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After looking at the "love" thread from yesterday I realized I don't have nearly enough Callidus art. So strait up I am asking for a bunch of pics of our favorite latex dipped, polymorphing, ponytailed killers. If you want to discuss how one temple is better than another, thats fine too.....Personally I think Vindicare are the most boring of the whole lot.

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Pick her out of this strip too if you want it that badly.

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Also because you said the most practical assassin is boring.

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OP Here, I guess I will post what I do have to get this ball rolling.

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vindicares are my favourites. Personal choice of course.

I just love the idea of the power of a single bullet to change the course of a battle, a campaign, a war

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My apologies, but a sniper, while very useful, is not terribly awesome in comparison to the others, matter of opinion on my part I guess.

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I prefer Evesors, myself. I like the idea of one person being pumped with combat-enhancing drugs ad turned into a biologically-unstable killing machine.

Speaking of which: how mentally stable are Evesors? Are they able to hold a conversation, or are they simply insane psychopaths?

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i know the fluff nazis will jump on me for this, but i like to imagine that eversors are not much more than super-shiny arco-flagelants

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They're addicted to killing. Each and every one of them is trained to be a serial murder.

Yeah, they're pretty far down the deep end.

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The latter - they're cryogenically frozen between missions, but that may be to prevent their massive metabolisms overheating. Either way, you wouldn't have a conversation with one.

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I am not really sure, the "off-time" personalities of the temple assassins is not something I know a great deal about. Maybe some of the books have more information, but I have not really gotten in to any of the black library novels.

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I think the have the thought process of a really angry terminator

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Don't Eversors have to be re-captured after a mission which usually ends with some of the capture team being slaughtered by the Eversor?

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Only if the off button fails.

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I think most of the time they quietly go back to their drop pod and wait for extraction. That is just boring.

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I was under the impression that an Eversor, was basically what you used if you wanted to make a really gory example of a bunch of people. You could send some space marines, but the Eversor is more of a "fuck you" on the part of the inquisition.

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They're by far the least likely to survive an assignment.
Their existance consists of being cryogenically frozen when not on a mission; While they are transported to their drop-off point they are imprinted with the information they need to complete their mission, put in a drop pod and defrosted on the way down to the surface.

Basically I imagine their capacity to remain calm and collected is about limited to not instantly killing the team that comes to collect them at the extraction point if they manage to complete the mission without dying.

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There's an Off button?

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The Vindicare and the Callidus, ooh yeah...

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Assassins are boring. I prefer a more... direct approach.

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Vindicare Assassin: "I am a weapon. I shall keep my skills sharp and await my next task."
Culexus Assassin: "I was born a weapon. This is my purpose and these are my masters. I shall serve them well."
Callidus Assassin: "While I await my next task, I wonder what identity I should assume today..."

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good way to take out a popular but corrupt official, right?
Governor of a planet, well liked and respected and then a battlefleet of smurfs comes to kill him and everybody. Way to make the rest of the planet corrupt too.

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Generally, yes. Probably just a button to trigger a shutdown of all bodily functions and drug flows, to put them in something similar to a coma so they can be recovered without causing too much additional damage.

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In the Grey Knight Omnibus, Alaric and a few other justicars help the local Arbites officers to clear an Administrotum office filled with heretics.

Also, if the Astartes arrive and kill someone, I think the average citizen will shut the fuck up instead of whining about it and turning chaos.

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seems like a stupid waste of resources though. Like shooting a mosquito with an elephant gun. I thought Grey Knights are super powerful and elite fighting force against demons and powerful chaos forces that drive lesser men mad and such.
Just would be more convenient to do a little hush hush wetwork and strike at the root than fly the Grey Knights from halfway across the galaxy to kill some nasty white collar workers, regular humans

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They were cultists, and summoned daemons just before they died too, so the Grey Knights were in the right place.

Now imagine if an assassin had been sent to kill the cult leader. The daemons would have ripped him/her apart.

