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lets get an I.G. thread going

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New Leman Russ came out. Fuck Yeah!

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wait, what?

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New stuffs.

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If we're talking about armor, nothing beats Land Raider.

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Tau here. Just reporting the fact that we've ass-raped you guys every time we've fought. We admire your bravery but your commanders are...awful. I mean so bad we can scarcely believe it. And yes our tanks are better.

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>>Tau barely held off small Imperial Crusade using their entirely military might that was stopped after the 13th Black Crusade and Tyranid Invasions demanded attentions elsewhere.

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but...but... 1 lasgun DOESNT do diddley, so 500 still DONT do diddley

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you were saying?

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Hmmm... Two fascist empires out to obliterate each other... where did I put my atomics? Might as well put them to good use and take out both sides.
P.S.: The Fremen were here. Space marines are faggots.

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Not a tank.

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because armor values that is not a walker makes it.... what then?

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Makes it just a vehicle then if it doesn't have "tank" listed in its profile. Not all vehicles are tanks. Land Speeders aren't tanks, Valkyries aren't tanks, thus can't tank shock or ram.

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The Tau are > Guard. In canon.

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A monolith. A pyramid. A gunplatform. I don't know, but I know that it's not a tank.

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........you know their codex is older than that distinction right?

it's a fucking tank. deal with it.

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No, no it's not, try again. And even if it were, it wouldn't matter.

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It is ruled a tank.

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only in your mind.

The Tau are GW's example are one of the myriad of tiny alien empires that the Imperium has destroyed on a regular basis.

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ok, whatever.

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>>9753053 sorry bro, but >>9753093 is right. The only reason they even still exist is because the Imperium has bigger threats to deal with. On a daily basis.

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If it says Tank in its profile, which I think it does, then its a Tank, if it doesn't, then it isn't.

Either way, codex age has nothing to do with it.

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.....holy shit yes it does dumbass, before various rules were in play that dealt with a vehicles arbitrary designation there was no need to ASSIGN THAT DESIGNATION

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and GW's stance is, if it doesn't say in the codex, then it doesn't have it. Codex overrides rulebook, in this case, not having it means it wouldn't be a tank.

That said, no it's not older than the distinction and yes it's listed in it's profile that it is a tank.

Calm your nerdrage the fuck down you butthurt faggot.

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If it doesn't have the designation, how are you supposed to know one way or another besides what you want?

I smell butthurt.

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Love is in the air...

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Off of dumbass butthurt necron topics

and back to guard.

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While true the Tau have consistently won wars with the Imperium. And the Tau aren't tiny threats, they've been upgraded to requiring SMs and titans and even that wasn't enough. On lbs-per-lbs basis the Tau are superior. Rage at the fact if you must.

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Except Tank was *always* a designation since 3rd ed. Look at the Andy Chambers Ork Codex under Battlewagon. Type: Tank, Open-Topped. Warbuggy being Type: Fast, Open-topped.

Monolith was never a tank. tl;dr u mad.

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Who needs Space Marines when you've a billion guys like this?!!

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until you put bluies on the table. and then you lose.

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You're right. Ethereals are useless, and Firewarriors belong in transports.

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On a man per man basis, they've got better guns and better armor. Nobody is debating that.

That said, all the guardsmen in their area are fighting tau or being shipped off to the Segmentum Solar or Obscurus.

Tau have consistently won when not faced with serious resistance, the Damocles Crusade was the only real Imperial effort to fight them, and took the entirety of the Tau empire to stop them, while being a minimal effort for the Imperium.

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taking more than one unit is pretty much inviting disaster though.

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needs a front view and source on the guns

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Non-40k Guard Conversions are the best fucking things.

Does anyone have that pic of the converted Sheridan tank?

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Generally yes. The one time it's worth considering is as a scoring upgrade to Pathfinderfish. (I personally like dual Pathfinders myself).

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the tau are distinctly different because they weren't destroyed thanks to hurr durr warpstorm saved them, they actually had time to get going before being stomped out

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apart from the gun and the night vision goggles those are cadian plastics.

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The other thing is that the Tau are the only faction that evolve and upgrade thier tech as time goes. The imperium is in a pit of stagnation. Hive fleets notwithstanding, the Tau will have significantly better ships and gear after 10 years whereas the imperium will have the same of everything.

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this thread


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Honestly, I just think there needs to be more Advice Meme-style Orks. I'm tired of Imperial Guard shit.

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I want to stab every person who posts this.

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nothing wrong with 'umies

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hey guys really silly question but what font is that on the advice things?

