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I'd tap it.

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I'd kill everyone in this picture for being irredeemably evil, if you catch my drift.

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If you share the source, we wont get mad op.

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Yeah, we will never know the sauce.

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Untrue. I had this. It was shitty though so I deleted it.

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feel free to share, anon

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I'm more interested in the Mtg cards he's got in his hand.

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Thats going to ruin those cards.

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Mr. Benn want sauce please.

Can we have sauce? ZOOM!

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bump for sauce

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You guys have some real problems if you think this is hot. People gross me the fuck out.

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I think this is hilarious.

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It Is fUN, ZOOM!

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So, is he gonna shove that card up her vag◯◯ or not?

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I don't like people either.

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Yeah Mother was a great game.

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This will not end well.

So yeah, I've heard good things about Mother but never played it/them. Would it be worth playing?

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At least its a shitty basic land. Not an actually valuable card.

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Oh very much so.

Although I've never played Mother 0 and haven't got round to played Mother 2, I'm right in knowing that Mother is one of my favorite rpgs.

It's a classic must play, good chap.

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If you've played one jRPG you've played them all. I should know since I've been anime and jRPG free for three years now after being just as big a fag as this asshole for ten fucking years. When I think of all the time I wasted on jRPGS it seriously makes me sad.

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Oh come on, you can;t just dismiss EVERY JRPG as shit, some of them are pretty damn good.

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We can however safely assume that everything praised by Flee sucks horse cock.

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Ok, metal saga is worth a damn. And...MegaTen games. That is it.

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M-my gosh... Did you seriously just write those words?

If you've played one JRPG you've played them all? Are you insane, man?

Compare Earthbound to Tales of Symphonia. Many major differences yet still both of them are amazing.

Compare both of them to Baten Kaitos. Compare those three to Final Fantasy. How about that Nier game? Not to mention even the Super Mario RPGs.

You, sir, have no idea what you're on about!

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Yeah, I really do. How are any of those battle systems different? How is each totally NOT just buying the new gear at the next town? The Japanese have been making Dragon Quest 1 over and over the only difference is the fucking graphics.

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Also: I can't wait until you grow out of this shit. You'll feel really stupid. I did.

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I dunno, I've seen him be civil on occasion. That said I might just be slipping in and out of bizzaro /tg/


Ohhhh you had best not be forgetting any of the fire emblem series.

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You mean aside from the turn based battling? Pretty much everything about them is different.

You show a clear lack of knowledge when it comes to these things.

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>Same battle system
every FPS is the same game, play one FPS you've played them all.
Every RTS is the same game, play one you've played them all.

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Nope, sorry. You are not going to change my mind. I played jRPGs since DQ1 in '89 all the way up to my last one which was Persona 3 in '07. I played upwards of eight jRPGs a month for almost ten years. I played them on the gamecube, on the psx, on the ps2, on the ds, on the PC...fuck why am I even arguing this. You'll out grow them some day. You know this is true.

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GUYS! games are awesome and everything, but can we get SAUCE so I can concentrate again?

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>How are any of those battle systems different?

Earthbound, you don't see the characters, you have the hp and status in a box at the bottom, and only see the enemy in front of you while you choose commands.

Tales of Symphonia, you see both characters and enemies, but it's in real time, you have to run up to the opponent and attack them, not choosing a command and waiting for your next turn, you need to know when to block etc.

Baten Kaitos utilises a lush card system, where you can obtain cards used for battles and quests outside of battle. These cards age too! You could have a card of a Green Banana which after certain amount of hours turns into a card Banana. Also it has spirit numbers when selecting special custom cards for each character, linking up certain numbers gives higher damage output!

Final Fantasy - We're all familiar with, very deep gameplay, especially in FF7, where hundreds of materia can be equipped to form new types of attacks. Like combining Final Attack on a slot with Phoenix allows you to when die, resurrect without using a phoenix down.

Super Mario RPGs involve button timing and brother items.

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No, fuck off.

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Maybe if you stopped pretending to be a little anime girl who is so LOL RANDOM people wouldn't think you're such a boring faggot. Also: opinions about anime and jrpgs.

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Doesn't look into it enough
Looks into it too much

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>Has no idea what they just typed

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Peh, ignore my opinion based on how I am? See if I care. I don't want to talk to an ignorant poster anyway.

Intellectuals only.


Looks into it too much, eh?

Maybe you're just incapable of deep thought, neanderthal...

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But.. but.. a hint? Damn anything??