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question for you eloquen/tg/entlemen

eversors are trained to use anything and everything that comes to hand (including spoons fluff fans). Would an eversor sent to eliminate a chaos cult/marine run the risk of subversion?

Before answering, consider the implications of mr assassin getting his grubby mits on a daemon weapon, especially one of particular power (bloodthirster in a sword for example).

I know it's an issue of psycho-mapping vs chaotic corruption, but i'm curious

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Nnnot really.

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I don't know if they have much left in their skulls, they really seem like a battle servitor more than a person any more.

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I think Khorne might take special interest in an Eversor, but i doubt anything could convert an assassin to join the dark gods.

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death-cult assassins are sometimes taken from Khorne-influenced sects

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Are Culexus Assassin really that brainwashed? it seems like just having a place where they fit in and could relate to others would be enough.

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If you can provide me with supporting fluff that an assassin can take on multiple daemons at once, i'll be happy to agree.

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For a second, yes. The broken shell of a man that an Eversor Assassin is might be corrupted.

However, his primary goal is still the imprinted target, and he is still in a mindless berserker rage. It's completely physical. I doubt even Daemonic possession stop an Eversor from murdering everything in sight, especially its targets.

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Culexus assassins are seriously overpowered against psykers and daemons. Most daemons can't even see them due to their lack of warp-presence.

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those are valid points, but the eversor is still human to some degree. Less than 1% maybe, but still human.

Even that tiny percentage must expose them to some risk

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But aren't Culexus only deployed to kill psykers and such?

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All Assassins are brainwashed. They need a 100% guarantee that the assassins will not betray them.

They probably get the least psycho-conditioning out of all of their, but their attitude, at the very most, can probably be described as emotionless killer with a hint of melancholy.
Temple Assassins aren't just some every day mooks. Each Assassin needs to have their job ticked off by the High Lords of Terra before they can do it, they're that dangerous and lethal and expensive. No, I do not have a source but there is no reason to believe that they wouldn't be capable of eliminating several *lesser* Daemons at once.

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Is there some sort of story to this?

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Psykers, Daemons, anything that uses or relies on the Warp.

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Nah, it was just a popular matchup after Miko did >>9687131

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>high heels

God fucking damnit.

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Check out the Thorian Handbook for Inquisitor. It contains a story of a Callidus Assassin who went rogue. That Temple in particular probably needs the assassins to remain quite human so they can act the part. Vindicares are far more muted, but occasionally noted to have a dry, sarcastic wit.

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Where there are psykers, there will be daemons. End of story. To suggest otherwise is heresy.

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I just imagined a Daemon Prince of Khorne that used to be an Eversor Assassin.

It wasn't pretty.

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Relax, it's just polymorphine. The moment she gets into a fight, it'll be a flat sole.

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Well then, I stand corrected.

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Wouldn't want it to be polymorphine. Those changes are painful, and she wouldn't need the distraction.
That's probably just PR fluffart.

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While we're at it, our favourite assassins? For me its a dead heat between Eversors and Culexus. Pariah gene ftw.

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Blame john blanche, all his concept art has them.
Probably even on men.

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I'd imagine chaos corruption wouldn't have much opportunity to influence the Eversor during his current mission but it might interfere with his letting himself be retrieved after the mission etc, slaughtering the pickup team and going into an undirected frenzy or the like.

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arent culexes (culexi?) psychic nulls? how would that effect them deomnwise?

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There's an astounding number of artists who refuse to draw women with reasonable footwear.

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Callidus. It's funny how people say "OMG HOW SEXIST" about how space marine implants only work on males, yet ignore that it's only really possible for women to use polymorphine.

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What the fuck is so hot about high heels? All it does to me is reminding of a shitty porn movie and make me imagine how fucking uncomfortable that shit is.

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Excuse me, wtf are you smoking? That's never been stated in canon.

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i would play the shit out of that. shotgun vindicare!

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Normal dameons (bloodletters) can't even see them. They are an awesome anti-daemon weapon imo - definitely on par with grey knights.

