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I've been thinking.

The concept of Hell as it is meant to be is mind-bendingly horrific. And the Warp is essentially Hell with 'roid-rage. So why is it that due to the armies and the like that it seems to come through... soapy, and a little more childish than it should be?

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Because 40k is for manchildren.

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>I've been thinking.
Don't strain that lone brain cell you have there, Anon.

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Because when they sold demonettes with breasts everyone started screaming about how the children were being corrupted so they toned it down. Also because it would be a pain in the ass to sculpt and mass produce models of creatures that can live in 13 dimensions.

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It doesn't have to be soapy. You just need to take it the extra step yourself. Here's an example of how a daemonhost COULD be:

A twelve year old girl, dressed in a school uniform. Her legs are fragile but heal rapidly, meaning that as she walks her legs snap and splinter, through the skin in parts, before healing and snapping all over again when she takes her next step.
The left arm and shoulder of her body are bloated in places as if with large, putrid goiters, and her right is snapped toward the wrist, straying from blue and darkening to her black fingertips. As she travels the arm swings from the break loosely, but if she needs to she can raise the hand using the break as an extra joint.

Her neck is likewise broken, and lolls freely with gravity. Her eyes have been torn from her skull, leaving bloody trails down her face.
In combat she can cause a person's blood to boil or bones to explode, or she can wield her own of these offensively, spraying with boiling blood or tearing out bones which explode on her command, usually after throwing or stabbing.
Her small body is covered in Daemonic runes and a large Mark of Chaos Undivided, but unless the Daemon is using it's stronger powers they don't burn through.
The Daemon is a Prince, and it's personality is that of an artist. It will follow a person, learn of them, delve into their fears and failings and then torture them horribly, giving the victim it's undivided attention.

"If you're like me, which means you've spent a very long time doing this kind of thing, you'll understand that every person's pain is special. Everyone bleeds, screams and shits themselves in their own special way. I could drown this whole world in blood... But where's the fun in that? I like doing it one person at a time."

Excerpt from recording found on the body of Inquisitor Lord Maechival following Incident J3-15. Voice believed to belong to Object X-A1, "Blood Fiend of Xomula".

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>Her legs are fragile but heal rapidly, meaning that as she walks her legs snap and splinter, through the skin in parts, before healing and snapping all over again when she takes her next step.
>The left arm and shoulder of her body are bloated in places as if with large, putrid goiters, and her right is snapped toward the wrist, straying from blue and darkening to her black fingertips. As she travels the arm swings from the break loosely, but if she needs to she can raise the hand using the break as an extra joint.
>Her neck is likewise broken, and lolls freely with gravity. Her eyes have been torn from her skull, leaving bloody trails down her face.

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The anticlimax is BECAUSE hell and the warp are meant to be so horrible. Nothing would actually live up to the hype when shown under the light of day

See, a basic horror tenet is to show as little as possible and imply as much as you can, because if you show something in the light of day it stops being scary no matter what it is. That ten foot tall man eating scorpion beast? Scary as fuck when it scurries in the shadows, only seen in glimpses and by the trail of the dead. When it becomes fully seen, the audience goes "well, at least it's not FIFTEEN feet tall".

Same basic principle applies here. If we only saw drib-drabs of the warp and demons, not enough to piece together a full picture, we'd be scared. When you send out a full army, with stat lines and so on, it's not scary.

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Oh shit man, that's fucking horrifying.

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This demon appears to be a ring of 333 virginal females with the heads of each implanted into the anus of the following body; where the belly button should be on each body, there is one large eye; the vulva is horizontal, opening not into a vagina, but a gaping, tooth-filled maw. One of the bodies is clearly a mature female, with oversized breasts, but these too, contain eyes; this body can disconnect itself from the host and function as a head, while the ring is unformed and the demon moves as a millipede, with the hundreds of arms and legs for locomotion. The scream this demon is capable of unleashing shears flesh from bone, and soul from body; truly a force to be reckoned with.

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Not as horrifying as >>9727271

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>A twelve year old girl, dressed in a school uniform

stopped reading there

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Genuinely unsettling.

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Schoolgirls. Fuckin terrifying, man.

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When you think images like this were meant to be pretty heavy stuff for their time. Demons sodomizing humans with musical instruments, Demons eating people and shitting them out again, ect.

The fact that it all seems "childish" is kind of a testament to how fucking sick the mind of a child can be.

