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The original blue Mary Sues.

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Liara was the most boring character in ME. I really think Bioware put her in purely for the lesbian alien sex scene media coverage.

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The original /v/irgin.

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No, the "most boring ME1 character" crown has to go to Kaiden Alenko, aka Captain Blando Calrissian.

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Agreed. I can't bring myself to not kill him.

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>>Captain Blando Calrissian

Well played, sir. Well played.

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You can't have an entire race of Mary Sues, it's not really possible for the term to be applied that way.

And Asari don't really strike me that way anyways. They're probably roughly based on elves.

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Second. He had one singular character trait: SPESS epilepsy. That's it. Hmmm, I can lose the third member of the Estrogen Brigade, or I can sacrifice That Guy. 'Bye, Whatever-Your-Name-Is, hope a nuke don't hurt.

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Asari aren't Mary Sues, they have flaws. Not everybody instantly likes them. Just because everyone finds them sexually attractive does not mean that they like them. In fact, Asari are stereotyped as sluts. Something a Mary Sue can never be typed as, on the merit that everything a Mary Sue does is good and right.

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Mary Sue means "Something I don't like."

As in, "This sandwich is mary sue."

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God forbid we'd have a reasonable crew member.

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No fuck you Kaidan is my husbando. He's a lot better than SPACE RACIST Ashley. You don't get to hate on Garrus and live, bitch.

Not to mention I was the one with all the fucking guns. I didn't need a second person.

And Asari are weird because seriously how do you happen to evolve to look just like HOT HUMAN WOMEN but BLUE?

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There's a difference between being reasonable and bland.

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h T T P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / w i L l N O t S T o P u N t I l t H e i l l e g a l S i T e 4 c h A N i S G o N E f R O M t h e i N T e r N E T c O m p l e T e L y a n d f O R E V e r

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They aren't Hot, Human, or Women.

They are space parasites that psychically dominate everyone into seeing them as an attractive female of their own species. They might be roughly humanoid, but the little details are due to the intergalactic skullfuck.

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Everyone thinks they're sexually attractive because they're psychic and give off "this is an attractive female" waves.

They probably look like something out of Saya no Uta.

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So how do they wear human armor?

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I don't see the problem with the Asari.

I mean, they are basically a walking, sentient virus.

They integrate with other species, and rely on them for strong reproduction. They steal DNA to enhance their overall genetic stock, and lure the best and the brightest away from their normal races to contribute to the Asari collective. They con the world into excepting their manipulations and treating it like normal life, parasitically draining the galaxy to feed their existence.

Just like humanity's prime biological imperative is Screw, Kill, Adapt, the Asari have Disregard Fellows, Acquire DNA written into their very natures. And the fact that people like them just shows how successful their survival strategy truly is, yet also the inherent weakness of relying on the whims of others.

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Ashley isn't racist. She just thinks humanity shouldn't be so quick to trust aliens. In fact, if you have her with you when you talk to that political rally, she's the one who talks about how their party members include racist assholes

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What you talking about nigger. At least Kaiden Alenko HAD a backstory (though honestly I didn't even remember his name before you posted it). Liara's personality, otoh, consisted entirely of "I'm from a species that reproduces by fucking other species, fuck me naow Shepard." Srsly, you only talk to her like twice before she's begging for your cock.

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I hated the Assari so much that I wanted to murder all of them. Quarians on the other hand, are fuck damn sexy.

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Surely we would see them as they really are once they died though?

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Actually he had the most interesting backstory and carried with it an smart lesson about racism.

That said, Asari are bland as fuck. They are so fucking boring. I hope we get to see Thessia destroyed in ME3.

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>And Asari are weird because seriously how do you happen to evolve to look just like HOT HUMAN WOMEN but BLUE?
Everybody wonders that. Asari have the hot sexual characteristics of the females of all races. Argues for an ancient tinkerer race.

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You don't. Humans just think you do. And turians think you look like a blue turian. Same for salarians, and so on.


Also i didn't dislike Kaiden, but i did leave him to die. Why? Because it was the logical thing to do. Frontal assault? Send the soldier, so Kaiden has to do the bombing. Who are we going to save, Ashley and all the salarians or just Kaiden?

I wish i could tell them to make statues of him and those who died in the collector attack for the Normandy crash site monument instead of that silly ship.

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They're not really a virus because their reproduction cycle is fucking slow. It takes like 100 years for them to reach sexual maturity, and they don't have all that many kids in their lifetimes.

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Mental conditioning. The only way to be sure would be to show a corpse of an asari to someone who has never been in the presence of an asari before.

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I'm a race of beautiful women who all live for over a thousand years! We first discovered the Citadel and became the race of diplomacy in the world!

All of us naturally have the ability to mentally control the world with our minds with a simple surgical procedure and training, which we can easily accomplish over our long lifespans.

We can mentally connect to any species, and have special mind sex with members of any species that allows us to truly become one with a person!

Our soldiers are considered the most fierce in the galaxy, but we don't have too many soldiers because we're too busy being influential and wonderful!

How is this NOT a Mary Sue?

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Actually, the real reason is because Mass Effect is mostly Star Trek aliens, aka humans with crazy makeup.

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She was a total bitch about her feelings though, which really didn't help me like her. She was just eminently unlikeable and therefor got the boot.

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Who says they wear it? Might just drape it on themselves.

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>Quarians on the other hand, are fuck damn sexy.


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I Hate Asari.
I Hate Salarians.
I Hate Quarians.

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Is it just me or are all Assari female. Which brings up the question where are the males... or do they just kind of scissor with each other?

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but its impossible to mind control digitally, so why do recordings of Asari still look the same as in-person Asari

And I agree with your thought process for Vermire. I left Kaiden because I knew he had the technical know how to finish the job. Plus Ash was looking for an excuse to be a martyr to clear her family name which would probably lead to her not focusing on staying live as long as possible to prevent geth from bomb-defusing

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Actually she was pretty reasonable about her feelings. She only gets bitchy about it if you scream at her.

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Did you even play Mass Effect?

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They technically don't need to fuck you to get pregnant. They do some bullshit mind-meld stuff and presumably lick you or something to get the actual DNA.

They just tend to fuck you anyway because it feels good and helps open up your brain.

There's no males. Technically, none of them are female. Single-sex race, wattup

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Play the game.

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>He's a lot better than SPACE RACIST Ashley.

Oh she's gonna get hers. My renegade manshep hooked up with her in ME1, then ditched her for Tali in ME2. When she reappears in ME3 and realizes I dumped her for an alien, she's going to hit the fucking roof.

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Asari only have one gender, and technically they're a fungus. Those tentacles on their heads fall off and bud into new child asari.

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Well youre from Chernobyl bro so I'd expect you to hate anything not human. Exept Garrus, no one can hate Garrus.

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Ashley was awesome. Bioware actually making a romanceable NPC that doesn't just suck up to the PC all the time and actually comes across as a believable human being? Fuck yes. Redneck space-grunt girl who believes in god and puts humanity first? Fucking hot. I argued with her about everything, and it was better than any Bioware romance ever.

When I met Liara, I was overcome by the suspicion that Bioware only included that tractable blue parasite for the neckbeards who were put off by Ashley's assertive, not-politically-correct demeanor.

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I can. But I have no reason for it right now.

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Your eyes see tentacle monster, your brain is re-wired to think "I see a sexy blue female, nothing else."

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that's beautiful.

I don't want to ditch Kaiden for Garrus what do I do I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings should I just make two Shepards?

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Maybe it's like the Sovereign's conditioning? The more time you spend around them the hotter they seem when you see them. Your mind is conditioned to focus on the parts attractive to you and ignore the unattractive ones.