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They cannot be possessed.
Any Daemon who would try to possess a Culexus would end up being torn apart.

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I'm guessing you mean daemonwise. Daemons who get too close to a Culexus suffer warp instability and lose their connection to realspace. They get forced back into the warp.

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Polymorphine works BEST on females, but has limited effect on males too.

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actually... i vaguely remember something like that from when i owned codex: assassins.

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Gives butt to the buttless

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Look it up, bookworm.

It's canon.

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The Eversor Temple is one of temples that makes up the Officio Assassinorum. Eversor is Latin for "a destroyer".

The large amount of drugs and modification used to make the Eversor into an unstoppable killing machine are highly addictive and without them the assassin will surely die. This means that the assassins are completely addicted to death itself and the only way they can survive is by being placed in cryo-suspension, which sustains their bodies until called upon for the next assignment. As such, every Eversor is stored within cryo-crypts on secret ships scattered across the Imperium. These vessels remain at a constant state of alert and await the orders from the High Lords of Terra to be deployed to the battlefield.
When chosen for a mission, the Eversor is transferred from the cryo-crypt into a special drop pod. Once inside, neuro-links feed the details of the mission to the assassin while he remains in cryo-suspension. The pod is then launched at the target planet where remote links activate and begin to reanimate the Eversor while fine tuning his body for the task at hand. By the time the drop pod lands on the planet, the assassin is fully awake and ready to begin his task.

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i used an eversor possessed by a bloodthisrter bound in a daemon sword as the archnemesis in an inquisitor game based around the ordo sicarius


don't care if it's not fluff acurate. It was fun

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Vindicare are the best

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Can't Pariah gene be manifested through weaponry like warp could be channeled through weapons?

Effects would be utterly destructive to any warp sensitive creature.

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"Polymorphine works better with women, and therefore the vast majority of the temple operatives are female."

>better with women
canon, however there would be male ones

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i rememebr owning that. got it for free out of a library white dorf.shit was awesome, i didnt even play imperium.

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That's what the skull-helmet actually is - it conducts their null presence and extends it, I suppose. It's called the Animus Speculum.

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Wanna see Male Callidus models,
And female Vindicare/Culexus.

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pariah-hood is most likely more of a lack of something. thats be like trying to weaponise a vacuum.

polymorphine can be used by anyone, but since it isnt as effective on men they wouldnt be used as assassins as theyd need to be peak performance at all times. the imperium isnt going to send out a multigajillion credit agent if theres a likelyhood their nose will fall off mid mission.

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Male Callidus = vindicare model with less equipment, c'tan phase blade and neural shredder
Female Vindicare = callidus model with more armour and a big fucking rifle

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callidus assassins are mostly female because polymorphene works better on them, but male callidus exist.

During the chaos after Vandire was put down, when the officio assassinorium nearly tore itself apart, the corrupt head of the officio was a male callidus.

Sorry my fluff is lacking specifics. It's all in the 1st codex assassins

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Necrons can't express emotions.

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iirc its basically an iris - when its closed it hides/dulls the pariah effect, then culexus hits the battlefield, opens it and bam. yo' head asplode. it's need to be nullifiable or they wouldnt be able to transport them, with the astropaths and all

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It's lethal to most people without the right training. Destabilizes the molecular structure, turns the user into organic slush.

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Of course not. Any expression of emotion is purely your imagination. This applies to all xenos.

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>Weaponize Vaccuum

Ever heard of pistol crabs?

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The Vanus Assassins are the best.

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They are also the most successful. No one knows anything about them.

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The ones with no information written about them?
At least the Vanus have thier poison speciallity, but both temples SUCK.

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multiple Melta Charges discretely implanted in the knee joint.

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Even a titan crew will be glad when they have the information that the titan-hunter crew memberds suddenly suffered from serious case of food poisoning or spotaneous explosions in said units.

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>> No.9687536

Good thing I only need to step on you once.

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>> No.9687552

Vanus are espionage/sabotage and making it look like an accident. Venenum are discreet poison/bioweapon users.

