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Hello /tg/, I recently started a game of DnD 3.5 in which my DM added some part of the Warhammer universe.
Basically, my group and I are chaos gods worshippers and we get in the universe of DnD to bring choas in the world.

He asked us to chose our god and I chose Tzeentch even though I'm a rogue. But now, I don't know what to do to please my god.

Every other character have done nice shit to their god :

- The Khorne guy threw a powerful sword in a bar and said that the winner could keep it and Blood for the blood god. People fought over it and when the last guy took the sword, the khorne worshipper killed him saying, "More blood for the blood god".

- The sslaanesh guy bought 10 female slaves and locked them in a room with him. He told them that they had to choose a chosen one between them that would be free. They fought for it but none died, when the winner stood up, he said please me. She gave him a royal blowjob and he raped, then slit her throat and said that she was now free. He then threw the blood soaked dagger on the floor leaved the room and locked the door again, he stood close to the door to hear what was happening behind it. The slaves killed each other until there was one survivor. He unlocked the door walk to the girl kiss her violently and said, "Pray for Slaanesh because she let you live today." He then left the room.

- The guy who worship Nurgul is a necromancer who killed a champion of each other god, engraved the mark of nurgul on their forehead and raised them as ghouls/zombies/skeleton.

And now there is me and a mage/cleric who follow Tzeentch and don't have a fucking clue on how to do something to please him. What can we do?

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Manipulate a kingdom? Find a rival for the throne, empower him, and play both sides off on each other until the kingdom falls into chaos and civil war?

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Palpatine? Is that you?

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Bring down governments via scheming and framing people. Start with villages and then keep moving up until you get to kingdoms.

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rogue + cleric team
cleric's the brains with respect in society and access to high social places
the rogue is the one who can get shit done quietly
set up a MASSIVE just-as-planned scenario using patience and a ton of fixing behind the scenes

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That's pretty nice. Unfortunetly, the barbarian of the group will surely fuck it up. I'll give it a try though.

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Trick the other players into fighting amongst one another and then take their stuff. Just as planned. Or steal something of the others and then hide it on yet another character. Or do similar things to NPCs. Find simple ways to completely upset civil order.

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Thanks alot /tg/, now I understand that I have to fuck with the rulers of the villages/cities/kingdoms.


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No, set him up as the threat to a population center. Then make the government look completely incompetent at handling him by sabotaging their countermeasures. Then have your Rogue frame the leader for embezzlement. Rile up the populace, let them go hang the leader, then allow Khorne-guy to slaughter the rest of the government (and many rioters) and take control!

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t h i S i S C o p Y P A S t A I f o U N D i t h e R E : h T T P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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G O T O H T t p : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / i F y o U D o n t a g R E e W i T h I L l E g a l i n T E R N e T C e N s o r s H i P

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Hey! I have a cool idea. Let's crossover the 40k universe with everything.

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Hell yeah, motherfucker

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holy shit, I support this. great idea, anon

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itt: 40k crossovers

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w o w U g u y s U r G O n n a G E t s O M a n Y S p A m m E S s A g E S f o R s T E a L i n G a t S D o M A i N L u l l l L l l L L Z h T t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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Tzeentch is change.
Any change.
Social, political, technological.
Start a revolution, overthrow a kingdom, bring about chaos, start a war, anything. As long as it is change.
The more things change, the better.
Scheme, plot, and plan.

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Everyone loves chicken boo

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Turn the Blood War into a competition to see who can kill Good the fastest.

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use your charisma to start fomenting unrest in cities through usage of such radical ideas as free will, universal suffrage, class equality, <<<insert modern ideal here>>.

Target do gooders like paladins, chaotic goods, etc.



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Do some change. Overthrow something. Start a political movement that doesn't have the best interest of it' supporters in mind (lolrepublicans). Spread rumors that a well know person is gay in a homophobic country.

CHANGE FOR THE CHANGE GOD. LULZ FOR THE LULZ... I've got nothing someone help me out here

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>The sslaanesh guy bought 10 female slaves...

If all this guy is doing is ALE'N'WHORES he's doing it wrong. Slaanesh is about finding please in excess. In all things. Pain, sex, drugs, fine art, great food, the thrill of a good battle. Whatever, as long as it brings an emotional high.

Also, he gets more jaded as time passes, leading to more extreme acts. Maybe he starts desecrating the art he once cherised. Burns down temples to other gods for the lulz, starts self mutilating.

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It was the only time he did something like this, he usually put people on fire to hear them scream, keep the gold for himself or shit like that, he get pleasure making others suffer. He also fight with a special vicious dagger, it drains 1d6 hp when it hits something and also deals 1d6 to himself. So if the first die is higher than the second, the dagger heal him, if the second is higher than the first he hurts himself.

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Ah, alright then.

You could also try looking into some of the older fluff for inspiration. Khorne was also about martial honor and protecting the weak, Tzeentch was the god of hope. Get the Nurgle dude to start preaching about the inevitability of death and the end of all things, and how the only choice is to embrace it.

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Thanks for the tip, it's been a long day so i'm going to get some rest, good night /tg/.

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