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It's been awhile.

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schooling I presume?

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A group of players around a table, with a GM standing up and dramatically pantomiming something awesome.

Everyone is on fire.

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Can you do techpriestess cuddling her servo skull, maybe with a hint of romance?

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An ordinary female Guardsman watches a Sister of Battle stride past. The SoB doesn't acknowledge the Guardsman in anyway, but the Guardsman herself looks a little frightened and intimidated in the presence of a woman who epitomises totally what the Guardsman herself is told to be.

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Would it be possible to have a bald, flat-chested* redemptionist woman flanked by two death cultists, please? Just the redemptionist is fine too.

*She cut off her breasts. She was nuts.

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A tech-priest fixing a toy radio-controlled car for a group of young children.

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Eh, I once asked for this and had it delivered but it was kind of off from what I wished for (yes, I'm a whiny bitch).

Its my WoD/V:tR character. Boy around the age of 13, grey, a bit longer then shoulder length hair, glasses, wearing a cross. Left hand is a scorched ruin. Usually smiling naughtily or seemingly blank with emotion. Dressed in generic street clothes or a plain black pants + sweater combo. Has glasses.

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Oh joy.

A relatively young male soldier (mid 20s) with facial scarring along his left jaw line in a close fitting flight suit that resembles the flight suits from Last Exile (female model for reference. Zipper only goes down to waist). Dark hair isn't cut terrifically short, but isn't especially long either and is straight and messy. Stubble grows on his chin from a few days without a shave and has some slight bags under his eyes. Carries a FN Five-seveN pistol (either in his hand or at a holster on his side).

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Could I please have a man in a formal, 1940s-esque suit and tie flanked by a monstrous creature in what looks like a waterlogged, weed-wrapped bunny costume. The monster has twig-like antler horns and angelic wings. Frank from Donnie Darko would be similar.

The man looks like a nice guy.

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I want to see a Chaos Raptor, reference on the left, drawn in the pose on the right. No bolter, but the sword should be in his right hand, angling back and down at the same angle as his arm


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Cross, you manly dude!

I'd like a pic of my Character in a DH/Necromunda style game. He's a big scary escaped pit-slave with a square jaw, a slightly oversized bionic arm that ends in a claw (Sort of looking like an ork power Klaw).

Wearing a longcoat/Duster with one sleeve ripped off to show the big ol claw. He's got a shaved head and stubble/short beard. Prolly smoking a lho-stick with a shit-eating grin. Almost like pic related, minus the metal jaw, and a less-hand like hand.

I know you'll likely be too busy drawing all the sexy in this thread, but I thought I'd ask!

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Also, you can leave out most of the "Chaos"ey details, like faces everywhere and flayed skin and shit, if you want.

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Would you kindly post the picture you used for your OP sans the Drawthread?

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Kang, doing whatever you want.

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ive got one for ya cross if your up for a challenge.

could you do franken fran and moria brown, exchanging notes, fran looking shocked and moria smiling back at fran.

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A big techpriest, bristling with weaponry. One of his hands are completely metal, and the covered in scalpels, drills and medical equipment. In his other hand he is holding a grenade launcher. He has a harness fitted with a ballistic mechadendrite with a plasma pistol and a huge drill-arm. He is bald, has bandages covering his face, except his eyes, which are bionic and is dressed in a flowing robe which doesn't quite reach the floor. His feet are metallic.

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A female Dark Eldar, sitting under a tree and playing a flute. Scenes of post-raid carnage and mutilation surrounding the scene optional.

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also, where have you been bro?

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I have one request: Yui from K-ON! in a plugsuit from Evangelion.

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>my face when I realized nothing was going to be drawn

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Dark Eldar dying on the battlefield, his limbs blasted except for one good off, getting one last jerk before slaanesh claims the soul from his lifeless corpse

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Arbitrator with spots of blood on his armor, says "Justice has been served."

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remember that story.

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A drow as a Fallschirmjäger.

...to go with my picture of an elven SAS commando.

Alternatively, dorfs in a T-34.

