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Does Annah approve of neverwinter nights? ...for someone who is a fan of planescape torment and fallout but absolutely could not stand mindless trash like arcanum?

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Annah is a slut and should wear less cloths

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No, I am serious. Should I get Neverwinter Nights? I just got a new comp for 2 grand after...well, my last computer couldn't run half life 2 on min settings without dropping fps to a crawl every 3 seconds.

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and no

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Yes, nwn actually has alright combat (in comparison to planescape). Nwn 2 is good with expansions.

The story ain't half bad either.

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The OC is shit. The expansion packs are a bit better, HotU in particular. There's probably some great mods out there as NWN is famed for it's modding community, but the ones I've played are railroading clichefests.

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I am more interested in the story tbh, and besides - pts had amazing fucking spells.

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>mindless trash
Get the fuck out of here

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>mindless trash like arcanum

What the shit is this faggotry?

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>mindless trash like Arcanum
Kerghan dissaproves of this bullshit.

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lol arcanum

-no story (the excuse for it doesnt count)
-only 1 or 2 worthwhile items in the game
-random lvl grinding

Here is how the game went - run around, get one-shot by everything.

Get tp and master sword/evade (wahtever it was called)

Get magical sword that doesnt get damaged

Watch yourself hit everything 20 times a second, including rock golems and lol.

Give elf bitch a bow at the end of the game - watched her go through 500 arrows in about 15 seconds.

Show up at dark elf village, realize its 3 trees and you have been trolled. Kill everyone.

Meet some fucking lizards in the woods.

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You're doing it wrong.

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I like that the very first reply points out that he's trolling yet you all keep biting at this shit like it's the finest of cheetos.

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Does Neverwinter Nights even work on new computers (w/Vista or Windows 7)? Mine just bitches at me.

If you're talking about NWN2... meh. It's fun the first time, but after that it's a drag. Not very well made. Mask of the Betrayer almost makes up for it, and is probably the closest game to Planescape: Torment, but it still isn't Torment.

>...could not stand mindless trash like arcanum?


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I fucking swear I am not trolling. I seriously regret mentioning arcanum in OP. Now can you please tell me if neverwinter nights is worth the dl? Seriously.

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>No story

Troll harder, bub.

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It's /tg/

We can't help it.

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I am actually thinking of playing the first one first? Good idea or waste of time?

And thanks for actual reply - I am seriously not trolling,

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>worth the dl?

Fuck, son, if you're going to torrent it, just do it and see for yourself.

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Hell, he's talking about the original NWN. It'd be easier and faster to just buy the damn thing. They have boxed sets of it and the expansions for $5-$10

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I prefer NWN2 to be honest.

But if you have the time and the patience, give NWN a go

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Yea, whatever. "You are the fucking chosen one reincarnate" isn't a story. What's his name priest dude was the only good NPC. No one else had any decent/interesting backstory whatsoever. Did you every try ditching the elf bitch? She wanted some fucking pure spring water to re-join you. WHAT THE FUCK.

Admit it, the only reason you guys like arcanum is because of dworfs with elephant guns...although my magic sword trolled them all.

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I just quit my job =) Well, last day monday actually.

Dling would still be faster since buying means waiting. Is 1 the one where you start in the academy or 2? I just remember playing it on friend's comp ages ago.

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>"You are the fucking chosen one reincarnate" isn't a story.

It also isn't Arcanum's story since you AREN'T Nasrudin reborn since Nasrudin never fucking died as he tells you himself. It's like you only gave the story the most cursory of glances and then whined about the lack of story. In short, you're a troll.

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Original Campaign: meh, standard generic "the world is in danger from ancient evil" fare its not good but neither is it bad. Just meh.
Shadows of Undrentide: Cliched beginning, interesting middle and some nice puzzles and stuff near the end. And Deekin, best part of the game.
Hordes of the Underdark: Undermountain splunking, some imaginative Underdark levels, OH SHIT ENVIORMENTAL DAMAGE OUTA NOWHERE MUST FIND FIRE. TWO(2) elves to romance, one of which is a Drow. MORE MOTHERFUCKING DEEKIN

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>You're the chosen one reincarnate
You never did finish the story, did you?
Anyway NWN OC and NWN2 OC are decent but nothing special. NWN1 really shines in the mod community (but they've got a bunch of shit as well), NWN2 had two REALLY good expansions called Mask of the Betrayer and Mysteries of Westgate. (Storm of Zehir sucked)

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>I am huge faggot please rape my face

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Hey, OP.

You'll love NWN. It blows the shitty story of Arcanum right out of the water.


