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Drawthread tiem.
Everyone's invited and welcome.

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I want miku and megaman on a nice DAAAAAAAW scene. preferably a sunset beach

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\A quadruped. It's skin is a deathly gray color, and thin enough to show veins underneath it. It's face looks much like a deformed human's skull, but lacks any teeth, with little flesh covering the skull beneath. The face protrudes from the rest of the head, which is formed from a series of extremely thick tendrils, extending out past the shoulders. It's front legs look much like a man's arm until they reach the elbow, at which point they separate into extremely long digits, serving as both forearms and hands. It's rear legs are multi-jointed, with long claws at the end seemingly intended for climbing. The creature has a short stub of a tail.

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replace megaman with microsoft sam

replace daaaaaw scene with rape scene

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replace megaman with microsoft sam

replace daaaaaw scene with rape scene

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Postan request from old thread.

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The Little Assassin that Could: That is, an Eversor slaughtering his way through a hive city, chanting "I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN..."

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commissar WRRYYYYY?

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Hey Green Marine, how would you look like as your opposite faction? As a Chaos Space Marine?

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An arbite (pic related) smacking a Vindicare assassin upside the head for being retarded.

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Can I get a female Eversor groping a female Vindicare aggressively while a lonely female Callidus sits in the corner looking on longingly?

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Eve gave it a shot, you apparently missed it, though.

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that was already drawn in the last thread

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Still waiting on large table, drawing materials, laptops. Sitting around table are identifiable (option: also unidentified) drawfags. One is reading out a request. All are howling with laughter. Must include drawfag drawing request. Greenmarine, bg, Fucking Liar, Mandingo, Miko, Muju, lolcron all possibilities.

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Shit, I meant Culexus.

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Hm, so it was.


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And the new kid, what's his face, Peekabozzle.
I quite like his style.

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Lando playing soccer with Firewarriors

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A Farseer flipping the table on a daemonette. They were playing cards. Perhaps...strip poker?
Or go fish, whatever.

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Can you draw me a cleric of Bacchus performing a sacramental keg stand while wearing holy vestments (TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!)?

The mourners at the funeral are mortified.

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A veteran guardsman holding a meltagun in his hands while leaning against a burned-out Leman Russ, looking at the remains of a battlefield below him.

Manly tears optional.

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i is unidentified drawfag

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I need a drawing of a praetorian servitor for my admech codex. Ideally it should be done in a very 40kish style and the dimensions should be roughly square around 700x700, give or take a hundred or so pixels. Any one up for it?

Praetorians are heavily augmented combat servitors, usually based on ogryns or gene modded humans. Their lower half is replaced with a tread system and their arms are replaced with a heavy weapon of some type and a powerfist.

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I thought Praetorians were the Guardsmen in the Ptih Helmets?

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A Vindicare assassin unmasked and looking into her Exitus rifle scope. Her hair is almost shaven and short and she should have a shocked look in her eyes like she's remembering her life, muttering 'no one hurts my sister' as she pulls the trigger.

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Two requests: A dwarf, inspired by volcanic imagery.

Second, a thin, pale man with red hair--pic related--in armor vaguely like a dark knight from Final Fantasy Tactics.

If you gotta choose one or the other, preferably the second. Thanks.

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Damn it GM, I wish you were more familiar with Star Trek and Spelljammer because I want to see more adventures of the thri-kreen Enterprise, complete with bad costumes and cheesy fake sets.

Although I guess I should be thankful for the Spock porn.

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Draw an Inquisitor and a Secutor (AdMech edition of an inq) slap-fighting (literal or not) over a target.

Alternatively, an Eversor acting.

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A cross between a guardsman and Nipponese infantry from WWII, holding a lasgun with a katana at his side.

>> No.9537742

AdMech army's a clusterfuck of terms that get used without any sense or reason.

Both of you are right. Sort of.

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An elf wearing a cloak with bottles around his waist and a manic grin on his face running for his life with a mushroom cloud behind him

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I am in need of a female Tiefling, with blue skin, curly horns, and white-and-silver priestly robes, armed with a dagger and a candle.

Pic not really related.

If you can put her in front of a stained-glass window, would be awesome.

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>Captain Rhodes
>Captain Roads
>Capping Roads
>Capturing Roads
>Capturing Roads for KHAAY-OSS
And then Rhodes was the heretek.

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A heretek AdMech in centurion-y armor is also acceptable. No inbuilt weapons, lots of mechadendrites, and a totally awesome helmet with plume.

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I mean seriously I can envision all sorts of scenes here.

A visibly nervous Redshirt elf being directed to investigate a dangerous-looking alien kitchen. Thri-Kirk, Thri-Spock, and Thri-Bones are all wearing little Redshirt bibs.

Thri-Kirk and Thri-Spock fighting like in "Amok Time," only to be distracted when a deer darts by and they both stop to kill and eat it and then forget what they were fighting about.

Thri-Kirk fighting a gorn, played by a lizardman who is wearing a very poorly-made lizard-man costume.

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Hope i got it right.

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You mean Draenei, right?

>> No.9537973

You do good work. Could I be so bold as to request something for my campaign?

A weird bug creature that looks like a blend of centipede and lobster. Skinny and snakelike, about ten feet long and only a half-foot or so around. It's got thick chitinous plates on its back and lots of little feet that end in needle points. It has visible gaps in its body, which is made of thin-stretched sinew between the chitin plates. Portions of the body could be shapeshifting into various nasty weapons and implements, such as a long ropy harpoon with something shaped vaguely like a sharp tooth on the end. The head should be a seething mass of lobstery eyes and antennae, and the mouth should be a bunch of crazy mouthparts that come together in roughly the shape of a beak that's dripping with black ooze.

