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1000 Executor class Super Star Destroyers versus 1000 Imperial Retribution class warships.

both are in a "universe neutral" area of space with physics that favor neither universes fleet.

(both ship images are to scale btw.)

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>(both ship images are to scale btw.)

Phhh, yeah right

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they are

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Seems about right.

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Retribution 1000 times out of 1000 times

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Fighters>Capitol Ships

working with Star Wars logic anyways.

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I have a pretty good idea about the crazy ass shit star destroyers can pull but don't know much about 40k space combat. Where can I get me some edumacatin' 'bout them there Retributions?

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What exactly is an Executor armed with? I've completely forgotten.

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Rogue Trader or that old 40k space minis game...battlefleet gothic i think.

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macrocannons = massive flak cannons used to bombard ship shields down, so laser-lances can do as much damage to a ship as possible. Often times, ships engage over distances consisting of light years.

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>Often times, ships engage over distances consisting of light years.

/tg/ sucks at 40k fluff as much as it does at Magic.

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>Often times, ships engage over distances consisting of light years.

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Spouting from the RT book, yo.

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Destroyers are weak against boarding attacks. A single marine chapter + its retribution class warship could handle the entire 1000 Executor fleet. They would just jump from ship to ship, killing everybody inside.

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The ancient one or the RPG? Page?

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Whereas actually reading the BFG books will make you realize what an idiotic statement that was.

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Whoever wins, we lose. 'Cause we're still discussing it.

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I could actually imagine that happen if they had used warp-transported payloads. Like sending their torpedoes through a hole and out on the other side,

But they don't do that, so yeah...

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Ancient, forget the page. In the RPG, it also states that imperial warships engage over a distance "many times farther than can be seen by the naked eye", and describes void units as thousands of kilometers.

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Note the star wars movies are the hardest level of canon and the EU also says that Stormtroopers really are that bad. You wouldn't even need Space Marines to board the ships to kill everyone on board. Just some Guardsmen.

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>Often times, ships engage over distances consisting of light years.

This is the most retarded thing I've read in a while

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Comparing a completely different type of ship to ship.

OP's pic is a dreadnought vs a battleship, how does that make sense?

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That's still a poor justification, do you have any idea how long a light year is? Beyond the edge of the Solar System.

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Thats not light years at all

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You do realise that it could simply imply a few earth-lengths?

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It's also not canon, both BFG rulebook and the Rogue Trader rulebook give much more realistic figures.

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No the movies and the EU show that stormtroopers are very effective when fighting anybody who is not a main character. Plot armour is more powerful than any weapon.

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It depends what EU you read - it is very inconsistant. I remember in one book someone threw a grenade at a stormtrooper and he shot in the air before it got to him.

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What are you talking about? Both are large capital ships that are used as the core of a fleet and both carry large weapons and fighter compliments. Also who even mentioned dreadnoughts?

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Star Wars wins and rather convincingly at that.

Star Wars Capital ships got utterly ridicilous yields as does Warhammer 40.000 Capital ships. But while both universes are underteched in many ways compared what one would expect, one of the universes have ships filled to the brim with malnourished serfs manhauling ammo to the weapons that they fire, this same universe have also a notoriously unstable means of FTL that sometimes lead to the destruction of the ship employing it or leads to it dropping out in realspace centuries or lightyears from the intended location.

On the ground Warhammer 40K would win convincingly, but in space Star Wars got massive advantages.

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>ships filled to the brim with malnourished serfs manhauling ammo to the weapons that they fire

Come again?

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Do you talk like what you just wrote? Your sentence structure is hard to follow.

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Nigger please. In return of the jedi the executor was brought down by a single figher crashing in to the bridge. that shit doesn't fly in 40k.

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you would think there would be at least 2 or 3 secondary command stations for a ship that size.

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>>9713683 another thing to think about is that most of the time in the movies the stormies were under orders to capture the main characters not kill

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as long as we have these prototype tie defenders we will win this battle!

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or to let them escape

it must take very dedicated and skilled soldiers to be able to accurately miss on purpose while making it look like you tried to hit them and allowing yourself to be hit by return fire.

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>In return of the jedi the executor was brought down by a concerted attack by several capital ships and multiple fighter wings, disabling the bridge deflector shield arrays, followed by a single figher crashing in to the bridge.

Fix'd. Dude plowing into the bridge was the final blow.

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The answer is: who the fuck knows?

Canon for both is ridiculously inconsistent. Both have a canon that is written by people, most of which don't understand science or have a good imagination for SF, over 30+ years. And, more importantly, most of the people writing for them are more interested in making a cool story rather than a consistent canon. If they have to go against canon to make a good story, then fuck canon.

All of this together means that any possible result could happen.

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Wow, the WH ships suck hard. It's all the same space train scaled to different sizes, with slightly different bottom fins.

At least make one longer or wider or something, good grief.

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Yep, some delightful piece of 40K fluff that describes how a Nova Cannon gunnery station functions.

Goes into detail about how thousands of people run around hauling shells to the cannon and after half an hour or so the Gunnery mate gets to aim at the enemy ship with a simple optic reticule and fires the cannon.

I belive you can find it in one of the Battlefleet Gothic books.

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ANH, Stormtroopers are badass elite and shock troops except when they were told to herd people on the DS

ESB, Stormtroopers are deadly assault troops, except when they are told to herd the rebels

ROTJ-Took it easy on them from the start as it was a trap, were outnumbered and bombarded from above with heavy rocks in very visible armor, inflicted very heavy casualties on the ewoks and rebels

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Yeah, T/Ds would rrrrrrape EVERYTHING

Assault shuttles were my favorite. if you did a hack that would let you fly one, they'd dominate EVERYTHING. Shitty maneuverability, but all those laser cannons and being able to twist and dodge while your auto-lazor turrets slaughtered everything kicked ass.

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the battle of endor would have gone a different way if the defenders were there to bad they were mostly destroyed/damaged by the time they got there due to rebel forces attacking them

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star destroyers can hit the fucking millennium falcon

and its so fucking huge for a fighter

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It still only took one blow to the ship after the shields were down to destroy it utterly and Imperium vessels are more durable than that.