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That's Impact, son. Also known by some as The Internet Font.

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thank you sweetheart

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pic related

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'Umies are entertaining, but da boyz got the best gubbinz.

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Always happy to help a fellow anon.

Also, more or less contributan.

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damn right they are

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Imperial Guard and orks should team up and become their own faction.



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In some cases, this is canon actually.

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Do want

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I didnt see any new tanks on the gw site. I must be blind

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I giggled like a school girl.

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That comic had some spazztarded scenes. A whole wing of hammerheads, for example, moving into flamer range of a hellhound convoy, rather than waiting on top of a hill and using their weapons designed for uber long range tank destruction.

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ok, im done posting the latex thread, this thread now has my full attention

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Actually, the Imperium DOES upgrade its tech, it only takes its sweet time to do so. For instance, Space Marine assault cannons and jump packs are post-Heresy technologies, not STC-found stuff.

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The "tank" rule has existed since 3rd ed you mouth-breathing shitstain.

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Dammit meme generator, stop not working for me.

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quick, get into the lemon bus!

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"well... that was a hard fight..."

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half-tau... umm.... hey drawfags, ive got an idea for you.

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god damn it guys, dont let it be me posting again.... god damn it, i hate having almost as much stuff as the collector.

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Pic related

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Meme generator stopped working so I can't pump out more advice nob. Have some AdMech.

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That looks like an Ogryn who thinks he's an Ork.

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bad ass guard are bad ass.

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Ogryns were once a choice you could take in an Ork army back in the 2nd edition codex.

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best ending ever.

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I was talking with a friend of mine who plays Warhammer 40k the other day (I don't actually play it,) and I was arguing for the awesomeness of an all-infantry-IG army. He runs Necrons, and he was all "LOL YOU'D HAVE TO ROLL A 5 OR 6 JUST TO WOUND THEM," and that's when I shot him down with that exact Advice Guard line.

I can discuss warhammer 40k with actual players and I've never played a single fucking game.


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fuck yeah propaganda.

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fuck yeah, got to love /tg/.

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Necrons die hard to infantry Guard. I mean, they don't even have to worry about melta, there are lascannons all over the goddamn place.

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What would happen if IG were permitted to loot xenos weaponry and use it?

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1. techpreists will cry/rage
2. get fucking shot on the spot.

>> No.9755130


Mass Deathwatch landings and lots of dragonfire rounds.

>> No.9755135


Xeno Guard.

>> No.9755143


Continuing that line- if I actually DO get into 40k, (there's some people I know that will offload IG cheap, they moved on to other armies/games,) would an all-infantry IG army be the most annoying army to play against? I don't care about winning, I just want to troll my friends and perhaps some neckbeards.

Sure, anything with a burst attack (artillery and flamethrowers, if those are actually in this game, I'm assuming) will rape me, but if I get this right, most IG armies are UNLIMITED LEMAN RUSS WORKS, and most people playing against them plan accordingly.

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and yarrick only has the battle claw because he is so god damn manly.

>> No.9755161

Let us assume the techpriest doesn't give a shit. What then?

>> No.9755171


Generation Kill Reference for the fucking win! awesome!

>> No.9755176


They should present the xeno weapons to the Techpriests and ask them to "educate" the heretic machine spirits about the Glory of the Emperor.

machinespirit inquisition-style missionaries. Heh.

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all infanty army can be a dick if you have lascannons all over the place but die like a bitch to template weapons.

>> No.9755190


So I have a question for the DH players out there. In tabletop, a combined squad of 30 Guardsmen are gonna rape a Vindicare. Assuming they know where he is, is the same true in DH?

If not, at what's the minimum exp level (I think that's how DH tiers work?) those 30 guardsmen would have to be?

>> No.9755197

infantry IG is so much fun. I dont win too often but i have a blast. currently playing with a hybrid armor and infantry that doesnt to either terribly well, but at low points i just spam guardsmen and use 1 leman russ to kill things. friend who plays SMs rages over Straken and other assorted IG dickery.

>> No.9755202

thank you /tg/ just thank you

>> No.9755203

So, I'm new to 40K and I haven't bought anything I.G. related yet. Are their officers really that bad?

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well done, you just picked up a ork choppa.


>> No.9755221


I just wrote up a 750 list of infantry guard...75 infantry with misc heavy and special weapons. My lgs is gonna hate me!!

>> No.9755224

i remember that thread, much lulz were had

>> No.9755225


They expect mech, which includes transports, so yeah, all infantry will run into some speed bumps, but will generally rape face. I recommend reserving some to dodge templates and pie plates, because you're gonna be JAMMED in your deployment zone.

