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Look at this knight, just look at this fucking knight!

Look at how much of a bad-ass he is, kicking ass and saving fairies, while still being an awesome bro to everyone in the land. No matter who you, as long as you aren't an evil asshole, this knight is your bro. He probably just saved the kingdom from the forces of evil and he's just chillin'.

You will never be as cool as this knight, /tg/

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That is a pretty awesome lance.

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Stuff like this makes me wonder why there isn't more touhou crossovers.

I don't know if this was supposed to be a troll or what, but, I mean, HAHA_OW_WOW.JPG

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Look at the baka.

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I'd tap that

like tap water

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>jousting lance

God DAMMIT, a proper lance for killing dudes does not look like that. HURF DURF

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oddly enough there are a ton of JoJoxTouhou crossovers

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Maybe he's about to go fuck bitches up in the tournament?

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play Touhou Fortress 2

its quite surreal

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dear lord why!

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.... he's defending Cirno's honor? Whom no other knight in all Christendom would defend, her being of the Fey, and thus cursed in the eyes of the Lord?

Urge to writefag... RISING....

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There's a surprising amount of everything/touhou crossovers.

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>its quite surreal

... I could imagine.

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Sure lets go with that.

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It'd kind of funny how many touhou cross over pics there are, actually

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I can't speak about the touhou part but for the JoJo part I can only say one word


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Relevant to my interests.

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guess what faggots

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But that isn't touhou at all!

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This is... this is fantastic.

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Where are the cirnomarines?

I lost my pics, but someone must still have them.

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>Stuff like this makes me wonder why there isn't more touhou crossovers.

Be careful what you ask for.~

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it ain't?

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I simply cannot ignore this. Writefagging ahoy.

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Pretty much everything has a touhou version.

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lets go pirate hunting

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No kidding. Still, most of this has been WIN.

... except for that first one. Holy shit.

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Nope. That particular one was with Rozen Maiden (you know, desu).

Easy mistake for the uninitiated though. DEM FRILLS.

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Ok, that just doesn't make any goddamn sense.

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But does it need to?

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can you tell me what these three have in common /tg/?

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I always end up surprised at how very few touhou+eva images I have.

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The world of touhou has many things

Sense is not one of them

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>Rorschach's sack


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inb4 Tengen Toppa Touhou Lagann

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Judging by how pleased Asakura is about the situation, it's probably worse than you think.

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>Inb4 no one knows where the reference is from

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Pictures like these are why I love the internet

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who the hell is that chick, ive seen her in a porno comic and thats about it.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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Yuuka Kazami

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this also seems like it could be touhou, but fuck if I know

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That'd be Yuka.

Who's more than a little insane.

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Is that all she does, be insane? Because from what i read in the comic (which probably isn't close to being even shitty canon) she seemed pretty sane and conceded.

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I think that's Kaguya.

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Insane does not mean gibbering, outlandish insanity. She's more of the... subtle type.

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Tovin did one last check, walking around Sir Reginald slowly, poking at the joints in his thick plate with a thin bodkin to make sure none of the chainmail gussets underneath had bunched up.

“You’re all set.”

Sir Reginald nodded as Tovin handed him his helm. He slipped it on and let Tovin do up the leather fasteners; his own hands were already gauntleted. Tovin withdrew, and Reginald gripped his helm firmly and twisted left, then right. “Secure,” he declared. He strode forward, towards the door of the tent, and Tovin coughed politely behind him.


Reginald, remembering himself, turned, and let Tovin hand him the lance. He hefted it, angling it slightly to keep the tip from brushing the ceiling. The balance was perfect.

“How do I look?” he asked.

“... solemn,” the squire answered truthfully. “Not as vibrant as your own colors, but... they’ll take note.”

Reginald touched his visor to acknowledge, unable to nod with armor donned. With no further words, he stepped out of the tent.


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No its Yuuka.

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Yuka Kazami.

So what is the story behind the domo juggernaut cirno chariot thing anyway?

It is.

That and take care of sunflowers, generally.

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Mostly, she hangs out in her flower field, but she's known for being rather crazy.

One of her famous quotes is along the lines of "Genocide is such a fun game."

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She's a sociopath. Her one scenario in the (windows) games is her prancing around starting fights for the fun of beating people up.

