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Hey /tg/.

Maybe you don't know, but there's a Steam Group for /tg/ friends and our video games. It's at 40 members so far.


Join the group and come play Dawn Of War with us or just chat.

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Barra, you drunk bastard.

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Well I do like DOW...

On the other hand, tripfags.....

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You need acholols too mate

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Haters gonna hate.

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DOW? Soulstorm?

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Dark crusade

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I have but i don't know how to steam only how to hamachi sorry

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Just install steam, create an account. Join the group and we can work out everything in chat when you want to play

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Hey, I didn't name the group.

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Make a new fucking group.

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It's not hard to change the name. Does it bother you mate? Ask catguy to change the name if you're mad.

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Not mad. Just curse a lot.

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>" Teegee Vidya (gamesofpretend) "

This makes me even more apprehensive, I'm not sure a game of DOW is worth it....

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>hurr durr i iz a gurl, gunnah maek a teegee vidya grup with MY naemz on itz

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> Flee
> Gurl

Yeah, no.

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was in voice chat while ago

sort of interested, what /tg/ers sound like

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Nope, not interested. /tg/ communities outside of /tg/ tend to be circlejerks at best, uninspired trolling attempts at worst. Thanks anyway.

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well if ya'll have some dawn of war games goin i'm down

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Dow2 game going up, need a third.

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>Join the group and come play Dawn Of War
>play Dawn Of War

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The good Dawn of War

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dow 2, srsly?

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>people in that group


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Dark Crusade or soulstorm. because i lost my CD keys so i cant play online and even if i did, i could only play two races because apparently paying a shitload of money for a game does not entitle you to all of its fucking content.

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anyone just wanna play some soulstorm or dark crusade? If so I'll throw a room up.

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>he doesn't know how to unlock races

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I'll play dark crusade, I don't have SS installed I'm afraid.


If you had your cd keys, you should have been able to unlock the other races provided you had the orginal DOW and winter assault.

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I do but i use hamachi, is there any problem with that?

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Halp? I have the games, but "CD verification" fails

Do what?

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I changed computers. Moved all the files over. I had DoW and all three expansions installed and verified.

New computer, first i only get 2 races, then when i repair install, CD verification failed.

I have no CD keys

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>>0/10 troll harder everyone knows dow2 sucks ass

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when you open SS and asks you for the serials of the previous expansions look for them on the internet and just type the serials, it worked for me.

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alright then dark crusade room goin up, name is creeeed, no pass. aint gonna bother with hibachi or any of that.

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I'll have to reinstall the game to get to that.

Are there any rooms open?

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I actually like DOW2 but it's a COMPLETELY different game than DOW1. I think a lot of people went into it expecting something else and were disappointed because of that. It's an alright game in it's own right once you get past the grindy campaign and terrible online matchmaking.


You might want to try reinstalling rather than shifting files, I'm not sure what else you could do. Google is your friend I suppose


Not that guy but I use hamachi all the time so no problem here

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yea its up right now, i tried usin himachi once and never had any luck with it

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>I use hamachi

Good, do you have a network?

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I can't seem to join, I'm out unless we switch to hamachi.

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Soulstorm room?? i've got it working

>> No.9664331

well if someone who knows how to get it up and running i'm game.

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Hint : The group URL is there to throw people off who judge books by their covers. If you see something and instantly write it off because of the name / feature / whatever we don't want you talking to us.

The group itself is full of awesome people, we play video games together and have a jolly good bro time. But who cares, you lot probably think it's some tripfag circle jerk full of little shits spouting memes and nothing but memes non stop.

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Network: /tg/Soulstorm
Pass: 123

get the fuck inside for SS/DC

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is it worth downloading steam for?

>> No.9664350

Right I'll make us a hamachi network then, anybody who doesn't have it should DL it now and I'll walk you through joining the network.

Don't worry, the DL takes about 5 minutes and joining a few seconds.

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Ooops, nevermind let's use his.

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is this a game in the lobby? oh god, i dont do any networking at all

>> No.9664370

Just download hamachi, install > run it > Network > Join an existing network > type info and you are good to go.

>> No.9664377

downloaded hamachi, and updating Soulstorm

>> No.9664382


Hamachi is a must have program, get it - use it. Love it.