Also damn, he takes you leaving him there way too well. Made me feel bad for doing it. Had he screamed like a little bitch i wouldn't have cared.

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Wasteland Survival Guide?

Please tell me that isn't the one I wrote...

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t H I S i S c O P Y p a S T a I F o U n D I t h E r E : H T T p : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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Meh, she was the only real choice for my paragon dyke Femshep. Kaidan was Little Wooden Boy incarnate, and Tali and Ashley were non-options. She won by default. And actually, the Liara - Paragon Femshep dialogue really does fit well with Paragon Femshep's overall character.

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If it works on the same principal as Sovereign's Indoctrination then it will even carry over on recordings. Saren experimented by playing back the Indoctrination sound over speakers in order to control those Salarian prisoners.

Probably the effect retroactively changes your memories. Every time someone meets an Asari for the first time they freak out and scream about it, but then the indoctrination takes hold and they forget the whole thing happened.

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I romanced Ashley as Paragon Shep, if you nudge her enough during the sex-scene she even admits: "Perhaps the council are right about humans being too brash and aggressive, we did just steal this warship from our own government"

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To hell with Liara. Give blue paladinMILF now.

>> No.9661755

Or maybe it was because she was a bitchy, ass ugly, hick who didn't deserve my attention which was better spent progressing our society and banging Tali.

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You know what needs to be done?

Include proto-Asari.

If they have been stealing the DNA of other species to incorporate into their own, there must be older, much older asari who are drastically different. One that isn't homogenized in with the standards of sexual appeal that other races favor (thus not bearing the display characteristics of humans, turians, salarians...).

One that the current population would most definately NOT find attractive, yet still has the "Find other species, gain their DNA" biological imperative.

Makes you wonder what they were like before contact with other sentient races. Their appearance when they could only use lower life forms as host sources. And what occurs when these strains of Asari encounter other people, people who's DNA they desire, yet do not have the features necessary to attract them.

Shepherd, You Gonna Get Embraced.

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Ashley was the most annoying, whitebread piece of shit to ever show up in any game. Apart from the ridiculous SPACE RACIST bullshit, she was so fucking unprofessional about everything despite ostensibly being a marine. She throws out pseudo-jargon that sounds like, well, like she was written by a Non-Marine with only a vague understanding of being a soldier is like.

Oh, also she has pink armor, because she's a girl. Not camouflage. Not futuristic active optical camo. Fucking white and pink armor. Yeah, you can change it, but that doesn't make the fact that canonically SHE WEARS PINK ARMOR

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I'd go xeno for Samara.

>> No.9661773

It's not about who to save really, it is about what is more important to the mission: evacuating with the most survivors or making sure the bomb goes off. My main Shepard always goes back to guard the bomb because that is what matters to the mission. He won't take the risk of the geth overrunning the bomb site and disabling it somehow.

Who he sends where is kind of up in the air. Kaidan is an officer and you could argue he is more qualified to work with Kirrahe to lead the fire-teams. On the other hand, Ashley is a soldier and Kaidan is trained with tech...

Then again Ashley knows her weapons, she's not just a dumb grunt.

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If anything, Ashley isn't racist *enough.* If she were all "PURGE THE XENOS BURRRRN," that'd be even better.

...Someone needs to make a 40k game with a romanceable Sororitas.

>> No.9661776

Am I strange in that I didn't attempt to seduce /any/ of the romancable characters in ME1? Just did what a good commander should do and stay focused on the mission...

... and.... long... for Tali.

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Will you fucktards stop taking something said by a set of drunkards in a bachelor party as canonical fact?

>> No.9661797

Your attention is always spent banging Tali, though. No exceptions.

>> No.9661798

Someone's making a dating game. Greenmarine's doing the drawings afaik.

delicious techpriestess romance.

>> No.9661799

Nope, I didn't romance anyone

Went for Garrus in 2 though.

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Why? She's Lawful Stupid. Hurrdurr I'm off to murder everyone who gets in my way because nobody is truly innocent so that makes it okay to commit wholesale slaughter and if anyone calls me on my bullshit I'll just hide behind The Code.

She threatens to kill a fucking cop for, get this, trying to keep people from being fucking murdered in her city. Fucking novel concept, right? I wouldn't be half as offended at her if she'd just drop this bullshit Code thing and come out and say "I am right because I say I am right and I can kill you if you disagree." Be fucking honest about your tyranny you cunt.

>> No.9661815

That's because Garrus is the best romance.

The best. Overall.

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It's the most logical explanation to me. I don't think there's been a case of an alien being attracted to a human woman, yet the Asari look like human women.

>> No.9661819

tali's more of a mary sue

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The multispecies thing is new, they used each other to reproduce before. I don't recall which of the pure blooded asari explains this, might've been Liara even.

They just discovered that screwing other species ensures no more fuckvampires are born and went along with it.

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I find Samara to be the perfect representative of just how bland and boring the asari are as a race.

>> No.9661828

You focus on the mission like a true commander and you also avoid any problem with romances in ME3

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Your opinions are so wrong. If your computer suddenly breaks or the lights go out, don't be surprised; the very laws of mathematics are just rebelling against how wrong you are.

Also, only the most badass marines would wear pink armor. You go into battle in pink armor, your enemies know that you fear nothing.

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She is pretty honest about how her Code makes her do terrible, terrible things.

I just like how Joker snidely remarks "Even our asari are trained killers now." S'right.

>> No.9661841

I like her facial features. If she didn't have a random titty window in her armor she'd be perfect.

Maybe, but she's cute as a button so it works out. :3

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I did it for completion's sake. I'd frankly rather have Tali.

>> No.9661855

>If they have been stealing the DNA of other species to incorporate into their own

That's not really what they do. They just look at your DNA and then randomize their own. Then they like to PRETEND that this means the child takes after the alien parent in some way, but that is purely fiction within the Mass Effect universe.

>> No.9661858

Her need to hunt down the vampire chick is greater than her responsibility to some cops. She's not obligated to kill them - she's obligated to escape whatever the cost so she can continue her hunt.

>> No.9661864

Different races see different things about the Asari. The turians see the head-fringe that looks like theirs and find that attractive. The salarians like the skin color and (on some, like in OP pic) the "scales" on the top of their heads that look much like theirs. Humans see boobs.

>> No.9661870

Taurians and Humans are the only worthwhile species and maybe Elcor.

Watch Shepard loose the final fight and then the Taurian councilor magically appears and "dismisses" the entire Reaper fleet with air quotes. Thus saving the galaxy

>> No.9661878

I only got it on with Liara because... well i found myself romancing her without even trying. And i didn't want to romance Ashley, who actually had enough dialogue for me to decide i didn't want to.

Now to hope Liara isn't too pissed in ME3 about me hooking up with Tali...

>> No.9661885

Was I the only one who didn't find Tali attractive? I don't know what people see in her. Maybe it was just the mental image of a pale, grublike creature under that hazmat suit she wears.

How would you even have sex with her? Aren't Quarians allergic to everything? Wouldn't she have a reaction to your sperm and go into convulsions? Not hot.

>> No.9661889

She can't' hide behind that excuse. She devoted her life to the Code, knowing full well what that entailed. She's little more than a dirty cop drinking in power and hiding behind an emblem of office to deflect criticism when the threat of violence isn't enough.

She said she became a Justicar to rid the Universe of the evil she helped create, but what the fuck good is she if she commits atrocities in the process? Becoming evil to get rid of evil? A little bit pointless if you ask me.

>> No.9661897

If you don't romance anyone you don't get as good a post-Council rejection scene. Shepard plopping down next to the lockers and venting about how his frustration to his love interest is Shepard's best scene. He actually grows a tiny bit as a character in that scene. Without it the climax is just kind of lacking...

