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I plan to make this in Dark Heresy using the Trade(Armourer) skill and two autoguns.

How quickly do you think my GM will shoot me down?

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I'm a DH GM. I'd probably attach some kind of penalty to it (bad accuracy, prone to jamming or something), but I'd allow it.

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Counts as twinlinked autogun.

Which really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, you'd think it'd be less accurate.

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The thing about this, sure you double your rate of fire, but 10's on full auto already good enough. If you change it to 2/6/20, sure you make single and semi better, but you're unlikely to use any of the extra bullets in Full Auto.

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With magazines like that, I don't think it was ever intended to be aimed.

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Oh my, I have the vapors.

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Can you say "Shoot 'n Sweep"?

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there's a reason why 10 is the maximum full auto fire. Even assault cannons have 10 as the max.

there's no way to get more than 11 degrees of success when shooting.

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no but i can say spray and pray

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The more bullets the more chances to hit something. The way I would shoots the regular amount of bullets an autogun does, but it has the nice advantage of re-rolling the BS test if one desires to, must keep the new roll. I would also add the Jammable trait, inaccurate, and possibly overheat, make it take like 2 full-rounds to reload and the need to brace and all that crap to fire. But thats just me.

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I can't see why it would have the Overheat trait. Inaccurate and Unreliable, sure, but Overheat? Nah. Two barrels man.

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I'd use the autogun stats and just, double the reload time and weight, and give it the innacurate, unreliable, and storm traits.

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Also double magazine size.

It doesn't seem like it would be too unreliable, honestly. My nearly non-existant firearms knowledge doesn't detect anything too bad.

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This is not an accurate weapon. It will probably be useful as a room-sweeping weapon, but not much else.

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I've always preferred "spray 'n pray"

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Not quite true, We ran into this in my Rogue Trade campaign (higher stats involved, I know, but same basic system).

Arch militant has a 70 or so in Ballistics. Fires on full auto at point-blank range while using a motion predictor.

70 for BS
+ 20 for Full Auto
+ 10 for Motion Predictor
+ 30 for Point Blank

Total score, 130.

He's min-maxed as hell and does this shit all the time. I don't mind because he's basically the group's human gun, given he has an MIU Storm Bolter mounted to his shoulder.

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Each pull of the trigger fires two bullets. The weapon should just take the autogun stats and double the damage dealt and increase clip size (magazine) to 100, assuming that's a beta-c mag. To balance out the increased damage, it should be less accurate. It can still be aimed with scope accessories if you present a design different from the top-down design your picture.

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I would allow that. And then when you meet Techpriest you will be burned ofr tech-heresy.

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>lol i dont know anything about wh40k

No you wouldn't. If it were a lasgun, most likely. But an autogun? No.

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Side-by-sides would be even less accurate. You just have to get them closer together and mess with how the ammo's delivered to the top one.

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Jokes on you, all the Techpriests in my game are Hereteks.

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Joke's on you, rather.

Now the real question is how I would get this thing, and put it on a pintle mount on my groundcar.

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Well, all one would need to do is attach a picitini system on the side of the gun somehow and mount a holographic system to it. Then mount it sideways on a truck or something. It'd be a bitch to reload, though.

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Oh fuck yes, an automatic grenade launcher would be sex

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okay so the max is 12 degrees of succes. Still, that's minmaxed as fuck, under the most optimal conditions, and very unlikely to happen.

a full auto RoF of 10 is enough, especially with the storm property.

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That would be hilariously good...

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I plan on creating a monstrous shotgun with the Storm, Scatter and Twinlinked qualities.

Point-Blank at full auto, that's two hits for simply hitting, plus two for every degree of success and ANOTHER two for every two degrees of success.

I'll call it the Ripper Gun and pretend to be an Ogryn.

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I plan on using Armorer to gut a Minerva Aegis, and put the "High cycle charge chamber" into my lasgun to make it automatic.

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You dirty heretek you

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Well, I resent that. I don't see it as Tech-heresy. A lascarbine's just a cutdown version of a Lasgun, right? And from the picture all the shootybits look about the same size and probably are. A Minerva's just a high quality Carbine with a high quality charge thingamajigger. Should be simple as taking a part out of one gun and putting it in another. After all, I'm sure charge chambers wear out or get damaged, and they probably get replaced, it's not economical for, say, a merc to buy a whole new lasgun when a tech can replace the broken part

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>he still thinks logic applies in 40k

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It can, in small scales.

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It doesn't, but if he can bullshit his GM well enough it would work out perfectly fine.

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I'd allow it, with the requisite penalties. I'm not going to let some fucktard ruin my game by trying to meta-game with Trade(armourer) and get all stupid, so you're still capped at 10 possible hits.

However, I likewise do reward players for their ingenuity, so as a tradeoff for all the penalties the weapon accrues, anyone who has actually been threatened with the weapon will give the explorer a +10% to intimidation. If you wield THAT and actually fire it...you're a crazy mofo and that's someone to be scared of, after all.

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Going by that logic, Storm Bolters are heresy.

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that is a bad pic, look at the positions of the chambers and tell me the fatal flaw.

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Storm Bolters have their own specific patterns to be constructed by, just like every other piece of non-heretical tech.

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I almost missed it even though I knew where to look at.

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I don't think making minor modifications counts as heressy.

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