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A Stormtrooper can be killed/knocked out by a rock thrown by a teddy bear.


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"Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!"

Only after the entire rebel fleet shot it up for an unknown amount of time - and even then according to Wookieepedia they only brought down the bridge shields. The A-Wing didn't contribute much it all it was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Also you can't tell by just watching the movie but Ackbar's flagship alone is a nasty star destroyer raping monster

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That is nothing, think of the Star Trek Redshirts, they KNOW that if they ever set foot on an unexplored planet they WILL die, and yet they never complain or try to go AWOL.

Brave men indeed.

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ThereĀ“s no sign of thunder

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When did Star Wars art become so awesome?

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This little thing absolutely destroyed the best troops the Empire had to offer.

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When some poor smuck for SWG got obsessed with Stormtroopers.

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Stormtroopers' main advantage is that they're fearless and innumerable, both of which are picked up by the Imperium (though in separate groups).

But the Empire does have its moments, in any case. They're only incompetent around protagonists.


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all they need are flame throwers and they would be turned to ash "lets see plot armor stop fire!"

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That's nothing, a land raider can be destroyed by one rock thrown by a cultist with no pants

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When we got rid of the Mary-Sue medieval knights in shining armor.

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Nah, that guy did art for all sorts of stuff. It's not JUST stormtroopers.

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Well they live in a communist dictatorship that probably drugs them. Soul crushing despair can do a lot to push people into do whatever.

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I stand corrected

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Ewoks and Squats join forces to destroy everything taller then them.

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Hey, while we're on the subject, does anyone have a good pic of a Lunar class cruiser that I could use for my Dark Heresy campaign? I'd appreciate it, thanks.

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No talk of dark troopers tg? i am sadden by this

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>>Implying anyone knows the scale of executors or 40k ships.

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As opposed to the dozen or so wedge shaped star destroyers?

Neither side is very original. And the Imperium warships look pretty varied at anything other than a side-profile view.

Also, its not like real life warships look all that different from eachother, carriers excepted.

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I.... I'd watch this. Hell, I'd throw the ratlings in the mix and I'd buy this.

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I'm going to need you to cite some ridiculously obscure canon written by a hack writer before I can believe this.

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It's weird that a super-advanced federation that has phasers and warp technology somehow never invented personal shields.

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There was at least one squadron of TIE/Ds at the battle of Endor but such was the scale of the battle that they weren't enough to make much difference. Also remember that the Imperial Starfleet's job was just to keep the rebs from escaping while the DS2 killfucked everything

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The Falcon isn't a fighter, it's a cargo ship that Han slapped some guns and a new engine on.

If the bridge is smashed and it loses control it crashes, just like in the film. Think about it, a slight wrong turn and it hits the Death Star and goes up. Makes sense.

Yeah, Home One is a brutal motherfucking ship designed specifically to take on Super Star Destroyers.

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Consider this, The executor class star dreadnaught has weaponry in its side trenches, and the cityscape on its dorsal side.

its pretty defenseless from certain directions.

Not sure about the Retribution class ships

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dat IG 88?

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He's referring to (I hope) a comic involving Cultist-chan and an Angry Marine.

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I think this might be Lunar Class, I could easily be wrong though.

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They do. -4 str fleet has a lot of shit that they could do but never use. They could make hologram armies, mass produced Datas, rezz people by just using a transporter copy should the original die, and all sorts of shit, but don't.

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>>Implying G cannon means shit anymore, TZ cannon all the fucking way!

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Wrong, wrong, and wrong. It didn't take one blow, it took A STARFIGHTER TRAVELING AT COMBAT SPEEDS PLOWING INTO THE BRIDGE. The Executor wasn't destroyed by that blow, it was destroyed by CRASHING INTO THE FUCKING DEATH STAR. And if you destroy the bridge of either ship, the result is the same: a ship listing around in space until someone can cobble together a fix. Do the same thing to a 40k ship in a gravity well, you'll get the same end result.

>Ackbar's flagship alone is a nasty star destroyer raping monster

Enh, it has a similar loadout to an Imperial II. Those big Corellian ships were mankillers, though.

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>Whoodwin thread

not this shit again

>with star wars


>and Warhammer


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In the prequel trilogy and various media did anyone else just want to punch the senators who supported the Republic?

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C&C of the future!

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Basically the best answer to this thread is "they see how much they love humanity and hate psykers and aliens and team up to kill everything else in the universe"

god i love star destroyers so much

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New Star Reich Wins.

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Let's just go with this.

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>>the battle of Endor but such was the scale of the battle
>>the battle of Endor
>>scale of the battle

So, there's really nothing left from the original movies that hasn't been retconn'd to appease ravenous fanboys? Don't get me wrong, WH40k Space Marines started out as policemen in heavy armor and machine guns, but still. "Oh yeah, the battle was super sweet and it was on the planet surface like everywhere just not on the moon. And there was like twenty-different type of prototype weapons, each of which could have destroyed the Rebels. Too bad the movies could only show stormtroopers getting hit with big rocks"

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Actually they do invent them after a while. I believe they showed up in Voyager, and they're also in STO (which is somewhat canonical).


What? Home One is like the rest of the Calamari Cruisers, isn't it? Converted Luxury Liner, that its the biggest and strongest and thus can eat a SD for breakfast doesn't change that fact.

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I wanted to punch everyone in the movies and everyone involved in making them, so yeah, technically.

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If they joined forces every one would be fucked! sith lord psykers! OH GOD

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ISD sized ship in atmosphere, Small superlaser firing in atmoswphere without setting everything on fire for several miles on all sides.

First I raged, but then I rule of cooled.

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Still wouldn't be as powerful as a vampire sith. I mean, that thing could just suck the midichlorians out of it's foes and become more powerful with every kill.

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How is that appeasement, derpball?

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>>9713994 to be fair they had some help

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D: oh fuck! they have vampires now!?!

