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*tap tap tap*

Well, /tg/? I didn't bring it up for air, you know...

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Right, let me go grab the box-cutters.

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understand picture

do not understand text

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This post will receive 20,000 replies because of stupids

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samefag to get thread going

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Well you can see she is japanese, she has the dreaded STD that is pixelitus.

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because you think you're stupid or smart?

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"Miss", how many times have I told you, I'm not urologist.

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Sounds serious, Doc

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This does not turn me on.

It is also on the wrong board, but with /tg/ that's secondary.


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Kudos on the artist for the difficult perspective.
She's got a bit of censoring going on there, though. Might want to get it looked at.

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The only cure is amputation!

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See I'd suck it and all, but I have no interest in sexual relations.

At all.

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Then lets begin the operation.

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So that last time I got captured by a band of female drow in the Underdark.

It was mating season, so killing me was the probably the last thing on their minds.

Um...why're you all looking at me like that?

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Yes, I'd suck that cock. And I'd love it.

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It makes me hungry, I wanna eat it.

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I wish that was uncensored.

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Agreed. That riding crop scares me a bit, though.

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...Queermind? Fagmind? I don't know.

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Dam It, Blackheart!. You're totally corrupted by Slaanesh!.

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Who would you name as the Uwe Boll of tabletop?

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...a single person, or a single company?
Probably FATAL. Or the guy who wrote FATAL. Or both.

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Blackheart IS Slaanesh.

Or at least one of her Heralds.

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oh /tg/... no porn dumps? for shame...

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You're a gnoll, you should be used to girls with dicks around you.

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pic related

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Here is your sandwich.

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Obviously, but you've got some kind of weird stuff on the end of it. I ain't eating that.

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Please stick to ruining /d/ with your futa thread instead of spilling over and ruining the other boards too.

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Physical deformations, proceed to surgery: y/n?

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I can get one of those from your dad.

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Awwww, you're so sweet~

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Do you even play traditional games or do you just hang around here in the hope of intermittent trap-dumps?

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Masturbation is an ancient and traditional game.

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I play WoD, D&D and newly DH.

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/tg/ is going to be the board that replaces all the other boards, in time.

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Well, alright. I just never see you doing anything but fapping to girly men.

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Iron Warriors are Undivided amirite?

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>doing anything but fapping to girly men

im ok with this.

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Nah, I fap all the time, if there are girly men posten on /tg/ it is purely a coincidence. I'm also a fluff junky, I have scores of rpg books on my pc just for the fluff. If I can I like to share said books with others here. Otherwise I'm constructively active in WoD threads, or in threads where my knowledge of lore is related.

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*posted, its hard to type with one hand.

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too much like a small boy, thats not cool bro.

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I guess I just miss all your non-fapping threads. I'm sorry to have doubted you.

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Weird, I didn't know small boys are two dimensional and have 12 inch long cocks.

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Tis' okay, I get that a lot. I wish there were more WoD threads, or book requests... book request that SoS doesn't deliver 5 seconds before me.

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You said it, SoS is superior to you!

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women with dicks, im ok with, not that bro, also being a britfag im not even ment to even see that image.

i dont want my ass to be pounded by men in jail.

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I've auto-hid SoS anyways, so that doesn't bother me at all. I tell you, getting the Greasemonkey addon for 4chan is the smartest thing I ever did. I can auto-hide tripfags who annoy me! It's bliss.

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/tg/ - Transgender

>> No.9772623


Sucks to be you.

>> No.9772627

Nah, he usually doesn't know what's relevant to requests. But if we team up we deliver like gods.

SoS is kind of sweet under all that... well you know...

drink some coffee today Anon, yeah?


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Another Britfag here. Pretty sure you'll only get done if you save stuff like that.

>> No.9772639


indeed it does bro.

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This thread...

>> No.9772644

I feel for you, really, I love the image of UK but the reality is so far off, and what I hear these days is pretty horrible imo, concerning all that nanny state thing that has been going on.

>> No.9772647


im not taking my chaces.

also was WoD like? i never played it

>> No.9772650


I think that "nanny-state" is a bit misleading. "Police state" would be far more accurate.

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Be back in 30, thread probably won't be around but hey, you know how to summon me.

>> No.9772660

Well at least you would be getting some.

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Personally I don't mind that, I even think he's a somewhat funny bugger to talk with at times as long as that stuff he does isn't too annoying.

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