Mangled bodies of Roman-looking soldiers in the background would just be sprinkles on the top, and would make you awesome.

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Who is duel-wielding lascannons?

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You know? Whatever makes you happy.

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Can someone draw a lamia ouroboros?
...If that is indeed how you spell that.

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Ah, i see.

You are another Blizzard cover agent trying to take me back to that soul consuming piece of crap of yours.

You will never have me back!!!¡¡

Ahem...so....is it a draenei? No? i'll do it so i kinda need to know, etcetera. It is not like i am nostalgic or anything.

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A woman wearing a navalish uniform with a nametag saying "Cpt. M. Welsh" standing in the middle of a sterotypical sci-fi ships bridge, shouting "FULL SPEED AHEAD, RAM THE BASTARD!" while a bunch of people stare at her like she's gone insane.

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No! Greenmarine, resist! RESIST THE DAEMONIC GAME'S CALL!

Unless she's topless. Or a lascannon.

>> No.9538136

Draw any of these monsters head on the body of a teacher.

>> No.9538157

Speaking of which, do you have that hot techpriest-on-lascannon pic? Shit was hilarious but I guess I didn't save it the last time it was posted.

>> No.9538170

Drawfag passing by. I got this one.

>> No.9538178

Which one?

>> No.9538185

A horribly burned man in a black jumpsuit wearing a metal edged sombrero. He wears a backpack sized machine on his back that pumps him full of drugs to dull the pain and keep him in a near-mindless frenzy all the time.

>> No.9538194

Now I want to see a topless lascannon.

>> No.9538218

There's also that guy who does everything in greyscale all painterly, and that other one who does the really watercolory-colors over black lineart.

I wish some of these drawfags would identify themselves so we'd have a better way to reference them.

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A woman covered in bandages like a mummy. Her mouth is covered with a white veil, and she wears a bit of a turban and a chinese vest. She wears white gloves on her hands, and has Native American necklaces at her throat, a Persian bangle on her arm, and a few bracelets. She has a long prairie skirt, and wears those little Chinese slippers on her feet.
She's sitting on a bench, leaning on the shoulder of a lazy looking man who's pretending to be asleep. He has a long red duster, a big gun, and a stetson hat. Under the coat, he wears a green vest. Under the vest, I guess he has a white shirt. His pants are jeans, and he's got boots on, legs sticking out and crossed.

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>Mexican Eversor

He trills the "r" in WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

>> No.9538287

I am highly offended by this.

Thread is over. Everyone go home.

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It's actually a 4E Tiefling- and I just checked and they're not usually blue.

Delicious brown tiefling would be nice, but seriously, draw what you think is awesome.

>> No.9538329

What are you, some sort of bending robot?

>> No.9538330

So GM;
Do you prefer more detailed descriptions, or less detailed ones?

Meaning to say is your preference toward your own creative freedom, or does the structure of a well-worded description give you more to work with?

>> No.9538332

That is surprisingly difficult (for me) to do.

But what will I do with all this delicious tamarind candy?

I ate a gumball full of tamarind the other day. It was awful. :(

>> No.9538348


Cause: Racist assassins

>> No.9538350

Not just a Mexican Eversor. He's a Mexican Eversor analogue of Oddjob.

>> No.9538365


Hot Latina Eversor.

>> No.9538394

Just request anything with boobs. Greenmarine likes boobs.

>> No.9538397

Too late, he's gone. Probably for good.

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>> No.9538406

I actually prefer more detailed ones because it spares both anon and me from unpelasant "OMG that's totally not how i had imagined it" results.

...Or amazing, actually. I am so confused.

Repostan random porn.

>> No.9538449

With marracas.
In a poncho.
Called Don Sanches.

>> No.9538460

Neat porn. She looks a bit like a dude in the face, but that's ok, because I can imagine it as a transformation piece.

>> No.9538499

Rerequesting, pretty please.

A young woman with pale blond hair cut to two inches in length, her ivory skin covered from head to toe in freckles. Her round face has large, round eyes with white irises. Her nose is concave and ends as a point between chubby cheeks and over plump lips. Pic related, face and hair wise.

Her body has a cartoonish pear shape to it, her immense bust held within a crocodile skin tank top. Her belly holds her bust up, her flanks large enough to act as armrests. Denim shorts barely contain her bubblebutt and conical legs, her dainty feet bare. At five and a half feet tall, her pear-shaped body is more or less a sphere four feet in diametre.

Her main tool/defense is a kukri with a foot-long blade. The handle consists of square lengths of leather braided around the tang, a wrist loop (lanyard) tied to a ring at the butt of the handle.

Thank you kindly in advance.

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I was waiting for one of these. I have a DnD game tomorrow and I forgot to make my character sheet until right now, and I thought since it's online I'd pick up a nice character portrait, which I don't think I can right now, so if a Drawfag could help my lazy ass out, I'd much appreciate it.

Anyway, on to the picture. I'm requesting an Air Gensai Sorcerer in a sort of desert, medieval Muslim, Arabian Nights sort of outfit, feathered turban, pointy shoes and poofy pants included. I want it to be obvious his ancestors where Dijinn and he's quite proud of it. If hair is an issue, it's white and sticks out of the bottom of his turban haphazardly, since he's a desert nomad personal grooming isn't top priority. Since he's planetouched he has to be scrawny and rather smooth, IE no facial hair. Also, if he could be hovering slightly off the ground with his arms crossed, it would help to show the character off a little better.

>> No.9538582

Ah jeez. Drawpariah here--i.e. the newest guy. I said I'd be doing stuff for people yesterday but as is I'm way too sleepy. I dont' really expect anyone's too disappointed in this but I know a few people had made some specific requests from me so sorry.

I'll be sure to be around tomorrow though. And at least we have Greenmarine to drive this thread. If it's still alive when I'm up I'll join in then.