See also:

>> No.9755242


Pure infantry armies, more so on higher point games, are both expensive as fuck and annoying as fuck since you have to have so many Guardsman. On the upside its far more likely for your oppoent to resign from the game due to two hours going by and your still not done with your second shooting phase.

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with the DH Vindicare, you have to fucking see it, and when you do see it, about 10 of your guys just died, getting in rage of him will cost you 10 more guys, and trying to hit him... well good bye squad.

>> No.9755254


IG officers are great, especially with a las round through their skulls!

Seriously, take commissars.

>> No.9755272


That's what the second question in the post was for.

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And it becomes horridly scary to fight at higher point-levels. One listu I noticed for Ard Boyz, packed 45 Autocannons, 15 Lascannons, and 3 Deepstriking melta stormtrooper teams.

>> No.9755288


Interesting. So 40k has enough STRATEGERY to make mobility/deployment important, and apparently you can pay force points to move your units or deploy them elsewhere?


Are there any special rules for IG concerning finding cover, or concealment? Lascannons sound like crew-served emplacement weapons that might move slowly- i.e. anti-tank guns. I know how to use anti-tank guns.

>> No.9755310

I'm something of a sucker for Rp, so I predict that I will be giving my officers personalities, like, I decide before a battle what kind of dickheads they are and what tactics they favor, and then I roll with those even if it's not the best thing to do in the situation.
So, what general traits gets you promoted to Commissar?

>> No.9755324
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>On the upside its far more likely for your oppoent to resign from the game due to two hours going by and your still not done with your second shooting phase.


But in all honesty, I'd stick to small skirmishes. It fits the scale of the game better, and I simply like them more. Resource management becomes more important, as does strategery.

>> No.9755334
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>So, what general traits gets you promoted to Commissar?

"Welcome to Earth."

>> No.9755337







>> No.9755352

Never seen this one before. Love it.

>> No.9755353
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look at the DH books, here is a list of the books you will need, look onto /rs/. and when you get to be a Vindicare in Ascension, you have to be top tier of assassin, then you carry on.

Dark_Heresy core rule book

other books are fluff books or have campaign's in them

>> No.9755373
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>> No.9755375

Commisars are raised not promoted.

>> No.9755377

oh this thread has cheered me up
thank you /tg/

>> No.9755385

Cover is cover. If you're in it, you can make a cover save in place of a normal save. You can choose to get a bonus to your cover save in exchange for not being able to shoot. Guard however can use Orders to negate this "cannot shoot" penalty, meaning they're quite capable of becoming entrenched.

As far as deployment, there are several ways to do so:
-Regular deployment: Which is place in your deployment zone:
-Enter from your table edge: You can elect any number of units to do this. Normally, a unit comes in on a 4+ starting on the second turn (roll for each one); Guard can take Astropaths to improve the odds.
The following are specialized:
-Infiltrate: Deploy *anywhere* as long as it's not within a certain distance of the enemy.
-Scout: Deploy as normal, make a free pre-game move.
-Deep Strike: Stay in reserve, choose any area to deploy, then roll to see if you land there properly. This represents paradropping, teleporting in, etc.
-Outflank: If you can Scout or Infiltrate, you can choose to stay in reserve, and enter from one of the side table edges. However, there's a small chance that you might end up on the wrong edge.

>> No.9755392

Heh. Commissars it is then!

>> No.9755396


You're not promoted to commissar from the IG. Commissars are specially trained men and women from Scholas and fall under the command of the munitorium. They generally follow orders from whatever commanding officers they are assigned to but have the authority to execute anyone they see not following the Imperial Creed. Usual executions include for cowardice, theft, heresy and incompetence.

>> No.9755432
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also the gun is silly, that on top of what your assassin can do and the ammo you can get for it.

>> No.9755438

Commissars are selected from birth at the schola and trained there to be commissars. They then get sent out at the age of 15-18 to serve as juniors to a senior Commissar. When the senior thinks the junior is ready he is promoted to Commissar and is either sent back to local sector command for assignment or stays with the regiment the senior is if they require another commissar.

inb4 some fag comes in with the whole lol commissarRstormtroopers which has zero fluff to support that and is just pure bullshit

>> No.9755456

>I'd stick to small skirmishes. It fits the scale of the game better

do you play 40k....because im doubting it hard right now

>> No.9755470
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>> No.9755478
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>Guard however can use Orders to negate this "cannot shoot" penalty, meaning they're quite capable of becoming entrenched.

