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Anyway, the last drawthread is autosaging.

So yeah.

Posting a random bg pic I got saved, I will also do shitty and simple MSpaints if people really want it, and no other drawfags appear.

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Space Marines in Terminator armor zipping around like Doms from Mobile Suit Gundam.

>> No.9660733

A Kobold dressed up as an imperial guardsmen.

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In case you need a visual reference.

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autosaging? Hell it went 404 when I was typing up my reply to the picture that Greenmarine had just posted.

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The quadirad, as detailed here:

>eight-winged torsos with arms for arms, crab arms for legs, three mouths spread down the torso and eyes where their necks should be. Oh, and a thirst for justice.

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Guardsman Marbo stalking a Lictor, that is inturn stalking Marneus Calgar. Calgar is picking his nose, but it really isn't working out due to his powerfists.

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Jesus fuck, that sounds scary.

>> No.9660796

This, with a puzzled looking Commissar trying to decide whether to BLAM or to recruit it for being braver than his squad.

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Greenmarine, DUDE this is fucking GREAT. I started laughing my ass off and a couple of my friends had to come see what the hell I was laughing about and then they were laughing.

Thanks for doing this one. If you have anything of a 3d nature you would like to see I can see what I can do. especially for that one.

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Guess ill join in and take some requests

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My style is just due to thinking of this.

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A quick qeustion, does anybdoy know of anything like Mibbit? It seems to be having trouble connecting to DAL.net.

So does anybody know of a free-chat thingy other than mibbit.?

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Odo from DS9 as a paladin

>> No.9660886

I have a request! An embarrased looking Wraithguard (with obvious breast bumps) standing behind an embarrased bonesinger. A Farseer is berating the bonesinger over it having an 'obvious Slaaneshi influence'.

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You already got that done.

>> No.9660900

I had to go away for a while. What got drawn towards the end of the last thread?

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an old psyker sitting on an ornate wooden throne, in his hands he is holding a slate with an image of squats eating cheese

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The thread has been re-archived, at the very last moment.

by me.

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Bumping for the Quadriad.

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I use chatzilla (firefox addon).

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Could you draw a scantily clad female Tiefling with a Pole Axe?

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Can I at least get a "you suck" or something.

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[email protected]
"Stories of Crazy Hassan and his used camel Emporium"
Rating: +114

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Don't have firefox anymore. Don't feel like paying either.

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STILL waiting on that Alma rape...

3rd thread request.

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draw a futanari dragonborn. have yet to see one.

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Various monstrous humanoids as male strippers, dancing for human women who have expressions depicting various degrees of want on their faces.

>> No.9661059

Guardswoman (Or sister of battle, or female eldar, not picky) who has a set of insanely wide hips - like, a third again as wide as her shoulders. Ass to match.

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A wasteland warrior from a Mad Max/Borderlands inspired world. He is a cannibal, and all of his armor and equipment has been gained out of the back of a sporting goods truck. Not understanding what the words on the gear meant...he has taken his name from the worn-out stick that he now carries as his main weapon (Having married it to those odd bladed shoes he found). His name is Hock.

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A black chick in your usual skin-tight bodyglove with a three foot long pony tail and an amused expression on her face.

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I totally draw sexy dragonborn.

>> No.9661132

What the hell here is another.

A Female Farseer in a shattered ghosthelm, exposing part or most of her face, wearing destroyed armor, her robes torn in several places (showing some skin possibly including tits) bleeding from several wounds, holding a handful of glowing spiritstones. A single tear running down her cheek. Witchblade in her other hand covered with gore

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I am glad you like.

This sounds more like a demand than a request.

>> No.9661173

There seems to be something different about your avatar GM...
cant quite place my finger on it...

>> No.9661180

Not trying to demand, but it's something I've been asking for and seeing people's requests far after mine get fulfilled.

If the drawfriends don't want to do it, just say so and I'll stop.

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A Night Eldar; a night elf in Eldar Armour, pose something like this holding the helmet. Forget the cat.

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Hey...Hey, greenmarine.
Have a look at >>9660886.
There are three beings you could potentially put boobies on here.

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Oh I have been busy as hell so I am not sure you saw this so here it is again.

>> No.9661206

If you make your request for bizarre porn three separate times and are ignored every time, I think it's safe to assume that your request is disgusting enough that nobody wants to draw it and you should shut up.