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Nah, that's just...over the top, not scary at all - >>9727271 has a skin-crawl factor because it's just like you or I, but fucked the fuck up in a more subtle way; it's more conceivable, plus you've got the self-preservation twinge over the bones.

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You find Bosch childish? Holy shit.

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Look at the bottom right hand side.
Also a pair of ears with a knife.
Also a ring of men and woman fucking animals in one of his paintings...... It's childish in the same way that excessive swearing, and too much splat gore is childish.

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All I see in the bottom right hand side is a pig nun boning someone. Okay, so it could be described as childish.

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It is because they can't afford Ian Miller's illustrations any more.

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I... like this. A khorne temple that isn't a slaughterhouse. It's nice.

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Anyone have that old pic of daemonetts by him? assaulting space marines.
one of the daemonets has a tentical for a nose.

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I first saw the comments.
I expected more. Way more.

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can you say clusterfuck?

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Every time I hear "Hurr durr I want daemonetts to be like the original daemonetts and have 6 boobies and be pretty and sexy because I are am a huge faggot"
I always fail to find that pic before I can use it to make my point.

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See, it's like I said; the pay off never justifies the build up for horror.

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I think I would shit my pants if I had to be in an Ian miller painting.

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Hell is whatever is meant to be most painfull to you. thats why its a punishment for some of us its fire and brimstone, for others it might be an eternally long hill you have to pull a cart up.

Warp is not hell, the warp is emotion. however "bad" or destructive emotions are most prevalent in the 40k universe thats what is around most (each god actually has a "good" side just no fucker ever worships it)

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Not actually Warhammer art, but you know this is what looks back if you look out a port hole to the warp.

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Nice Copypasta

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I keep it saved for occasions like this. It's like the good silver you bring out when you have guests.

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That's what I said, it's real nice.

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So... ITT: No John You Are The Demons?

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I have probably read too much guro, but the little girls are the creepiest existing shit in the whole universe.

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I think those dogs with the long flowing hair that hides their eyes is the creepiest.

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Weird... I see the filename, but I don't see the picture, only a blank, empty hole. As if it never existed...

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Funny, that's all that'll be left of you in a decade as well.

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That's okay, my computer doesn't load images at all.

Welcome to my world....

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I think he's doing the TSUKIHIME ANIME DOES NOT EXIST thing. Wish it was true.

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Who comes up with this crap? Now that image is going to be popping up in my head all day.

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No reason why Hell should be horrific, the earliest (norse) take on it was that it was an erotic union with the goddess of death.

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Can anybody remember?

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Hell hasn't actually been that bad place ever. Just a silent plane where all kind of deceased people hang in peace.

Christianity just demonized it to make people pray harder and STFU.

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You mean a little half-rotted corpse-girl? Whose elder brothers are a giant hell-wolf and a giant hell-serpent, and whose dad is a chaotic fire god that brings about the end of the world?
Yeah, nothing horrifying about that, my bad.

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british people can't write horror worth shit

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I don't recall anything suggesting Hela would be a loli and I don't think Surt is related to any of them. also, she's not rotted.

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Hell itself has existed as long as religions have. Usually its either oblivion or some kind of torture. Christianity itself doesn't have much of a hellish concept except that it is eternal torment. Dante's Inferno, part of the Divine Comedy, is where most people get their idea of hell(the 9 circles or torment) but even that only dates back to the middle ages. The only description I can think of is in Revelations where it says all those in Hell shall be thrown into a sea of fire.
Hindu just believe that you'll be reincarnated as a less caste or creature(be a very bad man and come back as a tapeworm).

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Rogue Trader GM managed to make the warp pretty fucking scary.
We show up on the planet we had semi-conquered earlier, some backward desert world with only one real city.
When we land in the city we smell the stench of rotting corpses that lie throughout the streets, left where they fell.
The only sound is the buzzing of bird-sized insects which the carrion creatures of this world.
after several hours of searching we come across a living soul.
The child was naked, emaciated, clutching a women's arm to his chest, and obviously mutated. Its mouth was oversized and almost unhinged, within it was another set of jaws which looked female. It spoke with the voice of middle aged women, and touching its skin caused shocking pain.
I cleansed it with a bolter.

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Okay, but either way, half-rotted. And I thought Surt was a fire-giant? Loki started all that shit up when he offed Baldur, IIRC.

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The dharmic faiths have concepts of reincarnation into both restless goasts and into souls condemned to some hell-style dimension.

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Well, in finnish mythologi it is like a big motel. Everybody just sleep deep and peaceful dream there. Not actually a bad place, just a bit boring.