>-Outflank: If you can Scout or Infiltrate, you can choose to stay in reserve, and enter from one of the side table edges. However, there's a small chance that you might end up on the wrong edge.

Oh yes. Oh, daddy like. Thank you for the info, this is exactly what I needed to know.

It all depends on where the cover is, naturally, but these options make it sound like it'd be possible to establish a base of fire, and a flanking/sweeping force.

>> No.9755507

>do you play 40k....because im doubting it hard right now

See >>9755069

>> No.9755513

Yeah. Abnet jacks off to much on his Ghost. Its funny because in book if you every pat attention to the battle around them all other guard units are more realistic taking tons of casualties and shit while the ghost just walk through that shit fine.

Thats why necropolis is my favorite book. Its about other guard units and scratch companies while the last bits are the ghost ghostingly operating in operational areas

>> No.9755519
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im guessing this thead just changed now.

>> No.9755522


Do Commisars outrank your lowest-rank Spess Muhreen?

>> No.9755539

Ok my fault. The game is designed along with of course the background of 40k to be as big as possible.

>> No.9755544

If half your unit is in cover (trees, a building, behind a hill, another unit), it's treated as being in cover. So one popular trick is to stick half of an infantry squad in a forest, the other half in the open, and use them to generate additional cover for the rest of your army.

>> No.9755568

Nope. In reality they have no rank while also being above rank to everything. In theory a junior commissar can walk up to a lord general and shit on his breakfest.

In reality thats not a good idea. Commissars are there to insure DA DISAPLUN! and to advise officers.

>> No.9755593
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So do knocked-out tanks still count as providing cover? I was thinking of taking a single unit of light armor along to draw fire; though if it doesn't draw the enemies equivalent of small-arms fire, it'd just give their heavies something to shoot at, which defeats the point.

Also, they should seriously errata that bullshit.

>> No.9755603

Dun wurk dat way no morez bozz.

>> No.9755638


>Ok my fault. The game is designed along with of course the background of 40k to be as big as possible.

Sure, sure, I know that 40k's fluff deals with empires that span galaxies and shit like that, but the physical realities of tabletop wargames restrict you to a certain scale; unless you're at a tournament where they have those ginormohueg tables for games that take eight hours to resolve.

Nobody wants to play the Battle of Krusk, because for it to move at a realistic pace it'd be a strategic game; and 40k, with individual squads under your control, is tactical.

>> No.9755650

It depends. A vehicle can either become a wreck (meaning it's now a terrain-piece), or it can be Exploded (meaning you remove it from the table, everything nearby takes damage checks).

As for the providing cover to stuff behind you, it only works against direct-firing weapons. Barrage weapons (mortars, Whirlwind rocket artillery, etc), are resolved, as though the shot came from the center of the blast. Meaning you can ignore cover generated by other dudes.

>> No.9755654

oh. my. god.
You trolled me; I raged.
Well done.

srs agrument: It's only got one mary fucking sue in it, but he's now been shot up so bad that he's lost that status - losing ones natural eyes.
90% of the original cast in the founding are now dead or are missing a leg.

>> No.9755667

To be fair, the Ghosts tend to die bitch deaths. Corbec, Muril, and Caffran, for example.

>> No.9755699

Hmm, so you roll for disabled/destroyed, and it takes into account plunging fire. This seems to be a decently complex game.

I assume cover bonuses still apply against indirect fire/template weapons? If not, that would be Bad.

>> No.9755716

Well are -you- going to try and take it off him?

>> No.9755722

Right. So where can one be expected to find officers and commanders that are promoted due to competency and tactical insight rather than ability to scare your minions shitless?

>> No.9755724

Trolled hard... and by Xzibit, yet.

Fuck, I've reached a new low.

>> No.9755743

sorry. Im talking from my own experience. I use molds to mass produce guard and nids my bros come to my house every 2 and 4th saterday of the month to play FUCKHUEG games in my basement. Iv got 10k points worth of guard another 5k of spess and god knows how many nids.

Im a writer so it doesnt bother my work or anything

Feels good

>> No.9755745


>> No.9755764

Every regiment. Commissars are morale officers rather than command; they only take over if an officer bottles out and has to be blam'd.

>> No.9755768

Pier Gutes sat on a chair in a ruined house and blasted down a whole bunch of Blood Pact troopers, sacrificing his life to hold them off single-handed.

>> No.9755774


>> No.9755797

Dordan's gonna die of cancer. Soric got put down like a lamed horse.

>> No.9755810


You lucky sonofawhore. Here's to hoping my writing career pans out well enough for that.


Man you need to see the one with the pic of a dog holding a yo-yo on his paw. Recursion...

