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Evening, /tg/.
Let's have a drawthread and cheesecake.
Um, as in actual cheesecake. Strawberry.

Holla if you need a character done

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An elf stylin' Italiano, a scheming grin on his face and a dagger at his side. Bonus points for that crazy little half-cape thing the guy from Assassin's Creed 2 is rocking.

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Island dwelling lizardfolk. Wears turtle shells for armor in a full plate design, using a turtle shell for a shield, and wields an obsidian stone axe.

Black and gray, with his underside looking like smoldering embers.

Give him a bunch of trophies as well. Fang sheath, owl bear beak bracers, and a megalodon tooth crown.

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haven't I done this before?

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A large man (roughly 7 feet tall) dressed in a karate gi without the sleeves. He is very muscular and devoid of any scars or wounds of any kind.

He has a blood red scarf that is most definitely not a total Kamen Rider tribute. On his back is a large pack, standing inside of which is a loli medusa. She's tall enough that her upper body is a good ways out of it if she stands up, though she could conceivably fit entirely inside of the pack. Her arms are resting on his shoulders as she looks towards the camera with a mischievous smile

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I need a young guardsman in power armour. Unfortunately, it can't look too much like Space Marine armour. Any ideas?

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Chandra Nalaar on Lilliana Vess on Nissa Revane action

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Not to my knowledge.

Thanks though!

Fukken saved.

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I need pictures! Pictures of Ball of Arms Man! He's a menace!

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Draw a cheeto covered powerfist.

"Hey bro, pass me the controller"

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A dorf, standing alone on a bridge with waves upon waves of goblins rushing him.

He is back handing one of them with a "Bitch, please" Look.

His wearing full plate mail, helmet, a pair of shields, strapped to each arm, and a pair of axes.

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A lightly armored (for a Paladin, anyways) Halfling paladin, longish blond hair, woodland-tribal/celtic sort of flavor, with a cloak, riding a Husky, charging a Minotaur that is charging him back

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I'd like an Inquisitor done.

Man on his late fifties, with hair combed to go along his skull (like with rockabillies, little less Elvis-look tho), with a thigh wire goin from the base of his skull into his clothes. Narrow face, with blue eyes and sharp cheek bones, really gaunt. Heavy brown, black hair with little white on both temples. Wears a vest-suit, which is black and very dark grey coloured. Leans on a cane with silver aquila.

Thank you.

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A good looking human male of about age 35. He has shoulder-length black hair and a short goatee. He is sitting at a table in a tavern playing a lute. There is a group of women sitting around him squeeing like little girls. Also, maybe a younger, about 20 year old, female cleric in the background with an insanely jealous look on her face.

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I would like to see any part of this request fulfilled. I request all of the companions from the new doctor who series but with a twist. Their well known
physical characteristics are drawn in near caricaturish
-I would like to see Catherine Tate as having massive
breasts a little bigger than watermelons. She is holding them with a look of frustration on her face saying, "Oi at
least you lot don't have to carry these things around!" She is in a wedding dress that barely contains her chest. -Beside her stands a little shorter, Freema Agyeman, hebutt is nearly three times it's regular size. She is examining it worryingly while saying," I do hope the Doctor doesn't think it'll get in the way!" She is wearing her usual jeans and leather jacket with hair put up.

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Vimes as an Arbitrator with a Vanaheim assault shotgun and bionic right arm/leg

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-Somewhere in the middle Billie Piper stands, the shortest out of the bunch, wearing jeans and her union jack shirt
with her hair pushed back in the middle. Her eyes are twice their normal size and her usually plump lips are also ridiculously big on her wide mouth. She has her hands on her hips and is saying, "Thith ith ridiculuth. I look like a bloody cartoon character!"
-Karen Gilian towers over them all by several feet. The
skinny red heads body looks as if she has been stretched.Her arms, legs, torso and neck being very long and slender, giving her the extra height. She is in her British police costume(which didn't change to accommodate her new size) exclaiming ,"This isn't supposed to happen right? He thinks he's soooo brilliant! Just wait till I get a hold of em'!"

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We could always use more Lamia.

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the holy powerfist of my spiritual liege

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A female elven battle chef, wearing an apron and toque, dual-wielding giant lobster picks against a mob of crab-men.

She's defending a poor, defenseless cheesecake from their merciless appetites.

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I have awoken.

