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I see there's been a lot of threads about rape on /tg/ lately.

This thread's about love.

Show me your love /tg/!

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No image, but I'm in love with a girl whose from Arizona, and I'm in Finland.

Heaven or Hell be my final destination, I'm going to find a way to be with her.

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True Love.

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I'll show you love alright.

My love's coming to you from the barrel of my bolter, heretic.

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Can this be a woman with monsters thread?

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>Playing Rogue Trader
>Xenophile Noble-born Arch Militant
>NPC Dark Eldar who works with us captured by Slaaneshi cult
>Descend into the depths of hell, alone, to rescue Space Morrigan
>She admits she's fallen in love
>My face

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She is still insane, no amount of love will balance of the fleeting whims and manic behavior

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>Descend into the depths of hell, alone, to rescue Space Morrigan
>She admits she's fallen in love
>DE falling in love
>My face

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Did we ever find out what happened to that guy in the Hunter nWoD group? The guy who betrayed his entire Cell because he'd fallen in love with a Changeling?

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I think all that crazy rape shit is so they don't have to dull their feelings like a craftworlder.

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Doesn't get much more affectionate than this. Also, monstergirls.

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To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women!

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Love overcomes all boundaries

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Just pretend it's this morrigan instead

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Not too unusual actually. Eldar feel all emotion unthinkably strongly - Dark Eldar are no exception. Their concept of Love, however, is likely to be far closer to a dangerous obsession than anything a human would understand.

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I dunno last i heard, part got separated, and he was on the changeling's side.

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In my game the Paladin and the Rogue ended up falling for each other. The pally got her to stop being such a klepto and she got him to lose the stick up his ass.

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Oh man, shit's gonna be a bitch for you.

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no, that's the feeling you get after a particularily spicy burrito.

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Shit, have they found it yet? The stick-up-the-ass is an important Paladin organ.

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love, you say?

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I'm beggining to suspect my definition of "love" is slightly off-balance.

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I don't think we found out any more after a group of Changelings managed to reach him, and he and the Motely slaughtered his Cell to stop the Changelings being sold to the Cheron Group.

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>take time to draw anatomically correct penis
>put mosaic filter over penis
>shop cock ring over mosaic filter over penis

God dammit Japan.

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Feel the love!

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Well, not all of them. There were two surivivors, though one was crippled. And I (the Network Zero kid who caused the whole situation) nearly got my arm torn off by a chainsaw.

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Son, I am dissapoint.

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What is heresy?
Baby, don't purge me
Don't purge me.

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I think that the worst part about that little sequence is that it's actually kind of hot.

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What happens say if you get turned into a vampire, and your fiancee is still a hunter, what do you do then?

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My Paladin has actually found himself in a situation relevent to this thread.

He and the rest of the party were storming the lair of a Lich, who had become known for abducting whole towns and villages for his experiments. After destroying the Lich (though we don't know where his Phylactery is yet), we released his prisoners. A few were left alive, most were mindless undead.

But there was one who was neither. She was undead, but retained her mind, her memories, her personality, etc. Essentially alive mentally, but undead physically. No-one will take her in, thinking she's a monster, or will be controlled by the Lich when he manifests once more. So she's taken to traveling with the party, carrying our supplies. I've been teaching her how to fight so she can be a bit more useful, and over time, she and my Paladin have been falling for one another.

A Paladin. Falling in love with an Undead.

This doesn't bode well, does it?

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actually go for it, it's the duty of good to try and be right to all things. Just beware your DM might try and pull some sort of dickery with command undead etc.

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That depends. You should ask your DM about his perspectives on Paladins falling, and how that compares to your situation.

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Love is in the air

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Feed on animals and help hunt more malicious vampires than yourself?

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And then the lich got a new blackguard henchman

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Do you somtimes post shit just to see what IS in the damn thumbnail and you're to lazy to open the actual folder?

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Love is not letting the paladin fall.
< Image related as it gets.

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Even if it does mean I'm going to fall, I think I'd go for it anyway. It'd make for a more interesting story that way.

To hell with that. Falling doesn't mean a Paladin automatically turns to evil.

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So the paladin just walked off the cliff-face?

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Angry, angry sex.

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Let her kill you for allowing yourself to be turned into a monster, of course.

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>This thread
I'm confuse. I am seriously confuse.