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His head is a gilded bear skull with a laser instead of a lower jaw. Virtually his whole body is augmentic; one arm ends in a set of lightning claws, and the other ends in a flail made of razor-edged mechadendrites. He has a servo-arm made for CRUSH AND BREAK, and his legs are similarly weaponized, though you can't really see them under the robe.

He's in the typical robe, covering up most of his legs and body, with some basic armor and armament. He has a gun of some sort pick whatever's the awesomeist.

He's made of RIP AND TEAR and also BEARS. His unit happens to have the bear as it's mascot on the patch, and he took it to his little ceramite heart.

>> No.9538609

Praetorian being a elite officer of Skitarii of AdMech :V I'm dense.

>> No.9538621 [DELETED] 

fíghT +hE InteRNet [ENSORshíP hT+P:// aT ; kimMóá . 5e / Fì5H+ Th€ ÍnTeRN€T c€n$Or5H|P

>> No.9538635

An Arbite standing on dead heretics, saluting. Above him is the Emperor, smiling down upon him.

>> No.9538640

Guessing I should detail my request some more then.

A Vindicare assassin unmasked and looking into her Exitus rifle scope. Her hair is almost shaven, short, and red and she should have a shocked look in her blue eyes like she's remembering her life, muttering 'no one hurts my sister' as she pulls the trigger. She should be thin and her skin ruddy colored, and overall androgynous.
She should be standing on a walkway in an old factory, leaning her rifle on the railing while lining up her shot. A couple dead mutants/cultists should be slumped against the wall, each with a clean headshot.

>> No.9538669

Here it is. Hope you liek it brah.

Man, this drawfag stuff is harder than i thought. How do you guys pull it off so well?

>> No.9538686

A large reptile. It's body resembles that of a frog's, mostly in the positioning of the legs, but it's back legs are positioned to allow walking, rather than hopping. It's head is narrow and long. Pouches of skin hang off of it's cheeks, covering a lipless mouth containing large teeth. It's eyes are on opposite sides of it's head, and are capable of looking in any number of directions. Several quills protrude from the back of it's head. It is adorned with a variety of baggage and harnesses, seemingly belonging to some desert nomad.

>> No.9538690


Ther's also me, but I'm generic, and only quasi-active. Passable lineart though, I s'ppose.

I'm feeling better now (was a bit depressed) so I'm up for a wee bit of drawfaggin'.


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>> No.9538738

Shamelessly bumping my own request.
It was a hilarious moment at the DH table.
The arbite player smacked the assassin and then quickly added, "That was totally in-game. I spend a fate point to make contact."

>> No.9538740

Screw the books, brother. If you want a blue tiefling play a blue tiefling.

That is even more offensive.
/tg/ seems to be in white supremacy mode today.

>> No.9538752

Drawfag from >>9538669

I actually prefer more detailed descriptions but in less tl;dr form. I mean just organized better. Like jot notes. I like jot notes. Simple and straight to the point.

>> No.9538757

/b/ leak. Like an oil leak, only nastier.

>> No.9538759 [DELETED] 

fí5Ht th3 Int€rNE+ <€nsOR$Híp Ht+P,// @T , kìMmóa : s€ / FÌGHt tH3 |ñt€rñET c3nsóR$HÌp

>> No.9538780

I request an image of a 30-something female. Blonde, long overcoat. Hacker in the Shadowrun world. Former corp, so hair is in order, kind of neat. Cybernetic eyes. Large machine pistol in one hand, maybe a commlink in the other. Don't mind too much about anything else. She's average looking, not really too pretty, not really too ugly. Probably just standing there or looking off in the distance or something.


>> No.9538794

It's Dia de los Muertos, cabron!

>> No.9538814

This is too bizarre for a drawfag to pass up.

>> No.9538815

And the Draw thread lives on through racism! Also bumping while bringing attention to my request.

>> No.9538817

Oh shit, forgot, she's also in her mid 40's.

>> No.9538823


I tend to play a bit fast and loose, so in a sense it doesn't really matter, but at the same time, there's a strong sense of pressure in a wordy description. Some specifics are nice, but too much can be a bit intimidating. Still in the end, I rather prefer silly things, or things that sound like they'd be fun to draw, or a combination of the above, and even if the concept sounds rather arduous, I still may pursue it is it sounds like it'll amuse as well.

Of course, my styles kinda ass, but hey. Drawfag.

>> No.9538868

Wow, lookit all dem drawfags. Now if only they'd trade avatars. Then we could see what they all looked like. Sitting around a table, perhaps. Maybe even laughing.

>> No.9538890

>/tg/ seems to be in white supremacy mode today.
Even /c/ is in it today too. They got a cute nazi girl thread going and people are complaining (as bad as /c/ gets) about nazi stuff.

>> No.9538898

I like this idea.

Or even better, get all the drawfags to collab on something like it. Have an outsider provide the table, have each one draw their avatar or w/e, save it for posterity.

>> No.9538907

So draw some more Kreen Trek!

Any of these, man.

>> No.9538908

I wish I had the pic from last year when a anon requested a drawfag to make a pic of a guy labeled as /tg/ holding the septic tank labeled /b/ together.

>> No.9538913

I approve of this.
Make it an enormous, last-supper style table.
Leave plenty of space.
Drawfags can add themselves to it over the next few weeks.

>> No.9538919 [DELETED] 

FÌght tHe ÍN+erñ3t [€ñsóR$Hip http.// a+ , K|Mmoa . s€ / fÍgHT TH3 inT3rn3+ ceñsórSHìP

>> No.9538926

bg won't draw 40k, so greenmarine is out

>> No.9538927 [DELETED] 

F|5H+ tHE ÌNt€RN€+ <€nsÒr$hiP htTp:// A+ . KíMmoá : SE / FIghT tHe |n+€rNe+ <€NSóR5HÍP

>> No.9538943 [DELETED] 


>> No.9538949


Sweet christ, stop being so depressed. Everything you type hints at self-deprecation.

you get better with time and practice, right? And here you are, taking requests, on the road to self-betterment. It's silly.

draw stuff and get awesome at it.