>> No.9687554


Is that a set or something? If so, MOAR FOR THE MOAR GOD!

>> No.9687560

Pray tell how would a Titan spot ANY of the assassins?

This is assuming the assassin hadn't already wormed their way into the Titan or its crew prior to it being sent out.

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>> No.9687572

Venenum Temple takes the cake, imo


>> No.9687575

Part of the epilogue artwork Miko posted a year or so after LCB went belly up.

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>> No.9687593

>> No.9687600


I swear to emprah I read that as "urethera"

>> No.9687601

>> No.9687603

So that's what those two groups are about thank you very much.

I can see why they don't have models or rules. those things don't really apply to the battlefield like the other assassins.

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>> No.9687621

Eversor is Bestosaur.

>> No.9687634

Yes he is.

>> No.9687639

3 days to kill 1000 politicians in the same room? you cant tell under the mask, but eversor temple is laughing at you.

>> No.9687646

You're an idiot, if you sent in an Eversor you'd hardly kill any of them because they'd scatter and you'd get bogged down by the guards.

>> No.9687657

I've always loved this picture. Imagining a Eversor going so fuckballs crazy that even Orks are running the fuck away from him. "WOT DA ZOG IZ DAT OVA DEH? IZ DAT UMIE RUFFHIN UP OUR BOYZ? HEZ RIHT UP MAD AINT EH?"

>> No.9687663

If it isn't more than a foot of metal or concrete, Eversor don't get bogged down by it. They bath in it.

>> No.9687666

Step 1: Deploy Vindicare Assassin
Step 2: Replace his exitus rifle with a second exitus pistol and a shitload of ammo
Step 3: Give him similar combat drugs to eversor
Step 4: ?????

>> No.9687670

While Eversors are resilient as balls, concentrated fire will take them down.

>> No.9687676


Close...but I would replace "drugs" with specialist training focused on close quarters pistol fighting.

Clerics are skilled not drugged up.

>> No.9687677

Spot them? No I just have a void shield and basically murder everything foolish enough to get close enough...

>> No.9687678

You still fail the mission, once they scatter the Eversor is useless.

Only a child would think that's a superior option compared to killing every single target efficiently at the same time.

>> No.9687682

You now realize that it won't be the Eversor who takes down the Warboss.
It will be the Grot with the blunderbuss hiding in the bottom right corner of the picture.

"I'm da new boss ya gits!"

>> No.9687697

Kills Eversor
Eversor Explodes
Bad end...

>> No.9687701

OMG GRAMMATON CLERICS are shit and Gun Kata's are retarded. Gun battles are about aiming and cover and are unpredictable, not poncing about in 'mathimatically proven' ways that leave you exposed.

Eversor would fuck up Clerics anyway.

>> No.9687707

The vindicare is trained to shoot a moving dime from miles away.

A person's head or many people's heads from up close should pose zero problem.

>> No.9687708

honor guards in a political meeting for arrogant supposed untouchables on their own world with no idea the imperium is coming. the guards will be minimal, mostly outside the room (cant be hearing state secrets now), possibly lightly armed and definitely not expecting it. most would go down quickly, and any attempts to shoot would be baffled by fleeing soon-to-be corpses.

fuse the doors shut, kill the guards first. BLOOD FOR THE- erm, GOD-EMPEROR!

>> No.9687727


How do you explain someone like motherfucking Dazagga and his Bike of Aporkalypce getting through the void shield AND the rear armor riding all the way to the bridge and then crashing out the fucking thing.

And all he got from the experience was burnt hair

>> No.9687728

You do realize that a thousand people is a lot of population? Even if you killed one man per second, you'd have to be in the room for 16 minutes.

>> No.9687730


Damn, where is that pic from a codex describing an Eversor killing 600 people with all kinds of things including spoons and butter knives?

>> No.9687731

1000 targets in a massive auditorium, dumbass, there's no way for an Eversor to get them all.

They are Assassins, being obsessed about combat power is retarded, what's important is getting the job done.

