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Have you ever played "the odd one out" in a setting, /tg/? How has it turned out?

I recently got started playing a game of 3.5 set in an idyllic coastal village. The party are all NPC-classes. I'm a half-orc and the village is mostly humans, dwarves and halflings. I stand out. So we sort of thrashed it out, out-of-character, that Bann (the half-orc) was a kind of the local black sheep, son of the town eccentric who went off to the orc island and came back a few months later with a runtish baby. Bann becomes very conscious of his non-human appearance and tries to distance himself from his Orcish heritage as far as possible, such as filing down his tusks and trying to hide his skin as much as possible. He's become the town blacksmith (Expert 2/Warrior 1)

And then slavers hit the party's home town. So Bann's one more bad guy from levelling up into Barbarian.

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I'm currently the only psyker in the group and nobody knows it in-character. I plan on keeping it a secret and trolling everyone with it until the perfect moment to Spasm everyone.

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Should read bad "day" from levelling up to Barbarian.


I assume people know OOC? I assume you're not a Sanctioned Psyker since you're able to keep it a secret it from the party. What are your characters up to?

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>I assume people know OOC
>I assume you're not a Sanctioned Psyker since you're able to keep it a secret it from the party
Well, my character was introduced to the party as a hostage. She's also a mind-cleansed. The only obvious LOL PSYKER SMITANPURGE thing is a metal plate on the side of her head. She actually escaped from the hostage situation due to a Flash Bang, but the only IC character that passed the test not to 'OH GOD, SUN IN MY RETINAS' and close their eyes is too stupid to figure it out.

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>one more bad guy from levelling up into Barbarian
I just had the image of him walking out of his shop, looking around, smacking someone, and leveling.

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current characters:
Paladin in a group of thieves and murderers

Mind controlling wizard in a party that greatly dislikes that sort of thing

Dwarf in a city that's 99% human

If you're the odd one out due to race, it's not a HUGe problem although you might get bad NPC

If it's due to personality, that's another matter.

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It creates some interesting drama, though. Like, in my example Bann's orc blood makes him.. not popular in the village.

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I'm seeing Final Fantasy victory theme, and then in a flash of light his blacksmith's apron and hammer are gone, replaced with a big axe, horned helmet, warpaint, and Conan-style hide armor.

He also gets a yurt and a goat. These are also standard equipment for a barbarian.

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3.5 Horc Barb, but went for a noble savage sort of thing. inb4 rage, noble = FUCK YEAH DORFS literate, tactician, knowledgeable. Goal in life; unify homeland tribes, form russia EUIII-style.


;_; (first real character i got to play too.)

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>If you're the odd one out due to race, it's not a HUGE problem although you might get bad NPC

I have a feeling that the entire party (when they figure it out) is going to be like picture related.

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I once played an Adept in a game of DH.


Rest of the party was a Cleric (FLAMANPURGAN), a Guardsman (SHOOTANPURGAN), a Battlesister (... yeah), a Null Assassin (Point me at the target), and a Techpriest (Zero-Fucking-One, bitches!)

I ended up learning Warp-Sorcerery at the behest of our Inquisitor, because a Daemonhost was fucking over some noble houses on Scintilla and was proving to be resistant or immune to the Rite of Cleansing (And also fire).

Ended up becoming the Inquisitor when we Ascended, for some godawaful reason. So we've got a Radical Inquisitor with a bunch of Puritan throne agents under him.

Shenanigans are likely to happen soon.

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Well, out of character he's already got a fair share of hammers (blacksmith lol) so he's probably not going to suddenly switch to axes. The Barbarian thing is sort of a reflection of another character aspect... see, he's really attached to another character, Beth. She's his cousin and the only person in the village explicity friendly to him, so he's crushing on her mad-style. He's very protective of her and if a village drunk gets too grabbity, he gets bodily hurled into the dungheap. If he's lucky.

Someone hurts Beth? RAEG.

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You, sir, are a man among men.

Hammer, apply directly to the forehead?

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Oh man, that sucks. Hope your GM improved since then, or was traded in for a better model.

I had a similar idea for Bann, actually. Like, he knows that everyone thinks about orcs as these savage, unintelligent monstrosities, when actually he's just as smart as the average human. At some point, if he gets particulary mocked for that bit I plan on him being "You want me to be savage? I CAN DO SAVAGE MOTHERFUCKER" and then RAEG.