>> No.9538960

They sell their souls to chaos.

Think of it as more for you.

>> No.9538998

I draw but I don't avatar.

>> No.9539018


Back when I started drawfagging, I took notice that many people really hated the drama that drawfags often brought, and it was often brought by said drawfags making asses of themselves due to ego.

I try to remind myself not to think too highly of my work. I'm simply yet another generic drawfag on /tg/.


Also, if you're still around... I'm not familiar with tge setting, but a man with a laser bear head sounds rather awesome. On it, as best I can.

>> No.9539031

>I wish some of these drawfags would identify themselves so we'd have a better way to reference them.

I suck. No need to identify myself.

>> No.9539032

Honored drawfag, I am always around at night.

>> No.9539052


>> No.9539053

cyberpunk samurai with a half burned face

>> No.9539057

I hope this works.

>> No.9539060

Hey, greenmarine, you said you had drawing program troubles.

Those fixed?

>> No.9539087

I've traded avatars before.
Drama and hilarity ensued.

>> No.9539125

It was actually my PC that got busted.
But yes, thing s are cool now.

>> No.9539131

Hey greenmarine, my fellow non-native speaker of English!

Could you whip up a pic of a dragonborn with DEM TITS and a lizardfolk female with DAT FRILL glaring at each other?

>> No.9539139


>> No.9539160

A green dragonborn sorceror running from a crowd of people. The dragonborn has a cane tucked under her arm and is on fire, and most of the humans have improvised weaponry.
Pretty please, po/tg/uzzlers?

>> No.9539170

Draw a Techpriest with a Chainsword for a cock bragging about how his attacks are "rending".

Or do the same, only with a Techpriestess, and add a nearby Sister of Battle showing her DO NOT WANT face

>> No.9539179

I don't want to identify myself for the possible drama

>> No.9539184

dude in full platmail armor, holding a long sword, great shield, and with metallic bird's wings. think angel gabriel type shit

pic for reference

>> No.9539186

A man wearing a ridiculous hat.

>> No.9539194

Can you make the tits a little bigger?

>> No.9539198

Not my doing.

>> No.9539203

Liefeld? That you?

>> No.9539212


Culexus, perhaps? It should be fairly safe, most of the kids that bitch and moan are in bed by now.

>> No.9539219

>Comparing the average drawfag to someone as talentless as Liefield


>> No.9539220

or better yet, techpriest with one looking all cool in the first panel and a second panel with a techpriestess with TWO and the techpriest looks all disappointed

>> No.9539227

The last one you describe is the elusive Muju.
He does fantastic, beautiful work, but leaves threads after filling a couple of requests for a "smoke."

It is currently theorized that "smoke" is a euphemism for "walking the entire perimeter of the continent to defend it from haters."

>> No.9539234

Don't be so depressive, you're still better then me. :D

>> No.9539248

Not him, but I do like his work

As I liked Lolcron's, Joe Mustache's and Jo's work also. But they are all gone now. Well Jo is around everynow and then but only REALLY late in the morning (USA time)

>> No.9539253


sweet, when do you think you will have the boob hat chain done?

I feel so dirty, because I used to snort at people who were all "PLEASE FINISH THIS SKETCH" to drawfags, and now I have become one.

>> No.9539258

I thought it was to get a blowjob by a fan, one that took a while

>> No.9539262

>Joe Mustache
I mean Greg Mustache

>> No.9539266

I don't drawfag enough to notable.

>> No.9539280


Jeanstealer popped in for a bit about a week ago, oddly enough.

I miss Sirbriggz, Cei, and Z, myself... They were all great guys. Z still shows up every now and then, but not every weekend like he used to.

>> No.9539284

Also I urge to draw something cute.~

>> No.9539286

I feel retarded doing this... but this is what happens when I leave a pic up late at night (for me) and head to bed and the next day the thread is gone. I wonder if the requester ever got it...

so anyway,

>A halfling and a Warforged at a tavern, sitting at opposite ends of a chess table. The halfling doesn't seem to be paying attention, instead smoking his pipe and reading a book while the Warforged is super into the game. The halfling is winning. Board-flipping/CREEEEEDING optional

>> No.9539290

A shoggoth attempting to be sexy. It's in classic shoggoth form.

>> No.9539303


Someone did it, I think...

>> No.9539310


>> No.9539329

>Someone did it, I think...

huh? I did it... are you saying you think you saw the requester get it? I'll assume that's what you meant and thank you for the info, good sir or madam. That will allow my "brain" to shut the hell up.

>> No.9539334

I was actually working on it today, but got interrupted and then came to do some drawfaggotry.

>> No.9539368

I wanna draw something

>> No.9539371

the human and elf are facing the wrong way... and their tongues aren't out. BOO!

>> No.9539387

Draw an ork riding a pony he's kitted out for SPEED.

>> No.9539393

that's a halfling

>> No.9539415

>> No.9539431


Eh... sorry, this one kinda ended up sucking. It took me forever to find a pose I liked and then I still buggered it up. Kinda fun to draw still.

>> No.9539434



anyway, thanks for showing progress.

>> No.9539442

Care to work on this one a bit more, too?

I love beholders.

>> No.9539448


Draw Moe Tyrant laying in some grass or flowers with a bunch of Cutenid Rippers napping on her.

Pic related, it's a Ripper.

