eyeball with multiple eyespots on it that can be oriented independently like a chameleon's.

So... yeah. I'm a fucking weirdo.

>> No.9819774


thats fresh off of BG's FA

>> No.9819775


>> No.9819790

I would explain this, but this clearly speaks for itself.

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.9819800

i love you. save for the saved god

oh really? nice.

>> No.9819805


That's the Warp for you

>> No.9819811

This. This right here is how real xeno love would work, its fucking terrifying.

>> No.9819813

I don't even think lack of tits would stop a decent portion of /tg/.
Or lack of vagina. Or dick, for that matter.
I'm not even sure if lack of orifices would stop some of us from giving it the old college try.

>> No.9819822

Dem bats!

>> No.9819824

You'll have to settle for a loli axe in the meantime

>> No.9819834


>> No.9819836

Gelatinous Cube, even?

Maybe with some protection....

>> No.9819854


>> No.9819864

>> No.9819871

>the old college try
>statement said before failure

>> No.9819872

well if you Liar or bg want to give franken fran a go, i'd be really happy.

and do what ever you want.

>> No.9819878

You're not a real man unless you've fucked your way across the elemental spectrum.

>> No.9819887


Why is his axe a... what is... fuck!

>> No.9819891


promotions for you.

>> No.9819896

Genus Loci need love too. Or perhaps it was the work of a very bored epic level druid. I dunno.

>> No.9819905


she never gets to cuddle ;__;

>> No.9819919

I was on the livestream when he drew it :p

>> No.9819924

Man, I have so little cowgirl pics...

>> No.9819931


>> No.9819932


>> No.9819935

I am fairly sure Wissil has a vagina, but random penis is not unexpected.

>> No.9819943

I don't know. I'd consider genuine love between two very, very different individuals to be a beautiful thing.

>> No.9819959

that is odd.

aww man, i was thinking about posting some of her.

>> No.9819963

My axe is a loli.
Your argument is invalid.

>> No.9819969 [DELETED] 


Silly weaboos those are not Lamias. THIS is.

>> No.9819971


>> No.9819977

Why are there no actual pics of these Alien girls fucking people?

>> No.9819989


>> No.9819992



>> No.9819995

I'm sure it's just morning wood.

>> No.9820001

OP, in case you're still here, you've probably figured out the main difference by now: fewer faggots and no mods.

We're also more verbose and marginally less knee-jerk about our opinions, but that's really about it.

>> No.9820012

Forget your pic?

Before you go all EW CLOACA on me I just want you to imagine the erotic potential of a fleshy tongue sheath.

>> No.9820019


shit is hard to come by bro.

>> No.9820026

/tg/ will fuck a neutronium golem, if had the chance

>> No.9820036


>> No.9820042

Lets try that again.


Silly weaboos those are not Lamias. THIS is.

>> No.9820051


and last one of her.

>> No.9820064


>> No.9820065

You forgot this

>> No.9820070

I know, but you would think people would jump all over that.

>> No.9820092

I require a picture of Macha at the moment


>> No.9820094


well i got predator stuff if you want?

>> No.9820104


>> No.9820117


that will do, because I needed her hairstyle

>> No.9820124

Yes, but a Snakegirl is far sexier than a glorified Centaur.

>> No.9820126


>> No.9820130

How about some DAT ASS Macha?

>> No.9820139

The snake chicks are a hell of a lot closer to the original Lamia than D&D's abomination

>> No.9820140

rolled 89 = 89

that is not fat.

that is dorf girl status.

shorty + tits + hips.

give her an axe and I'd take her to battle.

>> No.9820162


how would it feel to get a blow job from a predator?

you will find out in one more post.

>> No.9820165

You know, I wonder what the OP thinks of all this.

>> No.9820175

>> No.9820184


and last of the predator stuff.

and feel free to ask me for somthing out of my fap folder.

>> No.9820187

Fine, be a doubter.

Crush the warm fuzziness in your heart before it has a chance to take root.

>> No.9820205

get me a Ring of Immunity to fire and a fire proof riding crop.. and it's Go time baby.

>> No.9820206

post some anal porn

>> No.9820228

Why is this so hot?

>> No.9820230


one image per request.

>> No.9820237

>>I wonder what the OP thinks of all this.

Either he is wondering why he is fapping so hard or he went back to /v/ to talk about pokeymans

>> No.9820252


>> No.9820256

oh hey, we're taking requests?

I'd like some men being tentacle raped.

>> No.9820260

Banging a firey half dragon means a portable hot tub in any small body of water.

>> No.9820263


I fucking love greenmarine.

>> No.9820273

more anal porn plz

>> No.9820288

Tentacle rape is no fun.
The internet needs more consensual tentacled lovings!

>> No.9820289

>Either he is wondering why he is fapping so hard or he went back to /v/ to fap to pokeymans


Thread image limit reached D:

>> No.9820317



This is why I support mind flayer lasses.

>> No.9820336

well that was image cap.

>> No.9820387

also liar if you were going to post the eldar thing, make a new thread, or save it for a new day.

>> No.9820483


I am resourceful!

>> No.9820572

Oh wow, I wonder how many even remember that thread.

>> No.9820588


Only I drew that myself :v

>> No.9820594

well it was fun and my /xenos/ folder grew. Never change /tg/

>> No.9820610

Got any cowgirls?

>> No.9820645

Well, yes, your style is evident. But the whole assassin/Macha thing is fairly old, I think Chink drew some stuff about it.

>> No.9820692


hmm, I may have to dig his galleries then.

far as I know Macha still has her hymen

>> No.9820738

chink isn't canon

>> No.9820760

I'm pretty sure she still does by /tg/ "canon."
I don't think anyone takes chink's stuff as anything more than the mad scribblings of a elemental force of porn that they are.

>> No.9821524

I believe buttsex was involved.

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