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ah well I guess that works. Well seeing as how i mentioned porn I should share it.



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every other crossover page on gelbooru has touhou on it

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I'm calling it for Yuka. Note the little bit of plaid in the middle, and Kaguya would have much more hair.

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The first thing to understand about the touhou community is that numerous artistic liberties are taken when it comes to character personalities. Canon-wise, I don't believe Yuka can accurately be described as insane. Maybe genocidal or heartless, in that sort of Hannibal Lector way, but not quite insane

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Yuka isn't insane at all.
She just sees humans as vermin.
Most of them are beneath her, but she seeks out stronger ones to battle.

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No need to share touhou porn, there's about a fuckton of it.

But yea, she'll basically chill out in her flower field most of the time, but if you mess with her, you're fucked.

Unless you're Cho Marisa, of course.

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>So what is the story behind the domo juggernaut cirno chariot thing anyway?

I don't really know, save for rumors I read on /jp/. According to local lore, those pictures were created by a drawfriend in a thread where the OP posted about this crazy touhou related dream he had. The pictures you see illustrate said dream

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It's only common courtesy, I mean after all shouldn't even one in /tg/ be nice to each other?

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>Maybe genocidal or heartless, in that sort of Hannibal Lector way
>not quite insane
>implying Hannibal Lector wasn't insane
What... the... fuck?

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Who is this girl and what is she from?

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no idea what they are talking about

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A common mistake a lot of Touhou fans make is that they assign human personalities and motivations to what are essentially demons.

Even if a lot of their behavior feels familiar, they're still fundamentally different.

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Considering how many RTS games there are I'd be loathe to call Yuuka insane.

Defcon's pretty fun for example.

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They're just bitches.

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See, this is the sort of thing the Quick Reply feature does. I love its usefulness but seriously man.

Anyway, she's a touhou. Her name is Cirno.

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says the basement dweller

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so... could we like. fuck her?

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Even that doesn't work for a lot of them.
Consider Rumia.
A carefree girl with a cheerful personality. Likes to eat humans.

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The field was silent. Tourneys or challenges were almost always chaotic affairs, with the voice of the crowd rising to meet the contestants as they stepped from their tents- some had been known to stand poised at the entrance, waiting to emerge the second the crowd-murmur changed, to split the enthusiasm eagerly.

Today, he was greeted with naught but the battle silence, under which men’s terrors and apprehensions roiled like mist eddies in the minutes before the lines came to grips. This was more to Reginald’s liking. This, he was experienced with.

He strode forward, not letting the massively heavy lance in his left hand sag an inch. From behind two of his men-at-arms, first peeking, then running, came Cirno, the ‘lady’ who’s colors he now wore.

She paused at his knee, looking up at the towering armored beast he’d become. Then she thrust her arms up at him, in the universal gesture, innocent as a child.

“... Sir Reginald?”

He hesitated a moment- for he stood in full colors on the field of challenge- and then knelt to pick her up. It was a little late to worry about propriety.

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I don't see how that's relevant.

Their personalities aren't complex, they're just childish and bitchy.

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Ya, I found a wiki, but what is touhou? It says it is a shooter game or something? Or something to do with Eastern culture?

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"Insane" simply doesn't do him justice. Gibbering retards inside asylums are insane. People exposed to Deep Ones in CoC turn insane

Hannibal? Insane.. doesn't quite cover it

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Best crossover

>> No.9804985

Just read it it.

>It says it is a shooter game or something?
That's what it says, and that's what it is.

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0/10 Obvious troll

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Are those pokemon?

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I'd say you're taking it a touch too far. My favorite interpretation of Gensokyo is the happy tea-party type, but where things like that are simply a fact of life. They may not come up all the time, and it's VERY far not be grim and dark 24/7, but it happens. That doesn't mean there can't be frolicking and silliness.

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for everyone going WTF at this pic >>9804169 let me clear it up for you guys

this is referencing a fight between Iggy (the king of all dogs with the ability to control sand) and Faggot Mcwhythefuckareyousobrokeninthegame (an eagle with the ability to control and create ice and a sadistic nature)

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Oh I'm not trying to be GRIMDARK at all.
Even demons can be silly.
Just saying that what appears like murder to us isn't quite the same from their perspective.

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Top down Jap shooter made by a single guy.

