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Sup, Elegan/tg/entleman? I've got about two hours to burn, how about a drawfag thread?

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I'd like a Warboss spanking Cultist chan saying "Dem waffulz wuz main ya' git!"

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moar drew

>> No.9623302

I'd like a modern crew served weapon with kobolds running it, wearing modern gear. Artillery would be best.

Thanks :)

>> No.9623303

Something, sexy, with an assassin, and high tech.

>> No.9623306

I would like Pelonia the Chubby Gorgon wrestling a lamia, plz.

>> No.9623309

Crazy Hassan. Just Crazy Hassan.

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Can you draw a male Shepard from mass effect singing "It's not unusual" By tom Jones while every female character (or just the ones that follow him) in the series swoons over him.

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Catgirl freaking out and biting someone.

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Draw me a witch :3

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I'd actually like to second this, it's better than someones weird fetish

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Two Space Wolves sharing a tender kiss.

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Ok :(

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I'd like to see an Imperial Guardswoman.

Basically a Vasquez clone (from Aliens); Flak armor, but no helmet, wearing a bandanna around her head instead. She's wielding a heavy stubber.

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draw a hot tiefling girl being all naked and stuff!

>> No.9623375

How about some Sharkashier the Hippy Lamia?
In the middle of her favorite pastime, getting high.

>> No.9623377

Girl-next-door style young adult girl with a blue bob haircut turning into a succubus.

>> No.9623385

draw a butt

it should be unhappy

>> No.9623388

Could you draw a picture of a female na'vi in their usual skimpy clothes sitting on an ammo crate in an extremely butch fashion and possibly lighting up a cig? Also should have a generic rifle leaning against the crate


>> No.9623407

Would you please draw an Orcus-Tan thing, I am running the last "epic levels" campaign soon and i need a pet to carry around.

Pic unrelated.

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A female sorceror holding a positive pregnancy test and screaming CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

>> No.9623450

Could you draw and sex up this character? Egyptian-style sorceress, she wears a robe on the show but I was thinking stereotypical skimpy sorceress garb.

>> No.9623473

Inquisitor Holmes and Interrogator Watson chasing heretics

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I haven't seen you around before, I think? Nice art!

I'd like to see this tiefling rogue in your style. Favorite character of a friend of mine.

Hope you can give it a stab

>> No.9623488

On the off-chance s/he draws this, can someone email it?

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Could I get an immortal dude? He's all burnt and scarred up and is covered in vials and pouches of caustic, acidic, flammable or otherwise nasty substances. Many of them are broken due to his favored combat style being close quarters grappling.

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Sexy barbarian/berserker woman, bonus points if this is achieved without the use of a bikini.

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If you wouldn't mind, could you draw a gnoll alchemist wearing a doctor's smock, and holding a lit bomb while grinning toothily?
It's for a campaign I'm currently in, and I could desperately use some artwork.
Bonus points for a kobold tied up in the background.

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a pic like this with a chaos worshipper getting into a sister of battle costume

chaos can be a male or female character, don't really matter

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Seconding a million times.

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I'd appreciate a portrait of my character. She's a minor noblewoman with magic relating to eldritch horrors/insanity. She's tall, slim, pale and with short black hair tied off to the side.

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Wowzerz, busy drawthread. /tg/ must be hungry tonight.

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A female shaman, rather muscular but still sexy. Skimpy fur/leather outfit, barefoot, tribal tattoos, short pure white hair Cloak made out of the pelt of a huge winter wolf. Other shamanistic trappings as you desire.

Pretty please?

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a happy butt

>> No.9623583

Emo beholder. He must be drawn.

His parent just doesn't understand him. Also he tried to eat him.

>> No.9623587

Oh, and I'd like him to be ignoring at least one patch of skin bubbling off.

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Could you please draw a portly, scruffy guy sitting on or leaning against a motorcycle (a huge one, like a particularly massive Harley Davidson) with duffel bags strapped to the sides? I'd be especially grateful if he were smoking a pipe.

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if you have the time under this barrage of requests... A minotaur with his horn tips smashed addressing a crowd of minotaurs in front of a dais with a throne. He has his hammer stretched out in front of him pointed towards the crowd as he speaks. In the throne you can almost see Kamina's (a la Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) glasses rising in silhouette from the throne.

Homage to a character who is retiring next session and has been likened to a barbarian version of Kamina. With horns.

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This guy, in a business transaction with several other monstrous businessmen.

>> No.9623623

Hahaha, I have no idea how artillery are honestly manned, heres a bullshited version.

I only draw Kiara you know.

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Well, it seems like quite a few requests are going to be ignored. Time for bed it is.

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A caveman-live person riding a huge mammal across a dry lakebed

>> No.9623700

Looks good, thanks :)

>> No.9623704


I like it, if nothing else, kobolds are crazy, which makes the bullshitting tasty.