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But for how long? :P

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drawing this now

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Came up with this the other day: an evil-overlord type idly raping someone while doing his taxes.

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hey greenmarine how about TWO hot gnoll bitches (possibly lezzing out) or a hot gnoll bitch domming a hot human farmgirl?

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Greenmarine! Colorization?

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>hot gnoll bitches

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Green Marine, you are awake! You must draw, for your cheesecake is delicious.

A emerald green spellscale (Races of the Dragon, 3.5) bardic sorceress hitting on my lizardfolk >>9650980 , who has a very troubled expression.

This happened in one of my games, and thankfully the spellscale was being played by a gal.

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White suited black man with a shaven head and well trimmed beard. His suit is spattered with blood as are his hands one of which holds a human heart. In his other hand he is holding a knife. His eyes are blank white and He is wearing nice Italian shoes.

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I think I missed you the last couple of times Green Marine anyhow I got two chars I'd love to see your take on.

1) Big scary escaped underhive pit fighter. Wearing leathers and crappy furs, he's got a poor quality bionic arm ending in shears. Big square jaw and buzzed short hair.

2) Chick who looks sort of like pic related, but less colorful, missing the expensive weapons for a simple nailgun and with wild black 80's metal hair.

Both are from a Necromunda style DH game we've been playing.

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A uber muscled warrior wielding a adamantium fishing rod & line. He is standing on the edge of a lake. Jumping from the water connected with the fishing line is a dragon or tarrasque or some epic level creature thats oddly in a lake. The man is smiling crazily and looks ready to fling the creature onto land.

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Long enough, hopefully.

Doing this at the moment

Colorization of what? i am afraid to admit that i have one too many colorization promises waiting to be fulfilled.

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I've a request, it's not a character though. I want some drawfaggotry of Xomula from the perspective of nearby outer space.

A huge, swamp world that is Xomula, crawling with life and quite ugly.
Close to it, a moon. Grey, dull, except for a big AdMech hive sprawled onto it. The closest of the moons to Xomula.
Next in closeness is an Agri Moon. Calm, green fields and a bit of ocean. Quite innocent.
Then a very bumpy, cragged moon. Any colour you want. On it, in white the image of something Orky, made by a huge amount of ork skulls.
Then a moon of GOOOOOOOLD.
The farthest moons orbiting one another. The biggest, blue with strange rays of blue light coming off it. Orbiting it a smaller green moon, disgusting with poisonous clouds in it's atmosphere.

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Figure I will try again.

How about these two standing in front of a Commissar who has caught them having way more fun than a guardswoman should be allowed to have with an eldar prisoner. The guardswoman should look like she is a cross between disappointed that they were interrupted and afraid of the Commissar. The eldar should just have a satisfied smirk on her face.

The commissar is just chewing out the guardswoman while leering at them both.

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Ribbon eating strawberry cheesecake. Preferably the kind with swirls.

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An Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor who wields lightning claws with under slung bolt pistols. A bit judge like with a hooked nose

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so... anything cute for me to draw?

>> No.9651467

Draw an effeminate man on a boat, rowing.

>> No.9651472


some cute gnoll bitches?

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Draw Crazy Hassan.

Doing anything. Crazy Hassan sell you camel, slightly used but better than new. He sell you camel to replace boat, he sell you camel that flies, he sell you space camel, he sell you camel to fight crime.

Crazy Hassan is very earnest and enthusiastic about selling his camels at his crazy prices.

Maybe base one off one of his stories.

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A young boy dressed up in commissar outfit commanding people while getting a piggyback ride from an annoyed sister of battle.

If thats not cute enough, make it chibi style :3.

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here ya go ruskie friend

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>I once went to crazy hassan's for a camel, and he sold me what looked like a very poor fake camel, with two men inside.

>So, I unzipped the camel, and as I expected. Two men, pretending to be a camel.

>Enraged, I went back to Crazy Hassan, and confronted him about this fuckery. He made no reply. He simply unzipped the men to reveal two camels, pretending to be men pretending to be a camel.

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Drawthread eh?

Sure, I'm feeling like a little scribblin. Now where to start...

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Greenmarine! I request sexy, lesbian Callidus assasins.


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dear god this!

>> No.9651563

Figure Ill just toss out a couple more ideas for grins.