Known for its characters (frilly girls all), huge productive fanbase and ridiculously large number of bullets leading to relatively difficult gameplay.

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>> No.9805055

Not everyone buys everything that comes out of Japan.

What kind of shooter is it? Are there any popular non-Japanese games you would compare it to?

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Just check youtube for gameplay videos.

>> No.9805086

Thanks. If it is made by a single dude how does he sell it if at all? Is it free?

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I can't tell if this is stupidity or trolling.

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Touhou is a series of hell shooter games created by Zun, a man whose love of hats is only surpassed by his love of booze. Only the original games were designed by Zun. Everything else is basically fanmade, or in select cases Zun-approved, but his involvement in the series so far was simply making the original hellshooter games

If you've read a manga about it, it's probably fan made. If you've seen the anime about it, it's DEFINITELY fan made. The closest thing touhou has to a Zun-approved game that wasn't designed by him personally would be Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Unthinkable Natural Law (also often called Hisoutensoku), which were games designed by a guy called Tasofro. All of these games are considered canon

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It's just that good. Plus fans like things in it apart from the gameplay (like the music), so they support him.

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>You will never be as cool as this knight, /tg/
I see what you did there.

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Yuuka, a dangerous youkai with no compunction about killing.

Fanon has her being dangerously violent almost constantly, but canon states that she mostly ignores weaklings (most humans) unless they attack her, challenge her, or burn her field or something.

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its fuckign surprising how many mangas are about it

I like the non hentai ones. they are daaaaaaaaaaaaw

>> No.9805184

He sells it through hard work and guts. Other one-man crews of indie developers don't have trouble getting their stuff sold too, so.

The gigantic fanbase is entirely unexplained. And I do mean gigantic, this thing has multiple regular conventions for nothing BUT touhou and touhou-related products. I guess it's just infectious.

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It's a bullet hell game. Think Ikaruga.

>> No.9805208

>I guess it's just infectious.
Oh, definitely. Touhou is the most viral thing I've ever seen, bar none.

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Rumia's a better example than Yuuka.

Canon Yuuka doesn't bother with inferiors, but Rumia openly dislikes humans and tries to eat them.

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amount of touhou art on gelbooru:
125546 images

(granted there are repeats but....)

>> No.9805262

Ridiculous amounts of relatively slow bullets that look pretty and make you have to dodge carefully, no real western analogue I can think of.

Its sold by ZUN (the drunk guy who makes it) at conventions (Comiket eg, but there's whole touhou conventions) -
several hundred copies, perhaps a thousand per game.
Then those are pirated.

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I wouldn't say that she hates humans, just that they really, really taste good...

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Just how hax are the touhous guys?

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>> No.9805299

Bit late there, but yeah.

>> No.9805312

As hax as you want to describe them as.

>> No.9805316

I thought there was close to zero canon info on her. Just she's a youkai, she controls darkness, eats people and has a magic ribbon she can't touch.

Then again, all I know is from skimming tvtropes.

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They stood that way for a little while, the small fairy perched on the shoulder of her Champion, eyes closed, resting her head on his helm.

“... Why?” Cirno whispered to him at last. “Why you?”

“My duty,” Reginald answered.

She sighed slightly, and he felt a slight chill coming through his shoulder. “No, I mean- out of all the knights in crissy-dum-“


“Christendom,” she amended, “why are you the only one?”

“Cirno... most of the knights in Christendom, aren’t. Knights, I mean.”

“Oh...” she said, absorbing that. “And... why aren’t you afraid of me? Like they are?”

“I... “ for the first time since they’d met, Cirno detected uncertainty in Sir Reginald’s voice. “... some men,” he continued, “some men, they want everything. So they fear everything, because anything could take it away from them; collapse their schemes on them like the paper facades they are. You understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered, and hugged his helm a little tighter, eyes still closed. “I know a lot of people like that, where I come from.”

“Right,” Reginald answered. “But if you want little- only to go to your grave with no regrets- you don’t fear much. Least of all a girl who can amuse herself for half an hour with a frozen frog.”

>> No.9805335

You should take half the things said in touhou with a grain of salt. Youkai are constantly "exterminated" (apparently, this is non-fatal). Reimu, the "good" guy, constantly beats people up for no real reason. Characters constantly talk shit at each other.