That's end-of-his-rope stuff, though. Normally he's pretty emo, actually. I didn't realise until I'd finished making him that he was basically nerdraging.

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... he could get those things but not want them? Like, he's probably going to be very unsatisfied trading his smithy for a yurt.

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Did you just play a Lovecraft protagonist and SURVIVE?

When I tried that in DH, the GM elected not to tell me that all my skills ever would be useless for my Forbidden Knowledge Lovecraft Adept because it was going to be a dungeon crawl with genestealers.

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What matters is that he gets them. Standard equipment.

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Your GM is a douche.

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>Dark Heresy
>dungeon crawl

Please kick your GM in the nuts for me.

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This Adept has survived everything the Warp has thrown at him, and come out on top. He's not Grendel-Level badassery, and he would most definatley be dead without the fire support from his team, but he's been Useful, he's lived, and the best thing is, aside from the Sororitas I have the lowest Corruption in the group.

Admittedly, I've got the highest Insanity of the group, but eh.

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When I read 3.5 just for this campaign, (DM refused all else because he apparently thinks 3.5 is the greatest system to ever grace us unworthy mortals,) I liked to think of rage as coldly scientifically applied adrenalin, an image of soldiers getting combat drugs shot up their veins went through my mind.

I wanted the ork to be angry and sad with his pitiful nomadic tribes of the Frozen North and wishing for a kinda-socialist dorf fort union. (Cue Polyushko Pole)

In the end we embarked on some terrible "find lost brother who meanwhile became a mafia lord or something" quest for the party rogue who might've as well been a kender. Two players dropped out of the game early, probably sensing the shit to come.

Final note; we spent 3 godawful sessions in a 1-texture computer dungeon, that was only a sidequest, before telling the DM to get on with the fucking plot, which we wrapped up in one, completely conflict-free, session. I kid you not.

I know, special snowflake and all, but goddamn. Zogk the First had potential ;_;

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I think I took the odd one out right now. We're starting a new DH campaign, and I decided to go for Tainted Blood of Malfi. I decided that the character's dad died when he was 8 or something. His uncle then took him under his wing. Got married when he was 18, and had two children until 21. On his 21st birthday, his entry into the inner circles of his mothers side of the family, his mother took him to the cellars under her family side's villa. There he met the squirming, deformed thing and she told him that was what his father had become. The next day, he fled from Malfi, leaving his family, wive and kids behind, to search for something to understand and cleanse his family's corrupted bloodline. Entered the Ecclesiarchy, and whoops, the Malleus. Not that those stupid witch hunters would pose a threat to a cunning Malfi boy, and if anyone knows how to save his family, it's possibly in the Malleus' archives. Let's just hope no one outside of his family learns of the secret. Oh, and he enters play with an addiction to virgin blood. Might become a short game for him, if I play it wrong...

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>Dark Heresy
>dungeon crawl

>Please kick your GM in the nuts for me.

I second this motion.

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So the person who's not willing to try new things is a total fag. Who knew?

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Basically, I ended the first session via suicide when I realised the dungeon crawl it was going to be; my Adept (who invested a in the Fleet of Foot talent because combat is for the monkey-folk) ran like fuck when the psyker went Perils, got in the shuttle we'd taken and basically was trying to fly back to the ship waiting in order screaming "nuke it nuke them all".

He had no ranks in Pilot of any kind. Some amazing rolling nevertheless managed to actually get him off the ground and most of the way to space before the critical fails started appearing.

Following the admittedly spectacular crash, the GM said I had a chance to spend Fate to get away before the fuel tanks exploded. I politely told him that I chose not to and started rolling up a Techpriest since that would actually be a useful class for the campaign.

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You just made a 'PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MAKE THE PALIDIN FALL' character. Except instead of falling, it's death. Pray your GM isn't a complete pillock.

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He isn't, and I'm a masochist. I also asked him to come at me full speed with the Vendetta thing. It'll be a nice ride.

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You should have spent the perils and suicided manually, man.

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>trying to distance himself from barbaric heritage
>takes a level in barbarian

Yeah that makes total sense...

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He really did, anon. That's a solid concept to file away for another day and another, less faggy DM. Don't lose hope, I'm sure you'll find someone willing to play Stalinist Orcssia one day.


Very Innsmouth, I have to say. But I guess there is an overlap between Lovecraft and 40k fandoms. I like that dark family history angle, though. That always has a lot of fun for drama.