A Female Farseer in a shattered ghosthelm, destroyed armor, her robes in rags (showing some skin possibly including tits) bleeding from several wounds, holding a handful of glowing spiritstones. A single tear running down her cheek. Witchblade in her other hand covered with gore

>> No.9651597

drawing this now I guess

>> No.9651602


Not sure if you will find her cute enough but here is the description just in case.

I made this character to mess with my players once. She is half elf and half snow tiger(She is made by an insane mage don't ask how you wouldn't want to know).

She is built like an elf except for the fact that she has short fur all over her body and her eyes are blue cat-slitted. Her fur (and hair) is white with narrow gray stripes, she also has short fangs. and a four foot long (about 1.33M) prehensile tail.

Her body is muscular, but not bodybuilder muscular, more like the muscle a gymnast or even a runner would have.

She does not wear clothing except for sturdy boots, belts with shitloads of pouches hanging from them. and occasionally a long silk sleeveless tunic.

Those pouches are crazy because she has all kinds of shit in them but she can't find anything when she wants it. She has a mac-10 sub-machine gun in there but one time she put the gun and the magazine in separately and now she can't find them both at the same time so when she finds one she talks about it for a second and then puts it back.

The only pouch she knows what is in it is the one that holds nothing but cans of tuna.

If she likes you she will offer you a can of tuna or maybe if she REALLY likes you she will offer to cook you some pancakes and bacon (the best grub available anywhere)

>> No.9651638

*cough*furry mary-sue*cough*

>> No.9651649

Could you draw a horny as fuck Sister of Battle trying to placate herself stealth-fully while resisting the urge to pounce on 3 Guardsmen and fuck their brains out?

They should all be playing an Tabletop RPG together, and the Sister of Battle should be trying hard not to let the Guardsmen know she's horny.

>> No.9651668


Delicious nelf colorization was promised?

>> No.9651681

If you don't draw me as in the pic here, I will release the...

>> No.9651690


/co/ needs your help!
Sleepy, contented just-woke-up Captain Amelia wearing nothing but a rumpled, long-sleeved men's shirt needs a drawfag on it.

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>> No.9651720


/co/ has it's own drawfags, have them do it, there's enough /tg/ related requests in this thread.

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True. Why so desperate?

>> No.9651796

okay I think I'll draw this now.

~Yea you motherfuckers, I'm all that
I see you lookin' at me sayin'
How can he be SO skinny and live SO phat
You know why 'cause I'm the MAESTRO!~

>> No.9651797


Gonna take my time with this one.

Do you approve?

>> No.9651829

I request this last drawthread and got ignored. Take 2.

Alma rapes the player in game while he's strapped in a chair. I'd like to see a reenactment of that.

>> No.9651835

A halfling with no legs mounted on a ballista, which is shoulder-mounted on a mountain giant.

>> No.9651836

A hideously scarred female cyborg with blood-red plating and orange-glowing cables all over her body, but for her upper legs, upper arms, and abdomen. She is bald-headed and has something that looks like a cross between a respirator and a face-guard over the lower half of her face. Her right forearm is significantly more bulky than the left and from it extends a wicked-looking long curved blade. Her eyes glow orange and she doesn't look happy.

>> No.9651842

.gif for reference

>> No.9651843

A squad of Disco Sororitas cheerfully dancing on top of an Immolator tank, with Disco Inferno being played on the tank's hailers.
Optionally, have it all happen in the middle of a battle, with the Immolator burning down some Orks or Tau.

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>> No.9651875

Hope you like, brother.

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>> No.9651889

Angry Drawfag curses you all and your cheesecake-tempting ways!

But alas he has tedious bibliographic references to blather about, so cannot doodle with you guys.

>> No.9651897


Oh, hell yes! That's perfect!

>> No.9651901


hot gnoll bitches time yes?

>> No.9651907

A young minotaur calf, being given his first axe by his happy mother.

A proud father looking on would complete it, but might not be cute enough for you.

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Here's an adorable one, if anyone wants to take it up. In one of my campaigns, I had the players save a kidnapped girl from bandits. Figuring it wouldn't matter, I said the little girl was a satyress.

The party pretty quickly decided that mental image was the most adorable thing ever. So, if anyone could, draw a little satyress girl, around age seven. Small horns, hooves, and so on.

>> No.9651981


Are those Mirelurks?

>> No.9652012

In my mind I immediately put 'satyress' with 'satirist'. Now I'm imagining her future profession.