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Your take on this:

A knight, in a Gothic-postapocalyptic style, on a horse. I'd like the horse to be wearing a gasmask, and some pieces of the knight's armour should be looted parts of sci-fi equipment(but the helmet should look clearly medieval). Also, he's wielding a large lance, of which the bottom half should be highly ornamental, and the top half somewhat resembling an RPG grenade. Any other stuff you come up with is OK.

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This Spanish civil war poster only in a more futuristic setting. No Tau kthxbai.

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A strong looking martial artist dressed in a stripped down gi, with a ripped top and pants. She has recently begun experimenting with the properties of other mythical creatures though, and has taken to grafting them onto her own body. So far she only has a few though. They include the claws/fur of a werewolf on her arm and a cloak/shirt made from the wings of a phoenix. There are stitches on her body and various tattoos, lining out where her chakra would match up and with what creature.

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Necromancer with long silver hair, and an imp familiar in the background. He's got a look of apathy/disdain

rest is up to artists wishes.

Thanks in advance!

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A daemonette and a guardsman, backs to each other

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Some Drawfags work slowly, but create really nice works of art. Others do sketches. Just depends on the artist in particular.

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Space Wolf holding has two chainaxes, holding his bolt pistol in his mouth, and jumps to Tyranid group, looks really angry and tough motherfucker, FFFFUUUCCKKK

Make it Jawesome. /tg/ is in real need of AWESOME

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then the thread is worthless, as there will be roughly 80 requests by the time ONE of them is done, and no real chance it will be yours

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Such is life amongst the faceless masses of the interwebz' denizens.

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secondary drawfag reporting

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you could pay him if he is taking request.
I bet he charges around a buck a minute.

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Speak for yourself.

If the artist is who I think it is, she's done two of my requests in the past.

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I've had Muju do 2 of my requests, not same thread. I've also had Peekaboozle do another one of mine that I randomly suggested not expecting to get an answer.

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neener neener neeeeener.

I'm told that drawfags need critique as well was encouragement, but I'm not sure how to do that. My only real complaint is that I don't think cavalry sabers exist in 40k.

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The only good requests are porn requests

>> No.9776195

Oh ye of little faith! I've seen some drawfag threads churning quite a few requests.

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thanks. you might be right, but i still think it's badass.

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>My only real complaint is that I don't think cavalry sabers exist in 40k.

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Male dragonborn warrior with single-handed axe, kicking down a door as seen in pic.

(If it ends up being a male dragonborn warrior in USMC fatigues with an M4 instead, I'll be very amused.)

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As I said, my only real complain. The rest of it is awesomesauce in a jar.

In fact, I demand that now. I want someone to draw a jar of awesomesauce.

>> No.9776291

To be fair, it'd be a Cavalry Chainsword or Cavalry Powersaber or something over the top like that, not just a plain saber.

>> No.9776298

I only see broadswords. even the Eldar have wide ass swords.

>> No.9776363

>Implying there are no cavalry sabres at all on a million planets
Greentext optional

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Learn what Drawfags like to do what things.

Greenmarine likes drawing tits.
BG does cute stuff.
Muju does more elaborate, arty pictures, usually of women.

etc, etc. Save your requests for when the appropriate Drawfags are around - they're going to be more likely to draw stuff they like doing.

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Princess Mako of Japan, standing in her sailor uniform with a broadsword and with a giant mecha made out of Japanese castles behind her.

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The Mighty Thor from comics, playing Shadowrun.

>> No.9776434

Mechanical hound archon shooting HOLY LASERS from various points on its body.

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I'd love to see this, and I am a WARHAM hater.
Also this.



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Draw me some kinda combat snail. Please. :3

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there ya go.


Playing left 4 dead 2

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ahh, cool.

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awesome but whats the red ring supposed to do there?
Do you have a version without it?

>> No.9776743

think the red ring is a hint of romance

>> No.9776749

It's through Vindicare-Cam.

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im going to say instead of a love heart, a round (cog-ish) shape is there instead.

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>been awhile.

we have five of these every fucking day

>> No.9776785

Red ring of death?

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Henshin/Magical Girl dramatic pose picture, only the Power Ranger/Sailor Scout/whatever girls are a dragonborn, a flat-chested DAT FRILL lizardwoman, a thri-kreen girl with crazy martial arts moves, a dwarven lass with a lush, long, silky beard, a lamia, and a drider. A neckbeard glares on in disdain of this silliness.