>> No.9539460

Hello drawfriends! Might I request a character portrait? A man in camo armor with short white hair, all skin except that of his face is heavily scarred, he shows sign of sanctioning and his smile is that of someone who wants to eat you. His weapons are a fancy heavily modded sniper rifle and a hand cannon.
He has a large mutant cyborg dog as his companion its name is Gregory.

If this request gets done? Thankyou.

>> No.9539469


>> No.9539471


>> No.9539480

Guardsman Marbo stalking a Lictor, who is stalking Marneus Calgar. Calgar is picking his nose, but it obviously isn't working out with his power fist.

Imagine Yackety Sax while drawing for inspiration.

>> No.9539482

draw your avatar hugging a beholder, maybe one of it's eye stalks is looking at her butt

>> No.9539492

Is it wrong for me to request dragonborn ass and/or belly pics?

Because if so, I don't want to be right.

>> No.9539501

>Imagine Yackety Sax while drawing for inspiration.
Every time I hear that song or name, I think Dorf Fortress.

>> No.9539524

When you play at 100fps and re-organize your food stockpile (if it is hueg) it is quite sutable for Yackity Sax.

>> No.9539540

>dorfs attacked by carp

>> No.9539578

That's not cute. >:

>> No.9539626

I would like to see a female vampire knight standing at the head of a large group of assorted undead, all apparently fairly fresh but very obviously slain in a horribly violent manner.

She looks to be human but is very obviously undead, with oversized sharp teeth, grey-cast skin, and burning, deeply sunken eyes, while her hair is stringy and otherwise nasty-looking. She is wearing black-and-white banded metal armour over a grey robe and wields a nasty-looking battleaxe in one hand, while she has a round shield in the other. Upon the shield is an emblem that looks like a coiled serpent around a tower.

Her armour should have a noticeable serpents-and-skulls motif, and the axe should prominently feature skull designs and shapes.

>> No.9539637

Could a drawfag draw me this scene?

A d'aww-cute blonde halfling sorceress scolding an embarrassed-looking raven. In the background stands a hobgoblin monk, arms crossed and looking annoyed, with a splatter of something nasty smeared across his bald scalp.

>> No.9539643

Sister of Battle and Cultist holding hands and skipping through a field.

>> No.9539653


draw a piggy and his/her orc/goblin/human owner.

>> No.9539657

Why not something from this battle report.


I mean... There's more than enough in there to constitute some interesting images.

>> No.9539674


>> No.9539692

Nathan Fillion being hugged by a sister of battle.

>> No.9539731

see >>9539722

>> No.9539791

Hope you like, brother.

I like this 4e "TITSONEVERYTHING" approach.

>> No.9539849

Hey Greenmarine, could you do a Daemonitte that has tits on her tits?

>> No.9539856


>> No.9539859

Hello greenmarine, a request if you may.
A dark elf bending over, reaching for something. Focus on dat ass.

>> No.9539868

a mad dok.
with a surgical mask.
a bone saw.
that is also a chainsaw.

>> No.9539939

Woohoo! Awesome, greenmarine, you impressively manly man you!
Thanks a million. :D

>> No.9539985


>> No.9539991 [DELETED] 

FigHT tH3 IñT€RñEt <EnsÒr$Hìp htTP;// aT ; k|[email protected] ; 53 / F|5HT THE íñTERn3T cENsOR$HÍp

>> No.9539992


>> No.9539999 [DELETED] 

FIghT +hE IñTErñET ceñ5ÒRSH|p h+Tp:// Àt . KÌmMOá . $e / fígHT +hE ínt3RNeT CEN50r5HÍP

>> No.9540001

May you do my character pic BG? Please?

>> No.9540032


Done. And so, the circle of life continues...

>> No.9540034



>> No.9540040

by the thumbnail it looks like there's a ballsack attached to the base of the helmet

>> No.9540053

no longer causes terror

>> No.9540138

I like it! thanks mate!

>> No.9540143

A beat up scruffy looking gnoll lass sitting in a river having her backed washed by an annoyed looking human girl, please.

>> No.9540154

Now with rippers attacking her nipples with amorous intent. Possibly several more in the air.

>> No.9540179


>> No.9540212

seconding my own shitty request

>> No.9540245

Renamon lapdancing on Emprah.
Emprah NOT impressed.
Custodes Poised to Purge.

>> No.9540258 [DELETED] 

FíghT th3 íñT€RN3+ [€N$OrShÌp h+tp.// A+ : KImMÒ@ : $E / f|Gh+ Th€ ìñT€RNet Ceñ$0RShIP

>> No.9540260 [DELETED] 

F|5HT +h3 |N+Erñet [eN5òrsHIp ht+p:// @+ , k|MmòÁ ; $€ / FÌgh+ TH€ ÌñT3RNEt Cen5orSh|p

>> No.9540268


Now draw her half-buried in a pile of rippers wanting to cuddle.

>> No.9540467

Ok, this is about the lone Guardsman in the poem 'Twas the Nightbefore Emperor's Day' The Guardsman is facing off against the final Ork, he is battered, but is swinging his rifle-bayonet up in a last strike. The image of The Emperor appears around him like and aura and he is swinging his sword as well. KInd of like how he is fueling the Guardsman's blow against the ork.

>> No.9540509


Know I'm not bg, but hopefully this is d'awww 'nuff. Just line work though.

>> No.9540579

Requesting a small, sickly-looking little girl, bound to a chair and covered in purity seals and hexagrammatic wards. She is a daemonhost. She has vestigial horns on her head, but otherwise looks totally normal. She looks profoundly sad, staring listlessly out in front of her.

>> No.9540587

A pair of imperial guardsmen rocking out, one possibly doing air-guitar on his lasgun.

>> No.9540588


>> No.9540589


You do fine d'aaawwww AGD.