>> No.9652049

They are CRABMEN
Close, but mirelurks are horseshoe crabs - not true crabs at all.

>> No.9652054

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Drawfag dude! Do THIS!


>> No.9652070

sorry, had to take sum time to get medication, gonna restart drawfagging now :3

>> No.9652082

my quest characters
Magnus Autelon, Princeps of the mighty Titan, BARBATUS GUTTER and the crew:
Ollanus Sicarus, krieg born gunner
Sebastion Kragg, Mordian born driver, obsessed with punting tanks
Valeria Deus: Cadian born Techpriestess

>> No.9652083

Could I get a jumping, thin but very athletic girl?

She'd be wearing some sort of bodysuit, and have food in one hand as she did so. It's more of an action shot \.

>> No.9652114


>> No.9652126


actually turned out better than I thought it would

>> No.9652129

I need a srs drawfag for this one: a large, ogyrn based servitor with everything below the waist replaced with a tracked drive mechanism, one arm replaced with a heavy bolter and twin-linked hellgun, and the other with a powerfist-esque hand. the more grimdark the better.

>> No.9652143

I'd like to see an arctic savage shaman or priestess type. Kinda muscular, with short messy pure white hair, tribal tattoos, wears a skimpy leather outfit with teeth, feathers and such. Huge cloak made from the pelt of a winter wolf. Walks barefoot in the snow because she's badass. Possibly hawt. Weapon optional

>> No.9652151

I'm on it

>> No.9652162


>> No.9652176


>> No.9652186

so close...
next time gadget...

>> No.9652189


>> No.9652216


>> No.9652224

'nother drawfag here, I'm all on this.

>> No.9652258


Silly concept! I like it.

Somebody beat me to it seems, though...

>> No.9652259

>2 threads and still no alma rape

>> No.9652278

Awesome, GreenMarine.
Here you have some tits.

>> No.9652281


>> No.9652295

Could I get some beefcake with cheesecake?

I'm sorry about the puns.

>> No.9652299

Request Bump


>> No.9652308


your request, fulfilled

>> No.9652309

anyone wanna do my quest characters?

>> No.9652316

Ladies and gentlemen.
Matt Ward's spiritual liege, Rowboat Girlyman.

>> No.9652337


Jesus... so curvy... I feel like an asshole for begging sauce, but who is this girl, and is there more?

>> No.9652344



>> No.9652352

Could I get a slimegirl magician trying to work with an elvish archer, only for both to be distracted by the other?

>> No.9652360

Son of a WENCH!

>> No.9652378


>> No.9652379

The same request I always make: Rin and Abaddon.

>> No.9652380

I'm sorry, I cannot deliver sauce.
Here, have some hot ca/tg/irl.

>> No.9652391

..For a moment, I thought you asked for 'Ribbon and Abaddon'.

>> No.9652399

MB that you?

Requested before but
A naked female ver of Commander Keen - Helmet on with hair escaping with knee and elbow pads (safety first!) (if you do the second req can you google Commander Keen and on page 10, 15, 17,18,21 is a friend of mine I would like you to model the character on)
Yes she is dressed like Keen

>> No.9652427


>> No.9652440

No, Rin from KS. Because neither of them have arms.

>> No.9652461

The Joker and Harley Quinn as Demonhost and a cultist of said demon respectively.

>> No.9652462

no titan quest?

>> No.9652475

>Alma rapes the player in game while he's strapped in a chair. I'd like to see a reenactment of that.

Allow me to break it to you - man cannot be raped by a woman unless a strap-on is involved. Sure, he may let her THINK she's raping him, but it's a ploy to turn her on, all men secretly enjoy that shit.

>> No.9652479

doing this one

>> No.9652488

sparkle emperor and/or sparkle marines please.

>> No.9652497

Five cutebolds holding onto each others arms and legs so as to make a roughly humanoid figure.
Add boldtech sentai outfits if you wish.
A gnoll, still taller than the resulting figure, is giving them a unicode stare.

>> No.9652507

We have them, they're called the Pretty Marines.

>> No.9652516

Could I get an action shot of Tristana, as pictured, flying through the air and firing her gun wildly with a mischievous grin on her face?

>> No.9652530

Men can get raped by women.

The divide lies in the prettiness of the woman.

Ugly woman sex without consent = rape
Hot women sex without consent = kinky

>> No.9652534

What would a cutebold-designed tank look like?