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Once again I'd like to /r/ Summer Glau dressed as the Emperor sitting on the Golden Throne. Possibly with a techpriest brushing her hair.

>> No.9776827

For him, not for you.


>> No.9776830


Do you have it without the ring?

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I'd like to see a human male paladin kneeling in front of an altar dedicated to his god. Silvery armor, blue cape and blonde hair.

See pic for the pose i mean

>> No.9776909


Everybody loves servo-skulls.

And that's OK with me. :)

>> No.9776912

This dressed up as Cultist.

>> No.9776928

How about a group of Administratum workers on lunch break?

>> No.9776937


lazied it out with maximum lazy

>> No.9776944


Well, they are very, very cute.

>> No.9776959


saved for the save god.

>> No.9776965

god, i love a woman with a good Y incision.

>> No.9777003

A witch elf Blood Bowl player with some viking flavor to her holding an elf by the hair and pummeling him in the face.

>> No.9777027


Thanks for adding to the adorable servo-skull oeuvre.

>> No.9777047

Some kind of female Techmarine?

>> No.9777080

Hmm, do an overly cherry looking female psyker, with hilariously long hair and a big oblivious smile.

Carnage and mayhem in the background optional

>> No.9777086

Cross, you wouldn't happen to have that first image without the Drawthread splashed all over her, would you?

>> No.9777105


Fuck yes, thank you very much Muju!

>> No.9777125


So cute!

>> No.9777212

I need a druid swinging a rope around his head while riding a glowing bear surfing on a stone slab attached to an unconscious rogue through a grappling hook in his eye falling out of a hole into a large cavern with flames everywhere
If at all possible I mean
In trade for this I have the story of how it happened

>> No.9777218

Twilight featuring LIVII and Taldeer.
The thought amuses me.

>> No.9777306

Better idea: Twilight but with a xenomorph and a predator.

>> No.9777343

Oh, and I even have a name for it:


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>> No.9777472

she has a touch of crazy in her eyes.

>> No.9777508

Awesome. Fuck yea, I love the Druchii.

>> No.9777533

Could you draw a Cherion guy (think black suit and tie with dark glasses, except this guy has a handlebar mustasche, a goatee and a tentacle coming out of his sleeve rather than an arm) with black Oxfords doing the 'well fuck your shit' walk, except he's facing the sky and shouting 'PAYDAY! WOOP WOOP WOOP!'

Pic related, it's the 'well fuck your shit' walk.

>> No.9777535

Bumpan request, if only for shits and giggles

>> No.9777564

Reposting request
Arbitrator with spots of blood on his armor, saying "Justice has been served."

>> No.9777569


Oh fuck yes. Muju you know a way to a mans heart, through nice drawings of women in lingerie beating the shit out of elven men.

>> No.9777599

A half-orc cleric with a morningstar and a tiefling paladin with a longsword fighting back-to-back. Both male and wearing full plate with heavy shields.

Please? It's for a Planescape game and I can't find anything matching the above description. :[

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>> No.9777649

Oh, wow, thank you. I never expected anyone to do this. Really appreciate it.

>> No.9777719

fuck yes peekaboozle's here!

>> No.9777761

Can I get a large ogryn looking servitor decked out with tons of bionics and admech iconography? Ideally it'll ahve one arm replaced with a heavy bolter and twin-linked hellgun, its legs replaced with a tracked drive mechanism, and the other arm ending in a powerfist. the more grimdark the better

>> No.9777763


i like it.

saved for the saved god.
download for the downloaded throne.

>> No.9777799

low rank drawfag joining after ban :C

as alwais, livestream channel: blissy

>> No.9777822


did you get ban bg?

>> No.9777840

1 day, for banned link :V

>> No.9777844

She was banned yesterday IIRC, presumably just for a day or something.

>> No.9777848


aww, poor baby.

>> No.9777859

do you have this pic>>9777822
without the bird?

>> No.9777860

A 1930s-40s German soldier in heavy winter clothing sitting on top of a burnt-out halftrack while drinking some hard liquor straight from the bottle.

