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Sup fa/tg/uys,

Ok, I'm not really into WH40K, but could someone please explain the Cultist girl?

I just see her posted all the time, and don't really know the background.

Pic Related

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Fucking fuck, trolls just get worse day by day.

No, google Cultist-chan 1d4chan, We ain't gonna explain this shit.

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Cultist Chan is based on an old Mr. Roger's puppet, with an odd mix of 40K involved.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a shitty drawfag drew a picture of a chaos cultist feeding waffles to her pet spawn.

/tg/, famous for getting shit done, even when it would be a bad idea to do so, wrote a story.


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Sounds like newfag doesn't know her origins.

A year and a half ago, /tg/ was talking about creating a CRPG set in the 40k universe. There were many ideas for party members, skills, plot points, locations, ultimate weapons, and so on. The main character was going to be with the Imperium; possibly a guardsman, I cannot recall.

Anyway, one of the recruitable characters was going to be a female cultist of chaos. The rest of the project fell by the wayside as people starting fapping over her.

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13 stories, to be exact.

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ITT: Everyone newfags.

She was originally (Without the chaos tattoos) drawn by a drawfag for some WoD character. Some fa/tg/uys commented that she sounded exactly like a cultist, and cultist-chan was born. Then Colosal Faget (AKA: Mr. Culuxus) picked her up (or maybe he was the original drawfag, I dunno), and the rest is history.

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ITT newfags looking up stuff on 1d4chan

really she not important at all just ignore her

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ITT: /tg/ still gets shit done.

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>/tg/ plays DOW
>/tg/ lols at the hilarity of the cultists voice
>/tg/ faps over DOW
>/tg/ combines the two in an unholy fusion
>cultist chan is born

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Harder, better, faster, stronger.

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Kind of an odd thing to use the transhumanism anthem for.

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>obvious sexual connotations in pos
>odd thing to use transhumanism anthem for
>you must already be a robot

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Whyever would you think that, fellow organic?

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Admittedly Cultist doesn't work out.
Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
Only when she's on c-c-c-cocaine.
Yeah, her body odor maybe.

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Hmm. Salute to the artist. I was actually looking something like this. (I mean the Op's pic)

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Cultist: The next Flare. Pretty soon we'll see "Why do you hate Cultist, /tg/?" threads every hour.

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Mr. Celexus was the original Drawfag actually.
No, just no.

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CF was the original dude yeah, the first picture of the one of her feeding waffles to her spawn.

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"And so the Marines began their violent and extremely angry assault on her, pulling themselves out almost completely, only to immediately pump back inside, injuring her even further. Over and over they violated her, with enough strength to break through adamantium, let alone human flesh, screaming and cursing violently all the while. But mercifully enough for her, the act did not last long: it was of common knowledge that the Angry Marine geneseed was flawed, often cursing them with the insufferable problem of premature ejaculation, that would of course only serve to make them even angrier. "FFFFFFFFFF...", both Marines began to inhale, as they bit their lower lips behind their helmets, a clear sign that they were about to reach the end, after scant seconds of angry loving.

"...FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!", they finished, as their climaxes hit. Cultist shruddered violently under the assault, as countless gallons of superhuman seed invaded her heretical body like tiny meteorites of pure anger, with well more than enough force and momentum to break straight through the inner tissue of her body, making their way upwards through her, shattering and liquefying her from within like Harlequin's Kiss. She gave one final violent cough of blood, straight to the chest plate of the Angry Marine in front of her ("Aww, fuck! Do you know how goddamn hard this is to clean off, Chaos whore?!"), before light finally faded away from her eyes. She had been given peace. "

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More from Mr-Culexus's very own DeviantArt account:


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Isn't there a set of fanfics called Dranon's Delight that focuses on more or less the same thing?

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How many chapters is finish? It's a nice trolling material.

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11, One featuring you.

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12 chapters finished so far, and it's not trolling material, it's a work of art.

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I think that might have just been to set up the "get out of her stalker" line.

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It might well be true, I'm in one, as well.

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Nah it's her, slime girl stuck in a vent. Isn't that what started the trolling calling her a slime? some slime girl in a vent?

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Dranon's Delight AKA Namefag circlejerk?

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Hey, I don't use a name when I post the vast majority of the time, but just saying, "hey, I was in one," without a name is kind of useless.

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"Endlessly erupting, the flow of that hot, gooey seed was be too much, swiftly spilling out her nose and the sides of her mouth. The cum spilled from her body poured down over her neck, breasts, tummy, and even down to her thighs. Literally soaking her in a cum bath that never seemed to end. The flow would eventually come to a halt, the smooth mushroom shaped cock head slipping from in between her lips, falling to the ground with a wet splat as the last of his seed spurted from the slit of it, making a small white pool on the ground.

"But cultist wasn’t yet done enjoying the contents of Doomrider's orgasm. Greedy hands started to wipe away at the cum all over, scooping the amazing stuff up into her small hands. Once enough of the stuff was gathered, the small girl started to feed herself that amazing, gooey spunk. She held her hand just above her non-existing breasts, and lean her head down. A tongue moved from beyond those small, soft lips, and eagerly started to lap up Doomrider's jizz like some kind of animal. One that was thirsty for nothing but his mess. Once each hand was licked clean of its contents, that dirty, tripping little heretic started to rub her hands all over that tiny body of hers. During the course of this, her digits would glance over those over her upper body, especially her little rock hard nipples. A moment would be taken from her wiping to start enjoying this new, smaller pleasure. Now that her mouth was no longer gagged by her massive cock, low, husky moans could flow freely from her throat. The girl would eventually cease her actions, sighing contentedly. Tired, sticky hands now placing themselves at her thighs. "


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Not that much of it is namefag stuff

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Fuzzier, cheesier, sneakier,

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Go to bed Nurse Verity.

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"The spawn moved behind the girl, looking hungrily at the wet sex hole she was readily presenting to it. It leaned in and licked her inner thighs and outer lips a few times causing more juices to flow out of her already dripping pussy and making her moan with increased pleasure. "Put eet in me now. Please." she gasped. In response the spawn raised up and placed its front claws on her shoulders. She felt the tip of its warm cock rubbing back and forth against her wet lips and anus. "No, not that one. Whee want hyuu in my womb." she stated as she arched her hips so his dick rested against her snatch. She pushed back against it, sliding the head into her now aching pussy. The sensation of her warm, wet lips around its shaft was exquisite. It had been inside her many times before and it was one of his favorite activities (of course). It thrust its hips forward shoving its shaft deep insider her nethers. Cultist moaned in ecstasy as the shaft penetrated deep inside her. "


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"As Cultist urged once more, the pressure became too great, forcing the girls apart in a yellowish-brown plume of lukewarm liquid. Slightly stunned, Ringarde sprawled on to her back as Cultist heaved forth another stream, blasting the girl with bile and pieces of undigested solids. Hot tears ran down Cultist's face and a mixture of mucus and vomit streamed from her nose. After expectorating a few more earnest gouts of puke, she took a moment to catch her breath. Her stomach felt like cold, prickly emptiness, and throbbed sorely. As she knelt, trembling, on her hands and knees, the last, few urges came, and she spewed a few mouthfuls of clear bile into the mess covering the floor. The effort having drained the last of her strength, Cultist collapsed into the slime with a wet thud. "


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There's also a coloured version of OP BTW

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Posting in a Cultist thread.

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