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"huh? ...wha?"


"....'uck off...."

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Inb4 over 9000 responses.

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING DRINKING IT'S... oh, it's only midnight. The bar's don't close till 2.
Carry one then.

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yaknow, this is how she probably ends up after the game.

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I see where this is going...

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for some reason that picture makes me think she is a russian lady.

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where is your god now?

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me too!

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inb4 furfag cancer thread with 100 images 500 replies final destination bullshit

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anyone who posts in this thread without sage is a samefag, and thus, a furfag.

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>implying sage does anything

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sage allows you to post without bumping the thread, so yeah, it does do something

So here, have a shirt.

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Ahhhh Freya, sweet gal, always like her in the game.

The short version of her experience during the course of the game:

She starts the game looking for her lost love, Fratley, she meets the main character and learns Shit is Going Down.
She learns that Burmecia, her home and one of the two places her race lives, is going to be attacked. she tries to prevent this, she fails, Burmecia is reduced to smoking rubble.
She helps lead the survivors of Burmecia to Cleyra, there she find her lost love Fratley, he has been mind-wiped and does not remember her, she is a stranger to him.
Cleyra is attacked, she tries to prevent this but fails, Cleyra is literally nuked, all the Cleyrans die, all the survivors from Burmecia die, her race is functionally extinct at this point.
She spends the rest of the game in shell shock following behind the main character, occasionally chiming in with a "me too". She is basically forgotten by the writers.
She ends the game in the smoking rubble of what used to be her home, one of the last few survivors of her race, desperately pretending her mind-wiped boyfriend will one day remember her.

He doesn't, the end.

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Sage let's you post in a thread without bumping it, faggot.

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sage in all fields,

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I like your logic.

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I prefer to think that she's just too goddamn british for any of that to have a lasting effect.

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awful grimdark, must have been an accident.

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an ill wind..

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sadly its going to end up kinda like pic related

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reading that I just had a mental image of Freya and Basil working together.

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Actually most of the Cleyrans and Burmecians have escaped at this point and the refugees spend the rest of the game trying to build new lives for themselves in Lindblum.

And though Fratley doesn't remember Freya he comes to love her all over again. It's bittersweet, but the sweetness wins out in the end.

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>this thread

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six years later the horror of seeing a doppelganger wearing her lovers face she gets drunk and blows here brains out in the tub, her little daughter finds the body after hearing the bang.

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Where's this from?

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say what? dude, most of the survivors of Burmecia went to Cleyra, Cleyra was Nuked, Literally. there were no survivors.

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We need more Ink-Eyes and Freya pics.

Preferably hardcore.

This I decree.

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I would give Freya a hug. Just seems like it would be sort of appropriate, after all the shit that happens to her.

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Think it's something from Guild Wars. They have some damn good concept art.

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You run into a bunch of survivors later on, Fratley and whatisface that irritating as fuck prince survive too.

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you run into a couple survivors, however I think Fratley and the prince had left earlier during or right before the initial attack.

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Naw man, I'm not samefagging
I'd just hug that rat chick
I mean like her entire race is basically dead and the only guy she ever loved doesn't remember anything about her
Maybe a hug wouldn't do much but it's not like I can bring everyone back to life

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bump for freya

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I just want to know what the fuck kind of accent drops the "f" off of "fuck".

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Freya, apparently

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Proasting Marche in a final fantasy thread, BEST FF protagonist ever.

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Can't be letting my brother enjoy this fantasy world where he can walk, he has to face his problems.

Can't let my friend rule his own fantasy world either where he can't be bullied and lives like a King, bros gotta help bros sort out their problems.

Wait... your problem is that your hair is naturally white and you don't like it? Fuck you, we're going home.

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Everyone is furry for Freya!

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"Fuck the rest of the world, they can all be my subjects fighting and dying in ruthless battles while I lord over them like a spoiled brat!"

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Ritz's complaint was probably the most retarded, I can understand the others wanting to live in this fun, exciting world where their problems (like disability, dead parents and bullying) don't exist, but Ritz just didn't like that her hair wasn't naturally red. That's it.

Say what you like about Marche being a complete dick to the others and breaking the whole world to get them back into reality to face their problems, at least he wasn't bitching about his hair colour.

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Hair color is a bigger deal in Nipponland, I suppose.

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It's easier to side with Marche when you realize Invalice is basically Second Life: Final Fantasy Edition.

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Fortunately, it's kind of hard to die for real in FFTA, the only time you were at threat was if you fought in areas without this universal (and mostly bullshit) magic law system that made sure you couldn't die.

All his friends became competent fighters in different guilds and found their own niche living for years in his fantasy, but yeah, it was a dick move to basically be King of a bullshit magical world and do whatever he liked.

Though FFTA's story wasn't great, I enjoyed the game a lot, it's a nice turn based strategic RPG and it encouraged you to mix and match the classes without unlimited power of some FF games. You could still sort of break the system, but there were still limits.

