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Epic moments thread, Warhammer 40,000.

Tonight had a really fun game using the scorched earth mission, where a single objective was left uncontested. I'd like to make this more dramatic by saying that the game hinged on it, but I was already holding two of four, mostly due to surviving some brutal turn tow shooting and the other player making horrible rolls for most of turn three and four.

A skull champion, the only member left of a ten man berzerker squad, against a loyalist marine sergeant, the only survivor of his ten man squad, each contesting the objective. Both had power fists. Both hit. Roll to wound - I roll a two, he rolls a one.

Truly a worthy skull for the skull throne.

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not /tg/ related


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>Playing against some little kid
>we are both IG
>defeat space marines
>little kid gets all depressed (was his first game)
>cheer him up, give him one of my miniatures
Fuck off.

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Wait, did you beat his Marines? Or were you both playing Guard?

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Age all day, for /tg/ related.

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You are truly great.

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Hey. You're a pretty cool guy. Just wanted to say that. Stay classy.

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Went up against a guy running Calgar and a 9 man honour squad in a 1750 game. Horribly painted, making my table-top quality Templar nonsense look decent. Game started, I failed to nuke his Raider, In my first turn.

The guy spends five turns running Calgar from squad to squad, wiping out 10 man teams with dozens of power weapon attacks and gloating about it like it was totally unexpected. Meanwhile I'm killing his all-but-useless tactical squads like they were going out of fashion.

I managed to get Calgar down to one wound before he launches his final assault on a crippled ten man crusader squad that had just come in from reserves, and who are already locked in combat with his last tac squad. His honour guard rolls to hit. All eight of their attacks miss. His tac squad rolls to hit, kills two chainsword marines, leaving me with a single powah-phist initate left. He rolls Calgar's, misses.

I roll my one powah-phist attack on Calgar. I hit. He fails the save. Calgar dies. I lose combat, but pass the two saves I have to take from fearless. I draw the game.

Pick related. Its my opponents face after the match.

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My first and only Apoc game was when me and my Ork friend threw everything on the table for a mission I called "Stop the Stompa".

His big Mek Bignutz was bringing his Stompa online, and my IG/Sisters/Grey Knights had to stop him. We threw every model we owned onto the table, and after the game it turned out I was outnumbered by about 500-700 pts.

The game was decided by how many "wounds" I caused to the Stompa before it came online. I blasted away at it with all my Leman Russ tanks, as well as my Basilisks, Rocket Launchers, Lascannons, and a few Melta troops I DS close to the Stompa for just such an occasion.

The pinnacle of the game was when I shot Big Nutz off the Stompa with my LR tank. The Stompa didn't have a head, and my friend had put Big Nutz on top to give the model a 5+ cover against incoming fire. My LR shot right at Big Nutz, got through his cover save, and knocked him off the top of Stompa. My friend takes Big Nutz with a Cybork body nowadays to represent the extensive surjery he had to go through.

Lost the mission, but it was a helluva game.

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Mech IG vs Mech Spacewolves. I have a squad of two Devildogs. He has a carpark of Razorbacks, Rifledreads, some Dakkapreads and Runepriest Rhinos. I zip foward, firing mah Meltacannons. I'm in melta-range, so I'm rolling an extra die on partials.

I get a direct hit on a Predator's side armor, and a partial on a Dreadnought. With the same blast. I roll Penetrating Hits for both vehicles. Both vehicles Explode. So it was a melta-cannon multikill.

It was epic.

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bump for more epic tales

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There once was a dreadnought.

He was like any other dreadnought. He was old. Cranky and filled with the righteous zeal of the emperor.

His brothers called him "Trevor"

Trevor was slow, unlike his rhino mounted brothers. He never seemed to make it to the fight, always bringing up the rear. Then one day, during a skirmish with the necrons, a lord teleported down next to him with a squad of warriors.

Trevor was excited. He'd never killed necrons before. Alas, the soulless contructs took both his arms and left him but a shell of his former self. But still, trevor charged.