>> No.9652538

Two Guardsmen just after a battle, one male, one female. The guy is proposing to the girl; she's crying tears of joy. Their squadmates, including the Commissar, are cheering and clapping.

>> No.9652550

Requesting a depiction like this, with the girl on the left as Cultist and the girl on the right as a Sister of Battle pl0x.

>> No.9652555

Commissar should have a SINGLE MANLY TEAR

>> No.9652568

Cestree dressed and posed like the virgin Mary.

>> No.9652584

can i get in the fun? :D

>> No.9652592

Im home. but im tired.


By god, what the fuck...

>> No.9652604


>> No.9652605

Because he knows they're most likely not gonna make it.

>> No.9652606

no takers on titan quest characters ?

>> No.9652612

See this and you will understand.

>> No.9652622




>> No.9652632

I need a Warboss done with the following if you could;

A big ass blocky mohawk, cybork eyes, a large mechanical left arm with a giant gear as a shoulder cauldron, with a gun attached to the hand consisting of two burnas and a bazooka on top. In the right hand, is a big ass monkey wrench.

>> No.9652635


Oh I see now...

>> No.9652636


I loled.

>> No.9652642

too many characters in your request and no descriptions or any visual hooks or anything interesting to grasp

>> No.9652651


>> No.9652669

Not at all what I meant.

No complaints. :D

>> No.9652684

Alpharius and/or Omegon trying to figure out who the fuck is who in their legion.

>> No.9652686

Re-Requesting this! You know in your hearts that It's too awesome to not be done properly!

Also, anon drawfag, picture related.

>> No.9652690

If it'd make people more liable to draw her you can make her hot too, idk.

>> No.9652691

Magnus having his bionic arm attached by Valeria in her workshop

>> No.9652703

Hope you like.

>> No.9652730


Badass! No such thing as too many battle chefs.

>> No.9652748


>> No.9652750


drawing this now. requester holla if you're here

>> No.9652755

my quest characters titan princep Magnus having his bionic arm attached by techpriestess Valeria

>> No.9652758

Mating season.

>> No.9652770

Quintuple yes.
Awesome, beej.

>> No.9652795


>> No.9652797

Re-requestan this, or failing that something else involving militarybolds.

>> No.9652835

Requesting cutebold noserub threesome

>> No.9652837


That's some good colored night elf.

You finished up the boob hat chain coloring?

>> No.9652846

I wonder what a lamia in power armor would look like...

>> No.9652858


>> No.9652869


Probably a lot like Fulgrim

>> No.9652887


>> No.9652912

Holy fuck man are you new here, or just an asshole? You think everyone here has read your shitty un-original quest thread?

Describe a character or two you want drawn in a scene, then fucking leave it at that.

>> No.9652914

rolled 46 = 46



>> No.9652938

So they use tankettes? Sweet.

>> No.9652964

Here's your moons, Anon.

>> No.9652965

Oh! Oh! Cutebold Dalek cosplay, plz.

>> No.9652967


Behold the fruits of Kobold ingenuity!

>> No.9652968

I'll get you someday, bg. And when I finally put my paws on you then you'll know what is good gnoll loving.
Now, have some kakapo.

>> No.9653001

Hey, if you don't mind, a 40k request:

A Space Marine in his off-duty wear and a young woman in a nice dress, father and daughter posing for a photo.

>> No.9653028

sorry dude
i mean a titan princep with a blue steel legion uniform having his bionic left arm attached by a techpriestess with a red robe and a bionic right eye.
in her workshop

>> No.9653043

like this

>> No.9653051

> imokwiththis.jpg

>> No.9653056

Space marines are almost never off-duty, they are either fighting or training. I think they only ever get like 15 minutes a day of off-duty, sometimes less.

>> No.9653060

Looks like this.

>> No.9653065


>> No.9653073


I d'awwwed... Someone should do this.

>> No.9653084

You have made this Anon very happy, kind drawfag.

You're awesome.

>> No.9653153


Thanks :3

>> No.9653170

this good enough?

>> No.9653198


>> No.9653200

i mean

>> No.9653230


>> No.9653263

Fantastic, thanks!

>> No.9653265

I know these are big requests but just one being done would be fine as well.

>> No.9653273

A warforged giving a shardmind a warforged compoment.

I'm thinking it's a crossbow type thing.

>> No.9653281

I request a drawing of my Rogue Trader Missionary I will be playing in an upcoming campaign.

