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You say its okay to rape an elf! But what about a half-elf?!

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You can half-rape them, like maybe you get their drunken consent and then fuck them while they're unconscious.

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instantly winformative post

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Yeah, that's basically what she thought too. Showed her!

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Don't half-elves count as elves in the racial subtype?

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>Elven Blood: For all effects related to race, a half-elf is considered an elf.
Yes. Yes, they do.

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sageing a shit thread

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>>Yeah, that's basically what she thought too. Showed her!

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That show looked stupid. Would it be worth it to watch if you considered elven tears delicious?

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that gives me hope

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What show is this?

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Shut up, whiny little bitch.

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I take a different approach. I make sweet, sweet, unexpected love to them.

And yes there is a difference probably.

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Elves cause cancer.

It's true! My grandmother died of the elven cancer.

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Its not okay to rape any children.


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Why does crying elf loli make me laugh so much?

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"It's not 'rape'... it's 'surprise buttsecks'."

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You are french

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>why does crying elf loli make me fap so much.

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Fun fact! Although only 50% elf, half-elves are 100% delicious.

(I don't eat veal, though.)

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Someone needs a hug, I think. And some hot sauce.

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Listen, we'll settle all the technical stuff later. Come sit on my lap and I'll tell you a story to cheer you up...

...the bump? Oh, that's, uh... lumbar support! Yeah, that's it.

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Yeah I couldn't stomach to kill a poor baby calf. Have you seen their eyes? Aww....

But an elf? Fuck that shit, it ain't even worth any emotional value like a calf. Just a tree pumper that's harder to kill than a cockroach. Roast that little bitch with a thorny stick up her vag.

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Can we just molest you a bit and see where things go from there?

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Really cute chara designs. Is this a new...um...crap. I forgot the name. The anime that is based on DnD campaign. With deedlit. You guys know. C'mon help me out here!

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fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkin pedo

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Rape would be too good for any of the characters from this show.

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There will be no molestation in this thread.

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Dude it's an Elf. She's probably like 30 or something.

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>harder to kill than a cockroach

Well if you're going to throw racial slurs around then I'm leaving.

Fucking poo-flinger.

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Whatever the environment, from deep underwater, to steaming jungle, to the frigid tundra, there's an indigenous race of Elves there. Mordenkainen created his own demiplane some years back, from scratch, and there were Elves waiting for him. They're beautiful, stuck-up roaches.

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"Record of Lodoss War"?
You get me pegged... but you forgot 'xenophile'.

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You don't really get much of a say in the matter. That is the beauty of rape!

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How about this then, we sew their skin together in sexual positions? Then we hoist them up over a bridge as a symbol of torment.

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No, this is not Record of the Lodoss War. You don't want to watch this show, trust me.

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All the image names say Seiken no Blacksmith.

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Hey, that's my schtick. Take your pedophile label and step off my grill.

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Hey guys! I'm on /tg/, and I think that rape is HILARIOUS!

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Aren't your people based off mantis? Those are noble creatures of insect world, silent stalkers that feast on their prey's faces. I having nothing but respect for them.

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Thanks dudes. I'll probably end up watching the first ep...I'm a sucker for cute.

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C'mere, and let Papa Tordek molest you instead.

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>implying it's not

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I seem to recall reading something about how mantises fuck. What was it...

Something something head, something something ripped clean off. Sound vaguely familiar?

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>Nanto Seiken

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I like this idea. It really homes in on the idea that elves are lower than lowest field animal. At least cows have their throats slit.

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Also very closely related to cockroaches and termites.

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You're also apparently on /a/, because pedophilia is hilarious too!

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Fucking mainlanders.

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Don't those Jappophile creeps think pedophilia is sexy, rather than funny?

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Hello. Would you like to sit on my erect peenus?!?!

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We'll sew you to the little girl! I hope you love her painful whimpers!

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>shes probably actually 1000 years old so it doesn't count.


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her brain is full of fuck

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I say we adorn her with piercings.

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Do you have any idea how annoying it is to be wrist deep in some elven witch slut, only to discover your great-grandpappy molested her like 300 years ago?

Fuckin' awkward, that is.

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rolled 2, 1 = 3

Casting Spasm on the girl.

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fÍGh+ TH€ inTErnE+ <€NsórShIp HTTP,// Át ; kìmmÒA : SE / fÌGHt THE ÌñTERn3+ C€N5ÓRSh|p

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i imagine its quite annoying

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Elves are sneaky. They stealz alls thee mony!

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isn't this elven loli a mystical forge/anvil where you can create magical items?

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Oh god please, I hope she can stand some punishment cause I plan to beat her face in with a morningstar!

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Damn straight. And that's why rapin' little elf kids isn't cool.

Throw 'em back, let 'em grow tall and proud with great splendid racks before you go and put your foot in their cornhole.

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I disagree

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Can't we adopt them into our cities, educate them our their people, let them get prideful, and then tear all that away with humiliating public rape?

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I would have totally consensual sex with her. Unless she said no. Then I would resort to rape.

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I will stand steadfastly against all forces of degradation and suffering, and in my presence you will rape nothing and noone.

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

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Why throw away your life so recklessly?!

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To touch them is heresy they must be purged.

>> No.9538745


Daily exposure? You're just asking for Elf Cancer there, boyo.

It's just not worth the risk of domesticating 'em. Let 'em run free, then blammo! Rape upside the head.

Besides, if the lads get used to having elfs wanderin' around the streets just waitin' to be fucked, they won't know the joy of goin' out into the wilderness and baggin' their very own elf witch.

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Shut up, you're a rowbot. U don't know how it feels to get ELFEVER!