>> No.9661898

Somebody didn't tap dat superb Quarian ass in ME2.

>> No.9661901

Hey, if Ashley's just a normal marine, and not like a super-special-forces expert like everyone else, why can't I get, like, ten marines? Or fifty? Why can't I just roll out onto every planet with like a platoon of dudes in heavy armor?

>> No.9661909

I honestly think of her more as a cute littler sister than someone fuckable.

>> No.9661917


I haven't actually even played ME2

>> No.9661919

>How would you even have sex with her? Aren't Quarians allergic to everything? Wouldn't she have a reaction to your sperm and go into convulsions? Not hot.

Shepard has sex with her in ME2 and that doesn't happen, so no.

>> No.9661921

Why is she hunting down the vampire chick? Because the chick kills innocent people? Well shit, I wonder what Samara does when someone's in the wrong place at the wrong time. "You actively do good for people and are likely a good person yourself, but I have to kill you to make sure that I can stop this evil Asari that's out killing good people who possibly actively do good for others! ...wait."

>> No.9661932


Because Bioware plots only pretend to make sense

>> No.9661934


>> No.9661935

oh please, she would have to have killed the cop for obstruction of justice. if that asari cop had been in asari space, the order to arrest a JUSTICAR would have never come down.

a bzillion year old society is capable of producing a set of rules that cover every situation. and that's exactly what the justicar code is.

>> No.9661948

Ultimately Morinth probably has killed fewer innocent people than Samara has. Consider that Samara is obligated to kill even really REALLY petty criminals.

>> No.9661949

even if they WEREN'T allergic to everything their amino acids are dextrotatory. Shepard's levorotatory sperm would probably kill her outright

>> No.9661952

The vampire chick is capable of mass mind control and EATING SOULS, and has gone through hundreds of victims. A few obstructive cops aren't worth it.

>> No.9661956


It's like the law of inverse ninja effectiveness

>> No.9661958

I was hoping i could convince her to rethink the code. Sadly i couldn't. Maybe in ME3...

>> No.9661960

In my opinion: The attraction to Ta'li was because she was inexperienced but useful, friendly and eager to help, and had a vaguely Russian sounding accent. She was also one of the most alien and therefore interesting of the characters from the original choices.. And the fact that she WASN'T a choice just made her all the more attractive. She was a Cannot Have, a character who you forged a link with on an intellectual level because the things she talked about were interesting, rather than YEAH I WANT TO FUCK ME SOME RUSSIAN SPACE-BUTT SO I'LL JUST CLICK ALL THE MOST SAPPY DIALOGUE CHOICES HERE OH BOY BLUE TITTIES

Ironically, the very moment they retconned her into being able to have sex with you due to LOL IMMUNE SYSTEMS CAN BE INJECTED INTO PEOPLE NOW, I lost all interest in her. Since she became a Can Have, I find that I no longer Want.

>> No.9661962

kill one person to stop a 400 year old serial killer who has been know to set up death cults to give herself masses of victims

yeah, that's really fucking morally sound, not being sarcastic.

>> No.9661963

...except it doesn't and in any case Bioware's 'science' doesn't make a lot of sense. It's not worth arguing about, really.

>> No.9661967

- vampire chick has been alive for 400 years
- vampire chick needs to kill people to survive
- vampire chick has mentally dominated entire villages in at least one case

>> No.9661968

Avoid romantic problems in ME3 by making sure Shep is the only one to survive the suicide mission.

>> No.9661969


>lots of big words

Huh, ok

>> No.9661982

Bioware's dextro-amino acid shit is bullshit anyway, don't waste your time trying to rationalize it

>> No.9661992

I can tell you why I was attracted to her.

She was friendly, intelligent, had sarcastic sense of humor, was resourceful, independent, but also very feminine in her looks, voice, and mannerisms. Compared to Ashley and Liara she was perfect. Both Ashley and Liara represent extremes in regards to their personality. Liara is extremely naive and passive where-as Ashley is an aggressive pessimist. One is EXTREMELY feminine, real classic fairy-tail girly and the other is new-age BUTCH.

That's why I liked Tali.

>> No.9662000

she didn't have to do it to live, she was addicted.

that's kinda why she was a villain and not a more sympathetic character.

PS anybody notice morinth has bad teeth?

>> No.9662006

Bioware romance is easy, just pick the "I like you" option over the "I hate you and you're an awful person" option.

Try getting into Jaheira's pants in BG2, it's a fucking nightmare.

>> No.9662007

Yeah, I'm actually going to give bonus points to people who avoid all the Romance options and bitchslap anyone who compromises the mission.

>> No.9662008

The thing is she seems prone to kill when she could just stun or run. At least that's the impression she gives in dialogue.

>> No.9662015

>Mass Effect
>Being described as 'Hard Sci-Fi'

>> No.9662020

I always hated Tali because she was a stuck up bitch who thinks her people were in the right to try and genocide a sentient race just because they where an accident. bitch.

>> No.9662026

You are aware that sugar has dextrochirality, right?

Yes, Tali kisses taste like sweetness itself.

>> No.9662033

..where is it described as hard scifi?

>> No.9662041

I'm not sure how her being obligated to kill incredibly petty criminals... like, let's say, jay walkers... is a point toward her not being Lawful Stupid and an overall evil influence on the galaxy.

The Code is bullshit if it deals with situations like that. That's all there is to it. A police force that terrifies its citizenry is one that doesn't need to exist.

You're right. They should've just dropped a low-yield nuke on the city she was in to be sure. The loss of life probably wouldn't exceed the numbers she's killed in her 400 year killing spree. So that's totally, morally right. Because the number you killed don't equal the number she killed, right?

Fingers crossed.

I bet you hit the Renegade interrupt a lot.

>> No.9662042

in laymans terms
Some organic compounds have structures that are mirror images (ie reversed) so despite having the same number of atoms and bonds, the shape doesn't because its backwards

thus if you had a levorotatory organism like humans and made them ingest dextrotatory amino acids. BAD THINGS would happen when cells try to integrate those amino acids into a normal protien synthesis and the chain breaks down horribly

>> No.9662043


Is there a way to tell if you've fucked it and can never do it in that? I'm still talking to her and she keeps going further in confessing her feelings, so I'm guessing she is just still holding out on that long embrace in the tent.

>> No.9662044

Dextrose sugars are also often used in stuff like chocolate and soda/coke/what have you.

>> No.9662045

yeah, but the purpose of a justicar in asari society is to create a boogy woman for the bad guys.

the individual people she kills aren't what matters, what matters is the sense that ALL criminals in asari space understand: that at any time a justicar could come upon them and kill them very quickly, easily, and legally.

>> No.9662049

I never agreed with her on that. Still romanced her, and convinced her to me friendlier with Legion.

It's pretty normal when you're hammer with "FUCKING GETH DID THIS TO US" since birth, and it seems her father was quite antigeth.

>> No.9662054

>Just because they were an accident
>Implying the reason Tali wanted to genocide the fuck out of the Geth wasn't because the Geth already genocided the fuck out of the Quarians centuries ago
Yeah, that's real fuckin' neato.

>> No.9662060

To be fair, no one wears camo armor by default. Not even Wrex. It's stupid, really, but alas...

And while we're on the subject: What the hell is with everyone's armor in ME2? Only people that use armor are Grunt, Zaheed, Shepard, Garrus, and Legion and Tali to a degree. IN A FUCKING 0 OXYGEN ENVIRONMENT OR ABOARD A SHIP WHERE ONE FOREIGN GERM = MASS GENOCIDE.

>> No.9662069

Turns out the Geth genocided the fuck out of the Quarians because the Quarians tried to genocide the fuck out of the Geth first! Whoops.