He kicked and he stomped his little dreadnought heart out until it came down to just him and the lord. With a crash and a stomp, he smoshed the lord underneath his mighty foot.

And from that day forth, he was known as "Trevor, the little dreadnought that could"

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You are a model gamer. I do my part to play friendly, and if I win, try to help my opponent find out what went wrong, or suggest weaknesses in my army (I run pretty soft lists nowadays) that could be exploited.

That said, there was one particularly sad game, where one guy who was gearing up for Ard Boyz wanted to test out his Ork Battlewagon army. He had scouting Deffkoptas, 4 Battlewagons, and a 10-strong Nob Biker unit. I was using a Nidzilla Gunline (Wait for post). He gets first turn, and in a single turn of shooting, plinks one wound off a Hive Guard. In a single turn of shooting, I destroyed two of his Battewagons, and wiped out his Nob Biker unit. Next turn, even if he wanted to, all he could assault was a wide screen of Termagants...

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The list was as follows:

270 points: Hive Tyrant with Heavy Venom Cannon, Bonesword and Lash Whip, Paroxysm and Psychic Scream
-Tyrant Guard with Bonesword: 270 points.
270 points: Hive Tyrant with Heavy Venom Cannon, Bonesword and Lash Whip, Paroxysm and Psychic Scream
-Tyrant Guard with Bonesword: 270 points.

150 points: 3 Hive Guard x3.
150 points: 3 Hive Guard x3.
150 points: 3 Hive Guard x3.

50 points: 10 Termagants.
50 points: 10 Termagants.
50 points: 10 Termagants.
185 points: Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Onslaught, Cluster Spines.
185 points: Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst, Cluster Spines.
195 points: Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Onslaught, Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands.

Heavy Support:
265 points: Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae.
265 points: Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae.
265 points: Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae.

So 9 Hive Guard, 3 Tyrannofexes, 3 Tervigons, and 2 Venomcannon Tyrants basically. I was able to deploy my Termagants in a really thin rifleline of "Cannot assault through me", while blasting him. Onslaught really helped as well in getting lots of side shots off, for Battlewagons have *really* big side arcs...

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Thanks...? Not sure if that pic is meant to express approval or hatred for my story.

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>a crash and a stomp, he smoshed the lord underneath his mighty foot

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Damn...it's like Gav the Ogryn put on his metal suit and went to work.

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G O t O h T t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / f o R m O R E I n f O r m A T I O N O n t h I s S U B j E c t

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It's good

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Once played a game using deamonzilla against sisters.
First turn two of My Deamon Princes get mishap destroyed results and he kills the other two as well as my bloodcrusher unit in his first shooting phase.
I then proceed to in the game with one great unclean one 10 deamonettes, 10 horrors and 10 plaugebearers Mainly because the Great Unclean one passed EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SAVE for FOUR TURNS!!! and proceeded to march from unit to unit gobbling them up.

Obviously my opponent accused me of loaded dice.

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What artist made that?

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I would've loved to watch that fat bastard waddle around the board going NOM NOM NOM as he laughs off bolter rounds and flaming promethium.

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It's from Furaffinity.

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Oh Shas, you so crazy.

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Oh my goodness, you've made Tyrannofexes useful.

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Way back in the day when I played Tau I was playing a objective mission vs. Eldar. It's turn 5 and shit has to get done. He has a lone Exarch holding the game winner objective. I have a pretty beat up squad of fire warriors within running distance if I can roll lucky, but I would rather have killed the Exarch so I figured i'd just walk and shoot him and tie. Then I decided "fuck that, tonight I win" so I move the Fire Warriors up, then turn my perfectly fine Hammerhead to face him. Clear lane of fire. I fire the railgun at the lone Eldar, roll a 5 to hit. Need anything but a 1 to wound, roll a 6. Even better. The Exarch kaplodes. Now it all comes down to the Fire Warriors, they need at least a 4 on their run to make it. Another 6. They waltz up to the objective, game ends, I come out on top against one of the store's better players.

I took a Eldar decal and put it on the side of that Railgun with a red circle and a slash.