>> No.9755811



>> No.9755820

higher command

Colonel becomes general, general becomes lord general, lord general becomes Lord general militant, somethingsomethingsomething sometimes governors

>> No.9755836


It's fucking terrible that I memorised that, isn't it.

>> No.9755843

thanks bro :D

>> No.9755860
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Oh yeah. Friend of mine, he shoots competitively, marksmanship, etc. I'm shopping online for ammo one day and he asks me what I'm doing, and I tell him I'm looking for good deals on clips.

He gives me the whole MAGUHZEENZ thing, and I spin around my computer and show him the page- 30-06 stripper clips for my Springfield.

Pic related.

>> No.9755877
File: 907 KB, 320x240, 126350093558.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9755878


Flamethrowers are specialized weapons that ignore all cover, since it's assumed that you're setting the cover on fire, too. Of course, they're short range to make up for it. Other large blasts and the like may or may not ignore cover, depending on things like exact line of sight and the precise type of weapon.

>> No.9755889
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>It's fucking terrible that I memorised that, isn't it.

Yes, it is. Nonetheless, I am impressed and slightly scared.

>> No.9755913


instantly saved.

>> No.9755930


>> No.9755938


Better then I expected- blanket fiat for burst weapons. Hooray for un-mulched guardsmen!

>> No.9755970


Neither is the landraider, It's a heavy assualt APC.

>> No.9755992

How are the ghosts sues?

>> No.9756000

It is according to the game rules rather than your retarded wannabe /k/ommando terminology, read the thread and troll harder.

>> No.9756020

Like the Merkava, huh?

>> No.9756065


Good point.


What threat level can the Land Raider successfully engage? How much armor can it's primary weapon- with the widest firing arc- penetrate? If it can't duke it out with the biggest and baddest, it's a heavy APC.

>> No.9756070

it's been covered before but a lot of the "lone ghost scout sneaks through enemy lines and blows up chaos space marine with demo charge" stuff is construable as being sue-ish

plus gaunt is hilariously overpowered:
"Gaunt came to the attention of the Sabbat Crusade's Warmaster, Slaydo, during the action on Balhaut. The two warriors came to trust each other and because of his great respect for Gaunt, Slaydo gave another death-bed promotion of Colonel-Commissar to Gaunt, making him the only man in the history of the Imperium to hold the Rank of Colonel Commissar"

>> No.9756158

land raider is one of the best tanks in the game.
if its for loyalists that is. power of the machine fucking spirit. it can move and still engage 2 different targets with one of the most powerful anti armor weapons in the game. not sure if any other vehical can target 2 different units.

>> No.9756199


Long Fangs, but they're not a tank.

>> No.9756220
File: 32 KB, 853x240, ffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What threat level can the Land Raider successfully engage? How much armor can it's primary weapon- with the widest firing arc- penetrate? If it can't duke it out with the biggest and baddest, it's a heavy APC.

For fucks sake, you goddamn aspie.

>> No.9756242

>The standard configuration Land Raider one of the most powerful tanks in the Imperium's arsenal, armed with two twin-linked "Godhammer-pattern" lascannons mounted in side sponsons. A twin-linked heavy bolter is mounted on top of the tank providing anti-infantry fire. As with most Space Marine vehicles, it can also be armed with a pintle-mounted storm bolter and a single-shot hunter-killer missile.

>Particularly noteworthy is that the Land Raider's all-around thick armour has no weaknesses, unlike other tanks that often have thinner side and rear armour.

1. No main cannon, all it's anti-tank power is in lower-powered side-sponson weapons.

2. All-around armor, rather then armor balanced towards repelling max threats from the front quarter.

An MBT, this is not.

>> No.9756284

And a valint troll you are for continuing this long. Now hush, you've had your moment.

>> No.9756286
File: 73 KB, 570x437, arming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>For fucks sake, you goddamn aspie.

Troll harder, bro.

I bet you call this a longsword, don't you? Because the 3.5 PHB said it is.

>> No.9756297

> TL lascannon
> lower-powered

A TL S9 weapon at BS 4 is a bit more hard-hitting than a single S8 blast weapon at BS 3, like a battle-cannon. Even once you compensate for the whole arc-of-fire thing.

>> No.9756324
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>> No.9756370


They were used in squadrons to attack Warhound titans during the Horus Heresy IIRC.

>> No.9756436

"Quantity has a quality all its own."
-Joseph Stalin

>> No.9756458
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I'm half-tempted to just continue here- watching neckbeards rage because they think a game made by neckbeards, for neckbeards, is more correct then actual military terminology, is amusing as fuck- but honestly, there's a real-world spectrum that the Land Raider fits into nicely. I'd call it the rough equivalent of a Bradely IFV.