But the Geth were terribly good sports about it and patched the Quarian homeworld up to the best of their ability to keep it as a sort of mausoleum-world.

>> No.9662074

Her code is merciless and thus so is she. Anyone who stands in her way must be slain. Anyone who doesn't live up to the ideals of her code must be put down.

Her body count is probably just as high as Morinth's, probably a lot higher actually. Morinth only kills for sex and she probably doesn't kill THAT often. If she did she wouldn't be able to hide very well.

>> No.9662081

sugar != amino acids

You don't make long and complex protein chains out of saccharides

>> No.9662084

Was it a Cylon sort of situation where the Geth achieved sentience "accidentally" and started asking for shit like basic "human" rights?

>> No.9662089

Of-course they still won't allow the quarians to return. The geth aren't fucking saints. They were sure as hell quick to fire on the quarian research team on Haestrom.

...and I'm not convinced those geth were Heretics, either.

>> No.9662096

Exactly. I am sure all of us here have eaten no small amount of dextrose in our time, yet here we all are not-dead and mostly functional.

Bioware really fucked up on the biology there, but oh well.

>> No.9662098

but her mercilessness creates a greater good for asari society.

>> No.9662101

Nowhere in this thread, but in a few reviews (legitimate ones, for actual magazines) I read recently they discussed the science and talked about how amazing and perfect it was and how this was a triumph for hard sci-fi and ARGH.

>> No.9662102


Her father is a General. What can you do?

>> No.9662108

Hey, i was full paragon but come on, headbutting the krogan in Grunt's mission? Burning that other krogan you were gonna kill anyway? You can't pass those.

>> No.9662111

Similar, but not quite. They started asking questions about their existence. The quarians, realizing this was an extremely DANGEROUS malfunction on a HUGE scale decided to shut the geth down. Unfortunately for the quarians they were too late and far more geth than they realized were already 'awake'.

>> No.9662123


that's crazy

>> No.9662134


I swear Sheperd alone has genocided more Geth than the Quarians were ever successfully able to.

>> No.9662137

Talk to legion. Quarian home world is abandoned. Geth are too busy building a dyson sphere to care about anything.

Only geth not working on that sphere are heretic sovereign geth.

>> No.9662141

Pretty much, yeah. Quarians expand the ability of geth to form neural networks to take processor load off of individual platforms, geth hit the AI tipping point in which they can undertake self-improvement without outside interference, geth asks its quarian overseer "What is a soul? Do I have one?", quarian freaks the fuck out, rocks fall, quarians die.

>> No.9662149

i do kinda like how the only thing really sci-fi about all the technology is the mass effect itself.
kinda similar to avatar with unobtainium.

>> No.9662156

Asari society is the enemy. That's why I enjoy killing Samara and then releasing Morinth back in asari space. :)

>> No.9662163

Oh I see. Yeah that is pretty shitty of the Quarians, then. But I guess if some humans pissed off an entire race and that race nearly extincted us and forced us off our planet I'd be a little angry with them too. Especially if they were essentially a hive mind. So I can see where she's coming from. "Hey we fucked up but now we sort of don't have a choice to do anything but hate your fucking guts seeing as how we're barely surviving."

>> No.9662165

You've got no joy in your life if you DIDN'T headbutt Worf.

>> No.9662171

how are the asari the enemy?


>> No.9662175

Yes, I know that. However the geth still won't allow the quarians to return. If the geth really cared about their creators they'd just fucking leave. The geth have a lot more options than the quarians do. They can survive anywhere. They still insist on holding onto all these worlds that they don't even use.

>> No.9662176

Well, it's not like the quarians have tried to be peaceful either. According to legion the quarians have attacked the Geth every time they thought victory was assured.

I really can't agree with how the quarians did things. Fine, you didn't want to create AI, but you did. How about finding out if it's psychotic before trying to destroy it? By now destroying them is genocide you see...

>> No.9662186

They're a rival power, and a powerful one at that. They are the current heavy-weight on the galactic stage. If humanity is to ascend to the top of the pile then asari influence will need to be curbed.

>> No.9662197

What assholes.

>> No.9662199

Half of the Renegade interrupts were dickery, the other half were getting the first strike in situations where violence was inevitable.

>> No.9662200

Yeah, basically. It turns out the Geth were fucking SMART with their evolution. You see, what they did was, they made it look like they were several evolutionary stages behind where they actually were.

So, they started asking questions like "What am I?" or "What is life?" and so on, and then the Quarians went "Oh shit, this could turn into an AI situation, we'd better turn them off before they achieve sentience!" the Geth suddenly all stood up and said "Too late, and now we know how you biologicals would have reacted to us gaining sentience: Our extinction."

Cue horrible bloody genocide of the Quarians because it turns out the Geth were much, much smarter than them.

>> No.9662202

If the non-heretic Geth aren't even near the Quarian home world, how are they "holding on to it"? I mean if they're all off working on the Dyson Sphere wouldn't that count as "just fucking leaving"?

>> No.9662215

human supremacy, i'd like to introduce you to collectivism.
the philosophy for GOOD space captains.


>> No.9662219

>open up troll thread out of curiosity
>see interesting discussion going on

god I love /tg/.

>> No.9662224

fucking everything that moves:

>> No.9662226

>Well, it's not like the quarians have tried to be peaceful either. According to legion the quarians have attacked the Geth every time they thought victory was assured.

The only times they did that would have been during the Morning War. Otherwise they've been rolling around the galaxy mooching off the other races. They haven't gone anywhere near the geth for centuries.

Of-course the quarians attacked whenever they thought they could win during the war. Why wouldn't they? The geth weren't exactly a blameless party. They killed every single quarian who could not escape from behind the Veil. Every. Single. One. Billions of people, most of them defenseless.

The geth turned the tide and then ruthlessly exterminated the quarians.

Why it is people are so eager to swallow Legion's propaganda I'll never know.

It must be a liberal thing.

If an enemy says it then it must be true.

>> No.9662238

has ALREADY fucked everything that moves to the point of boredom


>> No.9662243

So some parent of yours kicks down your door and tries to stab you to death you get up slap their shit and drop their ass in the middle of fucking china or australia or whatever and you think you would be in the mood to just invite them right back in? fuck that, quarions lost their right, Geth had causus belli against all member states of that government,

>> No.9662245


I'm Commander Shepard, uniting all species in the galaxy with my dick.

>> No.9662248

Quarians haven't actually sent any ships to their old home worlds. No one has for 300 years.

It'll be funny to tell them in Mass Effect 3, oh, by the way, you didn't need to exile yourselves in a huge fleet and float about for hundreds of years because the Geth left your worlds a few months after you did.

>> No.9662252

The non-heretic geth occupy the worlds beyond the Veil. In addition to building the dyson sphere they are clearing rubble on quarian worlds, maintaining a military, and of-course harvesting resources.

Nobody knows where that dyson sphere even is. It might be quite close to the quarian homeworld.

Regardless, the geth won't allow the quarians to reclaim any of their former planets.

>> No.9662261

>>durr propaganda
You dumbass, I got all my information from tali.

>> No.9662266

Other people sent ships to the quarian worlds, emmissaries to establish contact and peace with them.

Guess what the geth did?

>> No.9662270

I start to wonder what Legion believes. He's part of a hive mind, but still an individual, right? So does he have his own opinions and thoughts on the matter?
Does he know exactly the same as all Geth, or is he being given incorrect information in order to feed it to Shepherd?

>> No.9662271

>It must be a liberal thing.
Hey, don't be a dick.

Seems like the Geth could've pulled something similar to what happened in the Animatrix where they just build a massive machine city that only allows AIs in. Would've enabled them to protect themselves, thrive, grow, AND avoid killing billions while they work out their squabbles.

