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what might a blood feeding vicious great sword look like?

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pic related

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gun sure, but still nice

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>OP asks for greatsword
>Drop bears


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Go to Deviant Art, look up the guy who does the art for Anima.

He has a billion pictures of weapons. I'm sure you'll find a suitable one.

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inb4 masterwork bastard sword aka katana

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silly person, dont use swords, use spells

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sauce on pic plox?

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Not OP but never played Anima how is it?

Also does the guy has pictures of firearms?

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found it here, wish i had more

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Anima as a game is ridiculously complex. BTW, the artist's pen name is Wen-M.

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Damn OP

That gun makes me want to play a game with modern paladins that model themselves after highly romanticized knights.
Highly stylized bullet-proof vests, heraldry on riot shields, precious metal-plated firearms covered in decorative inscriptions, similarly plated motorcycles with more carefully crafted inscriptions, Heraldic banners attached to long rifles...

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damn, i want in now too

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It reminds me a lot of WoD on the base.

And then it gets complicated. In weird ways.

Also, Jesus-Resurrection is your story world.

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best i could find so far, but holy crap nice stuff

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D20 modern tiem!

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...it's what space marines should've been.

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nm, this is better

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Pick one.


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Like this, I think

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It would probably look like a metal head's wet dream, that is to say ugly as hell and fucking retarded.

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Not bad at all but has no guns

Am I the only one who likes guns in a fantasy setting?

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THAT section has no guns.


This is one of the character in the book. That is a gun she is carrying. Do some goddamn footwork, please.

I'm out of this bit of stupidity.

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This really is the only answer.

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Fine sorry to have bothered you, dude.

Still nice find.

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Now does this sword feed on the victims blood, or the weilders blood?

Either way I like magic weapons that don't look magical, especially when they have a negative effect as well as positive.

So mine would be a perfectly normal (yet surprisingly pristine looking) sword, with small spikes on the hilt, either hidden (extending) or obvious...allowing for the sword to drink from the weilder too, but also pass power into them perhaps.

Or just steal their life too.

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