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You know, I got a problem with Space Marines. it's not so much they're super warriors, I think the hate comes from how GW treats them and the fanbase they can attract. But that's not my real issue.

It's the lack of fucking proper conversions/cool shit. The armor is always the fucking same, maybe a beakie is thrown in but that's fucking it.

Other than the background of them, the Imperial Guard & Orkz fucking rock. Why? Because they're so fucking diverse not only in things like fluff, but because of all the cool conversions.

The best I've seen are those WW2 Space Marines. Except those were just minor weapon conversions and a new helmet. So /tg/, can you please show awesome conversions or something? SM just seem disgustingly generic. Even Necrons have had awesome tomb/steampunk conversions

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This can be solved if GW ever introduces miniature lines for Chapter serfs or Astartes Homeworld PDF to the Marine armies.

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Or they allow more flexibility in the god damn armor.

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Eh, I don't know. The thing is, Astartes have to have a real noticeable degree of uniformity, no matter what Chapter we're talking about. Guard Regiments can be starkly different, because their heraldry is unique to their planet but Astartes armor originated from designs developed on Terra.

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these look quite different to me

it's not the fact that SM are the fucking same. It's that all lameos play SMines and therefore good players avoid them like the fucking plague. And, no good players, no cool conversions.

In short, the lack of SM conversions is because of all the little kids playing SM

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Those are still special units/individuals. EVERY army has indidviduals that look different. I mean normal space marines whose diversity doesn't range from standard helmet, beak helmet and different color scheme

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>go to cmon
>realise OP is talking shit.

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imperial guard are about field modifications and different kit because they're Space Troops

space marines are Space Knights and thus rely on different heraldry and colors

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I'm working on some blood angel's conversions. Nothing major, death company with wings, vampire women scouts, trying to play up the whole 6th ed Vampire Counts connection, and vampires in general. You go in with thematic ideas like that and conversions become a matter of imagination, and logistics.

Just need to figure out what to do with the sanguinary guard, aside from a minor alteration on their chest to remove the Greek connections.

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Just buy knights and stick guns and backpacks on them.

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Considering SM tends to win Rogue Trader most of the time, I posit you're fucking stupid.

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rolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 25

Get rhino.
Attach earthshaker.
Attach earthshaker.
Attach earthshaker.
Attach sponson-mounted battle cannon.
Attach sponson mounted battle cannon.
Attach hull mounted twin-linked battle cannon.

Awesome enough for me.

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cool mini or not? Go on the fucking site. Unless they're special units, the space marines ALL look the same.

IG are diverse from the cadian to steel legion to whatever the fuck you want to make them. Same with Orkz, except you add a Orky flare. Necrons? You can go with a terminator look, cthulhu, egyptian, aztec, steampunk etc. etc.

Space marines? Same fucking armor, only two helmets. I hate it.

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I would only, if at all, play death watch, but there is no codex or even rules to make them "special" marines.
Man i would live some xeno-killing badass marines (hey cyrus), not some faggy "hurr codex" pretty boys...

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hmmmm here's a thought, fluff-wise.

Would it be possible for a chapter to have over time picked up geneseed from some other chapters they'd fought with? like, just one part here and there to replace loses, until eventually the entire chapter is a big mish-mash of geneseed from all of the chapters.

As a result they have varying loyalties to all of the primarchs, rather than following just one.

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you can give them robes (dark angels or black templars) or customize their chapter banners or whatever

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Nah. If they can't all blindly worship Robot Ghillesuit then GW would have to fire Matt Ward, which would mean they like their fans. So that's never gonna' happen.

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Oh, I wasn't asking if GW would approve, just /tg/. I mean, you guys ARE the final authority on this right?

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No, that would require us to have a say in matters. Which would again require GW to give a shit about their fans.

If you wanna' write a codex to use for casual games at your LGS go right ahead(provided all the folks at your LGS aren't fuckwits).

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oh, I was just gonna use the base-list, just wondered if fluff-wise it'd be awesome

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Have you read most of the Space Marine fluff? Almost anything at this point would be an improvement.

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right, the moment I have money I am doing this, and I am converting them all to be awesome

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