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So these get released this month, /tg/. Anyone picking some up?

I'll probably get a box just to see what I think. They look pretty great though, tbh. I'll probably start some sort of Renegade Guard army if I like them, either desert themed or perhaps themed like an urban resistance force.


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I might have considered getting some of their Krieger klones if the guns didn't look so fucking retarfed

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The standard rifles aren't so bad. The reverse grip looks weird on the grenade launcher, however, but if it bothers me too much I can just convert some GW ones to fit them, wouldn't be too hard.

Apparently they are working on a heavy weapons / command sprue, too.

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If I'm using Kriegers I want lasrifles like everything else in the Guard.

Those guns just look fucking stupid.

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Yeah, good point. I want my guys to seem even lower tech than IG though, so it works for me. But god damn, dem grenade launchers.

Also i like the fact you get 14 heads per 3-unit sprue. I'm going to be fucking drowning in the things.

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>baaawwww no aquilias/skulls

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It's more about the the fact that I have to buy a bunch of cadian lasguns that will probably be just as expensive as the fucking models themselves.

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Shop around, you'll probably be able to get lasguns for around 40 to 50 cents, i'd imagine.

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Each, that is. Seriously though, lasguns don't look that great anyway.

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That may be true but if you ever want to turn any particular model into something easily recognizable in 40k, the humble lasgun will do it. Hell just replacing the barrel will do it.

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Lasguns i can get like 20 for $5 out of the bitz box at my LGS

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If he wants to do that and has the cash to splash, so what?

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<--- My paint scheme

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The look cool. The hell is your problem?

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My problem is, the only advantage of those models is their cheap price. That anon suggested that to make them look good, he should convert them, using very not-cheap GW parts. Thus completely defeating the idea, as you have, instead of lots of cheap crap, lots of not-so-cheap anymore crap with GW parts so they look at least semi decent.

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How are these models crap?

Subjective I know but I think they look awesome.

Not really a substitute for Kriegers but rather a whole different theme altogether.

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soft edges and details, parts that clearly don't "mesh" with each other(those pauldrons are kept in place by magic I presume?), very limited poseability which doesn't make sense in plastic kit...they can look good when painted very well like OP's pic, but if you're going to paint to such a level, why not do it on detailed minis that will reward the hard work anyway?

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It only defeats the idea of cheap if that was what you were going for in the first place. Besides you can get cadian arms on ebay for pretty cheap prices if you are prepared to look.

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The level of detail of OP's miniature can easily be achieved through speedpainting.

I could finish five to ten of these guys in an evening.

Besides, do you know any better looking plastic sci-fi troopers?

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Man, Killzone has the least interesting character design ever. The villains look super generic, I probably couldn't spot any of the good guys in a mixed crowd, and the entire game is grey on grey.

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To be fair, you don't get much is posability out of a Space Marine either. You want him holding a bolter? Ok, he can hold it at hip level, or he can have it tilted a little. Cadians don't offer much more either without kitbashing or cutting and greenstuffing.

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Infinity has plastic models?

Then it might even be worth looking into...

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Well dude, thats like, your opinion.

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Oh, my bad, missed the plastic bit, I don't know about that. I just know they look brilliant.

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Space marines have several kits for more variation though.

Running legs, kneeling legs, grenade throwing arms and bolter held one-handed.

Marine legs and arms can also easily be cut up and reposed, unlike these models.

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Agreed, I'd love to get some to paint up.

Feels more like display models than something to base a large army around though.

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But that requires buying several different kits, and/or cutting. I'm talking a Tac Squad box. If you want him holding his bolter and don't want to cut and greenstuff then you're pretty limited in options for poses. Not saying these new guys aren't, but that doesn't make them shit.

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Average size of an army in Infinity is around 10 - 12 models.

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We were talking about Imperial Guard substitutes though.

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Oh, my bad. I assumed you were talking about playing Infinity, which you should.

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Not that much into gaming, I'm mostly a painter.

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Mainly because they're not "large army" designs, we're talking around ten models per side. That's one of the reasons I don't do 28mm mass combat anymore, the quality is just dissapointing compared to the skirmish gaming offerings.

Now, 15mm is another story, I can't wait for Critical Mass new rules so I can use their grav-tanks.

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never heard of critical mass. nice.

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What about Stargrunt 2, Fast&Dirty or Tomorrows War?

Already seen the new CMG vehicle on Dropship Horizon btw.?

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I'd post a comparison of different 15mm tank designs from different companies, but stupid 4chan gives me 'abnormal reply' when I try.

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This picture is somewhat outdated though.

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I never could read through the SG2, too much wierd shit and dice around. And the CM rules have the added bonus of sounding similiar to FOW, which I already know and is dead easy.

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The major advantage of these are plastic greatcoats not just their price. here I come plastic Firstborn and Vallahans.

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Yes, I did see the renders, they're pretty cool. Though I still think the prolene mechs are bloody stupid.

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I've been thinking about using these guys as the infantry in a Skitarii force I'm thinking about making.

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