>> No.9540607

Many thanks.

>> No.9540621

Requesting a scruffy looking guy outfitted in scrap metal armor, a riot shield and an assault riffle. He has a poorly painted lion emblem on his shoulder and shield.

>> No.9540641


Two nagas tail-wrestling. Like arm-wrestling, but with their tails.

>> No.9540646

Johnny Cash as a Paladin.

>> No.9540652

One of you want to continue the d'awww with my request?

Though I'm thinking instead of a veil it should be a sort of scarf that covers her lips where the bandages don't.

>> No.9540656

AH! but are they wrestling? Or scissoring?

>> No.9540661

Tom hanks fisting a burrito.

>> No.9540667

Oh gods I heard a kazoo knockoff of the LoZ Item GET! leitmotiff.

>> No.9540669


>> No.9540670


They're wrestling. If they were scissoring I'd ask for them scissoring.

>> No.9540684

Just how could they scisser? No legs.

>> No.9540690

A female elf escaped slave, wearing a slave collar with about 3 or 4 links of chain left on it. She is not wearing much more than a ragged tunic with the sleeves ripped off it, ripped down the front and up the sides, Almost more rags than tunic. She has escaped with the help of the muscle built over her years of slavery and a sharp dagger. sitting on a small ale cask, or standing leaning against a wall, dagger in her right hand looking like she is thinking "Well I'm free..... what now?"

I would like to see how Greenmarine or someone else would do this one.

>> No.9540692

We could always use more awesome sexy lamia.

>> No.9540694


>> No.9540695

Psionic SoB.

You know, because they have got the halos.

>> No.9540696


Requesting a friend's character as a gift for her.
Lord of the Rings Noldorin Elf.
Fairly young; he'd be just out of his teens if he was human.
Not too extreme on the ears, since LotR ones tend not to have the really long ears.
He has light skin, grey eyes, and long black hair tied back in a ponytail - it'd just about reach his waist if untied.
Very calm type.
Sitting down checking/maintaining his bow or something, with a slightly wistful expression?
He'd be in simple tunic and pants, nothing fancy, not the type to show off, really...

>> No.9540697

Urgh. Tiredness sneaks up on me. I'm gonna have to head out.

Be back tomorrow.

>> No.9540698

Oh, um. My.

What will Liar say?

>> No.9540702 [DELETED] 

fìGht the ÌnT3rñEt [EnSÒR5hÍp ht+p:// at , k|mMó@ , S3 / fiGHT th€ ín+ERñet C3nSÓR5HÌp

>> No.9540708 [DELETED] 

f|GH+ THe íñtERNE+ <eNSÓRSHìP ht+P.// At : KÌmMOÁ , s3 / Fi5h+ TH3 ínTern3t cEn5òR$HÌp

>> No.9540712

Life finds a way.

>> No.9540738

sorry, this takes too much time of my life...

>> No.9540747


Someone draw the dragon raping her.

>> No.9540759 [DELETED] 

Fì5H+ +H3 Ìnt€RN3t <en$óRshIP h++p:// a+ ; kiMMòà : se / f|5hT ThE |ñT€rN€T [ensÒRSHÌP

>> No.9540785


>> No.9540787

Pot dealing hippy lamias?
Shark fan?

>> No.9540815

Why are you fighting an angry Dragonite with a Great Sword V:

Also /r/ing a Cutebold riding a Kut-ku

>> No.9540817


>> No.9540827

A hostage situation between: Magnum P.I. Arbitrator in Flak armour with a shotgun, a retard Feral Assassin in a bodyglove (do not want) with a knife and sword, a scared out of his shit Techpriest in Techpriest robes with a las-carbine, and a random thug holding a stub revolver to a robed, black-haired woman's head, whilst using her as a meatshield. The group's like 'We don't care if she dies,' the woman's like 'I CARE' and the thug is borderline BSoD-ing. They're all in a room with a door, stacks of crates inside, and one window.

This would be fuckwin, because this is my current Dark Heresy party, and how my character was introduced. Guess who I was! You can do whatever with the characters. If you take this request, it would make my Tarrasquemas.

>> No.9540830 [DELETED] 

F|ght TH€ |ñ+3RN3T <En$òr5HÍp HTTp:// aT ; KìmMOA , $e / f|GH+ +he ÌN+3rn€t <€N$órsHÍp

>> No.9540843 [DELETED] 

sorry guys, gotta go F|ght TH€ |ñ+3RN3T <En$òr5HÍp

>> No.9540864

A silly looking cat girl that is fairly buxum trying to figure out why someone would like to wear some sort of clothing (Such as socks or panties or some such) while smoking a cigar.


>> No.9540883

Eldar conga line. They are tipsy. There is a daemonette somewhere in the line. No-one has noticed yet.

>> No.9540889

Maid character?

>> No.9540893


I laughed.

>> No.9540903 [DELETED] 

Fígh+ +H3 ÌNterñ3T [eNsoR$hip H++p,// @+ , kÍMmÓà . 53 / fìGh+ +H3 Ìñ+3RñE+ <3N$0r$HíP

>> No.9540917


>> No.9540920

My wild mage are disappoint

>> No.9540923

strud, what would you say you are good at drawing?

>> No.9540937

Goddamn, them's some sexy scaly ladies.

>> No.9540939


>> No.9540952


oh god D:

>> No.9540955


>> No.9540966


Draw yourself as a hardboiled private investigator.

>> No.9540978

on the computer only anime people and weapons, on paper anything from stompas to cityscapes.

>> No.9540986

Wait a minute who loses to Kut-ku
Is that even possible

>> No.9541005

that Kut-ku had the powah of cutebold.

>> No.9541021

In that case, draw a gun that shoots guns, please.