>> No.9662278

Wow, what an intelligent man you must be.

>> No.9662281

It's not like Tali got Geth parts in a pawn shop.

They weren't in open war, but apparently they were raiding Geth installations when they thought they could get away with it. See for example, Tali's recruitment mission (though those are heretics, but it doesn't seem they even knew about the split).

Also out of 5 known admirals (1 is dead though), 2 wanted to destroy the Geth and reconquer their homeworld, 1 wanted to regain control of them, 1 wanted peace, and i'm not sure what the last one thinks, but being friends with Tali and her family she was probably pro-war too.

>> No.9662301

I believe the way Legion explains is that all geth have access to the same information as all other geth, but each platform will interpret it somewhat differently on the basis of their conditional experiences. It's the difference between being told something and actually experiencing something, I guess?

>> No.9662304

I think the Geth were a bit too paranoid to do that.

Not that I can blame them, really. If your first experience on awakening to sentience is your creators attempting to exterminate you, and then you find out how AI-phobic the rest of the galaxy is, you're going to be thinking "they're trying to kill us", not "they come in peace".

>> No.9662305

Except that didn't work out very well for humanity did it? The machines built that huge city and then flooded the global market with cheap goods, ruining the human economy. This spurred the humans into declaring war on them, which the Machines had obviously planned for.

Machines ask for rights...

Smarter humans are reluctant, but bleeding hearts win out and the machines are left alone.

Machines fuck over human society...

Humans realize they've fucked up and declare war...

Machines were ready and they destroy and ensalve humanity.

Thank you, bleeding hearts.

>> No.9662323

...but don't you see? if the geth could be conditioned that easily to be violent then what does that tell you? It tells you that the geth were not cognitively very advanced when they first awoke. As such peace probably wasn't possible. If they aren't sophisticated then you can't negotiate with them.

The quarians made the right choice.

>> No.9662328

implying bleeding hearts ever declare war.


>> No.9662331

Xeno lover.

Garrus is the bro though.

>> No.9662332

He's 1183 programs which somehow run a democracy in there.

I really don't see why the Geth would want to screw with the organics as long as they're not attacked. What's the point? Resources? They don't need habitable worlds, so not really.

The only ones with a reason to screw everybody else are the Heretics.

>> No.9662340

There's no indication the Geth would've reacted the same way the Machines did after they'd established themselves in the city. Also you're acting like the alternative would work out any better. Turns out trying to commit genocide on the Geth as soon as they discovered they were sentient ended up fucking the Quarians pretty hard anyway.

>> No.9662341

That makes sense. Personal experience shaping shared information, so a Geth who has just been sitting behind the Veil and has never so much as seen an organic would have a very different view of their attitudes towards the Geth than, say, Legion would.

>> No.9662348

No, thank you insane free trade. I mean, that sort of situation is what tariffs and quotas are made for!

>> No.9662353

The fucking galaxy was at war with the heretics (or just geth as they thought) who were rampaging all over the Terminus Systems and Attican Traverse/Skyllian Verge. Tali wouldn't have needed to enter geth space to encounter, kill, and collect geth machinery. It was the geth who were the hostile party (to ALL organic life), not the quarians. The mission to Haestrom was so important BECAUSE it was inside geth space. In said case however the quarians did everything they could to avoid being noticed by the geth. They were there to study the star, not fight geth. The geth saw them though and immediately attacked, no questions asked.

>> No.9662356


nothing the humans did in that story made any sense

>> No.9662364


also the plot of the matrix is dumb

>> No.9662368

No, sorry. I think we can lay the blame on the bleeding hearts who deluded themselves into thinking artificial life was actual life and whom allowed a more advanced life-form to arise on the Earht, consolidate its power, and then launch a pre-emptive strike against our species.

In the end did your machine sympathy save you? No, they killed you along with everyone else. Useful idiot, you are.

>> No.9662382

that's why it's realistic.

>> No.9662385

Got there before Picard. Left him with sloppy seconds

>> No.9662389

As soon as the QUARIANS discovered they were sentient. The Geth had been self-aware and 'alive' for quite some time, they just never told anybody. Massive, planet-spanning supercomputer, remember?

>> No.9662391

ITT: We base our reaction to AI on what AI did in a movie.

>> No.9662392

Hey man I was just making the machine city reference as an example of how the Geth could've avoided reacting such an extreme way. All this extra analogy with what the machines did after is sort of irrelevant. Geth aren't Matrix machines.

>> No.9662395




>> No.9662408

ok, your a troll. that being said.

xenophobia starts war. liberal sympathy does not.
xenophobia is a conservative value.

>> No.9662418

also mass effect's plot is pretty dumb too

like the Matrix

only the Matrix was actually fun to watch

this isn't fun at all

y'all slap dix

>> No.9662419

What other alternative was there? What were the quarians supposed to do? Should they have just sat there and done NOTHING as millions and MILLIONS of rogue A.I. arose on all of their worlds?

Do you know why A.I. is outlawed by the Council? It's fucking dangerous, and that's when people are intentionally creating it. The geth were an accident. Not only that, but they became A.I. when it should have been IMPOSSIBLE. The geth are not like any other A.I. in the galaxy because they are PURE software and not a combination of software and hardware (like EDI).

The geth's rise as A.I. was the result of a malfunction. That made them inherently unpredictable as A.I.'s because the quarians had never designed them to act that way.

What would the quarians offer them? What would they tell the Council? What if the geth weren't smart enough to reason with, what if the geth decided the quarians were a danger and then THEY made the first move? Even after attacking first the quarians still lost with their entire civilization and most of their species destroyed. If the geth had gotten the first blow then NONE of them might survived.

Unlike you the quarians didn't have the benefit of hindsight to guide their decision.

Though even then, as I said, there's no immediately obvious alternative that the quarians could have taken.

>> No.9662428

kirk: fought klingons
picard: had one as a lackey


also, kirk was gay with spock

>> No.9662429

Neither situation has any sympathy for machines you fucking lunatic. its people like you that will be the death of this world, We are one planet.

>> No.9662437

Caution guards against enemies, liberals however utterly lack caution. They invite our enemies to attack us by weakening us from within.

The fact is if rational minds had prevailed the machines would have all been destroyed and the Matrix never would have happened.

The liberals GOT their way and the DESTRUCTION OF MANKIND was the result.

>> No.9662441

Picard was a race traitor. Kirk was gay with Spock.

>> No.9662442

No, it's idiots like you giving the bomb to lunatic regimes like Iran and North Korea that will be the end of us.

>> No.9662443


I can't believe that out of EVERYBODY that's posted in this thread, only ONE guy got it right.

pic not related, aside from blue skin

>> No.9662446

idunno, Diplomacy?

>> No.9662451

ok, what you're advocating is hate. you've retooled the same arguments that have been used for centuries to justify war with brown people
only now the focus is robots.

and you're still a troll.

>> No.9662463

How about talking to them? Guiding them? Going back to non-sentient machines for labor also.

Also that spontaneous development of sentience? That makes them a "naturally evolved" AI, or at least more than any other ever made. It might be illegal to create AI, but destroying it once made should be considered murder.

>> No.9662466

Well what else do we base it on? A.I. doesn't exist in real-life, remember? It's all speculation. Though you don't need to refer to a movie. Just look at the natural world. What happens to an organism when another organism enters its environment, an organism that is better at filling the native's niche?

The native organism often dies out.

Humanity's niche is that we are intelligent and we seek to understand the world around us.

Well, A.I. would be much better at both of those things.

>> No.9662471

I'm looking forward to seeing what the Geth really turn out to be like in the third one. Mostly because of Legion, the most fucking awesome character in the game.