>> No.9661254


Dude sometimes requests are just missed or the drawfag just decides to do something easier or more their style. I mean hell its all free artwork after all.

What is an alma anyway? a specific character?

>> No.9661262


Make more then one request.

You are kinda requering that people give a care of F.E.A.R. and you know, it isn't exactly a classic game.

For example, requesting a warforged Link with tons of hidden items is alot more likely to succeed in getting a drawfag to do it, just because 1. it's something most people are aware of. 2. it's fairly tame, and kinda cute, and 3. it will only be requested politely.

Which reminds me, I need to politly badger greenmarine to finish the boob hat chain pic at some point.


You hear that greenmarine?

>> No.9661263


Not the requester, but I think it's supposed to have 3 vertical mouths on the crouch, stomach, and chest, and one large, red eye on a stub of a neck.

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Alma is the psychic ghost of a little girl which maintains it's existence on this plane with sheer hate and she boils the flesh from peoples bones on a daily basis.

Her physical appearance is either that of a seven year old girl or the dessicated corpse of a sixteen year old.

>> No.9661313

Well that's... absolutely horrifying.

>> No.9661336

She psychics you into seeing her like this while she rapes you though, so that you don't fight as much.

She tries to seduce you throughout half the game. She finally gets fed up with your "No eat bullets instead" and just takes what she wants.

>> No.9661350

I personally do not want to recreate that scene, but another braver drawfriend might?

>> No.9661360


Oh, I haven't actually played FEAR2 yet due to my laptop not being able to run it.

I might not bother, FEAR is only fun when you don't know what's going on / what's going to happen and I've had a lot of it spoiled for me.

I loved the first game though, only game that ever got me legitimately scared.

>> No.9661366

O P H E R E i m l E A V I N G 4 c H A n F O R E v E R b e C a u S E I F O u n D o u t I t S a d M i n i s a t h i e F W h o T A k e s C r E d I T s f O R O t h e R S W o r k h t t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / i S t h E P L a C e 2 B

>> No.9661379

The ending was fun.
>Where the fuck am I? Did I escape into some sort of metal ball?

>> No.9661382


> OP here

Oh jesus his madness has reached new heights...

>> No.9661451

The spambots keep using different messages all the time.

Why hasn't the FBI shut down that den of pedos? They're worse than we are.

>> No.9661481


> Worse than we are

Maybe if you're from /b/, perhaps, faggot.

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I need a srs drawfag for this one: a large, ogyrn based servitor with everything below the waist replaced with a tracked drive mechanism, one arm replaced with a heavy bolter and twin-linked hellgun, and the other with a powerfist-esque hand. the more grimdark the better.

>> No.9661493

S t o p b e i n G A p S Y C h O c o P y c a T t H I e f M O o t A k A C h r I S T o P h E r P O O L e F r o M N e w Y O R k h t T p : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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She wasn't a little girl, she was 26 and had given birth to two kids when her physical body died, she just manifested herself as she was before she was sealed in for most of the first game.

>> No.9661517

dear drawfags

please draw me a death cult assassin guy who is a dude with knives and more knives.

He has a bodyglove with a shoulder harness for his kit, pants and boots over the 'glove, and a sort of balaclava-mask dealy. His eyes are subtly augmentic- grey sclera and red iris/pupils. He's very slight for his job, but not ridiculously so.

either that or a fantasy sort of wizardy-fellow who is an electrical army-wizard-magitek guy. Double points if he looks like he could be in the same army as the chap in the pict attached.

>> No.9661523

BTw, I am reqeusting this because I'm am trying to get back into and DAL.net channel and mibbit won't let me.

But now I have Firefux installed so lets see what heppans.

>> No.9661527

Have ALMA getting ready to rape the Protag from FEAR2, when suddenly a blast of psychic force erupts from his penis and destroys her.

>> No.9661539

Hah, psychic cumshot.

It's what she wanted, and it isn't! That's why it's funny!

>> No.9661568


Personally, i do not find it disgusting. I've been skipping it because i did not find the F.E.A.R. games interesting enough.


I did see, thanks a lot.

>> No.9661584

Actually, she tries to horribly kill and devour you through half the game. It's only towards the very end of the game that she actually falls in love with you (due to you being so strong mentally that you're the psychic equivalent of Duke Nukem) and decides that, maybe, just maybe, she should give this having-a-child thing another try. And hey, there's this big hunk of highly receptive brain-meat just sitting here waiting to conceive.
In any case, she genuinely likes your character at the end of the game, apparently - That particular character at least is legitimately safe from Alma's psycho freakout powers, because she doesn't want to hurt him.