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What are you complaining about, exactly? You're arguing against character progression? That's literally the only actual through line in any RPG (And it isn't exclusive to JRPGs either. Play a game by Bioware or Blizzard and it boils down to buying gear at the next town.) around which they build the differing mechanics. Hell, that's also the only thing that ties single player RPGs to MMOs, and Pure RPGs to RPG hybrids. The fact that characters grow and change and, yes, at the next town it's probably a good idea to buy the latest set of equipment.

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> Final Fantasy - We're all familiar with, very deep gameplay, especially in FF7

FF7 was mostly OK, but every FF after that has had deeply BROKEN combat mechanics. "LOL I SET MYSELF TO LOW HP AND SPAM LIMIT BREAKS" is not "deep". Nor is "LOL I USE SUMMONS WITH ANIMATIONS SO RETARDED LONG ALL MY CHARS REGEN TO FULL HP EACH TURN".

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Stop it you two, can't you see there is interesting porn here? Put aside your differences for the greater... eh

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>Intellectuals only.
Fine. GTFO, never return.

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>How is each JRPG totally NOT just buying the new gear at the next town?

For what it's worth.You can play pokemon without ever buying a single piece of equipment.

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This, a thousand times this.

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I think this was it:


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I'm arguing against the stale sort of character progression in jRPGs. You KNOW when you get to the next town that the equipment is going to be better so why even fucking bother having it in the first place? Why not just have your stats go up as you level and forgo equipment? It is pointless. It is SO jrpg.

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Yeah, Final Fantasy is easily broken and not a very good example of the best JRPG I reckon.

But my main point was proving they're not all the same.

Also I loved abusing FF8's low hp limit breaks hehe.


Oh, well, I don't know, does anybody know source then? I don't care but whatever.


Funny joke.

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The porn isn't actually that interesting. The internet slappy-fight, however, is going places.

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You think you are an anime girl.

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Yeah, that was always fucking annoying when I was playing Golden Sun. I'd be like, "fuck why should I buy a new sword when that goddamn squirrel will drop a better one? And when there's one that's twice as strong in the next town, which is 5 FUCKING MINUTES AWAY?"

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Because in most JRPGs, there is a cap. Eventually, you will run out of towns, and unless you grind for money, you will not be able to outfit an entire party with new gear.
Some games, like Breath of Fire, made it almost mandatory that you trade goods for gear, rather than use money, because the game was stingy as fuck with cash.

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Hope you're right dl ing anyway, if so 1000 internets to you sir

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No I don't.

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So 4e isn't like WoW, but like a JRPG... hm.

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>A mechanic used very often in american RPGs and often not done in several JRPGs.

Really? That's the horrible thing that made you stop playing JRPGs forever? Buying equipment?

That's so petty I can't even stand it.

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Yes, you do.

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No, I quit because of the plots, the kawaii characters getting worse and worse, and just the...fuck everything about them.

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Hey, look, everybody, It's the Anon who apparently knows me better than myself.

How wacky.

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>Hey look everyone it is the tripfag that thinks he is an anime girl!

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Oh for the love of god, will one of you just ignore the other?

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It seems like every thread Flee posts in the cuter Tomo seems, I wonder what that says about me

>> No.9717575


Well considering it's the same pictures every time, I'm going to have to assume that you are becoming attracted to flee.

This is probably a bad thing.

>> No.9717593

I wait it out and see how it progresses, if it comes to it you guys know what to do.

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Aaah you should watch Azumanga Daioh.

It's the best slice of life available.

It goes like this for me: Azu Daioh > Lucky Star > K-On!


Hehe. I don't think that's such a bad thing.

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But I do, ...it's just that Sakaki is the one with my heart.

>> No.9717635

I think it is unsettling that the new streak of laid back cruelty he has added to his persona has made him more endearing to parts of /tg/

>> No.9717651


Never been a big fan of Sakaki...

Think I may rewatch Azumanga Daioh. Haven't seen it in months.

>> No.9717674


No accounting for taste I suppose....


It's ok anon, we'll help you through this...

>> No.9717679


Well you have to consider that in some part she comes with Kaori, and whatever that may entail.

>> No.9717726




Oh Sakaki and Kaorin. Delicious lesbian action.

Yes I'll deffinetly have to rewatch it.

Pic related, It's for you.

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Your're too kind.. and then some maybe?

>> No.9717824

Has do you read the new chapter (season?) yet?

>> No.9717825


.... Maybe.

>> No.9717877

Me, personally?

>> No.9717939


But I think I've said too much already

>> No.9717958


Getting a bit creepy now....