>> No.9687755


So they scatter. Just means the Eversor hunts them down one at a time.

Eversor are when you really, really, really need an example made of someone. Although they can do crowd control (like the Eversor who killed that entire family, ran out of ammunition because there were so many of them and continued to kill with spoons and butter knives), they are just as good at hunting people down individually and making them dead.

Be like Doomguy chasing you.

>> No.9687771

And that is preferable to killing them all simultaneously... how?

>> No.9687775

Are you sure that was an Eversor? I don't remember them specifically mentioning his Temple in that story.

>> No.9687781

>Crazy Powerful Ork Boss
>Anything he can do, Imperial Temple assassins can do just as well.

No lol

>> No.9687785

IT's not. Eversor is still way fukken cooler. Next question.

>> No.9687789


>Killing entire family
>Running out of ammo

Ammo belts and harnesses, DO YOU KNOW THEM MOTHERFUCKER?

>> No.9687790

> Dazagga

>> No.9687796

Rule of cool doesn't really apply when you are looking for efficiency.

>> No.9687797


It was an Eversor. Which other assassin would resort to spoons and butter knives?

>> No.9687801


Different ends. Killing them all simultaneously means they're all dead. Whatever they were planning stops there, and it's scary in a spooky way.

Eversor attack is the stuff of legends. You will probably never mess with the Imperium again when you've seen your entire legislature put through a blender. Eversor's are terror weapons. You deploy them specifically because they cause collateral damage and terrible fear. If some get away from the initial attack, that actually is a good thing. Just spreads the fear further. Eversor will get to them soon enough.

>> No.9687807

Still does not equal INFINITE AMMO spaz

>> No.9687819

a death cultist

>> No.9687825

Eversor's can still die, by letting them scatter you give them a chance to rally thier armed forces.

>> No.9687832


Unless the family wasn't 1000 headed crowd, that is just physically impossible to run out ammunition

Besides, why not RIP AND TEAR with meele weaponry given? They still move faster than average man.

>> No.9687843

Probably any of them, if they ran out of ammo. What's a Vindicare gonna do, club people with the butt of his gun?
And an Eversor has fucking power claws melded into his hand. Why would HE need spoons and butter knives?

>> No.9687844

Just how many rounds do you think an eversor pistol holds?

>> No.9687846


They've got a bolter/needlegun and a sword/murder glove. I doubt they could carry enough ammo to off 600 people, let alone have time to reload it. Plus, some of those will be wearing armour or shields, so they won't go down to one shot.

>> No.9687849

rule of cool ALWAYS applies.

glad to see some people backing me up on the 'eversor massacre = awesome" angle here, i was beginning to feel like id accidentally started trolling

>> No.9687864


It was actually.

I think I have the extract here somewhere. Give me a minute or two.

>> No.9687868

>What's a Vindicare gonna do, club people with the butt of his gun?

Someone sure knows his assassins.

>> No.9687872

The Eversor who only kills one target per second is a sad sack of shit and never passed training.

>> No.9687893

>What's a Vindicare gonna do, club people with the butt of his gun?
after a ten minute run to the target, yes.

>> No.9687896

Anyone got that comic where an Eversor is lured into an ambush on planet and completly failz it, leaving the Callidus to actually get the job done?

>> No.9687902

The point is, rather than damage and disable his very VALUABLE Exitus Rifle, why not just impale someone's head on a serving fork or disembowel them with a broken toilet plunger?

>> No.9687903



>> No.9687905

fails it? it was just a distraction, and a successful one at that

>> No.9687911

way to fail at spoilers

>> No.9687921


>317 Members

What sort of ammunition these fuck carry around?

317 is chump amount of ammunition even for pistols.

>> No.9687928


Vindicares snipe their targets from fucking miles away. Even if they DO get into close combat by some major screwup, they have their Exitus pistol for that. Even thinking that someone would send a Vindicare to take out 1000 dudes is borderline heresy.

>> No.9687940

That doesn't factor in bodyguards and taking more than one shot per kill.