>> No.9623723

On the left; a chinese man dressed in a very upscale business suit with a sly smile on his face. His hair looks rather untidy compared to his impeccable suit. His body is turned to the viewer, with one hand adjusting his tie, and the other holding out a ball of orange flame of considerable size.

On the right; same position and approximate expression except the face is that of an imperial dragon (see pic for reference) horns, whiskers, and facial hair predominant. He has a face full of wickedly sharp teeth and is still smiling that sly little smile. The ball of fire is now burning much brighter, smaller and is a blue flame. He has the golden underbelly and greenish topscale through out.

I know its a lot to ask, but that would make my week!

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Yeah I sorta failed at the high tech part, hope I managed sexy.

Sorry I'm so fucking slow. ect.

>> No.9623819

Don't worry.

>> No.9623836

fail, heres the proper image.

>> No.9623837

A lot faster then SOME of our Drawfags.
Thank you for drawing for us tonight.

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I had to come out of hiding to draw Crazy Hassan. And team up with my fellow drawfag.

>> No.9623863

Drew, you bastard, how the fuck have you been?

>> No.9623888

Can I have this sans text?

This... this doesn't look shooped. Please say it isn't!

>> No.9623971

It's shopped, numbnuts. Can't you see the mistyped "Help" command?

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I think I sorta failed this one, no idea what gun you were talking about and I didn't really want waste time looking it up. I'm already slow as is.

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Sister of battle eating some pudding

>> No.9624077

Heavy stubber = plain old ordinary machine gun.

>> No.9624093

That's good. Thanks a lot.

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Requesting any of the following:

Arbite set up like an old west lawman, holding a combat shotgun in one hand and an Inquisitorial badge in the other. Dark hair and eyes, stubble on his face. Looks beat up.

Guardsman in full flak with a wide brimmed hat instead of his helmet and a long lasgun strapped to his back. There should be an explosive collar around his neck. Young guy. Red hair, green eyes.

Final one: An Inquisitor in full slim-line power armor (black with red trim) holding a bolt pistol with a long barrel. He's wearing a red cloak over his armor and no helm. Grey hair, blue eyes, fair skin. Should have an Inquisitorial rosette hanging on a belt at his waist.

>> No.9624177

Fuck yeah Crazy Hassan!

>> No.9624193

Sorry, no colors because I am hurrdurr. But that is an awesome character concept. I may steal it for Changeling: The Lost.

It's all on the same layer - MY WILL CANNOT BE UNDONE.

>> No.9624209

Draw me a lich wearing tattered robes, sitting on a stone throne with two massive skeleton warriors standing guard over him. Everything is covered in dust.

The lich is contemplating a wedding ring intensely. Cobwebs indicate that he has been for some time.

>> No.9624213


frikkin awesome! I shall cherish it for now and always and forever and...

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le bump??

>> No.9624244

forgot to butch part, made her topless to compensate. Its..kinda a butch pose. Sorta?

>> No.9624277


I love it anyway

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Bumping again with my request.

If anything I thought one of you two would be interested in it but I guess not :(

>> No.9624446

Chill. Blackfist is taking his time to do requests well.

Someone will get to it in due time.

>> No.9624475

apparently in my style shes a rapist.

Also I'm around, I'm just an oldfag. Also my roommate drew is the more well known, haha!

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Draw a Kirby Lady of Pain, please.

>> No.9624503

Here ya go.

I tackled it a few times and couldn't get it right. I think I had too cool of an image in my head since nothing measured up.

But it's getting late and we should be sleeping.

>> No.9624511

Hey OP, could you try your hand are a Fire Genasi with skin like this pic and hair made of fire? wielding crude broadsword with smoldering magical runes etch on it.

>> No.9624515

Bumping once again in hopes that I might get something before I head out for the night.

>> No.9624517


Bah, red skin :(

>> No.9624529


erp, forgot to add, female, not sure about the clothes so go hog-wild if you please

>> No.9624555

3 characters standing amongst a pile of broken/damaged undead cadavers.
A Taurian with a huge scar across his Chest with a huge axe.
A Golbin using his horns as a gun steady for a gun about 3 times his size.
And a Raziel-style Forsaken with a staff and a doctors kit.
Above them the line, 'We all have something to fight for' and a small line above each
Forsaken- 'Creation and destruction'
Goblin- 'Splosives and Cash!'

>> No.9624598

A lanky wild haired 16 year old with wild, animal like eyes in purple and green standing atop a pile of unconsious foes with a wooden sword in his hands. Head knocked back yelling something to the sky.
Around the bottom of the pile a crowd of ladies.
Along the top, the caption "I'm only in this for the hot chicks."

