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Lets make a tier list for melee weapons.

ex: Halberd- God Tier

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shit tier - katana

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So who else likes Planescape?

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>plan escape.

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Damned lawyers, always twisting my words.

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Oh god my skull tier - Lucerne Hammer

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I, for one, like the new variant it adds to Magic. Whether it's my opponent or my pulling shenanigans, shenanigans will be pulled.

Hilarious to watch and play with in a 6 man, Free-for-All EDH game.

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oh yeah cos awesomely strong and sharp heirloom weapons are shit.

you're a fucking dickweed. katanas are so cash money.

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seriously? halberds look unwieldy as fuck, you've got this whole long pole and then this tiny axe head on the end. Why not go greatsword, then you've got a couple feet of deadly steel there instead of just more pole.

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Pole gives you more leverage and the extra poky bits on the halberd give you plenty of options for killan.

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Bah, any good Dorf'd tell ya that greatswords are a massive waste of metal. You can make three maces with the same quantity of material.

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Halberd was an effective weapon, though. Stabby or Choppy. You can't exactly use a greatsword as a defensive stabbing weapon.

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Mo' like "twin-linked OH GOD MY ARMS ARE BROKEN!"

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Alpharius, the personification of the term "Arguing with Yourself".

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Oh my god, that is genius, cross-linking the gas operation so they fire alternately. If I had made one I would probably link both firing mechanisms to the same trigger and get stupid recoil.

5.56 isn't as much recoil as you imagine it to be.

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We are all Alpharius.

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Spoken like someone who's never fired a 5.56 rifle.

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Except for that guy over there. He's Omegon.

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Ugly-As-Sin Tier

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Actually, I've got brittle bones. I risk shattering my wrists if I fire anything more than a .38

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Hey guys. This seems like a good place to ask.

Why don't Space Marines use katanas? Space Marines are the finest warriors ever created, after all. Each one finely honed from only the best of human stock. Folded a million times into the finest fighters known to man.

Shouldn't they be using the best weapon ever created? With Space Marine strength, they could do more than just cut tanks in half. They could cut titans in half. Maybe even whole tomb worlds.

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It does look unwieldy, but history has shown that it's a pretty popular weapon a long with other polearm weapons. Try mock fighting with a broomstick halberd. It's probably a lot easier than learning to use a sword effectively.

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Because they couldn't figure out how to add enough chainsaw or electricity to it to make it fuckawesome enough for the emperor's chosen warriors.

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Oh come now Fuuka, you're better than that.

And it's been said before, it's a "Masterwork Bastard Sword."

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This is the best fucking idea anyone's ever had.
I'm going to fucking make this in Dark Heresy.

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they have guns

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I'm lenin' towards ranking this one high.

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You'd still need a Best Mono-edged katana to beat a Masterwork Bastard Sword imo.

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Who touched Dana?! Who touched my revolver?!

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Lightsaber + Magical Girl = you're fucking dead tier

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I'm building a chainsword in my garage.

It's a terrible idea for a melee weapon, but I'm going to give it an actual engine so it revs. The body is out of break-bent aluminum, the engine is from one of those big speedboat RC models that go 180 mph.

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The best

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By the Emperor, when did Sailor Moon go khornate on us?

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What the fuck is wrong with her right hand christ allamighty.

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hahaha greatest weapon ever created.

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Cool, tell us about your prosthetic leg when you're done?

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Man, if I had prosthetic limbs I'd put guns and swords and computers and shit inside them. Who cares if they don't look like natural flesh.

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I work for a tree trimming service, so I use chainsaws all day. I'm not worried.

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Looks a bit like the shotguns from Marathon.

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>Man, when I injure myself, I'm going full admech. Final Destination.

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Powerfeet-FUCK YOUR SHIT tier.

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Bare hands- Numbskull Tier

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The Emperors' finest tier

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Actually, you can liken the difference between a bastard sword and a katana as that between a shotgun slug and a flechette round. The bastard sword/slug relies partially on kinetic impact to do damage, and it's the only reason it defeats armor. European swords with the pointed tip were given that to stab through armor or chainmail in the gaps. The katana and the flechettes, however, won't penetrate armor of sufficient thickness or purposeful design. What they will do, however, is take anything not sufficiently armored and reduce it to ribbons (or in the flechettes' case, hamburger).

I have a question: does the strength of a power sword depend on the field or the steel under it? If the latter is true, hard, not-as-sharp blades like the bastard sword are ideal. If the reverse is true, a power-katana would be a monster- the field might give it the edge vs. armor.

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Deactivated power swords are dull; it's the field that gives the sword its cutting power. Ideally, you'd want something as light and high strength as possible while you let the power field do the hard work for you.

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lochaber axe -Greater than Halberd tier

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I've got this theory that Space Marines only use Chainswords because they could put *anything* through a man's torso.

They're terribly inefficient, loud, and by all rights they'll probably get stuck in whatever you hit with them.

On the other hand, they're terrifying weapons. They make a horrible whirring, grinding noise, they leave just enough time before killing for the victim to get a good scream off, and there's all kinds of nasty-looking spray. Fits perfectly with the Space Marines' shock trooper description.

On-topic though, halberds are awesome. Choppy, stabby, sword-guardy, pull-you-from-your-fucking-horsey. Good times.

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inb4 sword hate.

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Too late.

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Hmmm. So, an entirely carbon-weave implement in the shape of a blade might be a magnificent power sword. The wonders of allotropy... good god, what happens if you make it with aggregated diamond nanorods?

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Explain please, I do not completely understand what you are talking about.

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ADNRs are, simply put, the hardest substance known to man. Diamonds scratch glass, ADNR scratches diamond. Take existing carbon fullerene- the carbon nanotubes that everyone likes to talk about- and form that into a diamond.

I'm not exactly explaining this well, but I hope this helps.

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Hunga Munga - Poke Your Own Eye Out Tier

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