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I decided to make some rules for drawfags and writefags, approved by our Mod, Flee, and enforced by Catguy.


1.Drawfags may not make more than one drawthread a week, any more will flood the board
2.There is to be one drawthread a day at maximum, too many will clog the first page
3.Drawfags can't place restrictions on what they will and will not do, this is not commissions, YOU came here to ask for our ideas
4.No rough sketches, only finished works, we want high quality only
5.Do not pimp your DA page, no one cares


1.No rough drafts, /tg/ is not your editing place, so fuck off
2.No tinyfics, all fics must be 900 words or longer, this is to ensure maximum quality
3.You can not ignore requests, otherwise you are pretentious
4.No slow writefags, write faster, we do not want to wait
5.You can only show one fic per month, this is not your personal library

Post these any time a draw/writefag breaks them.

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hmmm. i wonder what faggotry is this

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Ted is cool guy, he fights trolls and dramawhores

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reported for reposting spam and trolling

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>I decided to make some rules for drawfags and writefags, approved by our Mod, Flee, and enforced by Catguy.


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Don't mock Flee

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Oh, go away you wimp.

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Say, Psyker Ted. What's your AIM address, so I can talk with myself?

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Wordfags butthurt much?

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Fuck your rules and fuck you.

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Why don't drawfags just fuck off to /r/ or /i/ or whatever shithole Starbucks-surrogate they hang out at? If they actually did, maybe /tg/ would go there to make their requests.

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Fuck you and the high-horse you rode in on, Ted.
Sage for not being /tg/ related enough.

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"psykerted" imposter

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No, seriously. Imitation is a kind of flattery. If I were honest with myself, I'd be kinda enamored. With myself. Because I'm the one who wrote this.

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This thread was awesome the last seventy times it appeared, I can't wait for the enlightenment.

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I'd be all like.


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Not gentlemansly

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And then I'd be all like.


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It never occured to you that drawfags from /tg/ are completely different than /ic/, and forcing them away to actual faggotry is wrong? I draw, but I also play and paint Gamesworkshop miniatures. I deserve to be here and I deserve to post anything traditional games related, as much as I please.

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And then I'd high five myself. Or something. I'd get crazy, and a paradox would form.

Anyway, I'm only kidding. Drawthreads are a sign of a healthy /tg/. Writethreads doubly so. ENJOY.

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You are all univerally worthless faggots who do not deserve to live. Please declare organ donor status, then commit suicide. Thank you for your time.

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You wanna post about /tg/ on /tg/? Go ahead, you have our blessing. You wanna post about drawfaggotry on /tg/? gb2ic fag.

You don't like the fags on /ic/? Well that sucks, but we don't have an open door policy for /v/ refugees, so go and bitch about on /ic/.

I like and also DM and play various RPG campaign, and collect and play MtG. I also love to discuss biology. Does that mean I get to make a "lol RT-PCR" thread here?

Exactly, fag.

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Dude. Chill. Drawfags, /v/ refugees, and the like are entirely welcome here. It's a chance for mixing of ideas, inspiration, and getting shit done. If you want to have a board entirely dedicated to one thing, why come to a site that is famous for it's "random" section?

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>>9695302 here, some more stuff:
>refugees, so go and bitch about on /ic/.
I meant "refugees either, so why make an exception for /ic/? Go and bitch about /ic/'s faggotry on /ic/."

Regarding your right to be here, noone is kicking you out. But we want to be able to look at /tg/ related stuff when we want /tg/ related stuff and look at drawfaggotry when we want drawfaggotry, as opposed what we have now, which is "this is what you get today, you don't like it? sucks to be you lol!"

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Rules are made to be broken.

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Drawfags draw /tg/ things on /tg/. They do this by taking requests for /tg/ things on /tg/.
/ic/ is for critique. /tg/ is for drawing /tg/ things.

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Damn straight brother.

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What? I don't go to /b/ precisely because I don't want randomness. What are you implying?

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Fuck off ted

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So I see us rp-fags don't have any rules...
Brb, flooding front page with 3 "Ask a ______ anything" threads.

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>Making rules on the internet
Good luck enforcing any of these, you idiot.

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I have an idea, im going to make this into a drawthread out of spite!

Everyone who wants something done post your requests! Lets try to get some kroot requests!

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Vimes as a 40k arbitrator with bionic right limbs and an assault shotgun

>> No.9696467

Fuck you, Ted.

>> No.9696508


Two Kroot high-fiving over a dead enemy!
Don't care what the enemy is.

>> No.9696515


Eh, we already did that.

I would rather that a drawthread on the frontpage would have a less trolly OP image.

>> No.9696589


Too bad. This is the internet.

Pithiness aside, what are you expecting? People to stop doing things they enjoy just because you don't like it?

And that's really the long and short of it; fa/tg/entlemen by and large seem to like or least tolerate such threads, and people have and will indulge their own interests. The boards topic is not a straight jacket.

My advice to you, sir, is to relax. Stop being so anal about things being on topic, it's not as if a draw thread being up at any given time doesn't leave loads of space for 40K, or D&D, or Dwarf Fortress or so on.

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I don't think the mods have anything to do with you.

Fuck you.

If I'm wrong, I'm mouthing off to the mods. Fucking ban me.

You trolling fuck.

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post reference for that guy and I will!

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He mentioned Flee and Catguy in the same sentence as a Mod, without it being "A Mod has banned Flee and Catguy for being fuckwits", so its pretty obvious its a poor troll

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Thanks :D

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flee is not a mod
psyker ted does not represent /tg/
both, however are massive faggots
please report them for off topic posting and email moot =)

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Different fella, personally im not a fan of drawthreads. That being said, there's only what, two or three at one time, across the board? They're easier to avoid and ignore than fucking quest threads.

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These rules are fucking retarded and so is OP.
That is all.

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Reported, sent email to moot with screenshots and forced attempt at creating rules. Enjoy your bans faggots for impersonating mods.

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Anyway you could beef up the shotgun a bit?

>> No.9697583

Hey, works for me. I'll take my business elsewhere.

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Yes, thanks so much!

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Lets turn this into a drawfag and writefag practice thread.

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God I hope this is trolling...

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