>> No.9624627

Doodled this since it was quick and funny. Y'know, now that I think about it, Kirby is a bit of a cosmic horror. It travels throughout the galaxy, endlessly devouring everything - but mainly sentient life. It takes on the aspects of its victims, ever changing. It take innocent joy from its devouring and slaughter, eschewing morality. Its mind must work on an entirely different plane than our own. It is beyond our understanding.

Okay, I'm gonna go sleep. Night fa/tg/uys!

>> No.9624636

Tallarn terrorist have kidnapped Ethereal

>> No.9624653

Anybody else notice that the drawfags have done fuck-all, complained about everything they posted, and are now fucking off to bed?

>> No.9624655

Don't you mean GLORIOUS XENOPHOBIC Tallarn?

>> No.9624666

A Night Elf in Eldar Armor (helmet off of course).

>> No.9624695

0/10, try harder.
Did 9 requests between the two of them, artists typically find fault in everything they do and they went to bed because its early in the morning.

>> No.9624706

Man, I got first post and no delivery? I'm sad now.

>> No.9624711

Looks like every lich I draw ends up as Drew. Oh wellll.

I'm actually a chick, but its coo' brah.

Also, sorry folks, I have classes in like..5 hours so I should probably sleep. Sorry again that I'm so slow.

>> No.9624712


yes, admittedly my request WAS finished. Yet they can only do so much. If it is that important, save the request for a later date and another drawfag. Also are you the one who complains in almost an identical way near the end of each drawthread?

>> No.9624721

YOU AIN'T SLOW DAG-NABIT! Fastern' Most round these parts!

>> No.9624722


aw. Never going to see that genasi.

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>> No.9624756


we appreciate what ya do lass. not everyone is willing to provide their talent and skills for nothing more than the entertainment of the masses. Its right charitable of ya. Even if some anon DO get lippy with ya remember you'll always have fans. Goes for just about most drawfags, but it seems like you need reminding.

>> No.9624770

Were you talking to me (>>9624695) or >>9624653 ?
If you mean me, I was just responding what seems like a pisspoor attempt at trolling. If not, then it was posting a rebuttal to everything said.

>> No.9624777


apologies. It was indeed >>9624653. I simply misclicked.

>> No.9624785

does 3D count as drawfagging?

>> No.9624787

No problem. It happens.

>> No.9624792

Bumping my requests once before heading out.

>> No.9624806

Cause I have a bit of 3drawfaging

>> No.9624834

...Dreadnought with jumppack, if you wouldn't mind...

>> No.9624842

Well, it looks like I'll have to keep filling up my cultist folder another day. I've got 5 drawfags so far for requests. Shame, this would have been one of the best quality.

>> No.9624851 [DELETED] 

Do you have this one yet?

>> No.9624857

Due to physical constraints of time and efforts I cannot do requests within this thread.....

Hoewver made a suggestion of outright awesomeness and I may beable to grant it... within due time.

>> No.9624888

If you can give me a good references of a Warboss and Cultist-chan to work from, I'll try. Hardly ever do 40k stuff, so it might not be quality, but you at least won't leave empty-handed!

>> No.9624909

workan' on the first part of this one

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>> No.9625164

Here's a good fullsize warboss, but mine has a Mohawk, so, if you could work that in, that would be awesome.

>> No.9625171

Here's a full figure Cultist. Will dump moar for inspiration

>> No.9625193

YAY! I got my tripcode back.

>> No.9625238

>> No.9625241

Aw cripes, I'm sorry man, I started on the second request out of Cale's set. But please keep an eye out, I'll do it right after.

>> No.9625268

>> No.9625273

S'all good. Even if I should be in bed... 3 hours ago lol

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>> No.9625520

keeping it alive.

>> No.9625522


Ah, beaten to it. I'm too slow at this. Never mind, here's my offering anyway.

>> No.9625536

Bumping for results from the folks that were working on my requests.

>> No.9625557


>> No.9625568

Thanks kindly. I'm sure my buddy will enjoy this one. The first two of my requests were for PCs, and the third was for the group's resident Inquisitor.

>> No.9625571 [DELETED] 

cultist requester here, if it does get done, can you send it to my Email?

[email protected] Thanks guys, I owe you one.

>> No.9625627

I asked in another drawthread a couple of weeks back but my request never got taken, so if any of you are feeling generous today:

Could I have a heavy-set (thick-boned and muscled) man standing at attention in full plate armour (including closed helmet so you don't see his face), with a spear? If at all possible, the plate armour should have a Roman Imperial motif (eagle, that sort of thing), and if you could style the helmet itself like the head of an eagle, that would be awesome.

Not really expecting this to be done but I'll say thanks for going to the effort of drawing for people in the firt place. :)

>> No.9625643

Draw him as a Adeptus Arbites.