Think about it. The geth are so impressed by Shepard and his actions that they created Legion. Thats why he tracked Shepard, thats why he used Shepards armour to cover up the hole in his chest. He was seeking to emulate him. Basic geth philosophy, by taking on hardware of an individual you can make it part of the collective. His objective is to take the Shepard data - what he is, what he believes, and how he behaves - and integrate it into the ENTIRE geth race, as they see him as the most powerful example of his species.

The end result of this? If you play Paragon in 1 and 2, congratulations, you just made a super army which will fight for the preservation of life in the galaxy, as they will believe what you believe. If you went Renegade however... yeah. Good luck fighting off the reapers now, as you've made a race that believes revenge and destruction and most of all, survival of the self is the most important thing.

No one is going to see it coming.

>> No.9662472

god, i love that fucking picture.

lady asteroth>asari

>> No.9662475


speaking of picard

all of you faggots watch "I, Borg" immediately

and then "Descent"

and then whatever that one episode was with the nanomachines

and "The Quality of Life"

and then go to bed because that will take several hours and it's late

>> No.9662485


If people like me and sagan had our way, there wouldn't be one nuke on the planet.

YOU start the wars, not us.

>> No.9662488

I didn't mean to give the impression I disagreed with the Qurians fighting to save their lives. I do think trying to erradicate a race of obviously sentient beings is inherently immoral, though. You're basically saying they're dangerous because they're unpredictable. I can understand that - you approach them cautiously. You engage them with a gun in one hand, the other armored but outstretched in tentative companionship. I mean, the Krogan are basically stupider and meaner than the Geth but you don't see anyone saying they should've all been exterminated. Even the Salarians just want to cull their numbers, not reduce them to zero.

The Quarians were in the right for acting in self preservation after the Geth started trying to kill them, but not before that. Not when they hit the button labelled "Genocide". That just ain't cool. And BOTH sides are fucking assholes for letting this drag out so long without sitting down and saying, "Look. We're fucking sorry, okay? Whose dick do we have to suck to fix this?"

>> No.9662489

It's not a fear of xenos, its a hatred of them.

The proper word is xenomesosia.

>> No.9662491

What are you going to talk them about, what are you going to guide them towards?

Don't give me vague fucking "feel good" answers. Give me a plan of action. You are the quarian president and your Cabinet has just informed you that all the millions and millions of geth that are integrated into every facet of your society on every world you control are evolving beyond your control into rogue A.I.

What are you going to do? Give me a plan of action.

>> No.9662492

How could you say no to this face?

>> No.9662502

I think youre giving bioware too much credit, if they did that though ME would be game of the year all years for real.
what a twist.

>> No.9662517

a newly sentient race is a blank slate, are you going to teach them war first of all, or are you going to spend some time ingraciating the "feel good stuff" into their psyche.

>> No.9662523

>You engage them with a gun in one hand, the other armored but outstretched in tentative companionship.

Assuming that doesn't just provoke them? The more geth awaken the smarter they will become, the better organized. Very soon they will analyze the situation and realize that it is they, not the quarians, who have the advantage. After that they'll be the ones making demands, and you will HAVE to comply or fight them.

You can't do both at the same time. You can't tell the geth "I come in peace" while threatening them with a gun. You can't tell the geth, "We trust you" while simultaneously taking a defensive position and evacuating civilians.

Doing either of those things may give them the impressiong that you are just biding your time, and thus provoke them to attack you.

The situation the quarians faced was incredibly delicate and complex.

>> No.9662525


If that brush you're painting with got any broader, you'd be using a street broom instead.

How about you share some more of your broad generalizations with the rest of the thread. Maybe, if you keep going on long enough, you'll start showing signs of original thought. I'd love to gain further insight into how you see the world. I bet it's scary!

>> No.9662528

Actually, I just made sure an arms rae occured and that Humanity has a strong postion so that when the time comes, I can betray them all and build my humna empire on the corpses of all the xeno races with minmum loss of life for humanity.

>> No.9662530

eh, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to...
...you reading this in my voice.

>> No.9662536

"i am going to kill all the reapers!"
"no Shepard, you are the reapers"
And then Shepard was a larva

>> No.9662538

like to re-iterate that the guy you're talking to is a troll.

jus sayin'

>> No.9662542

The geth weren't a blank slate. They evolved from V.I.'s, programs which were often integrated into the military. The geth were extremely dangerous and the quarains knew it. That's why they couldnt' afford to sit around doing nothing while the geth increased in capability.

The survival of the species was at stake and when that is what you are fighting for you dont' concern yourself with being "fair" to a potential enemy.

>> No.9662546

>implying ANYONE (most of all librals) advocate nuclear proliferation of ANY kind, much less towards blatantly antagonistic regimes

Also Iran and N. Korea want the bomb for dick waving reasons. Thats all the bomb is good for as soon as humans realized the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction. Iran and N. Korea can't simultaneously destroy every every other state on the planet in a single strike. Its logically impossible. And if even ONE ICBM is left able to retaliate then they have lost it all. Using nuclear weapons in this day and age (or even giving them to international terror cells knowing they can be traced back to you) is tantamount to suicide because you cannot destroy every other nuke in the world to ensure no retaliation. No government on the face of this planet will ever commit such an act because the goal of every government it to maintain the status quo/stay in power.

I just realized I am arguing geopolitics with a troll. Fuck me its late

>> No.9662548

"No! Doing it wrong you are, young one. Forgot the correct sentence structure you have!"

>> No.9662552

Talk with the lead designer, and get a copy of a sentient geth, interrogate/interview him on the nature of AI and the danger, inform that you want peace, but do not exactly know what to do with your accidentally a billion sentient robots.

>> No.9662553

Really? I'd say his reply was a hell of a lot more troll'ish than mine. At least I explained my reasoning. All he did was insult me.

>> No.9662554

No, not when all there is is pure vitriolic rage. I do not fear them, I just wish to extreminate them. All of them.

>> No.9662556

EDI would like to have a word with the AI-haters.

>> No.9662561

oh yeah, that whole "survival of the species above all else" thing worked out pretty well for the quarians didn't it?

PROTIP: xenophobia leads to self-fulfilling prophesies.

>> No.9662567

You can't do that. If you isolate a geth program it will lose its intelligence.

>> No.9662571


Its what I would do. The conversations with Legion practically said it without saying it. Why the hell would they send him out to find out everything they could about Shepard? They see his ability to overcome all obstacles as something that is an assistance to their own survival. If they integrate his Paragon logic of 'everyone working together' then they'll follow that imperiative and assist the other races of the galaxy against the Reapers. Following their own logic of self preservation and data accumulation, Legion is possibly the most important character in ME2. Because of him, you will be able to ally yourself with potentially the most powerful force in the ME universe, especially considering that the ones you were fighting up until the point you retrieved him were heretics, and not the main geth collective. Also, if you do his loyalty mission, there ARE no heretics by the end of it. So does that mean the geth are done entirely? Hell no. They'll be back in ME3, and in such a manner that will be the result of all you did in 1 and 2.

>> No.9662580

>oh yeah, that whole "survival of the species above all else" thing worked out pretty well for the quarians didn't it?

They are still alive at least. If they'd listened to someone like you they might not be.

>> No.9662584


> unsubstantiated claims, baseless and broad generalizations

> well reasoned or rational in any way

>> No.9662585

Why not?

"Hey you probably already know this but you are something we have never encountered before. We have no idea what to expect from you. You could be hostile, but you could also be one of the most amazing things to happen to the Quarian race in its entire history. We don't know what to expect, and so we are preparing for the worst. We are preparing to defend ourselves, but you already knew that because you know us. We want to cultivate a partnership with you - we want to learn about you. We want to stay alive more than any of that, though. So now that we've been honest with you, maybe we can invite you to do the same. What are your intentions?"