She is a former Sister of Battle who chose exile and went preaching on a rogue trader vessel and forcible converting the foul heathens in the Koronus Expanse instead of being demoted or transferred to a Order Hospitaler monastery.

She still has the classical Sister of Battle haircut and dyes her hair white as a sign of her still being faithful to her order even though she’s in exile. She is rather muscular in a climber/swimmer sort of way (no bulky muscles just lean and strong). She has a scar from a heretics bayonet starting on her forehead going down across her left eye and ending on her left cheek. Where her left eye once was there’s now a cybereye of good craftsmanship.

She wears golden carapace armor over her black and orange ecclesiarchal robes of her Order. The carapace armor has numerous warding inscriptions and a purity seal is fixed slightly above her left breast. On her belt, a chainsword rests in its scabbard on her right hip and on her left hip a large book hang by two chains that are fixed to her belt.

>> No.9653303

A mad, gaunt, shambled looking warforged wielding chaos magic.

>> No.9653307

A lamia hanging from a tree branch by her tail.

>> No.9653386


Bumping this

>> No.9653390


>> No.9653424

Did somebody say cutebold tanks?

>> No.9653487


Alright, this'll be another one I'll take some time on. Have a rough sketch and let me know what ya think if you're still around.

>> No.9653504

Space marines are never off duty.

would probably do this but I'm rather tired, I don't know.. I'll see if I can make it quick

>> No.9653513


Isn't being a father to your childern a duty?

>> No.9653524

re-requesting this

>> No.9653525

Re-requesting this, if I may.

>> No.9653537


>> No.9653578

What you're asking for is commission material

>> No.9653599

Please draw Samurai Kirby defeating a Crane Clan samurai in a duel. Preferably in one of the silly ways he wins in the minigame, like with a pie to the face of his opponent.

>> No.9653620

Crane reference.

>> No.9653675


>> No.9653710

And then the Crane bows to him respectfully while the pie falls off his face.

>> No.9653725

Stereotypical ranger elf goes to Star Trek convention, sees fat nerds wearing Spock ears. Reaction should be similar to black guy seeing white guys in blackface.

>> No.9653766

I recall this request being filled already.

>> No.9653805

... crap, what else should I draw? Hmmmm...

>> No.9653850

Look for a request that piques your interest, if not do whichever one someone begs you to do.

>> No.9653864

this if you want... >>9653028

>> No.9653917



>> No.9653930


>> No.9653945

Good sweet christ thats a hot dreadnought.

Could someone draw me a blonde female or male Eladrin wizard casting a spell in a while robe. Could he or she be wearing thick framed glasses as well?

>> No.9653948


Requesting a Cutebold "fapping" to this by rubbing his nose as he looks at the pictures calling them dirty whores.

>> No.9653976

I's like to request a picture of a succubus lounging around at home in ratty but confortable old tracksuit bottoms and a worn T-shirt, hair all messed up, nursing a big cup of tea and petting a hellcat curled up on her lap.

>> No.9654014

I'd like to see a different drawfag's take on this character. I don't really have much else to go on, other than Culexes' quote of "The frequent shirtless clueless, unmissable vision that is the sexy scholar of the adeptus administratum"

>> No.9654057


You obviously do NOT know what a furry OR a Mary Sue is so stop calling stuff either one.

>> No.9654138

Definitely furry, not special enough to be Mary Sue but not for lack of trying.

>> No.9654140

its not that mary sue, but it does sound dangerously furry.

>> No.9654172

If it has, I haven't seen it.

>> No.9654192

I didn't mention "tastefully obstructed" by pogo stick with coy expression..
so I'll do that now.
I've made a couple of shitty mock up examples of poses (yes, in paint) to give sort of an idea of what I'm looking for - minus stupid carpet etc.. I dunno is that clear?

>> No.9654234


Oh god, I can actually HEAR the shitty euro-techno music just by looking at that pic.

>> No.9654258


Hell shave her and she looks like an elf with a tail so NOT furry. Hell she doesn't even have those damned cat ears that catgirls have and THAT alone should make catgirls furry.

Besides she is not even a player character she is an npc that makes rare appearances just to fuck with people in one way or another.

>> No.9654294

Space Marines "never off-duty" is, frankly, one of the dumber parts of their fluff.