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oh man, and here i thought i could just use IRC forever

>> No.9664396


also downloadin

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now what? theres 2 people? clicking on them opens a system 32 box

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You are new to this whole thing are you?

>> No.9664426


Come on join up people.

>> No.9664433

better believe it, i havent even played Soul storm online for about 2 years

>> No.9664566

need more for hamachi, get in here

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I'm not joining any steam group named after the fucking cancer.

Go kill yourselves.

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The actual /tg/ group is just called /tg/.

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This is the same group. The url and name can be changed.

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Ignorant weeaboo. Like Catguy said, you're just judging a book by It's cover? I bet you assume Twilight is shit without reading it as well?

Jump off the bandwagon. I'm not cancer. I'm a cool guy. Says /tg/.

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>calling someone weeboo

>> No.9667593

Administrators made of cancer, yeah no thanks.

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Oh flee..
You do realize the point was that its better off not having him if he would make such an assumption rght?
why bother with him further.

>> No.9667618


Is there a problem with that?


Hmm, I have to speak my mind, however. I can't let somebody rest while knowing they're wrong, now can I?

>> No.9667634

>I'm not cancer. I'm a cool guy.
>Flee !!TRanvZl56g3

Heheh. You're a funny guy. A funny shitfucking arsecunt shitdick.

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Oh sage, how I wish you actually did something...

>> No.9667666

I guess you can't.

Oh yes anon, that sure is taking the high road.

>> No.9667669

Just report the thread, it's a recruiting thread for unrelated crap that is maintained by trolls of /tg/.

>> No.9667687


Calm down, we both know that's not the right way to get on my good side.


I guess I can.

>> No.9667733

It is the start of a subversive troll army

>> No.9667740

I don't troll. If you have a problem with the thread, hide it and move on.

>> No.9667746

>discussion about fleeiskawaiii steamgroup.
>thread filled with weeaboo avatarfags contaminating anime on /tg/ with their weeaboo antics.

>> No.9667810

Flea does and they are an admin, says enough about the entire group.

>> No.9667852

Flee is a pretty reasonable guy. I'm sorry that you have a problem with him.

>> No.9667861


Judging one person makes you certain about the rest?

That's an ugly little word called stereotyping, dumbass.

Get your racial ass back to Japan.



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>daily trolling
>derailing threads
>admitting they also use other troll names in conjunction with other members in your group as a threat of not getting their way

>> No.9667897

>calling people who disagree with him racist

>> No.9667911

using that same stereotypical mindset..
anyone who has ever posted as anonymous has commuted every crime, every taboo, and deserves to be party van'ed and tortured to death.

>> No.9667942


Oh ho, I like the way you think!

>> No.9667958

Could you be more specific, anon? Daily trolling is pretty broad, and even if posting with an avatar annoys you it's not trolling or against the rules.

It's easy enough to auto-hide the posts of Flee or anyone else here if they annoy you, so I don't think it's fair that you judge me and every other member of the group based on your dislike of one person.

>> No.9668017

Don't play coy, you know just as well they troll /tg/ and derail threads all over the place. The thread the other day pimping this shit showed even more of that determination to keep it up as well, just because it was deleted doesn't mean it didn't exist.

>> No.9668070

Oh Spanish Flee, why must you capture the hearts and minds of /tg/ so intimately within your trolling grasp?

Give them peace.

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The one where he was playing connect four? Seems tame. It IS a traditional game...

>> No.9668135

Your silence does not do my post justice flee, summer will soon fall upon this board, and /tg/ will be trolled blatantly from dawn to dusk.

I implore you good sir, give /tg/ respite; the calm before the approaching shitstorm.

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I'll join this group only if I am defeated in a duel of the vidya.

Because once you defeat someone they become your best friend, or at least that's what video games have taught me.

>> No.9668183


Not sure whether Summer really does make 4chan worse, however.

But I'll think about it.


Choose a game.

Personally It would be interesting if you had Super Smash Bros Brawl, I could ruin you in that.

>> No.9668189

I have to get going soon but what game do you challenge us to?

>> No.9668205

For example, we have faggots like Flee 365 days a year.

>> No.9668206


Dawn of war? It's somewhat /tg/ related and everything.

