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I am frustrated and angry.

As a result I'm gonna make angry sex to my wacom.

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Good for you

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Exact - fucking - ly

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draw eldars getting tentacle raped

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If you had a cintiq, you wouldn't be angry.

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That will teach them

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Guess what ! I have one !

I've bought anoverpriced toy I'm not even able to use correctly.

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>I am frustrated and angry.
>As a result I'm gonna make angry sex to my wacom.
Not sure what you're getting at. If this is a drawthread and you're taking requests, you aren't being clear about it.

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What is wrong with the cintiq? what makes it different from the tablet?

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Willing to draw a FFT-style Dark Knight with a single sword and a slasher smirk?

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There isn't anything WRONG with it. It's basically a monitor you draw right on top of.

Google or youtube it for more info.

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Can I have it? I'll trade you my Intuos4 for it.

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I like your style, angry and frustrated anon.

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help yourself. Just expect any request to be dealt with the same kind of treatment

the seat-talet interface is fucked up beyond redemption

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>the seat-talet interface is fucked up beyond redemption
what exactly does that mean?

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Fuck yes you are the best angry drawfag ever

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You should draw the angriest, most frustrated cutebold ever.

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Got another one if you're really looking for time to kill.

A volcano-themed godling taking a humanoid form.

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>seat-talet interface
would that be the user?

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I really like the OP image.

Please can I see a similarly sylvan/fae male? Perhaps angry, although I'm not too picky on that front.

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Kirby (the puffyball video game character) all pissed off holding a bloody axe

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Oh wow. Shit's about to get real.

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Draw a pissed off Khornate Daemonette having angry sex with a not-so-willing guardsman who appears to be enjoying it nonetheless.

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Hey angry drawfag, could you please make your pics smaller, resolution-wise?

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Elf with house cat.

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No. It's my toy.

It really means I'm fucked up.

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Another one if you're interested, a bounty hunter standing in the rain. He's holding a machete-bladed longsword and his cloak is blowing dramatically in the wind. He wears a wide-brimmed hat.

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NO don't you say such shit.
Resize them in paint if you don't like it!

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Erembour, That Which Calls to the Shadows
Demon of the Third Circle, Seventh Soul of the Ebon Dragon
In the First Age, the wisest cities constructed enchanted lighthouses, even if they lay far from the sea, and armed these minarets with piercing klaxons. Sadly, most of these structures have been destroyed by war or neglect, and scarcely anyone remembers that their alarms could drown out the horn of Erembour while their golden heliographic beams scoured the streets to halt her passage. There are no such towers in the Demon City, for Adorjan and the Ebon Dragon alike will not abide them, and Malfeas prefers the brilliance of his own heart.
There is no night in the Demon Realm, save the shadow cast by the passage of the Ebon Dragon before the Demon City’s green sun. When the Shadow of All Things brings darkness upon a region of Malfeas, things emerge that frighten even other demons. Though many flee the streets, the lady Erembour passes in the wake of the Ebon Dragon and plays a doleful song with her silver horn. Her performance fills the hearts of those who hear it with melancholy and an enduring appreciation of the darkness. Some who hear its sound revel in the passing of the Ebon Dragon, while others resist. Some are drawn to Erembour and die, while others become shadowy monsters no longer able to bear the light. Those who answer the horn of That Which Calls to the Shadows lurk in the fringes of the Ebon Dragon or in dark places that the light of the green sun cannot pierce.
Erembour wears silken robes of silver and has flawless skin of deepest black. Her liquid eyes shimmer like the moon, and strands of glowing white hair twinkle amid her raven tresses. She carries a long silver horn curved like a mighty ram’s, and a naked rat’s tail sometimes peeks from the back of her robes. Torches and other ephemeral lights are instantly extinguished by her presence.

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I would really, really like to see this bit of D'aww drawn.