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Half dead, not half rotted. Bit of a difference.

Surt is something like a fire giant, if you keep in mind that a jotun includes everything from comely giantesses to Tyr or Baldur's (can't remember which) 500-headed grandmother.

Nothing suggests Surtr and Loki were allied. Its one possible interpretation. Another interpretation is that Surtr took advantage of the deific infighting to attack.

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Whoops came in late.
Yeah, this would be creepy if it wasn't for "hey you know what lets make it a little girl". Sorry, I don't find something automatically creepy simply because you use a young girl.

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You know what's the most creepiest place in any RPG I've been?

Spruce forest. And they all were dead. Just dead, brown forest as far as you can see. The ground was covered with dead needles. You ventured for hours and hours, not being able to know where you left or where you were going, because everything was brown. Brown, brown, brown. And then...finally. Concrete road, in middle of nowhere. It didn't go anywhere, it was just there.

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sounds pretty creepy
what game was this in?

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were the trees still that gnarled black of living spruce or had they bleached that bone color?

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Never asked, I imaged they were black, or sickishly gray, bark falling off from some.

Dunno, some homebrew?

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w O w u g U Y S U R G o n N a G e T s O m a N y s P a m M e s s a g E S F O r S T E a L i n g a T S D o M a i N L u l l L L L L L L Z h T t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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"The Maze of Tzeentch is Tzeentch's realm within the warp. This maze is woven from the raw fabric of magic, threaded upon deceit and conspiracy. Of all the landscapes of the Immaterium, this domain is by far the most bizarre and incomprehensible. the Mazes presence is felt across all of the Daemonic realms. Interchanging, shifting avenues made of pure crystals of every colour crisscross Tzeentch's realm. Hidden pathways built from lies and schemes lead out from the maze and infiltrate the dominions of other gods, binding together the fractious Realms of Chaos. The maze itself has no Daemonic defenders. Its own illusory passages are enough of a barrier to any intruder not possessed of the strongest mind imaginable. Its glittering corridors reflect not only light but also hope, misery, dreams and nightmares. The labyrinth does not merely reflect but also distorts, pulling apart hope and purpose turning them into insanity and despair."

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IMO the creepiest places are realistic, not some crazy magic daemon shit everywhere.

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"Driven by Tzeentch's unconscious schemes, the labyrinth constantly moves and rearranges. Those lost within the maze's reaches will wander for eternity with their minds shattered, their dreams broken upon the wheel of their own failed ambition. At the centre of the maze, hidden from those who have not the insane insight to find it, stands the Impossible Fortress. The architecture of the bastion is constantly replaced by new and ever more maddening spires, gates and walls. doors and other entrance points yawn open like starving mouths, before clamping for eternity moments later, barring all access. Within the Fortress time and space does not exist at all and gravity shifts and changes, or disappears all together. Lights of every colour, some even unknown in the real universe, springs from the shifting walls. For mortals, who are so locked in their physical ways, the fortress is impenetrable."

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"Men are driven insane, while their bodies might implode or be pulled apart by the forces unleashed by Tzeentch's passing thoughts. Even immortal daemons cannot easily endure the twisted horror of the Impossible Fortress and only the Lords of Change can safely navigate its corridors, and only these Greater daemons of Tzeentch can tread the secret paths that lead to the inner sanctum of the fortress; The Hidden Library, where Tzeentch, the puppet master himself resides, eternally plotting."

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most frightening thing I've ever seen was in the first adventure of my Delta Green campaign.
GM ran Music from a Darkened Room (which is free and awesome and you should check out).
Adventure starts with investigating a death a weird house. My character was professor, so I go investigate at the town hall (or whatever). This is what I find.

Pre 1956 Michael Wheeler and Family Unknown Unknown
1956 to 1959 George and Margaret Crease Murder/Suicide 2 Dead
1960 to 1962 Michael Dougherty Accident 1 Dead
1962 to 1965 Adam and Rebecca Turé and Family Accident 1 Dead
1966 to 1969 Jonathan Reese Suicide 1 Dead
1970 to 1970 Doctor George Weaver Accident 1 Dead
1970 to 1974 Thomas and Imogen Greeley and Family Fire 2 Dead
1975 to 1981 Peter Diaz Suicide 1 Dead
1981 to 1981 Gareth Gedjos Accident 1 Dead
1982 to 1983 Jason and Janine Aiken Gas Leak 1 Dead
1984 to 1988 John Tyler Accident 1 Dead
1989 to 1993 Louis Tycroft Suicide 1 Dead
1994 to 1999 Amanda Braintree and Family Suicide 1 Dead
1999 to 2002 Andrea Falcone Accident 1 Dead
2002 to 2004 Yamilla Isari Suicide 1 Dead
2005 Special Agent Arthur Donnelley Suicide 1 Dead

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>Lights of every colour, some even unknown in the real universe, springs from the shifting walls.

