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okay how to i tell some one to stop being such a mary sue DM and stick to something good.

ive tried pointing out all the holes in his enemy faction for the campaign but he keeps adding more on.

the premise: A colony of researchers has gone quiet and we're sent to investigate (the researchers were looking at ancient ruins)

now the reason theyve gone quiet is because theyve been attacked and the majority of them were taken as slaves by;

Bounty hunting ferals hopped up on drugs that stole some ships and are tainted by khorne while being shock troops for a cultist army.

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DM your own game and make it better than his.

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I don't quite understand EXACTLY what the problem is.

You don't think the enemy faction makes sense?

What is a Mary Sue DM? Do you mean he has a DMPC you don't like?

When you say "stick to something good", what are you considering?

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we're a small group of friends who want to cycle DM's my go is almost finished, its his next and im helping him set up

the opposing faction are mary sues.
by some thing good im saying
"Stick to one plot device, layering 10 different things onto one faction is just silly"
firstly dont use drugged up Ferals, firstly Ferals have a very high carouse and some of them are already bloodthirsty enough
secondly dont use drugged up bounty hunters, not in the frenzy way, if they're bounty hunters they should be more business orientated, they might be using drugs, but not ones to induce blood thirst
thirdly why are you taking slaves as khorne, there is no point to, in fact its already been said that khorne dislikes things that are not killing maiming and burning (the quote was something along the lines of "khorne does not approve of his cultist building temples")
fourth, Khornate slavers doesnt work so well, in the quantities he is talking youd probably anger khorne more than please him.
fith: Bounty hunters who are also shock troops for a cultist army, one or the other please.
sixth: hes also now retconned the colony to supposedly have guards everywhere and that the ferals were bing used to overwhealm the guards.

Okay, if he wanted to make it a war, then its going to be a war but i wish he didnt start by making it sound like some kind of peaceful colony thats been attacked and taken slaves.

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GAH... use spell checker mate. That was almost painful. I hate grammar nazi's but DAMN.

here, HERE is a spellchecker for your later posts.

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Not really mary sue as opposed to someone who doesn't know a thing about the fluff.

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i have a spell checker, there's about 4 mistakes in there aside from the annoying errors (and that im too lazy to click "learn spelling") over Khorne and Khornate

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Yeah, it seems like he is unable to implement an engaging hook for the characters. I don't even play 40k yet I know Khorne would not be happy with slavers. I mean, if they were raiders sowing death and destruction sure. He shoulda had them be Slaaneshi slavers.

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inb4 Slanneshi hijack

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>ancient ruins
>bounty hunters
>drugs up the ass
>also with the power of the God of War

Your DM's an idiot.

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Firstly, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, for GOD'S SAKE.

Secondly, having your enemy be drug-crazed maniacs pretty much obliterates their chances of mary sues.

Khornate drug-crazed ferals as shock troops for a cultist army? There's nothing weird about that.

Now, Bounty Hunting is weird. Unless by bounty hunting, you actually mean slave-taking. Which it sounds like you do.

So, a cultist army sent its strongest warriors to capture slaves, probably either to drug into more soldiers, or to have construct them a super-weapon.


Then again, maybe your DM is handling it like a retard, and I just can't see it because it's hard as hell to glean info fro your post.

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Ask him which story elements he really wants to include.

Some of those could be good antagonist groups; perhaps make them differnt factions among a motley pirate/bandit fleet.

One band of greedy ferals, one band of drug-addicts hungry for a fix, one bloodthirsty group worshipping an *aspect* of Khorne.

This allows for the players to play one faction of each other if you're clever enough; and even climax as the Khornate faction goes full-Khorne and starts just killing for pleasure, cutting into the slaving business that the other factions need to make a profit.

I realise this may be a vent post, but you can best help him by negotiating a better scenario. Give him some basic, well-thought out fluff bullet-points on what motivations stack and don't stack.

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The problem comes up when he keeps saying its only a small settlement / research facility.

It'd be alright if he didn't have to include an entire army for one little area, its alright if he makes it a one sided war where the cultists have the motive of "Attack, take slaves, bug out" instead he's adding so much to this army its getting silly.

I don't mind if he uses drug crazed people for troops, or blood thirsty ferals but i think he does not understand the idea behind ferals.