I still wonder what the fuck happened to Pointman, though. He's still alive, apparently.

>> No.9661591

This might be too much Banshee ass...

>> No.9661612


>> No.9661624


He had better be.

I fucking loved pointman, he was a badass.

>> No.9661627

Pointman is one of her children I think. I don't think she'd kill her own son.

>> No.9661669


Hmm... Still not quite large enough.

Honestly, if you tweak that to be as large as you are comfortable drawing, I will be forever indebted to you (I'll also probably color it if you send me the .psd).

>> No.9661710

As far as I remember, he's canonically still alive, they just don't know where he is. FEAR 1 ends in the nuke and the helicopter crashing, remember, so it's likely his communications are just out.

I'm fairly certain she tries, though. A fucking lot, actually. I mean, there are a couple of points in the game when Alma will appear and start walking towards you, and if you touch her you die. Instantly.
As to whether that's because she doesn't know who you are at that point or because she simply doesn't care, I have no idea. On the other hand, she might care a lot; she scared Fettel absolutely shitless when she first escaped and slaughtered everyone in the facility to get to him, but then all she did once she got to him was give him a hug.

>> No.9661740

Fuck yeah Point man.
One of her clone kid.

>> No.9661746


>> No.9661751


Closer. Wider?

>> No.9661753


Atilla the Nun. Please. Make it happen.

>> No.9661759

Jesus man, I need to wear like three pairs of shades for that.

>> No.9661764

My god, I have to cast my vote for this.

>> No.9661781

Oh, and more DEM THIGHS?

Thanks a bunch.

>> No.9661857

This is hilarious

>> No.9661946

Give it tali hips.

>> No.9661984

I could never understand people obsession with ass.

>> No.9661989

Don't look at me for explanation, I'm into titties.

>> No.9661996


Then let's give her immense boobicles as well!

>> No.9662011

Ass is the sexiest part of a woman and males instinctively think about sex all the time.

>> No.9662017

>> No.9662031

Still waiting on this.

>> No.9662057


I...I really cant, in no good conscience, make that ass any bigger... I just cant!

>> No.9662058

Holy shit, I go out for lunch, and this happens. Thanks!

>> No.9662068




>> No.9662071

Give it hips, man, hips!

>> No.9662072

If there's still a drawfag around, would one of you be so kind as to draw some SPESS CUTEBOLDS?

>> No.9662079

Could you at least make her thighs more proportionate?

>> No.9662213

Fine! Since you asked so nicely

>> No.9662221

y ur hed so smal?

>> No.9662237


>> No.9662269

Her head is in proportion.

It's her ass that's too big. Because fetish.

>> No.9662288

I love you forever and always.

Like I said: PSD = colors.

>> No.9662322

Can I see some mind flayers wearing slacks and short-sleeve button-down shirts with ties, asking a drow who's just woken up if she has a moment to talk about the Elder Brain?

>> No.9662345

A gnome pimp and his retinue of dwarven hos.

The hos' beards have bad highlights and hair extensions.

>> No.9662399

>The hos' beards have bad highlights and hair extensions.
>hos' beards

>> No.9662575

>I have a request! An embarrased looking Wraithguard (with obvious breast bumps) standing behind an embarrased bonesinger. A Farseer is berating the bonesinger over it having an 'obvious Slaaneshi influence'.

Seconding this.

>> No.9662671

Another cutebold request:

Some cutebolds at a convention. One is taking photos of scantily-clad cosplaying elves, while his buddy takes the opportunity to hit on a female cutebold while both look through a table in the dealer's room. Seeing some cutebold cosplay would be fun too.

>> No.9662766

Wait a second, someone actually drew it? Anyone got it?

>> No.9662767

I pretty much just want more hot lesbian xeno action/heresy.

>> No.9662772

i a l r E A D y R e a D T H i s O N h T t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / s E v e R a L D A y s A g O

>> No.9662830

I saw it, but someone said thank you so I thought they had it. It should be in the suptg archives, though.

>> No.9662851

Happen to remember the name of the thread? Make it a little easier on me...
Figures I miss my own request

>> No.9662864

>> No.9662966

I draw porn even when it is not requested.