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Your Tau are pretty Catachan-ish, stenciling kill-marks on their tanks and all that.

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Again, the thing with the Tfex is they need the army to be built around them for it to work.

My opponent conceded after losing two of his 4 transports, and his 10-strong Nob Biker unit to a single turn of Nid shooting (Massed S8 by Hive Guard=Fuck Wound Allocation), but the way my Termagants were deployed (about 15" away from his Battlewagons), my Monstrous Creatures were safe from assault. When the Termagants die, whatever did survive would die to being blasted and countercharged.

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I'd check his/her page, if only for another piece of art of that quality

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That picture made me rock solid

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There are many units like that in a lot of codices. They're called 'bad', but if you build a list around them, they're really good.

Like Ogryn. I fucking love Ogryn, and I've built my Guard around 1-3 Ogryn squads in Chimeras (or on foot if I feel frisky). Sometimes I throw Yarrick in there if the game exceeds 2000 pts.

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I had to, the kill was just too good. And the guy was kinda' a dick to me up until I beat him so I wanted to remind him of it.

But then less than a year later I quit the game because I got tired of the people.

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If DoW counts, I am now a level 27 Chaos player in DoW2.

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It is the only thing in his gallery that does not warrant eye-bleach.

And I have an FA account, so that's saying something.

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The thing about the Tfex is if you're taking Hive Guard, then you need something to take out the heavier tanks. Because taking Zoanthroapes and Hive Guard in the same list is stupid (you lose unit redundancy).

For instance, if I were taking Zoanthroapes, say in a Spore build, I'd need something else to deal with Light Vehicles on the drop, for I don't want to have to waste said Zoans on popping Rhinos. So I bring a Dakkafex. Yes, Dakkafexes are overcosted. But on the drop, it will shred lighter vehicles up (Even with AP -, 9 hits on average means you will get a pen hit or few), and free your Zoanthroapes to go for the heavier targets.

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My first game ever...

I fielded space marines, with an allied Inquisitor (a custom model I put togeather using a Warmachine miniature...)

Forces consisted of a Master of the Forge, two Ironclad Dreadnoughts, two Tactical squads, and the lady inquisitor, speced out for the supposed close-range inquisitor setup that everybody hates, but joined with one of the squads because I didn't have a retinue ready for her.

Within the second turn shooting phase, the enemy killed off my Forge master before he could manage to hit anything with the conversion beamer. One of the Ironclads responded by destroying the three bikes who did it in one turn, hitting them with flamers and then wiping out the other two in close combat, that was pretty cool.

But the real treat came later...

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I played a game online 2 v 2. Me as CSM and a Tau player vs. an Eldar and IG team. I was busy running around capturing all the points I could and running hit-and-run against the IG when about 30 minutes into the game the chat suddenly erupts from the Eldar player "OH MY GOD! WHERE THE FUCK DID ALL THESE STEALTH SUITS COME FROM?! SHIT SHIT FUCK ASS!" The IG player sent over some backup and I proceeded to roll in a few defilers and a shit ton of cultists and knock out half his base. All the while the Eldar player cursing wildly about "OH GOD THEY JUST KEEP COMING!"

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See... the enemy had a squad of Terminators in reserve...

See... my Inquisitor, with her digital weapon mounted on a tongue ring, and master crafted eviscerator had managed to do absolutely nothing so far, attatched to a squad that was not managing to get into close combat because the enemy was so scared of the other nearby dreadnought.

And then he brought them in, deep striking right behind said squat and engaging us in close combat.

I lost 4 of the 10 space marines, and the Inquisitor, guided by the light of the emperor, managed to kill six of said terminators in her own right.

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Fascinating...how do you build it like that? Apparently it involves Termagant screens and Tervigons backing them up.

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>>9700944 I lost 4 of the 10 space marines, and the Inquisitor

That... kinda sucks...

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I think he meant to use a semi-colon after the words "I lost 4 of the 10 space marines" because he goes on to say how the Inquisitor killed the Termies.