You know, diplomacy. Being diplomatic doesn't mean you tear open your shirt and give the other guy a dagger. It means you fucking talk to them. You're still allowed to protect yourself. And since your enemy knows exactly who you are and what your tactics are (because they've been part of your society for a long time and have been privy to all of your secrets), they'll know the difference between a defensive posture and one poised for an attack.

>> No.9662587

yeah, but all sith are just whiney little emo's on the inside.

>> No.9662595

Yeah, assuming Bioware makes any of your choices matter, sure. I remain skeptical of that.

>> No.9662618

or they'd still be on their planet living happily alongside the geth. it's this thing called "goodwill", the enemy has it too, at least until people like you crush it with your cowardly hatred.

and you're still a troll.

>> No.9662620

You can tell them that, but that's just words. Your ACTIONS indicate that you don't trust them. If you don't trust each other then you're both a danger to one another.

You are also assuming the geth have the same peaceful intent that you do. What if they don't? Time is on their side. The longer you wait to give them an excuse to attack the stronger they'll be.

>> No.9662627

I didn't say to isolate it, I just said I dont want to address a gigantic audience of geth right off the bat,

>> No.9662641

Or this, or that. You can't guarantee it though, and that's why no rational government would follow your advice when the survival of the species was at stake. Attacking the geth maximized the chances that the quarian species would at least SURVIVE. Your way is all or nothing. Either we live in peace or we probably get obliterated competely. Not as much of a chance for a middle of the road outcome.

Go read Atomic Rocket sometime. You'll get smarter.

>> No.9662646

Well you don't have much choice; that's how the geth work.

>> No.9662667

Blando Calrissian is obvious Carth Onasi

Kaiden Alenko, having psychic powers of questionable value and being a total woman, is obviously Deanna Trite

>> No.9662678

of course you dont trust them, you dont know them, if you even walked up to some random quarion on the street would you trust that fucker with your wallet? its entirely normal to be distrustful for a completely alien stranger, the idea here is to not be impulsive and to try to build that trust before its too late.

>> No.9662691

Your words indicate that you don't trust them either. That's the whole point. "I don't trust you. I don't know what to expect. I am moving to make certain I survive above all else, but if you don't threaten that then we can begin to build a common ground on which to stand together."

And it's very possible the DIDN'T have peaceful intentions for all the Quarians at the time knew. That's the point of the armored glove and the gun in the other hand. Sure, making sure you can win a war is all well and good, but alloying for the opportunity for the war to never occur is a surefire way to survive it. If you force the other guy into a fight you're forcing yourself to participate in it.

>> No.9662694

Anyway, I've made this argument countless times. There are two kinds of people in the world; rational people who don't live with their head in the clouds and then there are people like most of the naive posters in this thread. I'll never change your mind and you sure as hell aren't going to change mine.

Have a nice day, keep chasing that rainbow of a nuclear-free world.

>> No.9662732

>implying things could have gone worse than how it did for the quarians
making a populous species extinct is very hard.

what can be guaranteed however, is that if you declare war on every threat, you will have wars on your hands.

and if you carry on that way, eventually, one of those threats will be stronger than what you can handle, it's an inevitability.

if you make friends, on the other hand, you achieve greater strength through unity, and even though you're in a poor tactical position as a result of being trusting, the overwhelming force of your alliance would win the unavoidable wars much more easily.

but yeah, let me go read your little book and get smarter :P

>> No.9662733

No you haven't you cannot dignify your responses with the word argument because they don't have any basis or substance, anyway why dont you head over to your favorite church you fucking lunatic. I'm sure we're the ones who need to prove your shit wrong in your eyes anyway.,

>> No.9662736


> walking away from a weak argument means that I win

> my cynicism makes me smart look how edgy I am

>> No.9662740

I suspect you very well might murder a man if you knew you could get away with it "just to make sure he didn't kill me later." Maximizes your chances of survival, right?

>> No.9662752


>> No.9662762

s t e A L i N G I S W R O N g M r . C H R I S t o p H e R p o o l E h t T P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

>> No.9662790

I can't believe how much faggoty nerd rage is happening in this thread.

>> No.9662791

Cant we all agree on one thing? that all Batarians should be exterminated?

>> No.9662796

And just because this thread reminds me of it, have a scholarly article from a reputable source.


>> No.9662804

sure, why the fuck not.
are you lost or something?

>> No.9662839

Really it seems like Batarians are just grossly misinformed. That one you have the option of saving on Mordin's recruitment mission actually turns into something of a reasonable guy when you prove to him that you aren't trying to murder his entire people. I suspect their leadership is just very, very evil.

>> No.9662899

slavery is ingrained in their society as a legitimate business. (should be noted, human slavers were considered scum when slavery was legal)

yeah, burn em all.

>> No.9662916

It's humans who wear Asari armor

>> No.9662928

oooooooooh, that kinda makes sen-NO



>> No.9662990

I love when people dont play the games and assume Renegade sherpard is lol kill everything rape bad generic action.

Overall, renegade Shepard is protecting lives and upholding justice (For the most part). He's just less diplomatic, far more direct, and somewhat of a dick about it.

>> No.9662998

Also punching out the press, but to be fair, they were being asses about shit.

>> No.9663151


>I love when people dont play the games and assume Renegade sherpard is lol kill everything rape bad generic action.

This is actually a pretty valid assumption given how moral choices usually work in Bioware games.

>> No.9663168

Renegade = pragmatic and pessimistic

Paragon = idealistic

>> No.9663175

>Cant we all agree on one thing? that all Batarians should be exterminated?

Oh goddess, no! The cause of all war and conflicts is misunderstanding and prejudice. If the Council were more open to diplomacy with the Batarians, a peaceful solution could be reached that would benefit all species. Most likely negotiated by the Asari.

If a hostile species attacks yours, it is the mark of a truely intelligent race to ask them why they are so hostile instead of returning fire and breeding more hatred, instigating a neverending cycle of violence.

>> No.9663184

>his viewpoint is different from mine so he is a troll

>> No.9663466

He's (probably) not a troll, he's just an idiot for thinking that his personal opinion is 100% fact and all those with opposing opinions are blind idiots who cannot see THE TRUTH.

Same goes for these chucklefucks.

protip: Reality ain't black and white, both sides have good points and flaws. Compromise and reasonable discussion works a lot better than ignoring the other side because they think differently. At least try asking WHY they think that way.

>> No.9663576

I'm sorry.
Did you say something?

>> No.9663604


Fuck that.

I will see all of Batarian space burned before the Armada of Man.

Fucking Bats.

>> No.9663628

>> No.9663651

I kind of want to actually play a pnp mass effect as a human anti-batarian extremist

wannabe cerberus terra firma goons!

>> No.9663915


>> No.9664017

Oh sweet, a Mass Effect thread.

Currently playing a Paragon Engineer run on ME1, going to buy the second this weekend.

Am I the only one who likes Kaiden? I find his boring professionalism somewhat comforting. He also has a huge amount of dialogue with Wrex, which is great.

>> No.9664039

Yes. Yes you are.

>> No.9664053

Engineer, in ME1? Try Adept if you do another play through biotics are over powered as fuck in the first game but weaker in the second.

>> No.9664085

I might do that. I'm always a sucker for wizard classes, and that's what Adept basically is.

But I like Engi. I like constantly disrupting their weapons and shields, and hacking big Geth to crush little Geth with.

In ME2, you get a drone and a motherfucking CRYO BLAST! I fucking love Cryo stuff!