>> No.9668216

Trust my judgment Flee, Summer will be a merciless period filled with trolling every kind, your antics will be drowned out by the fury of a thousand reposts, and the blinding ignorance of a thousand newfags.

>> No.9668247


>your antics drowned out

Peh, I take offence at that.

I wouldn't let myself be drowned out by summer kids.

But I will not post unless I can be bothered. Whish is good, because I'm pretty lazy and /tg/ is boring at times.

>> No.9668307


Having reviewed my vidya collection it's either going to be DOW or defcon.

Choose your poison.

>> No.9668323

Good sir, do you per chance play Yugioh.

We can settle this matter like gentlemen in a children's card game.

>> No.9668354

don't worry about being drowned out. I'm sure you have far greater antic skills then a bunch of newfags.

>_>.. and you can always just stay in our steam group when it gets really bad

>> No.9668361

This thread. Grow up.

>> No.9668396


I have DOW Gold Edition installed but I'm really bad at it...

Also like Sergal said, do you play Yugioh?



I doubt It will even be bad.

>> No.9668445


I'm afraid not, the sum total of my yu gi oh experience is watching the abridged series.

Honestly teegee vidya and no DOW.....

>> No.9668475

I have both, but I only have DoW2 installed.

>> No.9668476


The rest either don't have it installed or are too busy with DOW2..

How about we play connect 4 again?

I'm really, really, bad at DOW...

>> No.9668546


Oh come now, playing connect four on /tg/ is hardly a duel of the vidya.

I'm going to have to declare victory via forfeit at this rate...

>> No.9668588


Okay, I've loaded up DOW

I'll make a room or something called flee or something

>> No.9668599


Winter assault or vanilla?

>> No.9668606


Eeer vinalla.

>> No.9668718


also ITT flee and company trolling summerfags

not sure if want

>> No.9668852

I lost.

>> No.9668914


That you did. We should probably find a more even playing field.

>> No.9668944


Like I said if you had Brawl I'd play you on it, I deffinetly wouldn't lose on that.

We have nothing else to play.


Connect 4?

>> No.9668970


Well I'm terrible at chess....

but kay


>> No.9668981


Yeah I'm bad too. :)

>> No.9668986

Flee has admitted to ban evasion, and has continuously trolled /tg/. Contact moot, via these links:

>> No.9669163

Do your part! Send an e-mail! Send a twitter message! Talk to moot on the irc!

>> No.9669208


>Anon thinks he has any control over me

>> No.9669531

I've sent my e-mail to moot! Have you?

>> No.9669548

No because it wont do shit

>> No.9669553


If you browse /tg/ alone

Report! And buy Moot Ban Bonds!

>> No.9669574

Actually it got him banned under his old tripcode and name, last time.

>> No.9669585

And he never came back again right?

>> No.9669598

Ahahahaha~ I WAnt thAt poster edittt now~

>> No.9669603




>> No.9669604

He doesn't come back very often because it's difficult.

>> No.9669630

He was off for a bit over half a year. Well worth the time it takes to send an e-mail.

>> No.9669631

then you arent really riding alone, are you.

...and there are probably worse people you can share a car with.

>> No.9669668

I wOuld love to ride with hitler atleast once. it'll Be awesome.

>> No.9669761

And going by the picture he seems like a good passenger. Just a little angry though that could simply be due to traffic.

>> No.9669987

I'm pretty sure Hitler smoked. I think he's pissed because you said no.

>> No.9670099

Quite the opposite really. As early the First World War Hitler was known to get pissed at people for smoking.

>> No.9670123

Good game flee, that was pretty fun.

>> No.9670143


I made a few amateur mistakes but yes that was one of the best games I've ever had.

Nice one.

>> No.9670224

Huh. Maybe he's pissed because we're wanting to replace him with Flee in that poster?

Remember to send those e-mails, folks!

>> No.9670287



I think I need to lie down now, see you around flee.

Pic related, it's me for about 90% of that game.

>> No.9670334


Hehe, yeah, that about sums up my face too.

Alright, see you, man.

>> No.9670357

ITT: Flee sockpuppets

>> No.9670375



You're so dumb if you earnestly believe that.

>> No.9670426

Oh boy, this thread sure makes me want to join.

>> No.9670925

Don't forget to send those e-mails, folks!

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