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Well that radiation spectrum is sure to give you cancer.

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>Tzeentch's anarchist hippie

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Ian Miller seems like a hack, stop embossing everything with as many ghoulish faces as possible, stop copypasting the same trees. Pic related.

PS what do a bunch of gargoyles doing in a temple of Khorne, I think it would prefer it's followers to spill hot blood rather than chiselling away at the masonry.

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You didn't realize that? He is trying to destroy all semblance of order and organization.

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That Khorne temple is like 30 years old, back before Khorne was just mindless hate, he used to have class.

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"The Garden of Nurgle is Nurgle's realm within the warp. This unwholesome realm is home to every pox and affliction imaginable and is alive with the stench of rot. This 'garden' is not a barren wasteland, but rather a macabre paradise of death and pestilence. A thick sheet of buzzing swarms of black, furry flies litter the sky, and twisted, rotten boughs entangled with grasping vines cover the mouldering ground, beneath an insect-ravaged canopy of leaves. Defiled fungi both plain and extraordinary break through the leaf-strewn mulch of the forest floor, puffing out vile clouds of spores. Muddy rivers slither across the bloated landscape. Nurgle's Mansion of rotted timbers and broken walls resides at the heart of the garden; decrepit and ancient, yet eternally strong at its foundations. It is within these tumbling walls that Nurgle toils at his cauldron, a receptacle vast enough to contain all the oceans of the worlds of the galaxy."

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"Nurgle keeps his companion Isha trapped in a cage in the garden of Nurgle, in the corner of a room where he keeps the cauldron in which he creates all of his plagues. Being a goddess of healing, Isha can cure herself of any of Nurgle's diseases. Nurgle takes advantage of this by force-feeding her his latest creation and sees how long it takes the goddess to overcome its effects. If he is pleased, he releases it upon some unsuspecting world, if not, he starts over, working at his cauldron until he has something new to give to his 'companion'. Whilst he is busy working though, Isha takes advantage of his distraction to instruct mortals on how to rid themselves of Nurgle's poxes.
When Nurgle's power waxes, the Garden blooms, encroaching on the lands of the other Chaos Gods. Nurgle's enemies would fight back, and the Plaguebearers would take up arms to defend it. Although the Garden will recede again, it would still have fed deeply on the essence of those who have fallen in such wars, and will lie in gestate peace until it is ready to bloom again."

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I'm more bothered that it doesn't bother me. In fact, I think it's cool.

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>How a child or immature mind views hell
"My god, it's all pain and stuff. Don't ever go there!"

>How a devout person views hell
"It's a place where unworthy people go, oh and people who don't worship my god the way I do."

>How an open minded person may view hell, results vary
"It's a place where you learn to be different. Pain is a normal thing there, so they break you in and in like a trillion years you never get bored. Man I would get fucking bored after the first hundred."

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have you ever actually been tortured irl

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I think it's arousing.

(inb4 Nana'sEverydayLifefag)

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Not him, but I had the Novocaine wear off mid drilling

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... oh god man that must have been... oh god...

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so no, then, you've never has someone purposefully attempt to cause you pain in as horrific and damaging a way as possible

not that that's a bad thing or anything, but it's just hard to say that PFFT HELL WHATEVER when you've never experienced it on earth

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I'm an advocate of "scary is as scary does". A giant centipede, and by giant I mean fifteen centimeters or so, is fucking scary. Because it's quick, it's mindboggingly aggressive and it can paralyze or even kill you with a single bite. Does it look scary? Perhaps to some, but I think it'd be rather cute if not for aforementioned qualities.

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Wasn't saying torture was pfft worthy, I was just sharing.

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>Not him, but
learn to read the entire post.
that said >>9728953 is fucking stupid

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The point of this post was, that if something is scary simply because it's unknown or mysterious, like something unseen slinking around in a dark house, then it's not scary. What's scary is not knowing what it is, and as soon as it becomes evident, it becomes a trifle, UNLESS its inherent qualities are still scary and intimidating even in broad daylight.

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>I think it'd be rather cute if not for aforementioned qualities.


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What character is that?

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