It always, however, ends with a tea party. Usually with the BBEG as a friend.

>> No.9805346


Best current western analogue wold be Beat Hazard.

It's touhou with spaceships and epilepsy, that plays to the beat of your own music, basically.

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>> No.9805382

Somewhat canon:
(The author is from the series, and some of her articles are known to be unreliable. Nonetheless, fans generally accept what she says, except when it contradicts other material)

>> No.9805392


Kind of depends on how willing to dip into fanon explanations you are, but the general consensus is they range from "crazy" to "jesus fuck what"

Case in point, Yukari

>> No.9805399

>Reimu, the "good" guy

Of course she is! Just look at her!

>> No.9805411

Some have relatively minor powers, maybe absorbing misfortune or controlling when the leaves turn colors, to world-ending powers such as the ability to control and cause nuclear fusion, the power to manipulate boundaries (ANY boundary, real or not)

>> No.9805448

Oh no, I'm not clicking that link. Last time I visited a touhou wiki, I got a yukkuri obsession.

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>> No.9805508

Touhou crossovers, you say

>> No.9805514

Oh god, not this shit again.

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>> No.9805548

so much porn

>> No.9805550

I laughed pretty hard.

But why isn't it Byakuren in the cradle?

>> No.9805554

Let me put it this way:

Whenever a completely faggy OP universe pops up, like Drow Tales, we break out the touhous.

>> No.9805555

>Random image dump, no text
Fuck it, I'm out of here.

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>> No.9805570

Aya interviewed with her. She states, matter-of-factly, that attacking humans is a youkai's job.

>> No.9805608

She didn't exist when that was drawn.

I only had a few to share.

>> No.9805617

Oh hey, there's Genji.

Alternate version.

>> No.9805648

Amusing, but a bit out of character for Cirno.

>> No.9805662


and this right here is the reason anyone would compare the JoJos with little girls, The more I know

>> No.9805666


Cirno let slip a smile, but a sad one. Everyone in Gensokyo called her an idiot- and half of those in this chrissy-dom, too- but she could feel what Reginald wasn’t telling her. “Is that armor really strong? Can it protect you from anything?”

“Most everything,” he said. “Not so good against arrows.”

The concept of jousting had been explained to Cirno earlier. “Good enough. Don’t you get hurt, okay?”

He adjusted the hand supporting her hip to hold her a little more securely. “Don’t you worry. I’ve got a habergeon on underneath, for arrows.”

She started. “But I thought- I-“

“So do they,” Reginald said, his voice gaining an edge of ice. “The Bishop is used to getting his way- most of the bastards are. And if they can’t get it one way, they’ll probably get it another.”

Cirno clutched his helmet, not wanting to understand.

“If- *when* it starts- you stay with those two,” Reginald said, gesturing towards his two men-at-arms. “Don’t worry about me. I’ve twenty of my best men with sturdy mounts in the woods not a mile from here. It’ll be over quickly. Understand?”

Cirno nodded, and Reginald lowered his lady to the ground again. She walked back to her guards as Tovin walked up with Sir Reginald’s horse.

“All set?”

“Set,” Tovin said brusquely, his eyes already smoldering with the battle rage. He had a fast horse and a clear voice; he’d alert the rescue party.

“To our duty,” Reginald whispered. He slung himself into the saddle one-handed, still gripping the lance, and trotted forward to begin the joust.

>> No.9805700

Sakuya being one big hat-tip to Dio would be another reason.

>> No.9805723

ZUN is a self-confessed Jojo fan. There are a lot of tributes in there, like with Sakuya's design.
>Illusion World 「The World」

>> No.9805735

Same with this character. Pretty sure I read somewhere ZUN designed her with a JoJo character in mind. Can't recall any names though.

>> No.9805754

>ZUN: And she's got sake, too.
>Interviewer: Yes, and she tries to fight without spilling it.
>ZUN: Yes, she fights without spilling it. Kind of like Jojo. *laughs*

>> No.9805757

aaand that's a wrap.


Probably more then a little. I know very little of touhou, though I gather that Cirno MAY be a total idiot, or just intelligent in ways we don't quite get. Then again, she's alternately drawn as a full-grown hottie and as a small little fairy, so I figure, what the hell, I'll take my liberties.