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I pretty sure the Executor had more weapons than just that. Hell, the wiki says it has something like 20,000 turbo laser batteries alone, not counting the other shit it's armed with.

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Not the first time a Star Destroyer has been depicted in an atmosphere. Heck, I've seen a few drawings of 40k Imperium warships cruising around a planet's skyline too. Spinal (not-as)super-laser is interesting though, makes me think of a Yamato/Macross style "main gun". Except the Empire would be smart enough to fire the big gun first, and fire it often, instead of waiting to use it as the dramatic last-moment attack.

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"Jeesh, this wasn't as awesome as it _should_ be. Let's complain about how lame it is until they pump up the awesome"

That sentence right there is why power creep in pretty much any long-running medium is going to happen. Now, this isn't always a bad thing (ex. Dresden Files), especially if it was planned.

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some one had the idea to mass produce stormtroopers with force powers (pic related)

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When your help is a bunch of dudes in armor that is thinner than Guardsmen armor, you've got a problem.

Plus, I didn't see any Rebel helping the Ewok pick up and throw that rock.

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>Home One is like the rest of the Calamari Cruisers, isn't it?

Enh, what he's saying isn't a complete asspull. As I said above, it has a similar armament loadout to an Imperial II-class SD. On a smaller, up-armored frame. With an oversized power plant and waaaay more engines than it needs. So think of it as 10 pounds of rape, sandwiched into a 5 pound bag.

>> No.9714430

It's nice to see that the Rebellion allows grizzled old prospectors to join the cause.

>> No.9714435

The Force-sensitive stormtroopers were a group of stormtroopers created via cloning from the DNA of former Emperor's Hand Sa Cuis. Their creation was the brainchild of Darth Vader, who witnessing Cuis' unquestioning loyalty to the Emperor, sought to create stormtroopers who displayed that same sort of loyalty. However, he ultimately came to consider them too dangerous, his viewpoint proven when they developed loyalty towards the rebel Emperor's Hand who trained them, rather than the Emperor himself.

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So now Star Wars is ripping off itself? HUR DUR HUR

>> No.9714451

I know, TFU made me rage so hard with the presumtion that they could do that.

Although I let myself ignore the play as vader tutorial skybox, and used the argument that the star destroyer was crewed by rookies (it had just been built) and would have died from debris filled planetary flight as a reason to not rage as hard at the yank it down scene from a cannon altering standpoint. (I still raged at the directions telling you to put the sticks in the wrong spots towards the end of the pull.)

>> No.9714462

It seems to me that everyone here is forgetting that WH ships can ram quite effectively.

Considering that the Executer obviously doesn't deal well with collisions, as evidenced by its near-instantaneous explosion upon hitting the Death Star, I suspect that the armored ramming prow of a Retribution class would slice right through it.

>> No.9714466

this is for when we were talking about macro cannons and how they work, what with the crews and whatnot

>> No.9714467

WH40K have a "simple" kickass weapon that can reduce the Imperial fleet to rubish

The Life Eater (yeah I know it's only to be used against planets after a Exterminatus order) but a boarding torpedo filled with a viral warhead will destroy any Imperial ship

>> No.9714485

>>9714435 (part 2)
Force-sensitive stormtroopers were trained in lightsaber combat by another Hand, Sheyvan, who later used them to mount a revolt against Emperor Palpatine while aboard a Lambda-class shuttle. Despite their training, they were killed by Darth Vader. Palpatine considered ordering more, but Darth Vader disagreed and thought that they were too dangerous.

In 3 BBY, militiamen who had taken over an Imperial shipyard above Nar Shaddaa recognized the lightsaber-wielding figure of Starkiller as "some kind of shadow trooper."[1] It appears that Force-sensitive stormtroopers who saw action before 3 BBY were known as shadowtroopers since at least that time.

More than a decade later, after the fall of the Empire proper, the Empire Reborn faction under Lord Hethrir, launched a project to create Force-sensitive stormtroopers under the name "shadowtroopers." The project was headed by Dark Jedi Desann and Admiral Galak Fyyar. Empire Youths imbued with the dark side of the Force through Artusian crystals, the shadowtroopers didn't wear standard stormtrooper armor but a specialized black suit of armor unique to their rank.

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The problem with finding good SW art is that you have to shovel through mountains of shit to get to one bit sized diamond.

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Imp ships can quarantine quite effectively. After the first ship gets virused the others would have everyone suit up.

>> No.9714549

Estimates vary, also the ISD is 1,600 meters and most mon cals are shorter.

>> No.9714559

>Still wouldn't be as powerful as a vampire sith. I mean, that thing could just suck the midichlorians out of it's foes and become more powerful with every kill.

A WH 40K rogue alpha plus psiker can read and manipulate the mind of an entire planet (canon) one of this psikers fighting a sith lord could mind rape him (in more ways than you can imagine) induce him to commit suicide, destroy his mind with a brief glimpse of the madness of the warp, etc

SW = is space opera meets fantasy
40K = grim and dark future where only exist war and destruction

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>> No.9714589

If that was true alpha psykers could never be killed.

They have limitations and no fluff has been created on what the warp and the force would be like in conflict with each other.

>> No.9714594

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Images_from_the_Star_Wars_Galaxies_Trading_Card_Game is pretty much all win

>> No.9714600

Alphas never seem to reach orbit with their powers hence exterminatus working.

>> No.9714601

Remember folks, whoever wins or loses


>> No.9714624

Yet their psychic ability can pass through trillions of tons of bedrock, hot magma, and whatever else including weird space materials stronger than anything we know at the center of the planet.

>> No.9714628

I'd like to see IoM vs the LoGH Imperial fleet...

They both seem to engage at distances measured in light seconds...

>> No.9714646

i would give this one to 40k, oddly enouph for realism. In BFG space battles are fought beyond visual range, in Star Wars the captial ships have to be close enouph they run the risk of acidently running into each other.

>> No.9714675

And all it takes to stop them is one man. I speak, of course, of Ciaphas Cain.