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>mindless trash like arcanum

And now I'm saging this thread.

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>"You are the fucking chosen one reincarnate"

Way to not actually play the game.

Though, if you hat "cliché" stories like that, you're going to fucking hate NWN. The first one's story is barely existent. Though the whole point was to be a system for people to make modules in. Some of the modules are bomb.

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That was one of the most amusing parts of the game.

Also the endgame where you run into the supposed BBEG who while being a complete asshole, actually had no idea what the hell was going on back in the mortal realm, and basically answered with "they said I did WHAT?!".

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Y u mad tho? Oh, cause you can't deny anything I said.


I finished the game, but I stopped paying attention somewhere in the first 10% of the game and just started around and killing everything. I really wanted to pay attention to the story, but it bored the shit out of me. I guess I liked the whole "humans stealing tech from dwarves because they are so ambitious and silly" idea, but all the side quests were lame as hell - the magic ball, cleaning the sewers, orc rights, etc.


Thanks to you both, I will figure out what to pick up based on that.

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You should make this your character, OP.

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Baldur's Gate does better in terms of atmopshere and storyline imo. Most of Arcanum's fun is also in not just choosing the retarded "IM A MAGE WITH A SWORD LOL".

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>Didn't pay attention to the story

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Would you kindly go die in a fire.

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So what's it like being retarded? Must suck now that you live with your parents and have no friends of your own. I bet elementary school was the best time you've had in your life.

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Was he one of the dudes in the prison dudes place? I kinda killed them all too.

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>magic ball, cleaning the sewers

Every game has crappy things like that... and if you started with those, I feel for you.

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OP here.

This was my character in Arcanum. Also, aren't Gnomes just the greatest race in Arcanum?

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Feels good bro. Allows you to do things, like, oh I don't know - quit your job because you have no living expenses other than gas, insurance, gym, and food and invest all your money in small caps without being a corporate bitch.

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>this thread

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Have enough tape, King of Retards?

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I tried, really. Like remember the ghost pirate dude? I tried doing his three quests - give money to the orhan, get some dude to carry some cult statute to some shit, and whatever the third one was. Then I just killed him anyway, because his quests sucked. (with my unbreakable magic sword btw)


Don't lie, you could never wield the magic sword with such mastery as I.

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>Gnomes in Arcanum

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>killed the Pirate
The Hardest fight in the game.

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NWN has a fantastic story line. Each area has at least four cardinal story lines for the character to explore and they're very intuitive to find.

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Its so he doesn't hurt his hands.

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Not for my magic sword. The hardest one was on the island in the pit. You know why? Cause all my fucking party disappeared.

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NWN's OC is basically a tech demo for a godawful ugly faggot game

HOTU and SOU are much much better, but still not really great

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I know what it's for. He just has a ridiculous amount on. Unless he's been using the tape instead of an actual glove but that would go back to the whole "retarded" theme.

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Sup, I am simply the most awesome sneak-fest module with tons of boobies and mary sues.

Also, I whore myself out to dock workers for 10 gold, fifteen times a day, and spend time at the hideout, playing dice and savescumming 'till I have enough gold to get good equips.

feels good man.

Seriously though, it's the best Stealth/Rouge-y module out there, the characters are a little sueish, but whatever, you're picking locks and shit most of the time.

>Mindless Trash
Fuck off.

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dude.. I was being sarcastic, read it in a whiny voice next time. Its funnier.

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They're so nice though. They're always taking in Half-Ogres and giving them jobs instead of being racist and discriminating against them like other people. And without the Gnomes' enlightened leadership the people of Tarant would still be wallowing in stagnation after the King mysteriously died.

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I don't wear gloves with them when fucking around with the bag. I actually don't wear wraps at all most of the time / was just being a douche in the pic, so you are both correct. Note that it *is* wrapped properly however, it's just a different kind of wrap.

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>taking in Half-Ogres
You mean they breed Half-Ogres in a series of batshit insane experiments to use them as a cheap and reliable bodyguards.

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>Also, aren't Gnomes just the greatest race in Arcanum?

I hate gnomes forever after that game.

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>breed Half-Ogres in a series of batshit insane experiments

>Kidnap human women, have them raped by ogres until they get pregnant and give birth to Half-Ogre rape babies so that Gnomes can have loyal body guards and servants.


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I don't, that game made me play LE Gnomes half the time for a LONG time.

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I never noticed that with Gnomes. (other than all of them being rich and having giant servants)
How do you find that out?
Play one?
Some questline?

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That's the basic version. But there was a SCIENCE team behind it. They were practically making a genetics/Eugenics experiment on real humans and in the horrible conditions. In the industrial era.
If this is not batshit insane, then I don't know what is.