>> No.9717970


It's okay... I don't mind.

>> No.9718004


Are.. you sure? Is this.. OK?

>> No.9718025


HEY you aren't me what is this?!


well, I did mean it...

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>> No.9718049


Well, I... I think if it feels good then it must be okay..

B-but, don't get me wrong! I-if you don't like it, you can just leave...


Wh-what is this? I'm not sure who to respond to.

>> No.9718057


Oh sweet jesus! CREEPY IS OFF THE SCALE!


>> No.9718074


I'm not sure... I think it best if we ignore him.

It.. it does feel right though

>> No.9718099


What?! how can you say that?? after all we've been through.

We can settle this just have be pateint

>> No.9718107

>I think

>> No.9718127


You know nothing!

>> No.9718134


But It's so nasty to just ignore somebody.. I don't think a little girl like me could be so mean to just ignore somebody...


Ah! I don't know, I'm s-sorry, don't h-hate me.

Yes let's settle it... I don't want for us to argue...

>> No.9718147

Contrary to Spamming Flee, I have the capability of thought and knowledge. If you support that piece of shit, you lack these capabilities.

>> No.9718153


You're right, maybe we can settle this peacefully, there's no reason we can;t get along right?

>> No.9718155

Nah, it's all Flee.

>> No.9718157

reported for ban evasion, like always. Get out.

>> No.9718171


Nah nah, it's all actually me

>> No.9718184

No, it's all me.

>> No.9718188


But who does he think he is?! Coming in here between.. what we had?

>> No.9718194

You know, the plots are still mostly the same, the characters are still mostly the same, it's just the graphics and interfaces that have changed.

>> No.9718213


That's just what I want you to think

>> No.9718215


Please s-stop being so mean. I just want to be loved..


R-right! We can get along.. Get along easily, all of us.


I.. I don't know, please don't s-shout, you're scaring me.. I don't want to get hurt...

Can't we sort something out?

I.. I don't like arguments

>> No.9718221

That's all fine and dandy, but in reality, I'm you.

>> No.9718222

Oh man.....I bet this is what that steam group is like ALL THE TIME, just a constant tripfag cyberorgy....

>> No.9718224

You know, you just have to look for the JRPGs that don't use the same plots over and over.

Shit, that line can be applied to most western genres. Fuck, it can be applied to most WRPGs.

>> No.9718226

You're clearly confused this thread is now about Flee and how awesome she is.

>> No.9718244

This thread is all about me, since I made all the posts. ALL of them, grok it.

>> No.9718249


> She

I've .....got bad news bro.

>> No.9718265


That's the spirit, now let's put all that behind us.
I know you're probably a sound person what say you we try our hand at friendship and see what blooms?

>> No.9718269

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm an anime girl!

>> No.9718272


But look more closely at the posting style.

>> No.9718274

Reported for trollplaying with a bandodger.

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>> No.9718286


... Well...


T-thank you, you are just too kind.


Y-yes! Thank you for being so nice and thoughtful towards me.

>> No.9718291

Except the guy is complaining that JRPGs have changed a lot from what they used to be.
They really haven't. In fact, the last time they tried to radically change an old series, the fans bitched so much they just copypasted an older games system into it.

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>> No.9718304


It was really selfish to forgot about your position in this forgive me.

>> No.9718314

Essentially what I was saying was that I had been playing the same fucking game since '89.

>> No.9718332


Huh? I'm not sure I understand you... P-please don't h-hurt me for not understanding, will you?

>> No.9718335


Listen, I'm sorry for not thinking about your place in this too, I was just so caught up in the moment and.. everything.


See, we can have peace

>> No.9718349

Guys, guys

we are forgetting the very point here
Flee are you hanging through this alright?

>> No.9718350

You gonna share some DAT ASS with us, Fuuka?

>> No.9718368


Well while >>9718335 is angryliy bellowing away at me every other post I got a little confused myself. I would never hurt you no worries

>> No.9718379

This is the LAMEST trollplay I have ever seen!


So it IS a giant cyberorgy?

>> No.9718383


Umm I think.. think so, yes, thank you for asking. I'll be fine, please do not worry about me.

J-just the fact that you cared is enough for me..


Really? That's so good to hear! I was afraid.. A lot of big, tough, guys on /tg/ always take advantage of me.. I'm glad you're not like the others..