>> No.9714678

Is that just the nose of the old grand cruisers? wtf? they just cut it off and said "lets put engines on this bad larry"?

>> No.9714710


Lol so "the comet" is the prow section off a repulsive class? Love it.

>> No.9714726

Admiral Piett: Lord Vader, our ships have completed their scan of the area and found nothing. If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now.
Darth Vader: Alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory.
Admiral Piett: Yes, my Lord. We'll find them.
Darth Vader: Don't fail me again, Admiral.

>>9714646 star wars ships are very, very fast if they need to get close they'll get close they'll fucking get close.

>> No.9714746

A true hero of the Imperium

or a really kickass inquisitor (read Eisenhorn or Ravenor )

>Imp ships can quarantine quite effectively. After the first ship gets virused the others would have everyone suit up.

1 broken or old seal = everyone will be killed, and another of the effects of the life eater is the rapid decay and the putrefaction volatile gasses, even if only a sector of the imperial cruiser is damaged by the life eater that sector will be a time bomb waiting for a spark to ignite

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>> No.9714755


we accidentally a hive mind

>> No.9714771


>> No.9714803

dick waving contest?

dick waving contest.

>> No.9714841

>> No.9714847

As a BFG player: No. BFG 40k ships RAM each other. Commonly. They probably COULD fight beyond visual range, but they don't.

>> No.9714862

they ram each other because they go very fast not because they're right next to each other like star wars ships are

star wars ships accidentally collide, which should be impossible because space, as i understand it, is very big

>> No.9714923

Do you have any idea how long a void unit is? The Earth's diameter is only about 12,500 km.

>> No.9714929

Whilst venting into space? I doubt the gasses will be dangerous for long.

>> No.9714938

whats this from?

>> No.9714966

even so the life eater virus is so virulent that the entire ship would have to be incinerated.

>> No.9714988

Does the Executor come with its full compliment of Fighters?

If so, they've got it in the bag.

>> No.9715015


So apparently no one has ever heard of "VENT THE INFECTED SECTION TO FUCKING SPACE?", or is that not allowed under your arcane rules of engagement.

>> No.9715037

Sanitation fields and hard vacuum work wonders my dear friend.

>> No.9715046


Yeah.... I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this. Star Wars wins easily 40kids, go take up a good hobby.

>> No.9715066

Hell I love both but starwars has the edge.

>> No.9715075


I was the Anon who proposed the life eater use and I must admit, venting the infected section will work

>> No.9715109

And that my dear friends is why they only use them on planets.

>> No.9715120

I'd be more afraid of 1000 Strike Cruisers, each with a Marine Company on board.

SW Imperials may have a better chance in a gunnery duel, but if even a dozen or so marines make it on board, it's all over.

Also, Teleportarium + Terminators

>> No.9715132

yeah ramming has to be done intentionaly. The actual ship in BFG is the smallest point at the center of the base (which is why in bfg you mesure from center to center). Also half the distance of a base (which is what 40ish MM, so half is about ~2 cm is thousands of Km).

>> No.9715145

>Star Wars wins easily 40kids, go take up a good hobby.
>defending Star Wars

>> No.9715147

sup guys?

>> No.9715178

Evenin' Spess Mehreens.

>> No.9715184

This is basically why the Stars Wars ships would lose. It seems like all Star Wars space battles are done in extreme close range to the point where you can see the other dudes running around on the enemy ship.

In 40k, space ships attack each other from beyond visual range. Star Wars ships would get pounded before they even got close enough to run a "broadside."

>> No.9715185

>1000 Executor class Super Star Destroyers versus 1000 Imperial Retribution class warships.

how about a sane fleet design? Some escort wings and scout cruisers, for fucks sake.


>> No.9715205

Quick question, Doesn't 40k ships use kinetic weaponry over energy weapons.

because kinetic energy weapons tend to trump any form of energy weapon pound for pound, when dealing with hardline science

>> No.9715212

Execs carry tons of stuff hell put an ISD or two in the outer hanger and put a corvette in each ISD.

>> No.9715215

They use both types of weapons.

>> No.9715225

>>Hard science 40k versus SW.

>> No.9715259

>Star Wars wins easily 40kids, go take up a good hobby.

Star wars = thousands of star destroyers, millions of storm troopers, countless planets producing weapons, powerful sith lords (or jedis depending of the time and side you're playing)

40K = Millions of starships on the Imperivm fleet, everyone of them with several escorts of smaller vessels, fighter planes, interceptors, bombers, etc billions (or hundreds of billions) of soldiers in the Imperial guard, hundreds of Space Marine chapters any of them made by thousands of immortal warriors armed with arcane armor and their most basic weapon is a fucking grenade launcher (AKA a bolter)

Then you also have the Inquisition, their black ships alone could easily destroy any SW cruiser only with the power of the psykers inside.

No way the pansy Imperial fleet could defeat the Imperium

>> No.9715271

why bother? Just launch a salvo of boarding torpedoe TOT with your bomber wings. Navy security detail seems a wee bit more competent than stormtroopers

>> No.9715272


Now take into consideration that in SW. Kinetic energy weapons are against treaties. Energy and Chemical weapons are fine though

>> No.9715284

An imperial boarding action would be brutal, remember chuck noris is a standard guardsman in 40k.

>> No.9715287

Exactly 1000 spess mehreens per chapter.

>> No.9715300

>black ships using non-sanctioned psykers


>> No.9715303

>And if you destroy the bridge of either ship, the result is the same: a ship listing around in space until someone can cobble together a fix. Do the same thing to a 40k ship in a gravity well, you'll get the same end result.

Actually in the book Soul Hunter, the Night Lords split their boarding attack on a Grand Cruiser up to prevent the secondary bridges from taking command. One party hits the bridge, the second raids and powers down the reactors... and I forget what the other 3 or so groups were off doing.

>> No.9715326

>Exactly 1000 spess mehreens per chapter.