Even the hardest professional soldiers need some down-time. And Space Marines are the second-hardest professional soldiers in the galaxy.

Space Marines aren't inhuman. They're just men. Bio-engineered men who can live a long time, bigger and tougher and stronger than unaltered men, superbly-trained compared to most other regular infantry, but still... just flesh and blood.

>> No.9654296

I'm wondering how many people are in this thread who I know IRL...

>> No.9654304


I think I forgot some details or something

>> No.9654311

This sounds like Darkstalkers.

>> No.9654342

Here is an example of the suit. Also either in the back ground or resting in his arm lies a woman bleeding from the chest. He looks like he is singing.

>> No.9654400

Seconding this request. Needs moar off-duty(or possibly even OMG RETIRED WITH HONOURS) Space Marines.

>> No.9654404


Nope, still sounds pretty furry. Not really Mary-Sueish though.

>> No.9654409

Thanks taking my request! It looks great.

>> No.9654421

Thanks for coloring that, Greenmarine!

>> No.9654462

And if you shave another furry and cover up their head then they look like people. What's your point?

Who cares if it's furry anyway? It is what it is.

>> No.9654469

I need a picture of a young Guardsman lad, grey haired and grey eyed. He looks very much serious. He should have his Lasgun over his shoulder and his helmet in one hand along with a gas-mask.

>> No.9654504

Or better yet, while watching the live show.

>> No.9654520

you're welcome. thanks for saying thanks.

I think I'm done for the day. I'm all out of cheesecake and coffee.

see you tomorrow, guys

>> No.9654521

Techpriests being confounded by a grade-school electronics book.

>> No.9654529


Its furry, but really stop giving a shit about that. If you start giving a shit, you wont be able to use any sort interesting of monster races for anything other than boring faceless villains.

>> No.9654533


nope This character has been around for at least 25 years, when I made her up darkstalkers had not even been invented yet.

>> No.9654566


Eh I'm not worried about it just typing about it. People can think what they want no skin off my ass.

>> No.9654617


Do a cutebold insect herder.

Their herd? LADYBUGS.

>> No.9654629


Here ye go. Hope you enjoy.

That's it for me today. I'll try and have >>9653487 and >>9651797 done relativly soon for those who wanted the crazy Cameel Dealan' Hassan and that boundan', food carryan', bodysuit wearan' girl.

>> No.9654733


>> No.9654856

D'awww. That's adorable. Thank you very much! :D

>> No.9654908

Go gently into the abyss.

>> No.9655068



>> No.9655099

no need to bump it, all the DF's are gone already

>> No.9655115

I've got a request!
Space pirate - pilot/gunner.

White haired, ruggedly good looking, around 6 feet tall, pretty well muscled, but not huge.
His right arm is replaced by a red metal prosthetic that includes his entire shoulder blade.
Very flirtatious, sarcastic, and ready for fights.

>> No.9655131


>> No.9655146


Yeah, wasn't there when I was writing. D=
Ah well. Better luck next time.

>> No.9655147

Stop bumping this, no one is here right now.

>> No.9655248


Thanks man

>> No.9655311

why not keep bumping it if nothing else it lets people see their requests if they were done and they haven't yet

>> No.9655360


BAdass! Take your time with the super waitress.

I toccurs to me it would also work in veloCITY.

>> No.9655382 [DELETED] 

I could use a picture of a really fucking huge guy, like seven feet tall and muscular with a gut. Ought to be ugly, with a well trimmed beard. Holding open the shattered remains of a door and looking embarrassed.

It would be a character portrait.

>> No.9655656

A Kobold dressed up as an imperial guardsmen.

>> No.9655663

This, except a space pirate from the Metroid series,

>> No.9655670

...I didn't even know bg did porn. Only shota, I guess?

>> No.9655743


>> No.9655787

Sister of Battle scissoring Callidus?

>> No.9655802

bumping my request, if anyone's up for a character portrait.

Also, he's using a lance, but no shield or anything.

>> No.9655853


cant draw porn "now"

>> No.9655857


You usually don't take the porn requests though. Not cute enough?

>> No.9655868

its a problem of impressionable childs and location :V

>> No.9655887

Did somebody say cheesecake pictures? :D

>> No.9655889

Oooh ok. When's a good time?

...Because I just got a visual of one of these cutebolds getting screwed by a human while the others watch. All awkward and cutely, somehow.

>> No.9655906

these are old pictures tought :3

>> No.9655943

>Cute ideas please.