>> No.9687942


>> No.9687943

It never actually specifies whether he runs out of ammo. It just says circumstances force him to improvise.

>> No.9687945


>More than one shot

Unless these fucks are some sort of headless mutants, there is no other reason for not dying from a headshot or bullet through the heart.

>> No.9687951

>Killing people with soup spoons and butter knives

>> No.9687954

You think every shot taken in battle is 100% accurate? Are you an idiot?

>> No.9687957


It never said the guy was armed at the beginning of the fight. Maybe the first defensive salvo was a crapload of melta-digi weapons that destroyed his gear?

>> No.9687961

...huh. you know, i've never actually needed to use spoilers on /tg/ before. do they even work on this board or am i just too drnk to see what i did wrong there?

>> No.9687968

1000 people in a hall.

You would send an Eversor if you wanted to send a messy, scary and powerful message.

But if you just wanted them dead you would use a Vindicare. These guys aren't just for sniping. They're ghosts who excel at sabotage and espionage. They could rig the entire place with explosives without being detected and be home in time for cornflakes.

>> No.9687969


No spoilers on /tg/.

>> No.9687974


These are fucking bio-engineered, technologically assisted, trained to the god damn limit and superior fucking weaponry.

If you miss if in such position, you should fucking kill yourself.

>> No.9687984


Why exactly would you send an elite marksman trained from early age to plant some charges? Any chump could do that, no need to risk a valuable assassin.

>> No.9687985

They have melta bombs.
And they think it's just delicious candy.

>> No.9687991

same for the Callidus too

>> No.9687997

Spoilers don't work but it's still polite to spoilertag things if it's genuinely a spoiler and not just you being sarcastic. That way people who don't want to know that
Harry Dresden gets shot at the end of Book 12
can just avoid the spoilertags.

>> No.9687999


>> No.9688010

maybe you should read the part where they're not just elite marksmen.

>> No.9688011

They're also up to their retinas in sixty lovely varieties of combat drugs.

Try and aim straight when you're so doped up you will die in under a day's time.

>> No.9688017

Doesn't mean they can't miss, especially in the middle of a brawl while dodging fire from all sides.
Stop sucking thier drug-filled cocks and think about it for a bit.

>> No.9688022

Exitus Pistol.

>> No.9688025

> I've never shot a gun before, look at me, hey nonny nonny!

>> No.9688037

Vanus Assassins are demolition/sabotage.

>> No.9688041

Eversor's aren't "doped up". Take the most PCP + Speed-filled guy you can imagine...then imagine that he can do Matrix shit...now give him drugs that make him REGENERATE.

That's an Eversor.

>> No.9688043

Isn't there another group of assasins for bombs and stuff? Same one for poisons, only mentioned briefly in the fluff?

>> No.9688049

ok, live and learn. wasnt being sarcastic, didnt think it would be a big deal since it was already partially spoiled anyway by an earlier post but figured why not

>> No.9688053

vanus and venum are shit teir. that's why there are no models or much more than a paragraph of info about them

>> No.9688057

Vindicares are the less fucked up of any assasin temple.
They don't have to deal with pariah genes, combat drugs that would kill a Slanessh demon, or polymorphine who break your flesh and bones...
They are just like a fisherman, waiting for their prey

>> No.9688067

And you expect that sort of person to aim straight 24/7.

In all seriousness, highly trained marksman, so yes, if he's focusing on taking the shot, it will hit. However, this is an assassin who specializes in crowd control, or more appropriately, crowd mutilation. The ammunition is likely only used when charging, and only on guards. The pistol's probably forgotten as soon as the fucker's in close combat.

>> No.9688068


Vanus and Venenum.

>> No.9688070

It's more because they work covert and behind the scenes, even when compared to the snipers. biological weapons and 'accidents'

>> No.9688077


>> No.9688083


I'd like to hear of an accident where an entire noble family are killed due to their chairs.

Which is exactly what an assassin from the Venenum temple did.