Unless they're fighting a war and they're always fighting. That's the reason of why chapters like the Black Templars have easily 10 times that number of marines on their eternal crusade

>> No.9715336

40k Imperium trumps SW Empire in my eyes, both on ground and in space.

Turbolasers are dodgy, Lascannons can outdo those weapons

>> No.9715362

Except that logistically speaking, the SW universe can get to wherever it wants to in excellent time without having to dive into HELL ITSELF to get from place to place. So, while millions of 40k vessels might try to assault, most may get there on time, some will never get there, others will get lost for years or decades. In the meantime, the Empire outmanuevers everything, and probably doesn't register as coming through the warp. The Imperium worlds would likely be caught completely unawares.

Also, the Empire can build new ships and move operations, Kuat and Bilbringi aside. The Imperium has to defend its forge worlds to the bitter end or lose everything.

>> No.9715363

>> No.9715365


>Exactly 1000 spess mehreens per chapter.

>Unless they're fighting a war and they're always fighting. That's the reason of why chapters like the Black Templars have easily 10 times that number of marines on their eternal crusade

>> No.9715379

>Execs carry tons of stuff
>hell put an ISD or two in the outer hanger
so - carry an escort in the hangar
>and put a corvette in each ISD.
and have each escort carry a single bomber

a 1000-2000 bombers is what you expect from a dedicated carrier, like the Emperor class. The escorts may be a real problem though, that's why i think the fleet layout proposed for the IoM is utterly stupid

>> No.9715399

well, both sides have excellent commanders.

>> No.9715403


>> No.9715405

Tarkin and Creed fighting each other.


>> No.9715411


Too bad Tarkin's pretty dead

>> No.9715419

>1000 Executor class Super Star Destroyers versus 1000 Imperial Retribution class warships.

Better question

1 Executor class Super star destroyer


the "Phalanx" (Imperial Fists flagship monastery )

>> No.9715426


We're all doomed!

>> No.9715431

>That's no moon... that's 100,000 Baneblades strapped together.

>> No.9715461

Yea... but his legacy lived on for decades after.

>> No.9715492

Creed is for the ground and Tarkin is the least of your worries,

Pic fucking related it's blue Navy creed

>> No.9715499


>> No.9715524



Still though, I wonder what an Executor would look like after a 50kg penetrating slug traveling at .001c struck it dead on at its spine

And the Nova Cannon in 40k usually fires its projectiles at 1c

>> No.9715553

The Culture wins.

>> No.9715568


mybad, meant .01c

>> No.9715570

>Creed is for the ground and Tarkin is the least of your worries,

How about admiral Quarren for the Imperium fleet (he was the imperium navy commander against the Abbadon's 13th black crusade during the battle of Cadia )

>> No.9715580

Let's take this one step further: Is there ANYTHING in the 40k universe that can go toe-to-toe with the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer?

>> No.9715610


to elaborate, 2,997,924.6 m/s

>> No.9715613

Necron tomb ships

>> No.9715634

>Is there ANYTHING in the 40k universe that can go toe-to-toe with the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer?

An Eldar Craftworld
A Tyranid hive fleet
A necron tomb monolith

>> No.9715645

Explain. I've never played BFG, so I'm not up on their capabilities.

>> No.9715649

Tau ships are rather BA too, their FTL might take a bit to kick off but besides that they're COVERED IN GIANT RAIL GUNS

>> No.9715701

You forgot Kharn. By himself.

>> No.9715712


Planet Killer
Blackstone Fortresses
The C'tan
An Alpha-plus psyker


>> No.9715717


Phalanx, Space Hulks, some of the other second-tier canon Space Marine mobile Fortress Monastaries...

>> No.9715724

I remember reading somewhere that Craftworlds are not very heavily armed. I could be wrong though

>> No.9715745

Phalanx is essentially the death star. Oh and Luna is now made out of gun.

>> No.9715759

I doubt the craftworld itself can put up much of a fight. Remember that craftworlds were created out of giantic freighters and aren't exactly intended on warfare. The craftworld along with it's defense fleet (which could be considered "escorts") on the other hand.....

>> No.9715767

Exactly 1000 TACTICAL Space Marines per chapter, and that's only if you're a Codex Astartes chapter... This doesn't count the support squads and vehicle crew.

Non-Codex chapters frequently have more, for example the Space Wolves have at least 1440 marines (not counting the 13th Company, no one knows how many of them are still kickin') and the Black Templar have a metric fuckton of Marines.

>> No.9715798

Much as I love Thrawn he might not do so well. Why? Because the Imperium has bugger-all art that isn't fucking hideous.

>> No.9715803

I meant for the rules followers and thanks to ward that's ninety percent of them. Spiritual liege and all that shit.

>> No.9715809

And by support squads, I mean more along the lines of Scouts, Commanders, Chaplains, Librarians and Techmarines; and not Terminators.

>> No.9715864

what ever happened to lance batteries and cyclonic torpedoes. basically this: the empire had lots of shit that could eventualy destroy an entire planet, but a SSD could not. Hence why the built a new Deathstar. Imperial navy can lolexterminatus right? right.

>> No.9715882

You should look up the term "BDZ" concerning the imperial navy of SW

>> No.9715890


Poor Thrawn.

>> No.9715901

There was that gravity wanker thing that could tear apart anything big enough to have a gravity well.

Also SSDs can Base Delta Zero on their own.

>> No.9715905

>and the Black Templar have a metric fuckton of Marines.


>> No.9715916


Keep in mind that Ewoks fight THESE motherfuckers. While armed with nothing more than sticks and rocks.

>> No.9715918

Meh' he could figure it out.

>> No.9715928

You don't need SSDs for a BDZ operation actually....there are accounts of Victory-class SDs performing such

>> No.9715940

eldar ships are fucking cool

>> No.9715960


proves my point actualy. as quoted from the starwars wiki that google so helpfully pointed out

"A Base Delta Zero fleet bombardment "


depending on your 40k fluff (yes its all awful, we know thanks) single vessels are capable of exterminatus.

