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Doesn't have to be porn, just wondering if any of you guys did nose art. currently I'm practicing to draw a zippo lighter and a royal flush of cards with my fine tip brush, so I can name some of my hell hounds.

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Who doesn't do noseart? It the best part of aircrafts. A fluffy reason to paint tits on a vehicle? More please!

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I don't.

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I don't, because I suck at freehand. Also, I don't think it'd really be allowed in most Imperial regiments.

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And that is why you fail

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This, both points.
Not that I'd bitch and moan about it really, but I don't think I'd do it.

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Why does it always have to be so cheesy?

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Well, there's no space. Tau aircraft are essentially bars attached together. There is no place to put anything.

Maybe on the Orca or Manta, but not on the Barracuda or Tiger Shark.

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You know there's ways of making your own decals, right?

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I think we were generally discussing IG.

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You can barely paint at all.

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because it's NOSE ART

it ALWAYS has to be cheesy

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There's a million miles of useless space on a hammerhead.

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Imperial forces generally improve of anything that improves moral and rarely interfe in the fighting styles and uniform of a regiment. Hell in the 40k dogfighting game you get a bonus for it.

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But those places are all solid shining gold.


Aircraft get a bonus to it as well. "Distinguished Colors" or some shit.

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Congrats at being unwelcome at any LGS you would wish to frequent.

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Go ahead and try to deface the most venerable surface of imperial military vehicle.

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Do I? Nope. Don't have the skill for it. I've seen people who are damn good at it, though.

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be creative, draw some pinups in darker gold and call it an etched-in design

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When the new Heavy Commander's rules come out, I'm gonna see if he's worth picking up. If he is, he has space on his gun to draw stuff.

I'm debating between a trollface, the international male symbol, or a skull.

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As long as no one looks under the tank...

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there is an obvious answer to this.

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Do this

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this is one of my fucking favorites

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Doesn't seem appropriate for marines or sisters.

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Wouldn't mind seeing this transposed onto a valkyrie.

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brb, getting chaos predator and drawing cultist-chan on it, I will enjoy getting purged IRL by angry neckbeards.

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It's easier to make a lateral pinup on such a small scale. This is the girl on my bike, I used her as a reference for my friend's commisarriette pinup on his rhino.

The Lateral lines are easier to paint and if you accidentally make it a little too long, it's harder to see the flaw.

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>Flying Sue


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1 Print something /tg/ with your Inkjet.
2 Spray with matte sealer
3 ???
4 Profit

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It's on the bottom.

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