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So you find out that your next campaign, be it rogue trader, DnD or dark heresy, is being run by chink. What do you do.

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fap and cry at the same ti-

wait, isn't Chink KIA?

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My chinaman impression.

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Bother him to draw more Wakfu.

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Call the ghostbusters, obviously.

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Chink ;_;

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Whatever happened to Chink? Last I heard he was in the Taiwanese Army.

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apparntly he's dead, but i fail to believe that.

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your racism is so oddly specific. are you bothered that asians have bigger dicks than you? help us understand.

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your butthurt is for nought, bro. Chink is the moniker that particular drawfag chose. he signed the picture with it and everything.

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Chink is a specific dude you retard.

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Newfag detected

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your newfaggotry is so oddly specific. are you bothered that you don't have any idea who this drawfag is? help us understand.

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Last I heard Chink was serving mandatory time in the army.

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Chink's updated his Pixiv account a few times.
So no, he isn't dead.

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oh good

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I didn't know he had one. What's his name there?

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inb4 Slaaneshi guro

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are you bothered by being a gigantic faggot?

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Feels good to not be alone, boys.
Seriously, you're a retard or something. Go back to /b/ or /v/ or wherever in the nine hells you came from.
I wonder if he'll ever come back...

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He's like /tg/'s Tupoc. Fucker died but won't stop releasing work!

Anyway, I'd probably be pretty interested. Grimdark and shit with some moe involved. I'll just have to ask him /not/ to illustrate the scenes were everything is bloody and splattered against the wall and the NPC who inevitably gets turned on by it.

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> Tupoc

Oh No you did not

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God damn it's written in moon runes and I can't navigate it

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I heard he died. Bomb.

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Ah, the joys of the Moon People's language.

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Chink some times seems like he is trying to hard then you see a picture that makes you say, holly fuck something aint right with that boy.

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