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/tg/'s understanding of love.
Wonder why we are alone?

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Not sure if that dragon's making more of a DAT ASS face or DO IT, FAGGOT face.

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You know, /tg/, I've been in love with a woman.

She tore my heart appart, used me as an emotional punching ball.

sends me booty calls from the other side of the country, I come running. All for nothing.

I know it's wrong. I know It shouldn't be like this.

But all neurotic she might be I still love her dearly.

And above all, between feeling nothing, or pain, I chose pain. Because at least, it makes me feel alive.

Tell me /tg/

Do you really feel alive ?

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...That still doesn't make sense. YEs. I'm drunk.

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Love Shmuve
I'm here for the Haddaway

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do orks feel love?

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I'm too busy to feel anything but stress at the moment.

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Love is what you call it when you want another person to succeed at whatever they are trying to do (sex counts, so does work) and you'll do whatever you can to help them (achieve satisfaction, get promoted).

That's it, really.

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For such weird content, that manga is just one massive D'AWWWWWW

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i think's a dat ass face

this is pretty much how things are going so far, but i keep botching frenzy rolls.
can't i'm under a viniculum and am ordered to keep myself alive.

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Enjoy the AIDS
Or what ever the hell she died of...

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i Feel druuunk.. And i fel love for myq friends.

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fucking awsome manga

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>I'm drunk.
Honestly it is hard to tell if you are drunk posting from the quality of your post.

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Bitches don't know bout my Nana To Kaoru?

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True love endures even past death.

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ok now i feel kind of bad for shooting all those witches in the back of the head with a shotgun

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I didn't say DON'T enjoy the AIDS...

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well its her own fault for drinking those 4 fucking glasses of jucie before he tied her up.

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Probably doing her a favor.

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>Implying the kiddo didn't do it on purpose.

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annnnnnd now he puts his troll face on

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And that was the fucking cliffhanger. A fucking month.

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Well then... that's depressing.

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>Bitches don't know bout my Nana To Kaoru?
It's one of my personal favorites. Also done a lot to make me more interested in casual BDSM, while the more hardcore stuff you find in /d/ is still off-putting. It's a great combination of "Beginner's Guide to BDSM" and a really sweet romance at the same time. Doesn't hurt that Nana is insanely hot; Tachi's nice too, if you're more into that body type.

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But I'm not evil chink, have the next chapter.

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the witch in "the passing" was the best one
just beacuse the zombie apocolypse ruined your wedding dosent give you the right to be so pissy

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Yeah, leave it to japs to make a BDSM training guide for teenagers.

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delicious brown athletic girl

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Damn it, /tg/, I find myself stopping more and more often to check the URL to see what board I'm on again.

Though not necessarily a bad thing sometimes.

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>complaining about cliffhangers

But it's rather appropriate for an S&M manga, don't you think? Leaving the reader in suspense and anticipation?

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You reckon doms get earlier releases? Or fucking script for the next one thrown in?

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Rape IS love.

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She's also more agressive than other witches, I was miles away when she decided that Ellis was a motherfucker.

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/tg/ - where love is tying someone up and/or raping them.

Never change, you guys.

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well did you turn the music on?
she REALLY dosent like the music, im guessing the husband picked out the music.

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one time she decided she didnt like fat black men at her wedding and chased coach, i was running beside her shooting her.
she kept chasing coach but she was looking right at me, her being on fire only made it creepier.

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I might have, I kind of like that song.

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Never startled a witch in the original game. I think its easier to startle them in L4D2.

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End of chapter, like fuck I'm posting another, go download it now.

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I did, with my auto shotgun. The biggest problem with witches in L4d2 is in Hard Rain, one stray bullet, one poorly placed pipe bomb poor judgement and you're fucked.

Also, who else always use the grenade launcher, even on expert?

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yeah i think so to. she gets mad a lot quicker then before.
also she swaps targets a lot quicker now, i accidently ran in front of her while she was chasing my friend she fucking gutted me like a fish

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the grenade launcher is the ultimate form of dickery in that game.
if you are good with it, you are a fucking god. if not you stay the fuck away from me.

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I'm damn good, mostly. I always use it when I find it, even if it means finishing half the campaign with melee weapons.

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If Uncle WW is lurking here tonight, it would be cool to hear a story about love from him.

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