I figure NOBODY EXPECTS THE MEDIEVAL INQUISITION might have changed her outlook a bit. Whatever half-assed excuse you like the best, I'll go with that.


As a self-described planefag, these are the best things ever, seriously.


One of the main reasons I like Cirno; she seems the least demon-tastic of all, and the whole fairy/Fey personality archetype is one that everybody is a bit more familiar with.

>> No.9805788

Cirno's dumb, but she's a fairy. A short attention span, childish flights of fancy, and a mercurial temper come with the territory.

Basically harmless, though. If Cirno hurts someone, it's usually not intentional.

>> No.9805808

That's all well and good, but I hate how she's an object of ridicule amongst a lot of fans.

And the whole "9" rubbish. Self-referential humor at its worst.

>> No.9805821



>> No.9805825

I imagine Cirno would be best written as a school boy.

>> No.9805828

Alice gets it worse than Cirno. People make fun of Cirno's stupidity, but she's a popular character.

Alice went from a detatched, calculating tinkerer to an emotionally crippled loser in fanon. It's dumb.

>> No.9805858

>I know very little of touhou

Then why write a story about it, gaijin retard?

>> No.9805885

I'm a fan of the "she's not stupid, just extra cocky" idea.

>> No.9805899


>> No.9805902

The popularity makes it worse, in a way.
To a lot of people Cirno is THE face of Touhou, and all they're exposed to is a bunch of shitty meme spam.

>> No.9805918

I say "popular" as in people like her.

Alice is "popular," too, but in a negative way.

>> No.9805936

Very much true. Before 4chan I knew nothing about Touhou. It was all the cirnospam in /a/ that got me interested magical bullet girls.

>> No.9805941

Nice. Makes me think of Ars Magica.

>> No.9806026

re: thread; I always thought Alice/Marisa were the face of Touhou, I saw them so often, but then SUDDENLY, CIRNO, EVERYWHERE. But I guess a harmless little fairy does lend herself the best to chibi reaction images.


Me too.


Lot's of lazy fans in the world, that don't pay much attention to any character that isn't their fav. Haters gonna hate, etc.


Well I'm glad somebody got some enjoyment out of my crazy. My hobby tends to be taking topics with wildly different themes and smashing them together for drama and lulz, so knights + touhou was natural.

>> No.9806045

Oh, I wouldn't say that.
Most artists just project their own social failures onto her. Helps them identify with her.

Remember how we all agreed that Alice is the Touhou equivalent of a fa/tg/uy?

>> No.9806145

>Remember how we all agreed that Alice is the Touhou equivalent of a fa/tg/uy?

To be fair, canon Alice DOES share similarities. She keeps to herself, spends her time making intricately detailed dolls, is "nice" but not really social.

If Gensokyo were real, she'd be here telling people to THIN THEIR PAINTS.

>> No.9806160

Less Alice, more Reimu. Her and Marisa are the two most common characters I see.

That, and Chen. 4chan loves Chen.

>> No.9806170


That... sounds about right, yeah. I prefer to merge the interpretations- she IS a distant, kind of creepy tinkerer (a little obsessed with 3.5 character builds, etc, etc,) and that in turn feeds the crippling loneliness when nobody wants to get within a mile of her, making for your classic vicious circle.

And she even spends all day making and moving minis. It's perfect.

>> No.9806277

Crippling loneliness is, by all indications, non-canon. She keeps to herself because she has work to do.

Marisa occasionally bugs her, filching her stuff. Not a hostile relationship, though.

>> No.9806322


Reliability/strength of canon aside, what the hell takes up all her time?

Someday she's going to emerge from the woods inside the biggest doll of all. A magical golem with a cockpit. Dare I say...

>> No.9806344

Already did it.

...I don't think it was actually ride-able, though.

>> No.9806345


Loneliness is for pussies. I'm too busy trying to build the perfect doll to waste time on emotions and shit

>> No.9806378

"Research," whatever that entails. Same thing Patchouli spends all day doing.

She also apparently does doll shows for human festivals, so there's that.

>> No.9806385

Pretty much yeah, I think. She's trying to create life or something like that. All her dolls still need her direction to move and act.