>> No.9541024

A scarred up female guardsman with an augmetic leg, light colored hair and some random scarring, enjoying a relaxing moment.

>> No.9541040 [DELETED] 

fígHT TH3 IN+€rN€+ c3N$óRsHíP H++P.// a+ , KImMoÁ , $3 / fÌgHT THe iñT3rNEt Cen$or5h|p

>> No.9541048 [DELETED] 

FIGht Th3 ÍNterneT [€ñ$Òrshíp ht+P.// À+ , kíMm0À . $e / f|Gh+ TH€ ÍñtErNeT <Eñ$or5hÌp

>> No.9541053

i did the first few times ;-;, never to quropeco fortunatelly

i love to draw cities and maps for my games too :3

>> No.9541056 [DELETED] 

FÍGht +h€ iñ+erN3t C3n$oR$H|P hTtp.// át ; KímMÓA : $e / FIgh+ the Íñ+3RN€t [ENs0R$HÍP

>> No.9541066

/tg/ may I remind you what happened last time you built and praised your drawfags to the point where there was a notable cult surrounding them?

Let's not let that happen again. Keep the new drawfags seperate, alone, and in their place.

>> No.9541076

It was a while ago, and I didn't have anything handy but a ball-point and some post-its, but, does this help?

>> No.9541092

two of them hook up and the rest leave?

>> No.9541096


Oh geez, here we go...

>> No.9541104

I call Green Marine and BG as the pair

>> No.9541106


>> No.9541110

ok, ok, lets share a cupcake and forget about that :3

>> No.9541122


Yaaay cupcakes! <3

>> No.9541145


>hook up

Tell me there is delicious story to be told.

>> No.9541216

Lol sorry I'm sleepy
G'night mates.

>> No.9541230 [DELETED] 

FÌgHt THe íN+3Rn€t c3ñ5ÒrsHìP h+tP,// ÁT . KÍMMOÁ : 5E / fIGH+ +hE ÍN+ErNE+ <3ñSOr$hÍp

>> No.9541250


>> No.9541269 [DELETED] 

FíGh+ thE ìñt3Rn€T CeN5Or5HÍP httP:// Á+ : KÌmMOÁ : S€ / fI5ht +H€ ÌnTErñ€+ [€ñsÓr5hIp

>> No.9541284

I'd like to see a space marine (preferably a grey knight), drawn like this.

>> No.9541291

mah boy, i dont know what a grey knight is :V

>> No.9541301


not requestor, I was going to post a reference, but I couldn't find any good ones.

>> No.9541303


>> No.9541310


as there are no face reference for grey knights, and faces are good part of the gag.

>> No.9541311


>> No.9541313

>> No.9541327

Alternatively, if you need a face

>> No.9541330

but but... no eyes, no mouth...

>> No.9541334


Sorry, it's more of a, "And we never saw them again." kind of thing for the lovebirds.

The rest just followed suit, with not even a drop of drama. Just disappeared. They obviously still lurk, but it's hard to tell since they don't even participate in drawfag threads anonymously.

>> No.9541335

Sadly this cannot be. I yearn to carve a thousand love songs upon bg's draconic skin using a thousand different knives, but my pure feelings are not...correspondeded.

This is a lamia, right?

>> No.9541350


Kitten on head!

>> No.9541360


Add human hair, and yes.

>> No.9541363


>> No.9541366

Still half-asleep. Still drawing with ballpoint on post-its. Still don't Eldar to save my life.

>> No.9541374

Also, a Catachan fighting a Na'vi.

>> No.9541398

Question Do you use tablet or mouse, and how easy was it too learn. Also request is below:

A sister of battle with a kitten nuzzling her. It has a Slaanesh symbol on it's forehead. And it's making the standard :3 face at her. :3 Thanks if you consider it.

>> No.9541402 [DELETED] 

fIGH+ +he ìN+ErñeT <Eñ$0R$Hip H++P;// Át ; k|[email protected] : Se / f|GhT th€ inteRne+ [EnsÓR5HÌP

>> No.9541444

But...but....i like her head!


Tablet. Using one is not much of a "learning" thing, it is more of a "getting used to it" deal.

As for coloring, like most things, it is just the result of practice. Drawfaggin' for /tg/ is great for that.

Also, reading a bit of color theory helps too.

>> No.9541447

thats been done several times :/

>> No.9541448

Draw loli Maleficent stomping all over the sandcastle one of the other loli fairies has built.

>> No.9541472

B-But I lurves me my chaoskitten... 3:

>> No.9541476

Sword n Board having a rap battle with an incorporeal necromancer. Bitches and hoes abound. Because of this thread:


>> No.9541492

Eh, I took a stab at it, with the full might of insomnia and post-its.

>> No.9541511

That's amazing. Much appreciated.

>> No.9541517

I, too, am okay with her head the way it is.
But then again I have enough lamia porn to make a subfolder in my monstergirl porn folder, so maybe I'm just a weirdo like that

>> No.9541526


>> No.9541536

I couldn't exactly do a normal hug without burying the guy so this was the next best thing.~

>> No.9541539

I fucking love color theory.

/r/: Spooky machine ghost. Interpret for MAXIMUM AWESOME.

>> No.9541558

Oh dear, i doubt i can put to words how awesome that is.

>> No.9541641

i guess mine is not very interesting

>> No.9541647

This is actually pretty fucking great, yeah. I kinda think the 'face' needs to be more exaggerated, but the figure/angle is just perfect, and I love the hand. 8V

>> No.9541651 [DELETED] 

fÌ5hT tHE ÌnteRN3t C€nsÓRShip HtTP;// Át , K|mmÒá , s3 / FI5HT THe ínTERN€+ [Eñs0Rsh|P

>> No.9541659

It could be worse.
You could be drawing Lamia porn for strangers across the intertubes.