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It's called character development, dipshit. He's starting to find that there's good things about his orcish heritage as well.

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I'm a human.

My entire party is other races, including a Deva and Genasi, the only other "normal" one is the Haflling.

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played half orc in a forgotten realms campaign. was outcast from the tribe for being too human like. join group of human adventurers. cha and str are my high stats. take orc warlord prestige class. go back home and slaughter old tribe with my new mixed tribe because i'm progressively minded.

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Christ almighty, how many times has that happened to me? The best part is how often I can RP and kick ass enough at the same time to frequently be the only survivor by the end.

Most of my group varies between the lower 2/3s of the alignment table, I basically just qualify to be a Cleric of Pelor. Makes it tough, but screw it its worth it.

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Yeah, definitely...when I read all that about tainted bloodlines and so on, I couldn't help thinking of the Innsmouth angle. But there's hope yet, the thing with "my mom telling me that's my dad" was the explicit way the GM described the shit to me when I told him about the general idea. I guess I can at least hope the bitch lied.

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The Orc savagery is in his blood. It's something he can't escape, though he can certainly try. He just gets better at controlling it. Outside of RAEG he's a perfectly intelligent and reasonable chap.


The exact nature of the Perils check was "roll to either run away in fear or pass out from terror" and my Adept succeeded. I just had him never stop running and leave. Fully aware that the battleship seeing him coming back would be as likely to blast him apart as nuke the station the dungeon crawl was set in.

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Remember; first time in 3.5, no interest in minmaxing, I had an idea and wanted to implement it.

I once read on /tg/: "You know why paladins who fall become fighters? Because playing fighter is a punishment" so I didn't take that. I knew barbs had rage which was to my knowledge the KILL BUTTON, and it fit with the idea of momentarily concentrated force, temporary combat drugs or something. "Schwerpunkt", if you will. (All I ever needed to know about warfare I learned from the internet)

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This, my group other than me never plays humans. I think a few of them made one once, but other than my ALWAYS HUMAN ALL THE TIME thing we're a pretty odd group to be wandering around a human town.

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Halfling is normal, bro. Don't fingerquote normal when you talk about halflings. Do you have any idea how goddamn normal they are? They're MORE normal than humans.

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Group; half-orc, half-elf, halfling.

"Inglorious basterds"

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>You know why paladins who fall become fighters? Because playing fighter is a punishment

If you're not interested in minmaxing, ignore this statement completely.

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Sort of, yeah. The campaign story is about NPC's becoming PC's (yes we've heard of Goblins shush) and we had to suggest PC classes at creation - Bann is either going Fighter or Barbarian. The Barbarian angle actually was initially going to be Paladin - I'd imagined him going from being persecuted to standing up for the persecuted. The more I thought about him, the more I came to realise how utterly homicidal he'd get if someone hurt Beth, which made me lean more towards Barbarian.

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"Send in the bear-elf"?

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If you are interesting in minmaxing, look into Jack B. Quick.

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Is that the Jumplomancer?

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Nah, man. The Bear Druid.

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I'd hit that with the force of nuclear explosion.

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Honestly I don't even know the story behind that. Fighters = paladins - magic? I don't know.

This GM ruined 3.5 for me, fantasy probably too. ADHD komputargaems kind of guy. Ugh. Now I'm stuck with him in a game of V;tM.

First bigger fuckup I'm walking out.

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While that would be the natural assumption to make, he'd not specified classes so I had to go on race. And bear-halfling lacked punch.

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I just thought it would sound better. "Send in the bear drood!"

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Actually Paladins without magic are like Fighters without bonus feats, making them even worse. Fighters get more feats than any other class, making them generic but you can go a lot of directions with them. Paladins don't get the bonus feats, so when they lose their deities favour...

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I currently play a Shardmind Sorcerer in Eberron. In order to get into the party, I had to create a backstory on how the fuck I got there in the first place. But yeah so far all the NPCs are scared as shit because they've never seen a living crystal construct before, and I'm only 1 of the 2 shardminds there, (The other happens to be the assassin I'm hunting, reason I'm there). Our party consists of a Human Paladin, Half-Orc Fighter, Half-Elf Bard, Half-Elf Artificer, and a Half-Orc Monk. So yeah I stick out the most haha, at least I'm trying something new and fun. Role-playing him is hilarious because I get to be the persuasive yet intimidating crystal guy. ;D

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