>> No.9715995


your scalin' be failin' bro this is more like it

>> No.9715997




It usually is a fleet action yes, but most larger capital ships can perform BDZ operations on their own if needed, albeit not as fast as a whole fleet of course

>> No.9716009

But give them an Ocean to vape and they can fuck your shit up with one or two Victory class, and supers can do it alone.

Also "Star Destroyer" means "capable of singly depopulating an entire star system"

>> No.9716012

Sauce for pic?

>> No.9716023

Key point nobody fucking knows how big the things are.

>> No.9716083


yup vics can do it

>> No.9716106


the same wiki describes it as a long term bombardment, burning off atmosphere, top soil etc etc. 2 stage cyclonic torpedoes one shot a planets core, death-staring the thing. Glassing a planet systematically versus splitting it.

>> No.9716124


Cyclonic torpedoes can be carried by an Inquisitor's cruiser as well, you don't even need a giant ship.

>> No.9716125


According to Wookieepedia, Eclipse-classes are 17.5 km and Executor-classes 19 km; not sure if you can really trust those figures, though.

Also, whoever wins this fight, the faction in question gains a large boost in their home galaxies. The Empire gets and exorbitant amount of Executors, and the Imperium gets the great technology of the Empire, like the Hyperdrive, among others.

>> No.9716153

>>9716106 how would cyclonic torpedoes do vs planetary shields? do they have those in 40k? pic is of alderaan's shield soaking up the ds superlaser for 0.13 seconds

>> No.9716161


>> No.9716174

"The Imperial Star Destroyer has enough firepower to reduce a civilized world to slag"
Imperial Sourcebook, p.61

"These colossal, wedge-shaped behemoths, bristling with turboweapons and carrying entire TIE squadrons within them, each possess more firepower than the entire planetary forces of most worlds, and can reduce a planet surface to smoking debris IN A MATTER OF HOURS."
Star Wars Technical Journal, vol.2, p.17

>> No.9716186

The Imperium doesn't need the Hyperdrive. If memory serves, the Imperium already has FTL technology, it's just too slow. They developed Warp-capable technology because of the sheer distances required, and even then it may take weeks or months to get from point A to point B.

>> No.9716200

Would likely stop it IIRC, don't cyclonics need matter to work with?

>> No.9716203

Also a whole fleet of Star Destroyers apparently can perform a BDZ operation in well under an hour.

>> No.9716204


individual ground units have shields. See TITANS. Also, we arent talking planets here my fellow neck beards, we are talking ship too ship combat. The planetary destruction thing is simply to illustrate scale of destruction from individual weapon shots in each universe.

>> No.9716249

The hyperdrive is faster than the warp. (usually)

>> No.9716252


i think your thinking of atmospheric incinerator torpedoes. Cyclonics are basically described as HUGE metla bombs.

>> No.9716259


I know they have FTL, Anon, but Hyperdrive travels across the galaxy in hours. Think of the advantage the Imperium would have with an FTL system like the Hyperdrive.

>> No.9716285

holy shit.

this thread is still alive? fuck you /tg/. never complain about quest threads or 40kids (or whatever other shit you dislike, for that matter) ever again.


>> No.9716298

Closer to days for most hyperdrives. If you mean corusant is the midpoint.

>> No.9716304


If it takes weeks or months to get to point A to B in the same galaxy then yes hyperdrive would be a huge upgrade for them. Palps made it from Coruscant (which is towards the center of the galaxy) to Mustafar (in the outer rim) in his shuttle in minutes. He sensed Vader was in danger during the duel he left and got there just as Obi Wan was leaving. This is not the only example of Star Wars speed just the first one that came to mind.

>> No.9716308



awesome troll thread is awesome

>> No.9716361


40k warp travel is of indeterminate speed. By transitioning outside of normal space the occupants are no longer submitted to time as we know it and can appear very soon and be aged greatty, or be mired in the warp and appear hundreds of years to late.

>> No.9716370


Sorry we just can't help it.

>> No.9716386


Actually, if I remember correctly, Tatooine and Alderaan were across the galaxy from each other, and the Millennium Falcon got from one to the other in hours. But, yeah, the Falcon has a faster hyperdrive than most, so days to go across the galaxy makes sense.

Also, it's Coruscant; it is so pathetic that I knew it by memory...


Hyperdrive does this extremely rarely, and only then if you have a really cheap one.


>> No.9716389

Funnily ships can even arrive before they left

Still this unreliability of the IoM's FTL travel would be a huge disadvantage against any enemy with reliable and fast FTL

>> No.9716396 [DELETED] 

O appear several weeks before they left.

>> No.9716417

Now that I think about it....how does the IoM manage to keep its fleets "grouped" for FTL travel? Afaik each ship enters the warp on its own so how come they manage to emerge all at the same time again?

>> No.9716421






>> No.9716457

speaking of this in 40k other then the incident with the Ork warboss, has there ever been a case where someone ended up in the past?

>> No.9716468

When fleets enter as groups they usually register as one ship I guess?

>> No.9716490


Correct, and yet the IoM still manages to not be completely overrun against the eldar or necrons. The imperium GETS SHIT DONE.

>> No.9716498


Blackstone fortress would assrape anything the starwars shmucks threw at em

>> No.9716529

Each ship gets three hits on a human-shaped lump of Jello to determine: Who. Is. DEADLIEST.

>> No.9716541


>> No.9716591

The Empire vs The Imperium of Man.
No items.
Final destination.

>> No.9716598

I suppose it is because Eldar and Necron just aren't near numerous enough and everyone else either has equally unreliable FTL or is just incredibly slow

As far as I understand it the IoM's navy is not a very "mobile" force anyway (as in they don't usually transfer battle groups over half a galaxy) but relies heavily on local forces whereas major strategic movements are a pain in the ass

>> No.9716635

>Imperium ships take several hours to maneuver

>Star Wars ships run rings around Imperium ships while shooting them nonstop the entire time

>> No.9716645

How about we just assume that since Starwars took place a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, that the Tyranid fleet already ate them.....