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s T E A L i n G I S w r o N G m r . C H R i s t O p H e R p O O l e h t t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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Yeah, I deserve the directed sarcasm...

I was at a loss as whether to include more Tervigons or the Tyrants. Figured I'd take the Tyrants, as there would be some cases where my Gants might actually survive a round of close combat, and casting Psychic Scream into melees never hurt. That, and the HVC is actually fairly useful against IG. You may not kill what you want to kill, but you will prevent at least one vehicle from returning fire, as you close into melee against them...

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I am curious. How do you make your Ogryns work for you though? What does the rest of your army look like?

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Ah, my description fails me...

What I mean is...

It took a turn and a half, totalling three combat phases.

But we wiped out the terminator squad to the last man, the inquisitor survived.

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I wasn't being sarcastic. My spotty grasp of game mechanics doesn't allow me to see how units interact with each other to make themselves stronger.

>> No.9701079

God, it's gotta' be so hot wearing an open flame on your head all day.

>> No.9701088


The rest of my army is mostly a footslog gunline taking advantage of cover, and I've got a 30-man Commie/Preist distraction blob to run up the flank my Ogryn aren't currently running up.

I try to make "damned if you do, damned if you don't" moments for my opponents by giving them too many targets to shoot at. I usually play 1500-2000 pt games, and anything below that I usually either leave my Ogryn at home or put them on foot running behind my blob squad.

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usually its a meat shield effect or a distraction. So fragile units can be effective.

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(A bit paranoid about it because of the whole, this is 4chan.)

-Hive Guard take out Light armor really well and are pretty good against medium (AV 12) too. They have trouble taking out heavy armor.
-Zoanthroapes are great at taking out heavy armor, but compete with Hiveguard. So we need an alternative.
-The Tyrannofex can threaten AV 14 semi-reliably. It's not as good as Zoanthroapes in this regard, but they are damn durable and will keep firing throughout the game. So they complement Hive Guard.
-Termagants get to stand in front, and die, though they'll take some enemies with them. Enemies cannot consolidate into new close combats after all.
-Tervigons provide Synapse, and poop extra Termagants to keep the Tyrannofexes out of close combat, until I want them in close combat.

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I hate good tyranid players so much. Once even a half squad of gaunts gets into close combat, those 3 attacks each just destroy the whole damn squad down to maybe one man. Then its a made rush to move everyone out of the way so they dont get assaulted straight away. Meanwhile you've got Zoanthroapes sniping my armour and a near unkillable carnifex kicking my ass.

its harsh man, real harsh, especially with the new heroic figures like old one eyes, whos back.

I win maybe 1:3 games with tyranids, any tips for an IG player? Specifically Krieg.

>> No.9701249


More, cheaper dakka.

>> No.9701304

Bring it down seems to work ok. But when everyone starts getting into close combat, theres not much hope. Im thinking ill field some ogryns

And why cant i fire on a squad of 10 gaunts in combat with one guy? Surely the IG are prepared to sacrifice on of their own for the good of the emperor

>> No.9701329

Vehicles are pretty important. Since you cannot tie up a vehicle in close combat, use them to roadblock. Circle the Wagons so to speak. Combine with Heavy Mortars for more fun.

>> No.9701352

once i buy some more. I've got a couple of hellhounds on order. Should be able to bring some serious pain to those mass infantry

>> No.9701376

Hellhounds are great. Try buying some magnets/magnetic tape at the local hardware store so you can experiment with weapon types though. Personally, my favorite combo is a Devil Dog with hull-mounted Heavy Flamer (for all-arounder flexibility), but if you need to specialize in torching stuff, a Banewolf with Heavy Flamer works too.

>> No.9701389


nids are a flexible army, take a minute to asses that particular armies strengths and weaknesses. A nid player who has a balanced force might lack redundancy, one who focuses on shooting might not be able to score objectives, etc. Nids can be good at everything, but they can't be great at everything, and it's their variety of fieldable units that can key you into their planned play style.