>> No.9718412


What are you talking about?! It's you who started all this in the first place I was just trying to be friendly, even up to this point. But then you try and turn this around on me?!
NO way, but I think our back and forth is taking attention from the whole point here.
>>9718349 had it right


>> No.9718418

I invite you to play the various Shin Megami Tensei games.

Beyond drastically different stories(and influences, so it's not just a different story in the game setting) they tend to use drastically different game mechanics from series to series. Hell, the Persona games have changed a whole bunch, until P3 got popular and P4 was(mostly) identical.

>> No.9718441


No, no I'm nothing like them. I'm glad to see all that didn't mother you, I think it's all resolved now

>> No.9718454


What are you saying?

..we're in the middle of class.

>> No.9718471


Thank you.. It truly feels good being loved.


That's great. Ah, um.. I don't think I-t's resolved completely though.

I mean.. What now?

>> No.9718475


> Didn't mother you

Whoa freudian slip much?

Careful, who knows what kind of kinky shit this one is into....

>> No.9718517


Ya ya, bask in it.
and like he said>>9718475
what out for
We shouldn't let anything like that get between us.. you know...

>> No.9718573

/tg/ I'm tired right now so I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight my darlings.

>> No.9718624


We'll be counting the seconds GOODNIGHT SWEET

>> No.9718660

Oh, and, /tg/, join the steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fleeiskawaii

I'd like to have more company to talk to in there.


:3 Thank you.

>> No.9718690

Well that was........sordid.

Sordid and horrifying.

>> No.9718697


Immensely sad, I don't have steam, I'll never know what my beloved sounds like..

>> No.9718705


You have yet to defeat me in single combat flee.

>> No.9718708

Remember, people: Steam is for faggots only. No exception.

>> No.9718753

I wonder what time he gets up..
I'm gonna make a schedule

>> No.9718779


If you really consider the situation here that's not much of an insult.

>> No.9718784

That's it. IT'S ON. Just mailed moot. I will not rest until that piece of shit is IP range banned.

>> No.9718797


for what?!

>> No.9718814


I would if you know what I mean

>> No.9718834

HAHA victory

>> No.9718859

Mainly for evading a permaban. You know that posting with "Spanish Flea" in the name field was reason for a 90 day autoban, right? moot needs to extend that to every variation of the name and the distinctive tripcode. It should also become a permaban.

>> No.9718890


Ouch, isn't all that a little severe? Or am I missing something here?

>> No.9718898

Well, aside from a history of trolling (ban) and ban evasion (perma ban), he advertised for his steam group, and according to Global Rule 11 for this site, that's a no-no.

>> No.9718945


So basically that whole flirting fest was massive trolling then?

>> No.9718959


What did you THINK it was?

>> No.9718967

Since you're a newfag, I'll explain. Spamming Flee alternately treats /tg/ as its playground, kingdom and personal blog. It has no incentive except being an attention-whoring troll. It originally popped up in the wake of Jim Profit's highly public ban and cashed in on the Profit style trolling by imitating him.

>> No.9718990

Actually, "history of trolling" refers to a previous habit of trolling that Flee exhibited, which he has begun to pick up on once more. At it's high point, he had two or three troll threads up almost constantly. Of course, none of this really matters as his ban evasion results in a permaban anyway.

>> No.9719046

He seems to put ALOT of effort into this?
What is the gain?

>> No.9719063


Actually I was serious on my end of it, but I don't think he'll reciprocate.

>> No.9719087

He's an obsessive mental case, obviously.

>> No.9719088

He thinks he's popular.

>> No.9719108

Crazy and he does this everyday?
If so that kind of dedication...

>> No.9719161

An excellent question that will most likely remain unanswered.

And turn on your sage, best not to bring this cesspool to the front page.

>> No.9719172

last question how do I do that?

>> No.9719196

You post a lot, at best over and over until the thread dies.

>> No.9719208

Type sage into the e-mail field.
How long have you been here?

>> No.9719211

Like this see?

>> No.9719227


Not long enough.

Ignore him

If we keep this alive maybe He'll come back.

>> No.9719239

We're here for you to the end FLEE

>> No.9719242

Is that a statement of worry or hope?

>> No.9719253


giddy anticipation

>> No.9719286


>> No.9719339


>> No.9719419


>> No.9719886

>go out for a quick nap
>notice my request for sauce was denied
>notice that i caused the thread to de-rail without wanting
>Flee also uses azumanga characters when It writes
>my face

>> No.9719918

Best to pick a new avatar and sage the thread. Though it's not like Flee isn't bumping this anyway.

>> No.9720407

>>notice my request for sauce was denied


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