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Sup /tg/.

Soon I'm going to play Dark Heresy with some friends, but we've yet to find some proper tiles. We're playing it online and we're using a software called "GlitterComm", which we've already used to play some D&D with.

What I'm wondering, is I can find tiles for the game (Dark Heresy) online somewhere, and if I can, where?

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Shameless self-bump.

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How much would you pay to get it done ? :3

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If you're asking how much I'd pay to get the tiles, then it's a big fat zero, I'm afraid.

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And, BTW, after only a google search for "Space Hulk scans" here is what I got :


Enjoy ;)

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Thanks for the effort and the link, but sadly the GM says that he can't use those since they're primarily vents and such, and not corridors and walkways etc.

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Self-bump. Anyone? Someone?


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