>> No.9688084

We need a pic of a Vindicare fishing with his rifle; fishing line hung from the end of the barrel.

Or just shooting them in the water. Whichever.

>> No.9688094

Considering that they come from "super-secret" ordos of assasination, wouldn't the fact that we have no information on them actually mean they're doing their jobs BETTER and are thus GOD TIER?

>> No.9688102

Panel one: Vindicare takes aim
Panel two: PEW PEW
Panel three: giant sea monster floats to surface of lake, bullet hole between eyes

>> No.9688104

Like Ork Kommandos, whose existence is denied by the Imperium because orks can't possibly be sneaky?

>> No.9688108

Venenum are poisoners, it's why thier names sound like venom
Vanus are the accident guys.

>> No.9688124

Brotip: Kommandos are actualyl Callidus asssassins. Every one of them.

>> No.9688143

so... you would like to hear of something... that you have already heard of. um. mission accomplished?

>> No.9688180

I had this image of the Eversor cutting somebody open with a butter knife, stuffing a melta bomb in him and punting him into a crowd of guards, where the bomb explodes and kills them all.

>> No.9688181


Last stand.

>> No.9688185

I a l r e a D y R e A d t h I s O n H T t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / s E V e R A L D a Y s a G O

>> No.9688197

That Eversor's probably going to dodge the bullets.

>> No.9688203

for some reason that made me think of an everdor in a santa hat handing out heads to the good little boys and girls, and live melta bombs to the bad ones

>> No.9688239

... if he shoots the Eversor
it will explode
witl hilarious consequences.


>> No.9688244

Yeah, why did he forget that Eversors blow up when they die?

>> No.9688262

raises an interesting point: all the ball-licking aside, has someone got an actual stat line for an Eversor?
And I mean 40K, not DH.

>> No.9688396


Sv: 4+ (invulnerable)

Fearless, Infiltrator

Temples get bonuses and different gear on top of that.

>> No.9688403

The same as any other temple assasin:
WS - 5
BS - 5
S - 4
T - 4
W - 2
I - 5
A - 3
LD -10
Sv - 4++

It's the cheapest assasin, 95 points
He comes with bolter/needle gun, energy sword, meltabombs and Neural fist.

>> No.9688409


And this is the Eversor bit

>> No.9688413

how does an ork know what an eversor is and that he will explode?

>> No.9688435

He doesn't
However, any maddok that witnessed him, would try to make Everzo'z killash!!

>> No.9688467

there is not nearly enough callidus ass in this thread.

i am disappoint.

>> No.9688486


Bomb Squigs taken on whole new level.

Give stormboys implanted nuclear/meltabomb ridden limbs which will asplode if killed. Which is to say, throw them under heavy vehicles of suicide runs will be very effective.

>> No.9688790


Cool, thanks all.
Ok, mean ass beastie, no doubt.

That said, I'm surprised this didn't come up for the Callidus love.

>> No.9688822

>> No.9688845

What if you put a Jackie Chan Eversor in a Home Depot against Abaddon and his honor guard?

>> No.9688859


>Jackie Chan Eversor in a Home Depot


>> No.9688953

>Jackie Chan Eversor in a Home Depot
emperor protect us... somehow get that home depot into the eye of terror, and khorne himself would wet his armor

>> No.9689039

Why was this only ever spoilers and not a full comic?

>> No.9689275

it doesnt eve need weapons

>> No.9689397

OP here, can any of you Dark heresy players point me in the direction of some Callidus DH rules, I have been told that the Vindicare are in ascension, and that by mashing it with the ascended death cultist would be close. I just thought I would ask to see if anybody had more info.

>> No.9689399

No contest, Eversor. There won't be any Chaos left. Only WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

>> No.9689418

what the fuck is this, i thought that mod died

anybody care to elaborate for me?

>> No.9689498

1) that Callie looks kinda like Dagoth Ur

>> No.9689521

it's the adeptus sororitas mod for dow that was a huge deal: it was in development around when soulstorm came out and this fan mod blew the retail models out of the water

it's dead now, at least i thought it was until i saw this screen with the callidus, which wasn't in the final beta

>> No.9689660

Its dead, I worked on it back then.