>> No.9716656


The Imperium has superior firepower and numbers, the Empire has better logistics and can produce ships much faster. I see them working together semi-well, as both are large, xeno-phobic empires that are galaxy-spanning, or at least nearly so in the Imperium's case.

>> No.9716688



How did I fuck up the word xenophobic?

>> No.9716825

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Star Wars vs WH40k" bullshit that's going on in /tg/ right now. Other sci-fi settings deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself have written fanfiction and have been practicing writing for almost 2 years now. I can even write novelletes with my writing skills.

Sci-fi authors spend years working on a single novels and think of awesome tech to produce the finest stories known to mankind.

Other sci-fi settings are thrice as interesting as Star Wars and thrice as grimdark as 40k for that matter too. Anything George Lucas or Dan Abnett could write, Iain M. Banks or Alastair Reynolds could write better. I'm pretty sure their books could easily interest even the nerdiest SW fan even after few pages.

Ever wonder why sci-fi fans no longer bother with Star Wars or 40k? That's right, they were bored.

So what am I saying? Star Wars and Warhammer 40000 are simply the most boring settings or "Extended universes" that the world has ever seen, and thus, require no threads on /tg/ discussing conflicts between them. Here is a list of alternatives I propose:

- the Culture vs Greenfly plague

- 2001 Monolith vs Eclipse Phase TITAN

- The Many vs Skynet

tl;dr = sage

>> No.9716844


Funny because at the range most Star Wars battles happen, those guns on the side of a Retribution would punch holes clear through a Star Destroyer and then some

>> No.9716880


The hundred thousand kilometers or so between the Rebels and the Empire at the beginning of the Endor battle is referred to as 'point blank' by Lando, assuming that I'm not misremembering the movie.

>> No.9716933


Blaster bolts are slow as hell though, I really haven't heard of (or seen) any beyond visual range combat using anything short of a superlaser in Starwars.

>> No.9717007


Yes, that seems to be a limiting factor for the Empire; turbolaser shots can be slow compared to the Imperium's weapons. I've vaguely heard of combat taking place between two ships over light seconds, but I'm probably misremembering. Give me a minute to look it up.

>> No.9717036


Alright then

>> No.9717062

A Lunar Class cruiser can move approximately 50-100,000 kilometers in 30 minutes (100-200,000km/h). Combat generally occurs (given optimum weapon ranges) at around 50-60,000km out. Minimum speed is roughly 20,000km/h.

Space combat would not be age-of-sail esque slugging matches, it would be drive-by Formula One in an arena the size of Europe, with cars travelling at mach 5.

And 40k ships can reliably RAM in those circumstances.

>> No.9717157


Alright, after looking for a while, I can't find anything on it; it seems that most space combat in SW is never given a range. It seems that all SW combat you see are in the visual range so they won't bore the movie-goer or gamer.

>> No.9717298


Good point :P

but yah, crunch wise, 40k's weaponry and equipment for battle is just vastly superior. We aren't talking about logistics here. We are talking, Battlegroup A, Battlegroup B, No reinforcements, FINAL DESTINATION.

if an Executor SD and a Retribution got side by side ALA Revenge of the Sith battle over Coruscant. That god damned ESD would leave in pieces. I think those guns coudl probably blow a hole straight down the ships spine from pure kinetic force alone.

The reason kinetic weaponry was outlawed IIRC was because deflector screens couldn't do much to stop them. Void shields can do just that right?

>> No.9717304

to be fair, due to lolwarp, an imperial ship can actualy arive at its destination before its left. More often its a few days/weeks, and sometimes it "lost in the warp for centuries"

>> No.9717364

I know I've seen stats for firing range on SW ships before. Can't remember what they were, though.

>> No.9717391

the biggest problem with that is its not evidence of ships in star wars being extremely fast, but instead evidence of main characters traveling at the speed of plot.

>> No.9717434


I never heard of kinetics becoming outlawed; after all, a couple novels show them being used prominently, sometimes by the Republic, like the Verpine shatter gun.

>> No.9717538


Right, thats true. The bowcaster also counts as a kinetic energy weapon in a sense.

I forgot whhere I read but some weapons that worked as kinetic devices were against treaties and whatnot, such as ship sized kinetic weaponry. I gotta read into it really.

>> No.9717568


From Wookieepedia:

>There were two distinct types of deflector shield: ray shields, also known as energy shields, and particle shields. The first type protected against energy-based attacks, such as blaster or laser cannon fire, while the latter was developed in response to physical attacks, ranging from projectile missiles and incoming vehicles to asteroids and meteors.


>> No.9717591

I'll just leave this here.

>> No.9717655


Okay then, I really do remember there being a reason that blasters and chemical weapons were used more often than kinetic weapons. but I cant find it, nor can I find the banlist for weapons which included disruptor type weapons

>> No.9717672


I think it's the simple fact that kinetic weapons, or slugthrowers by SW terms, are considered primitive, and aren't used for that simple reason.

>> No.9717691

Oh wow, I never thought I'd see a Sci-Fi universe that makes Flying Cathedrals look good.

>> No.9717712

also because slugthrowers >> lightsabers, and you cant people be able to shoot jedi. Just not kosher (sp?)

>> No.9717760

Star Destroyers just have their gun batteries. no lance cannons, no torpedoes, just gun batteries. The Imperium's ships' shields would probably hold out much longer as they fire lance cannons and torps.

>> No.9717777

Starwars would win, but just by a little bit. They would lose most of their executors to Imperium lance batteries, but eventually the massive amounts of TIE fighters would take their toll on the 40k ships

>> No.9717794


OK Im just going to say I rofled in RL at the stormtrooper swinging from the vine, I love star wars but those guys barely have the dex to march strait, much less do some indiana jones shit...

>> No.9717840


Thats a design philosophy that is downright retard level. Kinetic weapons work, and they work well, and to a degree, they outperform energy weapons.

that's some backwards ass thinking really :/

>> No.9717881


Stormtroopers, like many antagonist minions, went to the Stormtrooper Academy, where you are taught to be awesome at all times- except for when you are fighting the protagonists. So, yes, they can walk straight, except when the protagonists are watching.