I am a horrible human being.

>> No.9662985

No, sorry.

But, but >>9660886!

>> No.9662986

Not really, love. I do the same thing.

>> No.9663022

Or a wonderful human being.

>> No.9663032

I think you mean AWESOME human being.

>> No.9663045

Ork Psionisist. Glowing eyes, cobbled together gear. should look confused.

>> No.9663050

Think I just remembered that dopplegangers aren't monstrous humanoids.

Oh well, enjoy!

>> No.9663063

>I draw porn even when it is not requested.
this is how I have made some money in the past

>> No.9663064


man if you're going to bea horrible human being, at least draw two hot gnoll bitches lezzing out.

>> No.9663079

Are you still here? Can you draw something from this setting? Anything at all.


Sorry to bother... you're really good!

>> No.9663081

>two hot gnoll bitches lezzing out
Yes. This would make him horrible. Almost as horrible as the requester.

>> No.9663092

Nevermind, I got it! Thanks for pointing out that someone did it, probably never would have saw it.

>> No.9663097

Mostly anatomically correct, even.

Do you do monstergirls?

>> No.9663125


>> No.9663126

How do manage this?

>> No.9663135


you obviously haven't seen greenmarines capability to make damn near anything hot. I'd post a pic but for some reason it's not uploading anything I put in.

>> No.9663147

A gentleman who is certainly not a gibbering mouther wearing a top hat and monocle, having a spot of tea with Sir Brian Consumptington, the dapper young bachelor who is certainly not just an elder brain wearing a top hat and monocle.

>> No.9663156

Yay, Tau vagina!

>> No.9663157

He has helped contribute to my mental illness in the past, it's true.

>> No.9663161

This guy


having sex with this guy


>> No.9663182

A group of Warforged Druids combinging into a Megazord.

Color coding not required but a plus

>> No.9663196

I've gotten my drowsploitation fix before, how about some cuteboldsploitation?

>> No.9663226


>> No.9663260

butts don't have nipples

>> No.9663278

/d/ would like a word with you.

>> No.9663317

this isn't /d/

>> No.9663335


>> No.9663339

Congrats /tg/, I was going to drawfag for you but it looks like you're too full of shit now.

>> No.9663354


.... Yeah, you are kinda going to need tougher skin if you are going to drawfag before anon.

Because anon is dicks.

>> No.9663387

see >>9663354

srsly, even though /tg/ is being shittier then normal, anon is full of dicks on a good day.

>> No.9663417

So fuck off, you attention-whoring faggot. Eat a dick and choke on it, so your mother has to come down to the morgue and identify you with a dick shoved down your throat. We're not here to stroke your ego.

In short, go fuck yourself.

>> No.9663506

You do realise OC, even drawfaggotry OC, is still fucking OC?

Go fuck yourself with a hammer.

>> No.9663639

He (or you, you faggot) didn't make any OC, he just got all pissy and said that he could have made something but he decided not to because... he's a bitch, I guess? Or you're a bitch. Either or. Fuck him. Fuck you.

>> No.9663697


>> No.9663756

A cutebold fireteam is pinned in an alleyway by a catfolk sniper team. Neither the sniper nor her spotter are aware of the other cutebold fireteam sneaking up on them in an attempt to throw the catfolk into a large sack. The surroundings should be a city that looks fairly modern, but with buildings contending for space with Impossibly Big Trees(which probably in turn have rooms dug out of them, making the trees living skyscrapers).

>> No.9663762

A space marine who is guided through the warp by a hobo wearing a lampshade.

>> No.9663770

r e m o v E Y o u r I l L e g a L c L O N E o f a t c h r I s T O P H e r p o o L E h t T p : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 / I s T h e o r I G I N A l F a G g o t

>> No.9663853

Please draw Samurai Kirby defeating a Crane Clan samurai in a duel. Preferably in one of the silly ways he wins in the minigame, like with a pie to the face of his opponent.

>> No.9663882

More like, sister of battle and a hobo ogryn wearing a lampshade.

>> No.9663897

Crane reference.

>> No.9664001

If I was a woman you would have been in my pants by now.

I swear to christ I've lost count of how many requests you've done for me.

>> No.9664159

A Khornate Zaku with a chain of skulls hanging off it.

>> No.9666040

>I'm not trying to attention whore at all. Nooooo not at all. Not one little tiny bit.

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