>> No.9625901


You've probably gone by now, but on the off-chance this thread is still around when you get back, here.

>> No.9625922


Not the requester, but I loled

>> No.9626719

bamp so this doesn't fall too far off page 0.

>> No.9627223


>> No.9627230

I find your lack of breasts disturbing.

>> No.9627388

Can I ask something?

A dude with long dreadlocks, wearing a dirty shirt and a jacket that's as ripped or torn as you wish to make it, he's also wearing jeans and leather boots.

Also, he's a Gangrel, so possibly in a pose of stalking someone before killing them barehanded or something like that.

>> No.9627521

I take it the drawfags have all disappeared, then. :(

>> No.9628316

Cool, TWO drawfaggotry attempts on my request. Thanks to both of you.

Also Drew doesn't get to be sad, he made his bed and now he has to lie in it.


>> No.9628697

Requesting an elf.

He's a muscular elf with short, blonde hair. He's clad in platemail armour with leather details. He wields two one-handed swords, they are held by sheaths attached to his back. He's holding his helmet under his arm.

Thanks in advance

>> No.9628706

CRAAAAZY HASSAN and his camels

>> No.9628749


From a distance I thought you drew like one of the Greasy Moose guys...

>> No.9628801

Hello, could I request a magician for a fantasy setting?

He's a man of middle-eastern appearance. He wears a black velvet cape with golden decorations and a high collar over a silver velvet robe. He wears a pair of sandals. He also wears a pair of thin-rimmed half-moon glasses. Around his waist he wears a black sash.

He is only thirty-something years old, but looks a bit older. His face is adorned by a stereotypically turkish beard and mustache. (goatee with pointy mustache, not overly stereotypical or silly though)

He's writing something in a small book, liek a notebook but still bound beautifully.


>> No.9628924

no one went wild when Drew was drawn.
i am sad /tg/, i am sad.

>> No.9630615

bump for moar bondage kobolds :D

>> No.9634472

A space pirate captain female, also brunette, with brown eyes.
Hair is mostly short, slightly long bangs, with a waist-length braid in the back. Forked tounge, slightly more sharp features, usually smirking or glaring. Clothing style is spacepunkish, rather sci-fi, and not really restrained to a specific outfit. Always wears gloves of some kind, other than that usually boots, loose pants, and a short cropped and/or tighter top. Uses bladed weapons and firearms.

BONUS POINTS: +8) incorporate some kind of serpentine imagery +14) make her a naga instead of human +20) looking like she just beat the shit out of someone or is going to [angry snake is angry]

>> No.9634533

I humbly request an image of Sandiwich the Drow reading a comic book that says "Drowtales" on the cover and giving a "what the fuck am I reading?" Face.

Also, possibly an image of Sandwich look satisfied with herself and dusting off her hands while walking away from a cat sitting at a computer desk. She has just smashed the cat's flat screen monitor over his head like a painting in an old cartoon. The cat's head is sticking out the back of the monitor his eyes are spirals and tiny, chibi-driders are galloping around his head.

>> No.9634549

BALL OF ARMS MAN (See the thread for more details, but you don't really need more than that)

>> No.9634654


Yes draw damn adorable kobolds.

>> No.9634667

I request a drawing of my Rogue Trader Missionary I will be playing in a upcoming campaign.

She is a former Sister of Battle who chose exile and went preaching on a rogue trader vessel and forcible converting the foul heathens in the Koronus Expanse instead of being demoted or transfered to a Order hospitaler monastery.

She still has the classical Sister of Battle haircut and dyes her hair white as a sign of her still being faithful to her order even though she is in exile.She is rather muscular in a climber/swimmer sort of way (no bulky muscles but lean and strong).

She wears a golden carapace armor over her black and orange ecclesiarchal robes of her Order. The carapace armor has numerous warding inscriptions and a purity seal is fixed slightly above her left breast. On her belt, a chainsword rests in its scabbard on her right hip and on her left hip a large book hang by two chains that are fixed to her belt.

>> No.9634707

I just found out that this character rapes the PC in Fear 2.

I would like a representation of that scene.

>> No.9635501

any drawfags still around?

>> No.9635577

Please draw ball of arms man, as found in this thread here:
he is a superhero that is essentially just a ball of arms, that rolls around pummeling badguys in a mixture of a steamroller and a boxer.

>> No.9635633

I'd like a Sister of Battle, but wearing a sort of skimpy, bikini style armor version of the heavy armor they usually wear. As many trappings and logo's as possible would be appreciated. If she could be carrying a bolter or chainsword, that'd be great too.

For great heresy.

>> No.9635824

I read that as "Harpie Lamia" and became scared/aroused.

>> No.9637832

this thread has run out of drawfag...

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