>> No.9777868


>> No.9777890

Princess Mako of Japan, standing in her sailor uniform with a broadsword and with a giant mecha made out of Japanese castles behind her.

>> No.9777891



>> No.9777920

what story is this from?

>> No.9777922


brb. breakfast.

>> No.9777941

>The most shitty ones
>Cute Techpriestess
>Elf-on-Elf beatdown
>Kung-fu Frankenstien woman
>Dark Eldar doing something other than killing and raping

You have a very strange definition of 'shitty'.

>> No.9777950


It deserves your silliness, I assure you.

>> No.9777969

I guess a sci-fi version of the Spanish civil war is not /tg/ related enough to be worthy of attention...

>> No.9777986

There is no image macro to express my thanks. Imagine like 10 brofists all attacking you at once good sir.

>> No.9778009

well faggot , im here for asking a request, not for your amusement

>> No.9778017


also, enjoy your munch.

>> No.9778024

does anyone have this pic without the bird?

>> No.9778060


a non-blockatiel is not made.

>> No.9778073

rerequesting from when bg was banned yesterday:

Prequel pic to this one. Girl is wearing a slinky dress, sat down at a table for a candlelit dinner with the tentacles. The tentacles are fumbling with the cutlery desperately trying not to make sushi out of themselves, and the girl is giggling. Speechbubble from tentacles has a sweatdrop or an exclamation mark in it, speechbubble from girl has a heart in it.

>> No.9778078

What about an Assassin?

Male, lean, practical sort of sneaking-about outfit; bodyglove and a hood and possibly some sweet-ass shoes. Armed with what's basically a power knife and little besides. His eyes are flat and grey- no pupils or any of that stuff.

Looks like he grew up in the dark- very pale, large, deepset eyes. Looks like he sleeps very poorly.

A bit of an obsession with the number three and the Emprah.

That's about it.

>> No.9778085

oh well will request it be made then.

>> No.9778123


/r/ing shoop of this picture so that she's offering waffles instead of condoms

>> No.9778126

Another low level scribblefag reportan.

>> No.9778144


welcome to the party.

>> No.9778169

a present for hyu~

>> No.9778176

Two brothers in a Song of ice and fire game I am running.
The first brother is wearing half plate armor covered with light leather. He has shortish brown hair and a handsome face. He wields a long sword and his eyes are a greenish tint. He has a neatly trimmed goatee.

His brother is nearly a foot in a half taller than his brother and is garbed in a brigadine. In his left hand he holds a large shield and in his right hand he wields a heavy flail. His hair is long and grungy and his beard is long.

They hate one another and are battling for their fathers lands. Their house symbol is a golden mastiff on a blue background.

>> No.9778188

can some of you guys translate a sketch that I made into an actual drawing?

>> No.9778195

How about space-pirate babe hanging out with an Imperial Guard Beastman. Babe has a huge rifle.

Sort of Beauty and the Beast 40k.

>> No.9778200

bg can you make a non-blockatiel version of this pic >>9777822

>> No.9778217


>> No.9778228

>> No.9778246


/d/ is over there <-

>> No.9778258

working on this

>> No.9778267

Oh! Oh!

Khorne hatefucking Slaanesh. Slaanesh is obviously enjoying it, which just makes Khorne angrier.

Bonus points if Khornette is looking on in horror.

>> No.9778291


.. will need a reference pic for Khorne, unless you would prefer the Jeanstealer cute man version.

>> No.9778311

this is what I was talking about, would be awesome is willing to draw this :D

>> No.9778322


9000 hours of ms paint

>> No.9778323


Still here :<

>> No.9778351

working on it... Though I'm not that good...

>> No.9778353


>> No.9778354

Some cracking stuff here. Good job, everyone. :)

>> No.9778372

Horse's choice brand waffles? Not sure if want.

>> No.9778388

A lightly golden skinned four armed woman that looks like this.She is wearing a black bullet proof vest and four holstered guns. Two on her hips and two underarm. Her legs are are covered in light armor plating and is wearing heavy metal lined boots. Her hair is held up in a loose bun. On her neck she has four small speaker like discs, two on each side. She has a small headset in her ear.
Picture related to her physical appearance.