It's probably just a justification for why Lucas didn't put 'em in the original trilogy: you can't see projectiles that well, if at all, in space. So, energy weapons.

>> No.9717908

Tie fighter weaponry cant even harm the hull of of 40k capital ships. Thats why fighters are regulated to anti-bomber/torpedo rolls.

>> No.9717980


Stormies cant aim for shit (they always fire from the hip)

A-team firing, yeah! then again that's plot armor for you.

I can also underatnd the lack of kinetic weaponry in the movies and such, but on that same coin, Its like seeing one bigass muzzle flare, then at that same instant, you see a chunk of the ship being fired at beign blasted away by well.. sheer force. then the other side becoming a bloody catastrophy because of how kinetic weapons work. Small entrance, large exit.

>> No.9717990

They're not flak. They're solid warhead munitions.

>> No.9718020

its because its fucking buck rogers sci fi ya gitz

its adventure serials. its ray guns and starships. its space fantasy.

>> No.9718030

Maiden Flight, SDSD Freudian Nightmare

Imperial Weapons Development Center, Coruscant

To Whom it May Concern:

Gentlemen, let me start by saying that I am greatly honored to be chosen for command of such a magnificent vessel. That said, our insystem shakedown cruise has turned up a few minor issues that I would like to see remedied as soon as possible.

1) We understand your desire to continue the classical stylized lines of the first star destroyer class vessels, and we appreciate your asthetic sense in that regard. However, strictly speaking, was it absolutely necessary to scale up the bridge tower directly? I must confess the foreward bridge window is a great distraction. Militarily, we feel that as is, the three kilometer tall window pane may provide too tempting a target for enemy forces we may engage. We've lost four helmsmen so far to vertigo as well, and we don't think this is in the best interests of the vessel's well-being.

2) The sheer size of our vessel, while a glorious symbol of the mighty Emperor, which we all appreciate completely, has become apparent to us all. My initial briefing tour of the vessel took six days to complete, and the travel tubes were based on the design in use aboard the slightly smaller Executor-class vessels. Travel time being prohibitive, we were forced to camp out in the corridors of the major sectors when we stopped for the night. Furthermore, since our crew quarters sections are located entirely within the aft dorsal sectors, both our Engineering crew and ground forces complements have built tent cities within their own sections, and are living there. Fire hazard has become nearly intolerable and the hydroponics department has sent me six hundred messages insisting that the smoke from the camp-fires is ruining their crop, and that we have enough food left aboard for only another three weeks.

>> No.9718041


That with 70's special effects?

I'll be taking my leave of this debate.

>> No.9718051

3) Our vessel's own gravity is not being handled as well as could be done, with some minor problematical consequences. Our plumbers called my attention to the fact that the sewage from our 6 million-man crew backwashed through the air vents in Sections 42 to 78, decks 258 through 532. Malaria and dysentary broke out in those sections, and we were forced to cordon it off to prevent an epidemic. Our first Chief Medical Officer unfortunately was killed when he requested the paperwork on those affected, and upon receiving e-mailed reports from all 739 of his senior doctors, the computer screen in his quarters self-destructed, propelling shrapnel throughout his quarters. All droids who enter the area have failed to return, and a remote camera probe sent in, recorded images of the survivors in the affected area where they were flinging their own feces at each other, warring with sharpened pieces of metal, and attempting to eat the dismembered limbs of the aforementioned droids.

4) On a similar note, regarding the unfortunate loss of our last CMO, we have finally decided that the staff requirements of this vessel are creating further problems. For instance, our Chief Engineer has begun the habit of signing his reports, "Chief Marshal, Sovereign Nation of Ree'Ak'tor." He has since sealed off those decks, and started a war. The war in question is against his apparent rival, the commander of our ground forces near the main flightdeck, who has taken to calling himself "Bringer of the Apocalypse." Surveillance records indicate that they have since stopped wearing their armor, and have begun smearing their bodies with industrial cleaning fluid and lubricants before launching raids upon the Engineering department. We believe that they have begun ritualistically sacrificing one of our TIE-fighter pilots before each attack to bring them luck.

>> No.9718063

Aside from a minor note that some of our turbolaser turret gunners may have starved to death when their food shipments were cut off by the warzone, there is little else to remark on, save that in our first tactical drill, during the course of a two-hour right turn, we failed to halt our rotation with the result of the subsequent and very unfortunate destruction of the entire Coruscant 4th Defensive Fleet. I've made a note to send out letters of regret the moment we reacquire contact with our communications room at the bow of the vessel. That of course is the reason why this message had to be sent to your offices via pen, paper, and one of our probe droids. I beg forgivness for the clerical difficulties that may cause.

Grand Admiral
SDSD Freudian Nightmare

>> No.9718108


Stormies also have a powered scope that hooks into their helmet, giving them direct sight from the gun, allowing them to charge in with hip fire and be accurate.

ANH problems is luke using an ill fitting suit (for someone taller) and not knowing how to use all the features, no wonder he has no idea.

>> No.9718131


yeah, you wouldnt be able to get that effect back then. Today's film industry could pull it off though.

>> No.9718159


You are a hero. Never doubt that.

>> No.9718312


This was great

>> No.9718396

To be fair, the tale of the SDSD Freudian Nightmare is venerable copypasta. I don't know where it originated.

>> No.9718494

>this thread
Never change /tg/

>> No.9718594

I remember reading that the Executor Super Star Destroyer has more floor space than the totality of all buildings on earth combined. Simply because it's like a 300 story building that's a dozen kilometers long and a few kilometers wide.

>> No.9719752

Fuck yes this thread is still here.

>> No.9719804

7km max scale.
And 17km range average.
AND really bad drive systems.

Also there are mass accelerators in Starwars and they don't do all that well.

>> No.9719897

You can aim but you rally should still brace the weapon.

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