Now the Bradley's primary mission is to deploy troops to the field- like the Land Raider- but you can't call it 'just' an APC, because those are solely for providing mobility and light armor protection to soldiers (like an M113; a METAL BAWX with a machine gun.) The Bradely is a mini-tank- it mounts a 25mm chaingun (which sounds like a storm bolter to me, lol,) and up to four TOW missiles which can kill pretty much any main battle tank nicely (and I note the Land Raider can mount a single tank-killing missile.) And both of them can certainly take a hell of a lot more punishment then a mere thin-skinned APC.

There's a class of tanks called "light tanks," used for scouting and shit. They've mostly fallen by the wayside, though there's a few examples here and there. The Bradley could be considered a light tank, by some definitions. If the Storm Bolter can engage light armor, you could call the Land Raider a "light tank" too.

I feel *really bad* putting arguments in the hands of SPESS MUHREENZ fanboys, as you sad fucks so clearly are, but as long as you're going to be whining and arguing about it, you may as well be using solid arguments. I do this for the sake of all the neckbeards that have to tolerate you at the LGS.

>> No.9756507

Calling them tanks or APC's works both ways actually. I know of a friend that used a land raider crusader as a dedicated transport during a 500 point tournament match back when they first came out, and only got to use it because it was a dedicated transport for his 2 assault squads and Emperor's Champion.

>> No.9756516

The argument of Land Raider = Merkava seems pretty legit to me, and I don't think anybody would argue the Merkava's credentials as a MBT.

If anything is an IFV equivalent that would be the Razorback or Chimera.

>> No.9756588

gosh its almost like the idea of a giant apc/ifv equipped with side-mounted anti-tank lasers doesnt necessarily have a real life equivalent

>> No.9756636
File: 28 KB, 100x100, 1252864120531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gosh its almost like the idea of a giant apc/ifv equipped with side-mounted anti-tank lasers doesn't necessarily have a real life equivalent

... yeah, you got me there. I LOL'ed.

>> No.9756731
File: 33 KB, 400x435, dontknow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The argument of Land Raider = Merkava seems pretty legit to me, and I don't think anybody would argue the Merkava's credentials as a MBT.

... *perhaps.* Since the Merkava is an MBT first and foremost, whereas the Land Raider makes some significant sacrifices to put troop deployment first (no frontal arc of fire being a damning one.)

It would depend on the power of those lascannons in relation to other anti-tank weaponry. I was under the impression that the IG had a tank with a main gun that makes the lascannon look like a toy; but it's not the Leman Russ. (I keep on getting the impression that the Leman Russ has a good gun and a BULLDOZAR BLAED, and is popular more because of cost-efficiency- a low price for a decent gun.)

If lascannons ARE pretty much the finest word in anti-tank work, that'd make the Land Raider... SOMETHING, all right. But not an IFV. And this is without considering the power of it's intended payload, which are basically mini-tanks given their stats.

Yeah, it almost IS like an APC with side-mounted laser cannons is hard to quantify with modern military terminology. My worldview is in *tatters.*

>> No.9756799


... did you scare away 40k nerds with /k/ nerding?

this is why I come to /tg,/ to watch the nerd clusterfuck. Like, a nerd singularity.

>> No.9756820
File: 37 KB, 460x569, 1236719976216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9756871

>I was under the impression that the IG had a tank with a main gun that makes the lascannon look like a toy

Its called a vanquisher and it penetrates AV14 (landraider) armour on absolutely average roles. The downside is its a dedicated anti vehicle platform that lacks a large blast in its current iteration.

>> No.9757229

basically there's three kinds of tanks in the imperial guard

chimera chassis: IFV-level armor, light weapons, can be used as platform for artillery or recovery vehicles

leman russ chassis: MBT-level armor, turret and side-mounted weapons

stupid retard giant tank chassis: holy fuck its a fucking ratte get in the car

there's really not a lot of room for light tanks or even medium tanks, they basically jump straight to "giant turret + 2 heavy bolters + front-mounted lascannon + heavy stubber pintle mount" from "multilaser and firing ports"

>> No.9757489

And it also hits nothing. BS 3, 1 shot per turn and no twin linked.

>> No.9757499

According to the Lexicanum the Lemon Russ is a Medium Tank.
There are heavies, but they're pretty rare in fluff and crunch.
There is a heavy battle tank company in one of the Gaunt's Ghosts novels. One of the Saint collection, IIRC.