A woman covered in bandages like a mummy. Her mouth is covered with a white wrap-around turban scarf thing to cover where her facial bandages don't, and she wears a chinese vest. She wears white gloves on her hands, and has Native American necklaces at her throat, a Persian bangle on her arm, and a few bracelets. She has a long prairie skirt, and wears those little Chinese slippers on her feet.
She's sitting on a bench, leaning on the shoulder of a lazy looking man who's pretending to be asleep. He has a long red duster, a big gun, and a stetson hat. Under the coat, he wears a green vest. Under the vest, I guess he has a white shirt. His pants are jeans, and he's got boots on, legs sticking out and crossed.

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Most sentient demons have the strength of will to resist Erembour’s horn. Nevertheless, they take no chances. When the Ebon Dragon’s shadow falls, most demons leave the streets. They distract themselves from the call to the shadows by clapping and dancing the farandole of the Ebon Dragon… but they dance the steps backward, because that requires greater concentration.
Thus do the demons honor the Ebon Dragon’s power even as they attempt to resist and deny it. What of those who answer the call to the shadows? They feel a thrill of fear as they give themselves to the night, but it excites them as well. The fear soon fades. As they join the throng that follows Erembour, each demon realizes that he is among friends, and more. Creatures who would set even a demon screaming with fear or revulsion minutes before suddenly seem beautiful. The music of Erembour coaxes her followers into a languorous dance. In the depths of Hell, creatures of nightmare feel a sweetness fill their hearts, tinged with wistful melancholy because they know that this enchanted night soon must pass. As the dancers flirt and gyre, they pair off and leave the dance to couple in private shadows, alone together in tender passion.
Too soon, the Ebon Dragon departs and Erembour with him. The harsh light of Ligier glares down to break the spell and scourge the revelers from the streets. They remember that they are demons in a prison-world of hate and shame. They curse Erembour for tricking them into feeling love, while praying that the Ebon Dragon passes once more.

If you'd be so kind...

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Draw Churchill and Charles back to back firing their Thompson submachineguns at a horde of nazi zombies

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I imagine it sounds like moe syzlak

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I love your style.

Do you draw a full image then shade it in over a new layer or do you just shade alone? From the look of that huge ass on the first pic i'd say you shade alone, correct?

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>>9551768 and all the stuff like it

I really, REALLY like your style. If you're taking requests OP, I don't suppose you'd like to draw a high-ranking, vaguely-Roman (so probably with a crest helmet or whatever they're called) guy in a suit of eagle-motif full plate armour (really doesn't need to be more detailed than the helmet having an eagle beak or whatever), standing in a fairly static pose with a spear?

If you could, I'd be very happy. If you don't want to, feel free to tell me, too. I'm already saving your stuff.

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An enraged beholder attacking an optometrist's office because they don't have enough contact lenses.

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ooo, ooo, draw a demon that is human-ish on the left side and lovecraftian on the other

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Fuck yesssss

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That is so goddamn awesome.

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I was going to troll you but your style is actually pretty awesome :(

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rolled 5, 6, 4, 6, 3, 3 = 27


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good god that's awesome.

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Totally off-topic, but I've made requests of you before and you have, hands down, one of the most distinct styles on /tg/. You're awesome.

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A swordsmen fighting a group of zombies.

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Angry Morte?

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Drawthreads always make me wish that I were skilled in drawing. :(

Related: F5!

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I guess you could say that this is a refreshing thread.

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too angry to resize.

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A beleaguered young man with a large, concealing cloak masking a pair of knives. Sunken, deepset eyes and a grim demeanor on a face with otherwise gentle features.

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What do yout think of a violent elven warrior doin his fucking bloody buisness

Please draw it.

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Konrad Curze looking at the face of a callidus assasin.

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Is this a one man show or can others join?

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I'm almost afraid to ask for a drawing of a character that I'm probably not going to end up playing, but...

Would you draw a Dwarf wearing spiked full plate armour and holding a tower shield? He's also wielding a Dwarven waraxe and staring down and intimidating something with his badass beard and ruthless, imminent grin.

