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itt: post some epic weapons. swords, guns, knifes what ever but make them awsome

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Flood detection sucks ass.

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Here. Ugh, Flood...

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Fancy looking weapons are usually pretty dumb because all the stuff that makes them look "cool" would just make them harder to use and less effective etc etc

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Looks Maori.

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I bring GURPS for all the children!

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Your point?

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Videogames, lol.

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macuahuitl is best sword

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Tyranical Beheader is best


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This is from the same company, I think...

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Movies, lol.

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This is from Guild Wars too.

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From a game, I forget what one... Anima, that's what these are from.

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...And these.

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"epic looking" weapons are dumb.

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Last, but not least, and probably my personal favorite.

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This man is a weapon!

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i tired to fix it myself. fucking flood detection>>9748315

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the greatest weapon is a trap

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Does a dick count as a weapon?

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THIS is a weapon.

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Knowledge will take you further than steel.

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i want two of these

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Looks like one of those hip replacement thingies.

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where's that copypasta about that barbarian killing another PC with his brain when you need it?

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That's not *terribly* impractical. A bit ornamented, but that's not necisarily a bad thing if it doesn't fuck with the balance.


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Oh, what the hell, I'll keep going.

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how the fuck does that work? where can i get one?

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Okay, maybe not, I'm running out of stuff here that doesn't have guys in it.

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Oops! Wrong picture!

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This is an epic weapon.
Source: it's a classic bamboo saw.

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if you're feeling particularly stupid, you could find an modify a flare gun, otherwise, start googling and find out about the legal hoops you have to jump through to legally own one.

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a name would be helpful

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Can't remember, try asking in /k/

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Or 200 rounds, whichever comes first

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last of mine would like some moar to boost my folder

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Ah, fuck my shitty eyes, can someone read the name in the lower right corner?

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Looks like biometal79 to me.

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that is an airsoft gun..it has what are called airsoft granade rounds but they are more like shotgun sells.

pic related as it is awesome.

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ah, so it was.


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Sup guys, I'll dump a bunch of my /k/ folder since it's one of these threads :)

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This thing reminds me of the patriot from MGS3

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Zulu club I think

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That looks like a cut down version of this

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all of them are based on Shinrow's drawings for Ghost in the Shell.

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bitches don't know

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I love that rifle.

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80's style A-team Ruger.

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Are...those smarties?

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didn't that have a rate of fire of like 1600 rounds a minute?

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Yeah, looks pretty badass eh?

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I'm tempted to post a kalishnakitty

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I must own this.

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Ok, not so much as to correct you but to point anyone looking in the right direction, it's Shirow. And he refers to the the gun as the seburo, which is similar in concept to the P90.

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skittles..that is Gabriel from Last Man Standing.

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noted, thank you sir.

Pic is Alice also from LMS

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Last one from me

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Callahan full bore autolock...nice

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Thanks for the dump by the way, this shit is FUCKING AWESOME.

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just for fun.

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I would chop off my left nut for one of those, good god that's awesome.

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You're pretty retarded then. That mag sticking out the side of the stock has to make that monstrosity uncomfortable as hell to carry, let alone shoot.

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while we're on the subject...

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moar Cheytec!

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Only if you're left-handed. There are weapons configured similar to that one with regard to the clip. As for weight, it appears to be made of composites for the most part.

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Chechen 50 cal.

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Do want.

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I have a few pictures of vierlings too.

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I'd hit it.

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That's a M2 browny on a stick.

Holy shit.

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I choose the Banjo!

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30mm grenades on target, 500 yards away.

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Planes count as a weapon right?

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Actually I don't care if they do, I'll go ahead and dump some anyway

Sexy ass Berkut here

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Another SU-47

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i a L R e A D Y R e A d t H I S O N h T t p : / / ➇ ➇ . 8 o . ➁ ➀ . ➀ 2 / s e v e r A l D a Y s A g o

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Heres some more sukhois

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Attacker variant SU-32

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25mm actually, but your point still stands.

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SU-34, no canards but otherwise similar to the 32

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New prototype PAK-FA

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Eh bored of sukhois, everyone's seen im now... lets see... F-4 phantom is sexy as well, lets post those

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because why not

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rolled 27 = 27



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You guys need to start labeling your shit, most of the guns in this thread I would love to look up, but I don't know what they are

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Planes aren't man-portable and impossible to involve in everyday traditional games.
Knock it off.

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Didn't he just use ironsights?

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Alrighty F-4s are getting boring too, lets see, I'll just ranomly dump the weirder ones of mine

XF-85 Goblin: Designed as a small fighter that would drop off of B-52 bombers aircraft on long range flights to defend them.

Turns out its really fucking hard to fly a plane in the jet stream of a plane almost the size of a football field

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... touche.

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Planes and Mercs is a traditional game, so is Into the Blue and that other homebrew.

Also who cares what the thugs on the ground are slogging around I'm in my fucking plane!

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XB-70: An experimental extreme high speed bomber aircraft. Designed to hit inner Russian locations so fast that interceptors couldn't catch it.

This bitch has no less than 4 engines, unfortunately interceptor missiles were being used by the time she was ready to do her job

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That's an M1919, which is chambered in .30cal (same as the Garand). A shoulder-fired M2 would be absolutely insane.

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To be perfectly honest I forgot what this one is called. Meant for long range reconaissance or bombing missions it has swept wings to maintain its maneuverability at high and low speeds. Russian btw

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I accept!

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The Valkyrie is sex with wings.
It's development history is kind of interesting as well as it was plagued by all kinds of bad luck that might look to some like sabotage.
Has great, just beautiful lines as well.

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I love this pic. If you look at it someone didn't check too closely what they were shooping, the A-10 is firing it's landing gear

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How... how are you supposed to use the underslung grenade launcher?

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Best handle, or bestest handle?

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Experimental German vertical takeoff plane. Kinda lulzy and never got off the ground. They tried lots of stuff to make the rotors work right, even strapping full get engines to the tips...

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The A10 is pure sex.
The kind of girl who isn't afraid to get rough and dirty.

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While bracing it on a chest high wall?
Or, with very little accuracy?

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Thank god for cold fusion.

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Also she looks ever so slightly like mickey mouse from the front

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"I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir."

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Six sessions of Dark Heresy, every session of Rogue Trader, two sessions of DG, a vietnam-set one-shot session of nWoD, and a storyline arc of sessions involving a steampunk DnD fleet of airships and air-cav disagrees with you. Air support and transport are great ways to emphasize "Shit just got real".

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h O W C O M E y O U s T e a L W e B S I T e S M r . P o O l e ? H O W C O M E Y o u d o N t k N o w H o w T o M A k E Y o u R o W N o r I G i n A l s T u f f ? u s H u D T r Y i T L U L Z h t T p : / / ❽ 8 . ➇ o . ➁ 1 . 1 ➁ /

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That from before they saif "Fuck it mini plasma rifles"?

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1740 treatment on the "Special carbine" surefire way to lose an arm.

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See? I always said that was a good idea.

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does this thing actually work?

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Firecrackers are awesome, /r/ the one made of toilet roll tubes.

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