>> No.9689672


>> No.9689695

wasn't it just one dick that wrecked the project?

>> No.9689756

>Chaos Eversor

>> No.9689769

Hmm, its been a bit, I am trying to remember if it was the skin guy or the 3d model guy....I think it was the 3d one, he stopped working and so everything else did. I could be wrong, I just helped when I could.
Shame, that mod was hard-on inducingly good looking.

>> No.9689824

If seen some stuff on darkreign a long time ago, you may want to look there they have rules for everything.

>> No.9689838

Let's do some Chaos assasins.
Eversor: khorne
Callidus: tzeentch/slaanesh
Vindicare: ??
Culexus: malal.

>> No.9689845

Venum: Nurgle

>> No.9689918

Went to Darkreign and got pretty lost.I found the polymorphine, and that was about it.

On the DH website, I got a bunch of threads bitching about how people would have preferred the Callidus, but only got the Vindicare. Seems that in Ascension, you can be a shmoe that is a really good shot and Vindicare temple will take you in, all other assassins are trained from birth, and that makes playing them pretty far out from the ruleset. I can't even find Callidus stated npc to work from.

>> No.9690065

I found something about the Polymorphine on the forum.


not much but at least something. The darkreign forums often have more stuff than the actual site so you may consider searching there too.

I'd love to play a Culexus assassin once but that would probably to much to ask from a gm.

>> No.9690125


They're actually based on different races, I think... The Callidus being based on Necrons, Vindicares based on Tau, Culexus based on Eldar, and Eversors... I don't remember if they're actually based on anything, or if they're supposed to be Tyranid based.

>> No.9690160

Culexus aren't based on necrons? WTF?

>> No.9690161

missing the obvious ork similarity: always ready for a good fight

>> No.9690163

assassins predate crons and tau iirc, but until fairly recently ive sort of been a 40k lurker as opposed to full on into it so grain of salt and all that

>> No.9690184

Says who? That sounds a little bit constructed..
Whats the similarity between an callidus and an necron?
And Culexus are Pharia they are more or less the opposite of eldar.
sound like shenanigans to me.

>> No.9690212

if pushed i would say callidus = eldar, culexus = necron, vindicare = tau and eversor = orks, but i dont think they really fit that well. its like trying to jam puzzle pieces not just into the wrong place but into the complete wrong puzzle.

>> No.9690222

Yea I am pretty sure the assassin from rogue trader was Callidus,I remember the polymorphine. C'tan phase swords and neural shredders came later, although how much I am not sure.

>> No.9690281

what, no.

All are based on (guess what) different types of assassination!

there are underlying links to other races, but it's mainly due to all the specialist technology they use, which is sometimes stolen (see; C'tan phase sword)

>> No.9690398

Durpity durp

>> No.9690486

It's a greenmarine at 13:37 O'clock!

>> No.9690515

inb4 autosage

>> No.9690650


The point is 1000 people in a government hall are going to run off in too many different directions for even the most fucked-up individual to kill.

>> No.9690812


>implying a Vindicare would be caught dead double-tapping.

>> No.9690895


>> No.9690988

Eversors are kept asleep in stasis tubes that are in lockdown when not on assignment.

They are about as appropriate for player characters as a murder-servitor would be.

>> No.9691422


No, there were no temples originally it was just "Imperial Assassin." This was the model.

>> No.9691440

This faggot speaks the truth.

>> No.9691461

Not really much of a way, besides wasting precious special ammo, that a vindicare could one shot a terminator, for instance.

>> No.9692092

>>What's a Vindicare gonna do, club people with the butt of his gun?

Guy's got a knife, bro.

>> No.9692394

>Eversor Assassin BS 5


>> No.9692577

He also used THREE SHOTS WTF!
Plus you can totally see his bulge.

>> No.9692780

>Plus you can totally see his bulge.
Is that you Mr Hat?

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