>> No.9778408


thanks, time to get cracking

>> No.9778448

Yo keeping with the ganger theme can we get like a classic necromunda ganger chick in the stilletto heels with the huge hair?

Who is also a wyrdwitch.

>> No.9778472

An albino amazon woman . She has long hair contains braids and her eyes are dark and she wears heavy red eye shadow. Her hands up to her mid forearm are dyed completely crimson. The same goes for her feet up to her mid leg. She is wearing viciously spiked black full plate armor. She also has a polar bear mount but that's not necessary for the picture.

>> No.9778478

BG draw more porn!

>> No.9778499

do this

>> No.9778511

A succubus looking at a pair of teenage Teiflings with fake paper wings strapped to their backs, and sneering "Fucking posers".

>> No.9778522

requesting this woman naked and inside of a glass of wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.

>> No.9778523

A female Tau firewarrior A banshee a sister of battle and a female guardsman all nude and comparing their attributes.

I can see the tau claiming that she has the largest (not by much) breasts with the Banshee saying but perky beats huge any day. I think you get the general idea.

>> No.9778536

A half elv warrior on a campfire. He sit on a horizontal tree, wears a leather armor and has two swords on his hips. He looks skeptical at his burned meal at the end of a cane which is a rabbit and burned to coal.

>> No.9778542

>d/r/awthreads - fetish wish fulfilment

>> No.9778546

A bust of young man with long brown hair wearing forest green breast plate and gauntlets. He is taking a bite out of a large peach, the juices running down his chin and over a bleeding neck wound. The blood and juice intermingles and trickles into and onto the breast plate. He is smiling with his eyes.

>> No.9778555

I'm bawwing cause I got skipped...

>> No.9778557

You say this as if it's supposed to come as a shock or something.

>> No.9778577

Hey big E you out there?

This is where i am so far on that picture of yours.

>> No.9778604

I'd like to see a kobold mercenary. With some breastplate, a helmet, a polearm, and a crossbow.

>> No.9778607

Ultraman 40,000k.

>> No.9778628


>> No.9778666

I'd like to see a Gnome Shadowcraft mage, with a huge grin plastered across his face, a knife in one hand. I'd actually like to see how you drawfriends would interpret the clothing style yourselves!

>> No.9778671

hey bg, can you post my request regarding the sister of battle and callidus from yesterday?

>> No.9778726


ive got a SoB done by bg, but im not sure if its the one you wanted.

>> No.9778732

on gelbooru

>> No.9778766

Lela Discala, character for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game.

A pretty twenty year old woman with chin-length red hair, tousled and waxed. She has brown eyes and a light complexion. She's of average height and build, and has a modest figure, more cute than sexy. She has a bookish, almost nerdy look to her which she tries to hide. She looks like the last person you'd expect to get herself into trouble.
She is wearing a tank top and fatigues with combat boots, and is holding a 9mm Makarov pistol in her left hand. In her right she has an electronic device for detecting electromagnetic fields. She looks nervous about being alone, and worried about the noises her device is making.

Optional details:
Holster for Makarov.
Gasmask on hip.
Poor trigger discipline.

>> No.9778798

Not the picture bg drew.

>> No.9778820


a little late but here you go. Only one child though.

>> No.9778838


ive got this, but its fairly old, even when bg was starting out.

sorry if i cant help bro.

>> No.9778860

Why don't you check sup/tg/'s archives? Most drawthreads are archived these days.

>> No.9778861

Neither is that what bg drew yesterday. I'll have to wait until bg uploads it. Thanks anyway.

>> No.9778868

A half orc cleric looking upon a dead god.

>> No.9778871


thats awesome.

>> No.9778874

This is awesome. Bropriests are awesome.

>> No.9778882

Already did, picture is not there.

>> No.9778927


badly drawn, but its mainly for fun anyways

>> No.9778931

Really? That is a surprise. I'm afraid I can't help you further.

>> No.9778951


Hah, nicely done.

>> No.9778954


Now, dammit, I remember saving that..


It's a Callidus and a Sister of Battle comparing breasts. It was in one of BG's compilations.

>> No.9778993

repostan requested~

>> No.9779002

Many thanks.

>> No.9779021



>> No.9779037

It's Slaanesh. If she doesn't want cock, she doesn't have cock.