>> No.9757686

so ti hits 50% of the time? add in pask and its even more brutal. Or better yet if your worried about not hitting field a squad of three and rape any armour you come across, I mean its not like guard are known for fielding large amounts of tEVERYTHING to make up for their low tech base or anything

>> No.9758033

Sure, if you don't mind spending 450 points on popping a fucking RHINO-equivalent, when dealing with MSU armies.

Also, Paskquisher is lolz.

>> No.9758065


I love it when people use Pask. MMMMM stationary tanks.

>> No.9758092

>Implying I dont kill 250point landraiders in the first turn.
>Implying I dont use a tactically sound mindset of using my heavy anti armour units to kill high value high cost vehicles.
>implying they dont destroy other lehmans and land raiders well.

Of course I will give you that its a niche unit. But at what it does it does well and its a mainstay of my force.

>> No.9758139

stationary tanks
>behind a wall of guardsmen 5 squads deep across the board
youll be assaulting what now?

>> No.9758211

That was a mixed bag armored crew, a few Malcador maybe mostly russ variants and that one Laser destroyer tank killer (They had three of them IIRC)

>> No.9758234
File: 119 KB, 774x962, METALBOXES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's a good use of points...

>> No.9758336
File: 72 KB, 600x750, remiq.net_4220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9758628

By comparison it's a Medium Tank. In modern or WW2 terms, based on how many fucking extraneous armaments it carries, it's a heavy tank.

What the Imperial Guard really need are Light Machine Guns and Light Tanks. They go from "mobile but shitty" things like lasguns and Chimeras to "heavy but slow" things like emplaced weapons and Leman Russes. Where's the Stuart? Where's the Sheridan? Where's the SAW or the Stoner 63 or the RPK?

>> No.9758693

Basically, if I want anti-tank, I'll use Hydras, vendettas, and meltavets. Or sometimes a Bastion-Breacher Medusa or two. Or a Manticore (Hai there). Or...

Plus trying to use a Vanquisher against a Tau Hammerhead (funny thing, Railguns have better chances of destroying AV 14 than Vanquishers do), or a Wave Serpent, is just lolworthy.

>> No.9758827

wow this thread has been up for like 4 hours now I'm proud of you /tg/

>> No.9758839

What about the Devil Dog? It's fucking fast, and has at least a slight bit more armour. Can also either max out anti-tank with the hull meltagun, or leave the flamer or bolter.

>> No.9758877


Most definately not shitty against swarms.

Remember, Promethium Sticks to Nids!

>> No.9758894

Its a railgun, its all the tau have.

>> No.9758971

Well yeah, that's what gets USED as a Light Tank-esque thing. But it's like, if you can put a flame turret on a Chimera, why can't you put a tank turret, and then use the back parts for ammunition storage?

>> No.9759145

I don't know where everyone gets the idea that lascannons are good at taking out heavy armor. Their ability to punch anything tougher than AV 12 is meh at best. They are the most effiecent weapons for dropping AV 12 (anything lower and the Autocannon takes the cake anything higher and you may as well go melta-hunting.) The only reasons lascannons are good right now is because of the proliferation of Metal box spam, where the lascannon shines gloriously. Other than that it is far more effiecent to use almost any other weapon to do the job. Hell I'll take missle launchers over lascannons mostly because it offers some degree of tactical flexibility where lascannons are a huge waste if you shoot them into that crowd of Gaunts/guardsmen/kroot/Spacemarines/Scouts/Guardians/anything that isn't a light-mid level tank.

>> No.9759163
File: 132 KB, 1024x616, 1272303358353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol tau.

>> No.9759189
File: 42 KB, 566x453, first_born_on_Vostroya_by_Reienkyo22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cc lol

>> No.9759244
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>> No.9759397

"Better tank" "We Have 20"

Go read up on the destruction of Iraqi Armour during First and Second US:Iraq. Operational surprise. Tactical concentration of force. Superior range. Superior targetting. One hit kills.

>> No.9759401


Why should we be scared of flashlights and tissue paper?!

>> No.9759413


Basically, we need melta-cannons.

>> No.9759523
File: 128 KB, 750x600, tyranids_hold_the_line.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imperial Guard.

>> No.9759529
File: 86 KB, 749x400, tau apocalypse art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Any questions?!

>> No.9759556
File: 34 KB, 540x364, 7796_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>within charging distance

>> No.9759592


marneus calgar

>> No.9759647

Whats the point of being in sprinting distance of fire warriors when your dead?