>> No.9806434

>Mari saw the light, and saw that it was good, and said: "Awesome! I'll copy this and make it my own!"

lol'd hard

>> No.9806439

She's trying to create a doll that moves independently, or so she told Aya. She claims she "saw one once." I assume she doesn't mean Medicine Melancholy (who's a youkai, so she doesn't count), but some other doll.

Funnily enough, the bit about her being yandere could be tied into Aya's article on her, since she'd apparently been putting up straw dolls and hammering nails into them; it's implied she's cursing someone.

>> No.9806466


>> No.9806597

Medicine Melancholy is a youkai of a doll

>> No.9806628


Around 4:20 I was like...

>> No.9806668

She's a doll that came to life, but she's a youkai now, not a doll.

>> No.9806709

She's still a doll which has come to life by itself. You see the little floating Medicine next to the big one? That's probably really her; she says that she was abandoned in the Lily field, and that her body is made of poison. She's most likely a tsukumogami like Kogasa, an item which gained life. Qualifies as both a living doll and as a youkai.

>> No.9806720

Whoops, forgot the picture.

>> No.9806917

Here you go.


All of these are considered canon. Including the part where she can't see out of her darkness, and so runs into trees all the time.

And really, Cirno gets the stupid label a lot because of the PoFV joke, but plenty of characters are dumber than her. Like Rumia here, or Mystia, who can't even read.

>> No.9806966

Indeed, Cirno is a bona fide genius... for a fairy. Most fairies have been described as worthless, only good for cannon fodder. The only other fairies to have speaking rolls are the Three Mischievous Fairies, and they are all dumber than Cirno. All of the other fairies are nothing but cannon fodder.

>> No.9806988

Cirno's also the strongest fairy, which is a big deal.

She's just pretty weak compared to everything else.

And yea, fairies are worthless. They fly around, fucking off, when someone powerful comes along they get excited and throw damnaku everywhere, and they can't ever really die.

Even the fairy maids are worthless.

>> No.9807016

Of course an animal turned inhuman monster is clearly stupid if they can't read, right? It must logically follow that the only reason one cannot read is because they lack intelligence!

They must have flunked right out of the government-mandated monster-literacy program!

>> No.9807021

I don't understand what you think the difference is between "youkai" and a magically animated sentient doll

>> No.9807027




>> No.9807048

"Youkai" is pretty much just a catch-all term for "supernatural not-really-human thingy"

>> No.9807077

Well, all the smarter youkai CAN read, and Aya, who's also an bird themed youkai, reacts with surprise when she figures out Mystia can't.

>> No.9807134

Inanimate objects coming alive on their own for their "birthday" is different than creating life from the get-go. Youkai like Medicine should be downright common in Gensokyo.

>> No.9807230

But Aya's a pampered crow tengu journalist with a subsidized state job and coddled by the socialist welfare state and wrapped up in safety blankets by the underpaid and ill-treated military wolf tengu class.
She wouldn't know a hard day's work like what a cornershop or stall owner goes through if it hit her in the beak.

>> No.9807254


Aya "works" damn hard at her job

If you know what I mean

>> No.9807268


Now THAT made me laugh. Thank you sir.

>> No.9807299

Getting laid is not work.

Aya'd do that whether she had a paper to sell or not.

>> No.9807385

Those hedonistic crow tengu and their carefree ways.. do something productive for once!

(...I was going to
>imply aya = paris hilton
but that's taking things too far)

>> No.9807414

Actually, the Great Tengu tends to run Aya into the ground. She is forced to, on multiple occasions, battle her friends because of the Great Tengu.

>> No.9807479

Sure, "friends".
Friends don't manipulate friends into attacking new shrines. Or send them on field trips to hell to fight hellravens.

>> No.9807504

She works pretty hard.

>> No.9807547

Eh. I've run out of working class slurs anyway. Aya's fine really.

Turtlelauncher unrelated.

>> No.9807654

RE: Cirno

The reason she's 'stupid' is that she's got the mind of a child. So it's not that she's an idiot - she's just perpetually locked at like... age 8. (or, if you prefer, 9.) So naturally she's not very knowledgeable about the world, rather childish, and extremely brash. "I am the strongest fairy" = "I am strong."

>> No.9807659

This thread is bizarre.

>> No.9807690


>> No.9810539

isnt is possible that the "doll that moves independently" she saw once was a robot or some such?.

>> No.9810625


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