Or she's just waiting until the last moment before changing gender to try and turn Khorne gay.

>> No.9779056

Khorne's not gay so Slaanesh obviously got rid of it.

Kept the horns, though.

>> No.9779065


Horns are like handlebars for sex.

>> No.9779069

I would like to request nest invader and it's young ward doing cute things, like playing with cutebolds or something.

>> No.9779077

Cultist enjoying a bowl of ice cream.

>> No.9779078


>> No.9779092



>> No.9779103



>> No.9779105


>> No.9779119

Khorne looks like he's straight out of a He-Man cartoon.
Nicely done!

>> No.9779130

And a new reaction image macro is born!

>> No.9779131


but where's slaanesh's dick? :(

>> No.9779132

Request: Macha and Schlicktau out shopping for dildos.

>> No.9779134

Now have Slaanesh fucking Khorne!

>> No.9779142

doesn't look like rage, he looks like he's in pain

>> No.9779145

A steampunkish inventor with his dog-sized mechanical arachnid pet

>> No.9779153

it's the grey background

>> No.9779155

between her tits. she's giving herself a titjob at the same time.

>> No.9779157


I don't know who's a bigger dick.

You or Eldrad

>> No.9779174


ok im back, whats been d- oh my!.

>> No.9779207


>> No.9779217

Hot goddamn that's a great looking guy.

>> No.9779224

A scout/sniper in fully enclosed light power armor with a man-portable rail-rifle. It relies a lot on active camouflage so a nice, flat black would be suitable color-wise. Or whatever you think would look best.

>> No.9779229


Now genderbend that.

>> No.9779245

I'm not sure how I feel about someone making a chick version of my assassin character.

>> No.9779268

>intellectual property
bro, you came to WRONG place

>> No.9779271

this took too long :V

>> No.9779282



>> No.9779291


oh bg, you tease.

>> No.9779296

Well, I know it's going to happen. I can still feel a little NOT SURE IF WANT about it.

This IS 4chan, after all.

>> No.9779345


im, not sure if i want... my penis is confused.

>> No.9779360

Has Muju or Cross gone?

>> No.9779361

Don't worry, your character is generic looking enough that making it female wouldn't make it a rule 63

>> No.9779373



>> No.9779420

have you drawn anything else today besides this and the cultist one?

>> No.9779471

Yeah, which is why it's a little dunno if want instead of a full-blown MY CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL bullshit thing. Whatever.

Someone draw Ultracat gettin a hug from a Marine. :3

>> No.9779585

yep :D this~

>> No.9779604

What the hell bg

>> No.9779617

i-... um... :D

>> No.9779621


>> No.9779631

god damn it bg.

anyways, im off, have fun ladys and gents.

>> No.9779650

oh god

what has science done

>> No.9779659


>> No.9779670


>> No.9779674

The thri-kreen tits disturb me far more than the gnoll pseudopenis.

I can't stop laughing. Good show.

>> No.9779727

fapped and saved

>> No.9779738

Espagnoll killing drawfags.

>> No.9779755


Russian Reversal, Drawfags kill Espagnoll

>> No.9779768


anyone plz >.<

>> No.9779773


>> No.9779790

seconding this.

or a morning after pic with the tentacles and the girl sleeping under some thoroughly messed up bedsheets, with sunlight coming in through the window.

>> No.9779803

anyone have a serious character portrait request or something like that.

>> No.9779809

I'm playing this ork girl in a shadowrun campaign... career criminal, used to do hits for the russian maffia. Tall, mountaineer physique, short black hair, dark eyes, slavic looks with orkish twist.
Sharpshooter / street sam

If someone would draw her, I'd offer at least five internets!

>> No.9779812

Looks like someone forgot to put on their name~

>> No.9779816

What kind of stuff do you like to draw, KBAMF?

>> No.9779817

be back later, ima take a quick nap

>> No.9779823

So much for BG not doing porn.

>> No.9779825

Nurgle as Jabba the Hutt, complete with slave costume'd SoB.

>> No.9779826

yeah this is what I was waiting for. i'm on it

>> No.9779830


I'd still quite like this done, if anybody wants to. >>9775517

>> No.9779851

Nah, man. Slave costumed Isha.