>> No.9701425


Don't blob your squads too much against assaulty armies. Leave a few 10-man throwaway squads in key places with good fire lanes to chew through the enemy once they're done with the sacrificial squads.

You're Guard. Throw that manpower away to achieve your objective.

>> No.9701426

I've got melta vets for all my melting needs. and the chemical thing seems a bit gimmicky. But ill definitely have changeable turrets

>> No.9701443

My Krieg army is still kinda small, im sure itll become easier when I have more units to use

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>Get bored, decide to play a quick 500 point match with older brother and friend
>Find a little keg that said friend modeled at one point.
>Decide to play a capture the Keg match.

So a small unit of Guardsmen decide they're going to celebrate one of their sergeants newborn child with a Kegger. Well a band of Chaos frat guys gets word of this, and decides that the Keg would be most appropriate in their hands.
Meanwhile, Gearbitz da Booza intercepts the party invitation and decides he would crash the party, because, "Dere ain't no party wurf bein ta, if sum uv da boyz ain't dere"

Que conflict.

>> No.9701592


I want to have glorious mansex with you.

>> No.9701611

Frathammer 40K. FUND IT

>> No.9701688


>> No.9701753

>Frat Chapter UltraOmega

>> No.9701766

The Tau frat's name should be obvious.

>> No.9701867

>750 game, me as tau with Ork allies vs. Eldar/Guard
>fighting cityfight with nightfight rules to simulate heavy smog
>main objective under control by us, guard player has been beaten to a pulp, but the eldar guy is bringing his jetbikes and wave serpent to contest the objective
>lone squad of shoota boyz and my crisis commander at the objective
>turn 6, our turn first
>shoota boyz manage to reduce jetbikers to under 50%
>my commander takes aim with his plasma rifle
>everyone around me is saying it won't work because the wave serpent is a bitch to take down with melta weapons, and my plasma rifle won't do jack shit
>hit it, pierce it, roll a 6
>everyone inside dies
>win the game

>> No.9701960

Chaos (khorne themed) vs tau. fuck it, vs crisis suits.

fucker got to deploy first, then went 1st. jumped his suits right over that nice cover and fired plasma into my mechanized army.

only thing he did was imob my demo cannon in its starting position.

my turn, i fly my 2 princes out to opposite corners and lash his hq crisis squad and another crisis squad into the 24" range of death. you woulda loved his face when he realized what was happening.

my demo hits spot on. ruins is hq and the other squad.

meanwhile my rhinos move up.

turn 2, he tries the same thing, failed rolls again. my lords take 1 wound each.

i do the same things again. pass my warp perils again and my demo hits spot on, again.

happens again on turn three. but at this point my melta squad of marines hits his broadsides and wipes him.

turn 4, his kroot counter, all 30 of em. my marines hold strong till i lash the kroot into my zerker squad and rapeface.jpg 1 marine survived.

turn 4, i control 3 of 4 objectives and all he has left is an empty, weaponless devilfish.

all i lost was 9 marines (not even a whole squad) and a few lord wounds.

twas glorious in the greatest way.

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>Apocalypse Game
>Everybody vs. Nids, to introduce the new codex
>12 year old Ork player brings a scratchbuilt Squiggoth he'd just made for the game.
>Dies in a bitch fight against a Harridan, Harridan takes no wounds
>Next turn, his Mob of three Killa Kans charge the Harridan.
>All attacks hit and wound.
>Harridan dies
>Everybody's face

>> No.9702045

Captain Cullen of the Twilight marines and Theodor Godslayer of the Templars VS a guard/Eldar army at 1000 points per player. 1 objective per team.

For four turns, the Templars threw themselves onto the guardsmen guns and made sure they were tied up whilst a brave few halted the eldar jetbike advance.

End of turn four, the Eldar player lands his bikes ontop of the bastion holding our objective, locking Cullen and a 4 man squad in combat. The templars, seeing nought but a lose if they didn't pull their finger out, press the assault. A five man squad with the Emperors champion rushes the guardsmens lines. Fifteen armor saves against six models are passed, and they hit the line like a case of the clap. Four more squads stood between them and victory.... they managed to kill three and half a command team before being bogged down. Captain cullen managed to waste all bar one of the jetbikes, failing in his bid to regain control.