>> No.9759882

blood angels death company > tau

>> No.9759893

whats the point of driving a tank into the tyranid masses rather than staying far away and shooting at them

>> No.9759951

Maybe they overran the front lines?

>> No.9759995

but they have like a million ships in the air and battlesuits and stuff

and on the left side of the picture there's a tank just straight-up driving forward into the melee range of those nids

>> No.9760098


Badass! Thats WHY!!

Also the Ion Cannon got less of a range then the regualar hammerhead cannon but...BADASS!!

>> No.9763736


Funny story about that. My friend was playing his grey knights against another friend of mine who had his tau on the field. In the process of charging the firewarrior squad the grey knights lost 4 out of 5 units (He rolled like shit for saving throws) the remaining unit, the sergeant, proceeded to assault the squad instantly kill 4 fire warriors then sweeping advanced the squad. He then proceeded to kill the Ethereal in the back and win the match.

>> No.9767060
File: 20 KB, 407x405, Commeme14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9767129
File: 31 KB, 288x444, cadia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TAU<IG ALWAYS, Fuck you, Fuck your obsession with Grey-blue hoofed rangefags and most of all fuck you cannon....no way in hell could the Tau stand the full force of an Imperial campaign

This is an IG thread, go make your own damn thread you pussies

>> No.9767407

We don't suck at tactics.

>> No.9767539
File: 124 KB, 514x845, 1255045843269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this still makes me lol so hard

>> No.9767553

Funny because he didn't even hit

>> No.9767561

yes he did. Then anon rolled a 1 on his 2+ invul

>> No.9767632
File: 10 KB, 203x271, eve huh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>2+ invul

>> No.9767637

tactics doesn't matter when you lose due to overwhelming numbers, it is the one reason why the tau haven't taken over the galaxy in 40k because they are numerically the smallest force out there despite holding their own due to awesome toys

>> No.9767652


That and the whole being-unnerved-by-hirsute-people thing.

>> No.9767669
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2nd edition marines had bubble armor wargear card...

>> No.9767687

The tau have a fancy plasma rifle.

The IG have a barrage from high-caliber howitzers.

>> No.9767720
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>> No.9767724

rolled a 6 to hit.
how does that miss?

>> No.9767757

>High Caliber Howitzers
Yeah, Bolter Rounds, the Marines where the only ones that did much of anything

The IG shat their pants during Damocles, You know all of those Gue'vasa? Guess where they came from.

>> No.9767769


>You know all of those Gue'vasa? Guess where they came from.


>> No.9767803

brilliance is a far better word

>> No.9767805



>> No.9767932

They're retreating. The ones with jetpacks are flying backwards and the airships are coming to pick everyone up and flee.

>> No.9767959


>on the left side of the picture there's a tank just straight-up driving forward into the melee range of those nids

Tau have poor eyesight. the driver/pilot probably couldn't figure out which lever was "forward" and which one was "reverse".

>> No.9767969
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>> No.9767975
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>> No.9768040

To quote the Uplifting Primer:
"Tau have hollow bones. Their limbs will break easily under little applied pressure."
"Tau have poor eyesight. Anything over ten meters away is a blur."
"Tau are afraid of fire."
"Tau are afraid of water."
"Tau are afraid of thunder."

I love that book.

>> No.9768161
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lol best 2nd Shooty race (IG UP IN THIS MUTHAFUCKA!, although the indivual marksmanship of a single Firewarrior is probably better) and have poor eyesight

>> No.9768206


So do I. I have cuddled with it while falling asleep.

>> No.9768208

I love it when people are all 'herpaderp BS2 lol', without realizing that shoota boyz are easily better ranged infantry than vets and have the equivalent of almost BS4 with much better weapons.

"lol why would you buy your nobs rokkits and ammo runts, you fuckin noob. BS2 LOLOLOL'
Idiots these days...

>> No.9768228

Interestingly, the first is kind of true and the second is definitely true.

>> No.9768258

Every time I play against my IG roomate he insists on quoting a full passage from it at least once a turn (usually 3+ times) while wearing a commisar hat and moving his troops around with a little shuffleboard war-room thingy he found.
I've refused to play him for weeks.

>> No.9768260


... explain.

>> No.9768294


oh god.

litany for accuracy or something is fine once in a while, before making an important roll, but every game? EVERY TURN? fucking fuckfuck.

>> No.9768339

It's pretty hilarious.
...the first two dozen times.

>> No.9768411

Whenever I play my Guard army I war some old german military cap and smoke my briar pipe.

I don't quote from the primer however.

>> No.9768865



>> No.9768944

An armour 14 skimmer, duh.

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