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>Some questline?

Bingo. It starts when that half-orc asks you to deliver a message to a guy in the gentlemen's club in Tarant

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A somewhat convoluted and roundabout quest line that ends with the PC being confronted by a Gnome who pretty much tells you, "Yeah, you know our secret. So what? Nobody will believe you."

It's also heavily implied that the Gnomes assassinated the Tarant monarchy.

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>all this evil shit
Can you do something about it?

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blah blah blah .. how 'bout i turn this thread into something useful...

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I never found out about this.

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la la la

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neverwinter leveling feels dumb
neverwinter epic leveling feels awesome

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Well, you can murder every gnome on sight.

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I think I did that once.

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Looks like OP is butthurt that his troll thread got derailed into Arcanum discussion.

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I knew I would get some use out of my /d/ lite folder

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OP is a enormous faggot...

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It's a very X-Files style quest. Is the diary real? Did Tyron tell you the truth, or was he just another half-crazed conspiracy-theorist? You'll never know. I'd hate to see a quest where you "solve" the mystery. It's a good quest because of what it already is. Mysterious and frustrating.

Besides, there are other ways to get back at the industrial council. One of them is named Don Throgg.

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... tits on rats ...

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tits on demonz

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Why would I be butthurt? I got my answers from a few cool people and then you guys encouraged me to troll so much, that I gladly did. It was wonderful, and now you guys are posting some decent pics. Good times, carry on.

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squiggly doooo

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<-- so you know I'm not a complete weeaboo

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some more hell

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Don Throgg is very charismatic.

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And he's such a great orator.

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Elaborate. I fucked it up the last time and I just started to replay Arcanum a hour ago. I want to be sure this time I get it right

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huh? wut?

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Voodoo Zombie tits

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The Industrial Council, ie the rules of Tarant, can be fucked with a bit if you save Don Throgg during a quest where he'd otherwise get shot and killed. (I think you need like 3 or maxxed +master/grandmaster persuade iirc)
He'll get workers right for Orcs and a position on the Council. Ultra-charismatic guy.

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He becomes the Head of the Council!
Donn Throgg became a leading political activist in the fight for orcish rights. In time, he legalized orcish labor unions, secured the vote for all citizens regardless of race or gender, and became the champion of equal rights and justice in Tarant. Before long, he was begrudgingly voted into the Industrial Council and, in a few years, he sat at its head.

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Orks you say .. have some Orkorean

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I remeber when mecha games used to be about giant robots fighting giant robots.

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I'm just about done posting .. I have a ton more of this stuff tho.

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and another

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where's your god now?

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HAHAHA fukin saved

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Last one for me.. I leave the rest to you..

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Is that the one where you can get a whore suit with a dildo inside it? I distinctly remember slutting myself out to dockworkers and getting loads of STDs...

By the way, why do you guys hate the NWN OC? Sure, it's the standard Bioware "ANCIENT EVIL RETURNS" plot, but it has some nice subplots, like that quest in the forest, where you have play judge and there's like ghost town right outside and shit. And the snowglobe adventure, that was fun. Seriously, the NWN OC was very cool. It's just pretty combat-heavy if you're used to stuff like Baldur's Gate.

>> No.9530106

i can't say exactly why, but i do know i hate the animations, the models, the characters, the setting and the story.

the story didn't even pretend to be a priority, it just sort of sunk into the background while you directed your boneless cardboard box golem to kill every monster ever featured in D&D.

>> No.9530116

00 is not a game though, although there are spin offs. It's also relatively new.

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Well, shucks... :( I know I enjoyed the game. Guess people just like different things.

>> No.9530143

bad encounter layout
bad fetch quest layout
have to be a wizard to do like half the side puzzles

>> No.9530244

While the story wasn't spectacular, it wasn't all that bad, it simply was average had an ok presentation. Seeing how there was only one good questionably RPG game released that year (Morrowind) and it also had shitload of flaws, It was very worth playing

>> No.9530249

I was a warrior and I did all the sidequests. Most of them anyway.

And I guess it all comes down to that I didn't really care for the gameplay. I mean, it was barely a step over Diablo. The main plot wasn't very interesting either, but the subplots and the setpieces really drew me in. Perhaps it was because I was younger. :)

>> No.9530321

worth playing, yeah, but not worth saving, for me. i still play SOTU once every few years, but i'll probably never touch NWN1's OC again.

>> No.9531042

is dat sum alexstrasza?

>> No.9531323

It's ok bro, I enjoyed NWN's OC too.

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