It was a minor lose... and it was glorious.

>> No.9702129

>Playing my IQ with attached Inquisitor Lord w/2 mystics and warrior
>Fighting Cheesed out MC nid list
>Mawloc assaults Inquisitor squad, kills all but inquisitor
>Inquisitor fails to hurt it in first round, but Iron Will says, fuck you I'm staying
> Mawloc wounds Inquisitor 2x, Icon of the Just holds
> Inquisitor hits twice, wounds once [on a 6] and subsequently uses his force weapon to wipe the mawloc off the table

Pic is how I felt, only the horse was the mawloc

>> No.9702317

I was there for that. His plastic dinosaur squiggoth was hilarious and awesome.

>> No.9702340

Hobbytown Plano?

>> No.9702351


It was amazing.

>> No.9702363


>Captain Cullen of the Twilight Marines

My face.

Please tell me that was a joke on their part.

>> No.9702372

Indeed it was. A shame I can't attend more of those events.

>> No.9702442

Dark Heresy (not WH40k, but close.)

My guardsman shanked a lictor to death. Tackle and stab. He survived.

>> No.9702555

It's not too terribly uncommon, actually.

>> No.9702566

Fuck yeah guardsmen.
People underestimate them.

>> No.9702605

Chaos Dreadnought charges through a building housing objective.
It charges a carnifex standing in the middle of a doorway and kills it.
Is charged by another carnifex and is wrecked.
It's wreck prevents a squad of guants going through the opening to the objective and they are forced to go around and into a kill zone consisting of two CSM squads, a land raider, and terminator squad.
After guants were over killed my CSM squad took the objective with ease.

>> No.9702623

>Playing Spess Mehreens against Eldar
>He places virtually everything inside Grav Tanks and the like
>Most of my army is composed of Scouts with Rocket Launchers and the like
>All Rocket Launchers are in range, all penetrate, destroy the vehicle and any guys inside by 1st-2nd turn of shooting.

>> No.9702633

Not sure why dude didnt just take the dangerous terrain checks to move over the wreck, but w/e.

Was it your plan to pull off such a plan? or merely serendipity?

Either way, awesome stuff

>> No.9702644

My Nightbringer assaulted a Carnifex and during the next assault phase, was assaulted by a Hive Tyrant. He kills both of them, moves towards objective to fuck some warriors up. Genestealers outflank next to him, rape him in the assault phase with poison weapons. He explodes taking most of them with him.

>> No.9702741

Well the reason he didn't move could have been one of three things.
1. he didn't know he could do that.
2. the terrain behind the dread was dangerous terrain and he didn't want to make two checks.
3. he saw my Terminators with a Chaos Lord who had just finished off, a tyrant and his retinue was gunning for his last gaunt squad (leaving him only with a squad of genestealers who had yet to come in.)

It was a close game, but that dreadnought decided it.

>> No.9702754

>> No.9702762

guardsmen ftw

>> No.9702844

and yes I said it Chaos Dreadnoughts kick ass all you haters just keep on hating.

>> No.9702940

Well, I killed two. And while the group was armed with Flintlocks, mono-swords, and a single hellpistol. (primitive world, long story.)

I figure cutting one to ribbons with a sword ain't something, but leaping on one and stabbing the bastard ought to be.

Also, I-as-me didn't realize they were lictors until I had already tackled it.

I-as-my-character still doesn't know.

>> No.9703123

Enemy deepstruck a squad of Zoanthropes
after 2 turns of exchanged fire only one remained with two wounds
My landraider had lost both lascannons and its heavy bolter from a venom cannon all it had left was a storm bolter.
It fired, both shots hit the zoanthrope, roll double six's to wound, and the zoanthrope failed both saves.

>> No.9703198

>So a small unit of Guardsmen decide they're going to celebrate one of their sergeants newborn child with a Kegger.

where do the basterds come in

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