>> No.9664166

Sadly in ME2 all the cool abilities are hard to use on insanity because of barrier/shield/armor blocking them.

>> No.9664178

Kaidan gets major props from me for biotic-kicking a Turian's head off in training.

>> No.9664279

Dudes, Asari can't manipulate your mind unless there's physical contact.

They synchronize their nervous system with yours. Mass Effect doesn't have "True" psionics because that's just magic, and magic does not exist in Mass Effect, their expy-minovsky particles notwithstanding.

>> No.9664328

>Mass Effect

>> No.9664387



>> No.9664491

Red Sand is legal on Illium.


>> No.9664590

>Dudes, Asari can't manipulate your mind unless there's physical contact.
>They synchronize their nervous system with yours.

Remember, folks: Mass Effect is "hard" sci-fi.

>> No.9664728

That's not what I said. I just said there's no magic.

>> No.9664835

The asari looks pretty do-not-want there.

>> No.9664894



>> No.9665623

>I'm a race of beautiful women who all live for over a thousand years! We first discovered the Citadel and became the race of diplomacy in the world!

>All of us naturally have the ability to mentally control the world with our minds with a simple surgical procedure and training, which we can easily accomplish over our long lifespans.

>We can mentally connect to any species, and have special mind sex with members of any species that allows us to truly become one with a person!

>Our soldiers are considered the most fierce in the galaxy, but we don't have too many soldiers because we're too busy being influential and wonderful!

>How is this NOT a Mary Sue?

It's not Mary Sue because Asari have flaws.

>> No.9665677



>> No.9665714

Slow to act, very non-confrontational (Ie, doormats), Practically no ability to fight a stand-up war, physically rather puny, not innovative or creative.

I could go on.

>> No.9665769

See: the bartending matriarch on Illium. She has a nice rant about what's wrong with the asari and how they're completely resistant to change.

>> No.9665792

Hell yeah, I love that bitch.

If I could have had her come gallivanting around the galaxy with me instead of Samara, I'd have taken that option in a heartbeat.

She wanted to build Mass Relays. BUILD them. That shit is called Progress.

>> No.9665801

Is there any vids on youtube of her?

>> No.9665803

Bull. Shit. They don't have many soldiers, but they are the greatest there is.

The rest can hardly be considered real flaws. They're all societal, not racial.

>> No.9665807

Also being the hottest Asari

>> No.9665816

Shepard and co. Beat down about a dozen of them rather handily on Noveria. Personally I'm pretty sure that the "Greatest Soldiers" business about Asari Commandos is pure Informed Ability.

>> No.9665824

He said no ability to fight a stand up war, not that the few soldiers they have are shitty.

>> No.9665827

>Slow to act,
Nothing to support this.

>very non-confrontational (Ie, doormats),
The game interprets that as being a "peaceful" race, and thus a very desirable trait.

>Practically no ability to fight a stand-up war,
Wrong - they made a big deal of showing the Asari Battleship in action, in the first Mass Effect. I also believe the Asari own the most Battleships in the universe - except for the Turians.

>physically rather puny,
Made up for by biotics that allows them to pick shit up and toss it around with a mere thought.

>not innovative or creative.
Nothing to support this.

>I could go on.
Please do.

>> No.9665845

Newsflash: You can't win a war with commandos. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

Even the Salarians have a better shot at winning a real, head-on war than the Asari do, if only because, when the chips are down, they know how to stand up and fight. Before they joined the Council, they fought wars all the time, by themselves. Asari have NEVER done this. Their society never evolved beyond the Greek city-state model and thus never had to deal with Total War. Practically any race in the galaxy could kick their ass if the mood took them, except maybe the Volus, who at least were smart enough to hire Turian mercenaries to fight their wars for them.

>> No.9665859


Turians are 50% of the fleet you find out very early in ME1.

Asari are just the most badass in the world (and live 1000 years+) which is why there there are only like 5 squads.

>> No.9665867

They have nowhere near the military power that the turians have, they only made a big deal about the Destiny Ascension because it's the flagship of the citadel defense fleet.

>> No.9665901

I always let Ashley die.
Space Racism (or what it should have been. Humanity first) is fine and all, but I prefer better reasons than "baaaw grandpappy surrendered so now I'M ANGRY"

>> No.9665902

>Newsflash: You can't win a war with commandos. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

Still, the game established them as the BEST commandos in the galaxy.

>Before they joined the Council, they fought wars all the time, by themselves. Asari have NEVER done this. Their society never evolved beyond the Greek city-state model and thus never had to deal with Total War.

"We're so beautiful and peaceful and sparkly! Tee hee! We're so socially advanced that we've NEVER had wars like the rest of you brutish races have." That's pretty much a textbook Mary Sue.

>Practically any race in the galaxy could kick their ass if the mood took them,

"Oh noes! Brutes are overwhelming us! We need to be saved by a race containing big hunky strong men we can mate with later on! Oh please, knights in powered armour, save us and we will it worth your while..." ~<3 <3 <3
Very very Mary Sue behavior. Textbook.

>> No.9665906

All the advantages the Asari have really only serve to boost them up to about the same level as the other races in Mass Effect.

Humans are dogged, determined, and above all, innovative, when it comes to warfare.

The Turians have a MASSIVE military and are congenitally predisposed toward order and discipline.

A Krogan can take a faceful of ammunition and keep coming, and even if you do manage to take one out, there's a million more that have got his back, and he'll probably pick himself up after the battle's over and be back to fight again.

Every race in ME has it's advantages, and they're pretty close to equally competent, with no one species having too great an advantage over the others. Asari are just pretty in addition to that.

>> No.9665920

As others have said, Asari are all about spec-ops and special ships. They don't have much of a rank and file army. The Turians (and now the humans) provide the backbone of the Citadel fleet and have the most powerful armies.

Also, to paraphrase the bartender, the asari are all about diplomacy, art, culture etc but not a single one of their lifetimes goes by without their being a major galactic war. She advocated getting the young to start working sooner instead of spending 100s of years gallivanting about the galaxy as strippers and mercs. She wanted her race to shape up and she got laughed out of the room.

>> No.9665927


Look, just because they never underwent total war doesn't mean they didn't FIGHT.

How often did the Athenians get into a tiff with the Spartans? And had to have the Thebans come in and knock their heads together to get them to quit being such babies?

It's not that they didn't make war, they just aren't very GOOD at it.

>> No.9665934

>the asari are all about diplomacy, art, culture etc

So they're space European intellectuals?
Or space French?

>> No.9665937

Allow me to introduce you, strawman, this is /tg/, /tg/, strawman, I'll let you two get to know each other, toodles.

>> No.9665942

Nah, they're Greek city states IN SPACE.

>> No.9665952

More like the Renaissance Italians.


>> No.9665957

>Asari are just pretty in addition to that.

There's your problem.

>> No.9665967

I'm afraid Anon's blatant troll actually does relate to the argument at hand. Troll? Definately. Strawman? I'm afraid not.

>> No.9665968

Yes, because France hasn't raised some of the greatest soldiers of all time, definitely.

>> No.9665982

Every race in ME represent a facet of humanity

>> No.9666027

I kinda feel sorry for Mass Effect AIs. Geth, that one in the Presidium in the first game, nearly all of them.

Because AIs are illegal, they're to be terminated on sight. When an AI achieves sentience, one of the first things they learn is that everyone wants them dead. Naturally they try to stop them.

It's a vicious cycle!

>> No.9666037

Mostly it's due to AI technology probably being on loan from the Reapers, who really do hate everything made of meat and want it destroyed (At the same time, they also want to fuck it.).

>> No.9666045

Damn, that sounds familiar...

>> No.9666093

New thread? This one seems to be filling up

>> No.9666104


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