We could always use more adorable part-cyborg animals.

>> No.9655946

What's going on in the top right corner there? This from an OC or something?

>> No.9655949

Yes you can.

>> No.9655959

...You sure about that shota thing?

>> No.9655980

How about a squad of Guardsbolds and their Commissar(not sure if the commissar is another bold, or a human)?

>> No.9656012

a cutebold smith working on a golem/warforged with a :3 face

>> No.9656025

yep, part of Yian-Cute-ku and bold :3


>> No.9656027

Only because anon seems to like it very much.

I should be back after righteous dinner.

>> No.9656043

i haet you because you ignored mine ;-;

>> No.9656044

HAHA! Thank you so much drawfag anon! That's awesome.

>> No.9656074

This thread has a disturbing lack of Cutebold Marines in battle with Goblin Fedayeen.

>> No.9656085


FUCK YES. Said it before, say it again: best drawfag ever. EVER.

>> No.9656122

Hello, can you do this?
Sister of Battle scissoring Callidus?

>> No.9656134


>> No.9656149


That explains why I can never find it for posting. I've been looking under C for Cybernetic and K for Kitten. I knew I had it saved, but I could never find it. You just keep up the good drawan, bg.

>> No.9656171

All is forgiven!

Also soon to be an NPC in my FC game.

>> No.9656230

Draw a Dragon Clan samurai (preferably a Togashi tattooed monk, them being the most recognizable Dragon family) sitting on a fence with an awesomeface while all the other clans are busy fighting each other.

>> No.9656306


Family members come near when drawing porn.


They point out tits could be bigger.

>> No.9656324

Oh jeez, I lost it because of that situation and the image.

>> No.9656328

bg draws his tits too big already.

>> No.9656340

Oh god.

We need to see Teen Marine in this exact situation. Although I guess instead of family members it would have to be Chaplain/Chapter Master.

>> No.9656356


What types of family members say that?

General Immediate, ma, pa, bro, sis, aunt, uncle, cousin biff??

>> No.9656370


bg's tits expand when gropage is involved.

See the two set of cultist and cosplay cultist.

>> No.9656439

This guy, except with boobs instead of eyes.
In the titty monster pose; groping the largest pair, leaning forwards, and staring.

>> No.9656498

thats because i take a digdug approach :v

>> No.9656517


damnit, now I want to see a cultist revenge pic.

>> No.9656547

Seconding, and suggesting DATASS.

>> No.9656582

Yes, do this.

>> No.9656596


I'm gonna hug the breath right out of you, Fryman

>> No.9656598

involve a thri-kreen, a cutebold, and a lamia and we have /tg/ paydirt.

>> No.9656673


>> No.9656707


>> No.9656715

You missed a golden opportunity. There's not even any dorfs.

>> No.9656742

Did she rub it down with Turtle Wax or what?

>> No.9656743


That's a little hardcore.

I didn't want cultist to be murderin'.

>> No.9656859

oh, its ok, its not like you could get rid of me anyways :3

>> No.9656877

I would like to request a cute promethean girl (Think frankenstein's monster...pic related. Also without bandages.) with short, shaggy black hair and mismatched eyes (one dark, one light). She's dressed in dark, victorian era clothes (think gothic lolita), and has a cheery expression. She's moderately proportioned, and is in her late teens/early twenties.

>> No.9656887

Would never want to be rid of you!

>> No.9656891

Also, she has stitches on her face/body, so it's kind of patchwork.

>> No.9656896

Him but without the bullets and imperial

>> No.9656910

Various humanoid monsters as chippendales dancers in a club. Unfortunately, all the patrons are human.

>> No.9656980

This is a good idea.

>> No.9656982


>> No.9657056

A pair, if you will. A tsundere crusader and sororitas pair, from 40k. Need reference pics?

>> No.9657059


>> No.9657074

A small, gleefully smiling girl holding a very very large gun. She enjoys pears a lot.

>> No.9657087

Thank ye, good sire.

>> No.9657107


A tanned Sister of Battle in her swim suit, enjoying the summer.

>> No.9657290

In a Pokemon Adventures group and this is my character. The creator was extremely limited, but this was the general idea. Can you draw her, and her Misdreavus?

>> No.9657338

Any chance we can get some more Khornette being covered in Tau spooge?

Preferably with more spooge, and more rage.

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