>> No.9541668 [DELETED] 

FÍGht thE Iñ+€RNET c3ñSorsHÌp h+Tp:// ÁT . kíMmoá ; S€ / FÍght TH€ ìñTeRn3T [en50RShìp

>> No.9541673

That is pretty good, but lamia are... most of the time, human from the waist up, like so.
But that is still an awesome picture.

>> No.9541677


>> No.9541696

>> No.9541700 [DELETED] 

fìGHT ThE ìNT€Rñ€t [EñsoR5Hìp HT+p;// át , kÍmMòá . 5€ / fÍ5Ht tH€ ÌNT3rñ€+ [€ñ$ÓrShìP

>> No.9541702

I would like a further chapter in the wacky romance between shota and gnollette without a pseudopenor.

>> No.9541711

did someone say lamia? because i'm totally a lamia :3

>> No.9541714


I'm afraid that there is no way that you are going to get a lack of peusopenis, because that idea is funny with it.

>> No.9541715

worse than saving lamia porn drawn by strangers across the intertubes? at least the that (in your case anyways, there are some outright atrocious drawings out there) displays some form of talent

>> No.9541720


>> No.9541724


>> No.9541731

I'm impressed bg, you're putting out some good stuff tonight

>> No.9541735


>> No.9541736

The humor is that the Shota will be surprised and disappointed when he finally seduces her.

>> No.9541739


...I'm going to hug you now.

>> No.9541750

I fukken lol'd
Greenmarine looks like he's rolling his eyes

>> No.9541753


>> No.9541759

so is your vagina in the front or the back?

>> No.9541763


>> No.9541798

Hey I drew this! :3

Not taking requests tonight, but I'm gonna dump my recent stuff. Enjoy.

>draw a carnifex fighting orks

>> No.9541806


This art style does not match any of the other drawfags that have been loitering lately.

I daresay we've got an insurgent with the aim to cause chaos in our drawthreads...

>> No.9541813



>> No.9541817

Leman russ vanquisher doing badass things.

Preferably with a shield emblem on the side of the turret with a large number one on it.


I'm just gonna toss my hat in in support of this.

>> No.9541825

>draw a guardsman and a blood pact cultist in a slap fight

>> No.9541836


>> No.9541837

>draw grots mobbing up on an ultramarine

>> No.9541843

>draw the Emperor as Stephen Hawking

>> No.9541873

shift.... threads?

>> No.9541877

>draw a dwarf on a segway chasing wood elves

>> No.9541879

"please lady sto-"

under :3

>> No.9541887

>optimus prime playing a dreadnought in rocken sockem robots

>> No.9541897

Earl you're cool and all but those pics were made for DakkaDakka. 8D

>> No.9541898

>draw the old coppertone ad with an ogryn and commissar

>> No.9541899

and, just like that, any respect I was starting to hold for you is COMPLETELY out the window

>> No.9541906


>> No.9541917

Okay, that's hot...

>> No.9541919


>> No.9541920

I know. I am Smashotron :D Just throwing my stuff out there. I actually got bored of the weird requests on /tg/

Thats why I started drawing for Dakka.

>> No.9541923

Hey, if you don't mind some cracked-out furfag scribbling on a post-it, I'm your goddamned man. Otherwise, I'd say don't worry brah, there's always a ton more requests in threads like this that don't get answered (at least not by someone cogent, coherent, and capable). Luck of the draw.

>> No.9541925

Wait I thought you weren't drawing porn
When did this change

>> No.9541926

>draw a deep striking land raider

>> No.9541932

Gnome female rogue running from a herd of zombie sheep.

>> No.9541938

i cant draw porn during the day :V

>> No.9541940

New thread needed.

>> No.9541941

>draw a hormagaunt dancing with a termagant

>> No.9541959


In that case...

Draw yourself giving head.

>> No.9541966


>> No.9541975

>Loota shooting a Marine at point-blank

>> No.9541978

sowwy, i'm going to sleep now :3

goodnight /tg/~

>> No.9541979

Hang onto your buts

>> No.9541982

Oh well in that case how about some dragonborn x lamia symmetrical docking

>> No.9542007


I want to know who did this, I want him to step forward. I know he's here.

>> No.9542045

Well if this one is still going I have a request.

An infernal cutebold sorcerer in a tight robe with a crotchbulge. He should be smoking some opium and have the top of the robe open. There could be some ladies of low virtue around him as well.

If anyone feels like taking a crack at it I would be happy.

>> No.9542065

If anyone does any requests in this thread....

could they make a new one?

>> No.9542111

Is that Michelangelo?

>> No.9542152

Can someone take a look at this and then draw a 4e playable anthro race based on it? Bonus if it has tits

>> No.9542162

Draw a mongoloid wood elf please

>> No.9542171

Did the drawfags go to sleep?

>> No.9542213

seems likely ro me

>> No.9542215

>> No.9542253

Greenmarine. I would be forever in your debt if you drew this. I gave tried a couple times but you have been busy.

requesting this woman, either naked or in this dress, and inside of a tall glass of red wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass. I ask you because you are so good with colors, but it is open to anyone.

>> No.9542385

As the requester, I am not amused and I am very disgusted.

>> No.9542388

It late, but im not tired and im bored. Who wants stuff drawn?

>> No.9542405

Bayonetta as a Sister of Battle pleez..? :3

>> No.9542418




>> No.9542427




>> No.9542451

This please

>> No.9542464


Starship troopers! Except the Ork who's looking like it's all hopeless should be going FUCK YEAR! Cause he's the Rico Ork... And Rico Ork has plot armour the size of nukes.

>> No.9542470


>> No.9542562


new thread here.

>> No.9542855


>> No.9544211

bump for BG porn and his idiotic reasoning

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