He says bounty hunting but means slave taking.

Also the way he's phrasing these ferals as "blood crazed fighters" would not be in a slave taking mood, especially if the whole operation is some Khorne worship, it would suit a Slaaneshi or Tzeentchian cult, with some Khorne on the side, but not as the base of the operation.

(Also he plans to base the planet off Ilos from Mass Effect, im okay with that, its a nice planet.)

also, nice typo in your post about my grammar.

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Having re-read your posts, I do have some more constructive things to say:

You are technically correct that there's no reason for them to be feral, but they do need to be something. To make your DM's faction make sense, i propose the following:
The band consists of several tiers.
Top Tier- Chaos Undivided Cultists, out to gather more slaves/researchers for unrevealed Chaos Plot twist.
Blood Tier- Associates of the Cultists are their Khornate brethren. Their purpose is to overwhelm the guards, and bring Khorne's blessing on the endeavour.
Meat tier- The Khornate are too few to handle the guards, so the cultists swung by a near-by planet, and cowed a violent feral tribe. Having hopped them up on stimm and other drugs, and branded them with the marks of Slaanesh and Khorne, the cultists will drive them at the guards to provide cover and absorb fire. Any that seem to carry the blessings of the gods may be inducted, the rest will get abandoned on the planet.

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it is a vent, but it does have valid points.

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After some more talk of trying to get him to simplify it its come down to:

Locklear says: (10:51:38 PM)
its simple
cultists manipulate ferals
ply them with combat drugs (supply?)
attack colony
kill guards, take colonists

(i don't know if he's decided to drop the khornate stuff yet, although im still a little annoyed at ferals supposedly being hyped up with combat drugs enough that they work for the cultists yet don't slaughter slaves. Basically the entire feeling of the campaign has gone from a cool attack by slavers into some kind of army that would probably draw alot more attention than a few cultists)

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Ah, here we go. (and yes, I posted it, and I saw that damn missing m and sighed.)

I didn't get the size problem.
Even with the force I described, I can imagine MAYBE a hundred people.
A whole army of this? Now things are stretched.

Though I don't grasp your "idea behind ferals". If I said "And some drug-crazed Africans", would that be stretching it?
Not all feral-worlders are violent madmen.

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i decided to show him the thread, just to let him see that he could do with a little cutting down, in response i got:

Locklear says: (10:53:32 PM)
fuck it
Locklear says: (10:53:49 PM)
i'm not running a campign if we dont do it how i want

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Well, from what I'm reading, the force could be no bigger than 50 guys.

And maybe the increased attention is the point. Bunch of Drugged-Up cultists kidnap scientists? That's gonna get a military response. Meaning fighting. Meaning BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Khorne is not always the ax-crazy slaughter king shown in Kharn the Betrayer's attitude.

Really, all I can say is, without know the end goals of these people, I can't call whether or not it's bull.
It does, in your defense, sound pretty bad.

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And his response is correct.

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Kharne vs Lucius

Eternal LOL NO I REZ U

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I agreed and just said "im just advising against having such a crazy mix but if you want to go for it /shrug i cant do anything"

i guess ill wait and see how it goes.

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Well, THAT was a bad idea. "Hey, here's what people on the internet think!"
Though, I kind of wish HE would post, so I could look at both sides of it.

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Locklear, are you confident that this makes sense?

What TV/Film/game plots are you imagining this as?

It kinda makes sense if you drop the pure-Khorne aspect; you could even have them worshipping a blood-thirsty but slave-happy Demon Lord called Agsdj'safd, or Qwetysfal or whatever.

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I'd actually think Lucius might win that one. Kharn's gotten up from a couple things that should have killed him.
Lucius possesses people.
Though...Kharn is immune to psychic attacks, isn't he?

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Of the image? /tg/ I'm afraid. Uploading ones I have that are similar in style.

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dumping other non-Marine chaos fighters.

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Have school holidays begun again?

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>Tribute to Timothy McVeigh


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Dude it's 40gay, nothing's supposed to make sense.

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the thing about the endless summer is that there is no beginning.

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this artist is one weird mofo

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simply brilliant what is the name of this story i need more

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Delete thread, and write it again, with proper capitalization this time.

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