>> No.9779867


>> No.9779872

A short, cheerful, bandy legged black man armed with a long spear, wearing scale mail under loose robes with a small turban wrapped around his head. He should have a very cheerful, optimistic look, with a lot of lion iconography on his clothes and on the blade of his spear.

>> No.9779876

poor Khonre... you fuck slaanesh once, and she fuck you the rest of your life...


>> No.9779877

That ork wouldn't be named Shpagina, would she?

>> No.9779882

Thri-kreen, of course. The man talks day and night about them.

He also loves babies and would never depict a baby in any sort of situation that might cause it discomfort.

>> No.9779909

also quick question regarding the orc female sharpshooter, what do orcs look like in shadowrun

>> No.9779931

Wood elf girl, olive skin, long straight black hair, covered in tattoos, with bones woven through her skin/bridge of her nose. Pretty but exotic. Wearing light half-plate and has a longspear/lance.

>> No.9779937

this is the Shadowrun core book example of an ork

>> No.9779946

Whoops forgot to add the link

>> No.9779950



>> No.9779970

Blockatiel REMOVED via some tracing and shoopmagic

>> No.9779988

i fucking love you

>> No.9779994

I humbly request MOAR TEEN MARINE!

>> No.9779997


You are the worst namefag.

>> No.9780002

Yup. Here´s a character portrait request.

>> No.9780028


>> No.9780040

yeah... you DO know that I am a heretic to my own dogma WHICH I NEVER WANTED?

>> No.9780044


>> No.9780085

That's not bg's avatar, that's Flare

>> No.9780150

Could I get a tripod from war of the worlds and a dalek either trying to play scissors paper rock, or attempting some kind of extermination bro-fist?

>> No.9780153

No, seriously.

You're not funny. You're not entertaining. Your grammar is atrocious. Everything about you reeks of a kid trying to play with the big boys by using a name to try and get attention. And I'll just take a moment here to say that I've got nothing against name/tripfags, I rather like them.

Just...not you. You are very, very annoying. I rate scaredofshadows above you.

>> No.9780202

We need a picture of Legion from Mass Effect II with a speech bubble saying "We are Anonymous, we are Legion"

>> No.9780218


>> No.9780238

No. Go away.

>> No.9780245

Also, Legion has to be in a suit.

>> No.9780262

Awfully samefag in here. gb2 /v/

>> No.9780291

Seconding this! that picture would be awesome

>> No.9780329

Oh man I want to see this too.

>> No.9780347


>> No.9780359



Way to fail at samefaggotry.

>> No.9780372

Abaddon the Despoiler vs Dan Hibiki. With Hibiki winning.

Bonus points if you add other W40K/Street Fighter characters and their reactions.

>> No.9780374

Requesting my friend's IG character. Age: Mid-forties. Average height but solidly built; fairly tanned skin; heavily scarred face and body, one scar being horizontal across his face and clearly visible; green eyes, brown hair. Officer's uniform, Praetorian Guard. His weapons are a power sword and a bolt pistol. Competent badass guy, all in all.

>> No.9780376

Hahahaha, whatadick

>> No.9780384


>> No.9780410

Not samefag, I just think it's a funny idea. Your samefagdar is a bit tweaked, I think you need to fix it.
Also, people who agree with each other = samefag.

>> No.9780416


Samefaging in a draw thread of this magnitude gets you nothing but ridicule.

>> No.9780418

Why would anyone be shocked that The Superstar Demigod Dan Hibiki won?

He ALWAYS wins.

>> No.9780421

I only wrote >>9780291
The others are not my doing. not even the blatant attempt to slander my good name by >>9780329
trying to make it look like I'm some incompetent samefag.

Yes >>9780329 I'm looking at you and I'm full of RAGE!!! for that idiotic attempt.

>> No.9780426


>> No.9780443

Skitarii Sagitarii with a man-portable lascannon, armor like a legionnaire, and some sweet metal legs.

Chatting it up with a Divisio Vox Priestess. She looks kinda like a 'WHAT IF: The metal genre implied in 40k was reality?'; she has an instrument inbuilt on an extra arm and looks a lot like a rock star (or star appt to her instrument). She should look only barely like she belongs in the same Mechanicus as the first guy- he's Roman military, she's covered in disco-lights and anti-daemonic wards. Or something like that.