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Haven't our wizards developed spells to counter Elf-Itch? Who knew elves were so disease ridden?

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Your clock's a little slow there, mate.

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fIGHT +hE |NTerñ3T cEn$ór5hìP HTTp;// At ; KímMoÁ : $e / fi5H+ TH€ |N+€RNET C€NSóR5HiP

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The look on their faces is worth enough. To think they believe they once had a powerful civilization and were long lived. Now they live on scraps the lowliest human wouldn't touch.

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f|Gh+ +h3 ÍN+€RN€t CEns0R5h|p ht+P;// à+ : K|mMoà : s3 / F|5HT the ÌN+€rNET <€nS0R5Hìp

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I'm kinda late to this thread, and I'm not going to read it, either, but I need to say that rape is always the best option. There is nothing you can't rape. Rape on, sirs.

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Bah! Never trust wizards. The old advice is the best advice: always chew with your mouth open, don't swim until 30 years after eating, and always stay at least six feet away from the elfs.

Unless yer rapin' 'em, I mean.

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Forgot about daylight savings time.

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Yeah. She can make a sword in record time with one eye closed.

She also has a ludicrously tiny hat.

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F|5ht tHE ìNTeRN3+ [3N$ÒR5HíP hTtP.// áT . K|MMóÁ . SE / Fí5ht +H3 ìnt€rn€T <3ñ$Òr5HíP

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Also, who the fuck killed off the porn-bot and gave us this loser instead? For fuck's sake. I LIKED pornbot, dammit! I'd be sitting in some thread, looking at some horrible fucking Touhou shit or some sloppy twat asking how to thin his vaginal juices or something, and then--TITS OUTTA FUCKEN NOWHERE.

Say what you will about pornbot, but he delivered the sweet sweet porn, to stale threads that sorely needed it. Now all I got is this elf-scribble to stroke off with.

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Delicious humiliated elf tears.

>> No.9538884


I suggest we use out new technology to invent automated raping machines for elves. Once a mature elf is captured, they are loaded on the rake and constantly pumped by a large metal pike. Also lots of hormone so they produce milk. If we want we could artificially inseminate them and use their fetuses for stem cell research. They ain't human!

>> No.9538931


Fucking vore

Bad /tg/, bad!

>> No.9538936


But if we automate the raping, what will all the fine dwarven rapists do for a living? Are you tryin' to put the lads out of their jobs? Their life's work?

>> No.9538973


Of course their will always be a market for "private elf raping" but it's just becoming cheaper to rape them with machines.

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fígHT Th€ IntERñ3+ C3N$or$híp H+tp,// @+ . KÌmmOÁ , se / fígHT +H3 |NtERñEt [3n$OrshIP

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You didn't think I'd let you guys hurt my mom, did you?

Come one step closer, and..

>> No.9539012


The problem is, where rapists aren't being replaced with rape machines, they are having their jobs outsourced overseas to cheap Indian rapefarms.

It's a shitty deal no matter what these days.

>> No.9539027

Good thing I'm a SPACE half-elf!

>> No.9539045

Oh, we have special arrangements for the raping of space half-elves.

>> No.9539065


Tie him down boys. I'm doing this one solo.


>> No.9539114

youre getting half-raped in space

>> No.9539182

I'll go and get the thundercock and the powerfist!

>> No.9539204


Uh, we're raping the boys now too?

>> No.9539357


What's the difference? They both have vaginas.

>> No.9539376

boys do not work that way

>> No.9539379

everyone knows the diference between elf sexes is the relative size of the genitals, since they have both sets.

>> No.9539437


Are elves brains even fully developed?

>> No.9539510

not until they're 700 or so.

>> No.9539516


Good they'll grow up not fully knowing what to expect when we tie them up.

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One time I was roleplaying, and this guy played a full blooded elf that was 18 years old, and they were drinking in the tavern.

So I was like.....you wearing a diaper? to them in ooc.

Feels good man.

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How many variants are there of that?

>> No.9541703

a secretive clan of mongoloid wood elves

>> No.9541775

Dunno, I only saved the still one and the flapping ears one.
Need a flapping Deedlit ears one now.

>> No.9541782

... what is with all these roleplaying threads? This crap always manages to creep me out six ways 'til sunday.

>> No.9541826

This isn't and RP thread.
Just a discussion on the morality to rape in relation to elves.
Also, I dare anyone to try to rape Pirotess.

>> No.9541852

>Remembers that one hentai

>> No.9541913


Which one is that?

>> No.9541924

All Lodoss doujins.

>> No.9541931


inb4 giant minotaur cock

>> No.9541951

Dude, if you get in before the minotaur cock, it won't fit later.
Common sense - apparently not very common.

>> No.9542049

Well at least you won't get sloppy seconds.

>> No.9544600


never change, /tg/.

>> No.9544714

Not even the REALLY sexy ones ?

>> No.9544742

This whole thread.

>> No.9544804


Holy shit, sauce!

>> No.9544820

Spanish porn-comic about a nun monastery in control by some rape-rape demon.

>> No.9544872


Half-elves count as elves for enough purposes. I propose that also includes rape.

Remember, rape =/= pedophilia but pedophilia = rape. so make sure that elf is at least 18 human years old.

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>> No.9544933


Is that including statutory rape?

>> No.9545687

Convent of Hell

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>Really cute chara designs. Is this a new...um...crap. I forgot the name. The anime that is based on DnD campaign. With deedlit. You guys know. C'mon help me out here!

No, it's not. It's another silent shounen hero fighting for tits.

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> a =/= b; a = b

If you can't be bothered to learn the notation of formal logic, don't try to explain things wordlessly.

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