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A games-workshop Ork, driving along in a custom warbuggy. Warbuggies are open-topped, small vehicles. Usually the vehicles are scrap-built, but can be anything resembling a dune buggy to a hot rod or whatever's on hand.

This particular Ork looks a bit special though. He looks a little bit like this character - Rat Fink, an old cartoon character from the hot rodding movement. Specifically, this Ork has a particularly large, shit-eating grin, eyes bulging from the sockets, and would be pretty spindly for an Ork. Still has long arms though. I'd like to see the vehicle be pretty close to what's represented - an over-exaggerated hot rod with an open top.

With one particularly big "shoota" - Orkish machine guns on either side, over where the doors are supposed to be.

The boss drives this mechanical monstrosity with one hand, swinging a chain-axe with his other.

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here goes

I just angrily draw in black. Rough and angry.
Then angrily erase
Then angrily draw
Then angrily erase

and so on and so forth.

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There is only one word for this. FUCKAWESOME! Thanks alot!

You're definately one of the angriest drawfags around!

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Angry drawfag, why are you so angry?

Also I request Ollanius Pius shooting at Horus. The shot clearly doing nothing, but Ollanius still looks determined and Horus offering only a scowl of contempt in return.

Because goddamn more art is needed for Pius.

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Elves and kitties!


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also, yeah, do it of you want to. I'm not the exclusive kind.

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jesus what a wall of text -- maybe you should tl;dr

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Neat. Thank you very much. =)

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requesting this woman naked and inside of a glass of wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass. I ask you because you are so good with colors, but it is open to anyone.

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>I ask you because you are so good with colors, but it is open to anyone
this is sad when his request became copypasta

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stylized crow/raven for an icon/portrait, matches your style exactly. thanks!

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Enraged cutebold biting down on some girl's ass (dress or not dress her however you like). No blood or chunks missing but the person being bit is obviously screaming in pain and the cutebold is going GRRRRR.

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fuck yes
you're my favorite drawfag

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hahahahahahaha disregard for faggotry my bad. How do you delete posts?

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Wow, you are very, very angry...

There's no d'aww there at all...

D'awww will soothe your anger, Angry Drawfag.

And why are you angry? Is it because you can't use the Cintiq?

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click box next Anonymous
click delete button down on bottom right of page

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OP said angry and you asked for d'awwww

what else did you expect?

Just ask again when another drawthread appears

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not looking very angry there

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Darth Vader and a stormtrooper sitting indian style on the floor, playing Pong on an old atari.

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roman soldier

I'm angry after myself for not being able to overcome my nervous breakdown and go on with my life.

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Planned on it.

Just curious why he's so angry.



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Would you like to talk about it, Drawfriend?

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Feeling angry about it instead of forgiving yourself (accepting that it could happen to anybody and go "ok, no big deal, I'm moving on with life") is the first step. I say this from experience.

But at least you can draw, I couldn't eve draw when I had that happen to me.

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having the trenchcoat guy cock slap instead of punch

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character thread >>9554269

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GRAcias. love your style op.

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beholder go !

I can draw but I can't draw anything that actually matters or serves a purpose in my life. I have a movie to finish, and an entry exam to make a portfolio for.

And I can't even get to it. It drives me mad.

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You cut me, /tg/.

Cut me real deep.

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>usually makes people angry
yeah, that looks better

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If you're angry, then draw the angriest elf.

This guy.

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At this stage I think I might namefag

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Oh shit, it's B&hammer, how have you been?

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Could you draw Khornette fingering herself with the tip of her tail stuffed in her ass?

>> No.9554945

Oh, hey B&. The rest of us seem to be over in >>9553102.

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I'm going to bed soon, so... Anyway I just didn't want to pollute a regular drawthread withy my emo shit.

See OP... That sums it up pretty well.

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This is awesome. I don't know why, but I really like the armor design.

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Sorry guys, that will be it. I have to get to bed before dawn at least.

Thanks for your appreciation.

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