Divisio Vox, fuck yeah.

>> No.9780477


>> No.9780483


See this >>9779809

>> No.9780485

Omnissiah and all the gears, shut up. No one fucking cares.

Someone post Ultracat.

>> No.9780495

oh nevermind heh

>> No.9780498

Reposting request
Arbitrator with spots of blood on his armor, saying "Justice has been served."

>> No.9780513


>:D could be

>> No.9780518

it took longer because stupid windows update forced a restart on me.

>> No.9780549

Konrad Curze + Dreadnaught

>> No.9780552

Dude, what I have done to you?. I'm a harmless gnoll...

>> No.9780631


Due to the fact that I did say "dark hair" I will have to reduce payment to only 4 internets... but very slavic looking. Yay! *showers with internets*

>> No.9780650

This one is kind of long, but I would be honored if you were willing to take a stab at it.

A shriveled old man lying on his deathbed while a beautiful silver haired elf sits next to him, tears streaming down her face which is contorted into a mask of anguish and grief. A sharply dressed half elf man stands behind her, resting a comforting hand on his mother's shoulder,a look of concern on his face. In the background is a painting of the human and the elf when they were younger. The elf may or may not be holding an infant in her arms, depending on the drawfag's whim.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.9780651

For another serious character portrait, see >>9775510

>> No.9780661


Altogether now: d'awwww. 8)

>> No.9780727

also did a tuskless version so she looks like elf or something i don't know.

also waiting for a cool character to draw

>> No.9780839

I did read over your request again but I think I missed the dark hair part, want me to fix that?

yea I fixd that for you

>> No.9780867

Reposting this request with more info, I guess.

The cleric is part of the Athar, lawful good. Green skin, black hair. 6'7" and a pretty big guy. Cleric 7/Thaumaturgist 2. Big adamantine morningstar that he doesnt use for much else but sundering.

Tiefling is a cohort gained through the Leadership feat and a good friend before that. Believer of the Source. He's got goat horns and a tail, red skin and black hair and eyes. Also lawful good. Paladin 7. He's 5'8" and a lot leaner. Mounted combat guy, using a lance on horseback but a longsword when not.

I'm just kind of rambling here but I would greatly appreciate any drawfag helping me out. I have nothing to offer in return other than gratitude.

>> No.9780872

Gay cutebold porn.

Not noserubbing either. Gay cutebold porn.

>> No.9780904


Why thank you kind Sir :3

>> No.9780906

Did somebody say noserubbing?

>> No.9780938

A young (early 20s) white-haired sister of battle in power armor like in the picture, just make the red cloth bits orange instead. She is burning a nobleman's son (middle to late 20s) at the stake spanish inquisition style.

The stake is set at a plaza in front of a very large cathedral and the nobleman's son should look absolutely terrified.

>> No.9780991

Jayne from Firefly as a orc with Batous (GITS) eyes. Doin something typical Jayne

>> No.9781063

ok doing this i guess

>> No.9781171

Done only because it was quick it was easy and I need practice on my wacom.

(also so the good drawfags don't have to deal with it.)

>> No.9781223


Besides the little fuckers have too much cute and need to have some nasty.

>> No.9781243


>> No.9781284

augh what have you done

>> No.9781294

Oh thankyousomuch

>> No.9781296


>> No.9781374



>> No.9781707

something like this?

>> No.9781762

thread is in autosage I think so I think I'll call it a night

>> No.9781768

Works for me. thought there would be more pronounced stubble (and his skin tone a little lighter), but all in all pretty good. Thanks a ton!

>> No.9782205

so whiny
I added more stubble

you can't expect something you don't request you know. I could've made him black, chinese, italian whatever based on your description, you know

also you can easily adjust the skintone yourself with whatever image edit software you have.

>> No.9782425

Heheh, I was actually working on that myself. Thanks a bunch though, this is probably better than I could have managed anyway. Again, thanks a ton!

>> No.9783110

Awful early for a dead draw thread

>> No.9783638

I think the milking picture may have helped in that>>9781171

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