Also I liked imaging Marche as the games antagonist, destroying their world on some dick move whim.

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also, Viera, dangerously close to making me furry.

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just isn't working for me, probably for the best.

Though they made Veira pretty fucking horrible in FFTA2 by letting you combo up red mage powers with summoner powers then fuel the huge MP cost with a passive ability that used health rather then mana.

That said, every race had their cheep bullshit moves, humans especially, but I was disgusted when I finally worked out I could do that with a Veira, it turned a reasonable caster I had into a huge area of effect blaster that could use double cast to do it's damage with one massive spell, then heal with the second spell negating any costs, or just nuke a area dead.

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Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

it makes FFTA look like shit in every possible way, and it has (spoilers) one fucking hell of a grimdark end

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Invisibility + Concentration (the +accuracy) + one hit kill ambush attacks = fun times.

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And the "good ending"? WAS ALSO FUCKING GRIMDARK.

Depressing bastard of a game that was.

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haha, yeah, some really bullshit moments in FFTA2 like that, even more unforgiving about the enemy forcing you to break the law, but then they made breaking the law cost nothing more then your ability to resurrect dead characters for the battle and losing your bonus at the end. Only competitions required you to not break the law so you could just ignore it if you wanted.

Annoyingly unlike the first FFTA, the enemy doesn't have to follow the law and they worked harder on fucking you up when you did.

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the best ending? WH40k could take LESSONS in grimdark from watching him become (spoilers) Lans Tartare

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The guilds were protected by the judges but everyone else was still vulnerable, and the more laws that got piled on the harder every day life seemed to get.
I'm not sure how not hurting moogles affects one's farm or business but it didn't stop people from complaining in the cut scenes.

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Not denying Tactics Ogre is a better game, it's one of the best in it's genre (fuck you Disgaea) but I was just commenting on how much I enjoyed FFTA. Most Final Fantasy games are depressingly shit these days and only occasionally do a few fun ones turn up.

FFTA hasn't got a great plot, but it's pretty fun for a while and you can spend alot of time just enjoying the side quests, some of which have better stories then the main quest (especially true of FFTA2).

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I don't remember your opponents in the second game having to obey the law either.

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So this is a thread for drunk furries, or what?

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pretty much yeah.

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maybe that's what the OP intended, but I'ma have a FFTA thread now, or general SRPG thread because it's slightly more relevant and involves actual discussion, plus they can just post Viera if they must.

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I meant they had to follow the law in the first game (sort of) but in the second one it's only you. It was damn frustrating. The law was a important part of the first game where if someone didn't follow it, they would get their character put in jail, it was pretty harsh and encouraged cards to change to laws to get around the worst ones (like Damage2 whatever race you were fighting).

The second game just made the laws ineffectual so you could just ignore them if you didn't want the match bonus and didn't think you were in danger of losing anyone, even then if they die you can just win the match and they'd be back with you.

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That was the point. Lot's of people felt that the first game's law system was too constricting. I somewhat agree with them there, but it did work within the context of the game story. In the second game only clans use judges so it makes sense that the enemies didn't have to follow the law, the downside storywise being that if a person died they died for good.

Have some Prima Donna, which has like the only pictures of Gria I can find on the _boorus.

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That kind of situation only really happens if you weren't paying attention to the laws on the world map, but it is a sort of bullshit situation.

Viera have always been a bit overpowered. Especially in FFTA. Fucking Assassins, man.

The thing about the laws in FFTA, enemies never break them unless you're fighting a boss character who has immunity to being jailed. They will liberally break the laws and get slapped with as many yellow cards - but no matter how many yellow cards they get, and even if they KO someone while breaking the law, they don't get sent to jail.

I once trollface.jpg'd a rival clan in-game by sending nothing but human party members into the fight and using the law card DMG2:Humans.
Shortest fight ever.

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Goddammit I loved FFTA and am currently playing FFTA2

But, goddammit if you didn't get all your good classes in the beginning of the game in FFTA you were boned. I hated that because I only realized which jobs were awesome after it was too late.

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Only /tg/ could take obvious furry trollbait and turn it into civil discussion about /tactic games/

The law system of FFTA made me run away fast from the game. They were artificial difficulty at best and an horrible mess of brokeness.

That been said, I enjoyed the particular brokeness of FFT

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Who needs to be a tactical genius when FOUNTAINS OF BLOOD!!?

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Possibly the best exploit in FFTA was when you dick around in the beginning doing nothing but Recruit <race> missions (after setting in motion clan battles, so you have a source of gold) until you get the Thief weapon with Steal:Ability.

Then you do one specific bounty whose name I forget and steal the ability Steal:Weapon from one of the enemies... and take his Sword Breaker (the item that bestows Steal:Weapon.)

"It's almost like everything you own is mine!"
(Plus you can get some awesome weapons from enemies, even that early in the game.)

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