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I just had a great idea!

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1) Deploy one scantily-clad female cultist into a Slaaneshi-susceptible army of Guardsmen who have not seen a woman in three years, if they have survived that long.

2) ?????

3) Profit

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Regiment turns out to be Cadian


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Your "great idea" was to make a shitpost? Reported, with prejudice.

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To be fair, very little is being risked. One sexually insatiable sex demon or what have you could turn entire armies.

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Cadians have women.

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I don't see the problem.

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wait, what?


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>Implying mods on /tg/

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Neither do I

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In b4 'foot fetish' post,
As per 4chan meta.

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ANYWHO point being Cadians are mixed regiments of men and women. They care not. So OBVIOUSLY a Cadian rgiment is a well sexed regiment.

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I wonder if that tiny Commissar hat is glued on there or what.

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Sadly with the old normal map still in Place she looks like Billy Defoue

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Oh god this is naice. I like.

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thank you, I worked hard on her.

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Although, I do believe in the future, let's keep it cute. There's no need to defile her.

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you don't think the pic is cute?

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> Adult Cultist

> Acting like a Slaaneshi whore

> Secretly spreading Nurgle's Rot

> Voice probably going to cause people to go insane and start screaming "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

> Just as planned


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I don't think we're talking about the same thing anymore.

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Never have I seen a minor get so true.

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I'm talking about my mod

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What's the mod for?

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Dawn of War 2

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Yeah, I was talking about Cultist. Sorry bro.

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I just noticed the Commissar hat on his dick. Wat.

Who drew this, anyway?

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>OP's pic

>> No.9520341

I did.

I know that tells you a lot.

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>Cultist-chan pic
>No Chaos markings
Drawfag, I am disappoint

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Facial lines bro.

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Facial lines don't make the Cultist-chan. All her Chaos God markings are missing, especially the mark of Khorne on her foot.

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Those make her look ugly. Draw them yourself!

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Missing the Mark of Khorne on the sole of her left foot, the mark of Slaanesh on the inner thigh of her right leg, mark of Tzeentch on the left side of her stomach, and I can't remember where Nurgle's mark is.

...I also can't remember if those are all the right places or not. Only one I'm sure of is the mark of Khorne.

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Nurgle's Mark is on the right side of her stomach, I had to check.

Holy shit, I can't believe I got all that I did right from memory.

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How'd you get this in-game? Is it downloadable?

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That's a peculiar one to remember.

Regardless, those would be best PAINTED on. And as you can see, the image has no color.

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>Implying OP's Cultist-chan is appealing in any way.

Here, this is superiror Cultist-chan.

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Good point. If this is ever colored, I'd expect those tattoos put in, but they don't need to be in the lineart.

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More superior Culteest-chan

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Whoa, when did she join the cast of Jet Grind Radio?

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It's her Slaanesh side showing. Rap is nothing but noise, and oh hey, Noise Marines.

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> Lazor Eyes

>> No.9520618

I see the warp has overtaken all sense of perspective and anatomy!

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>where this thread is headed

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I'd like my own Cultist hammock.

A glass of lemonade after a long day, rocking in the wind, listening to some music and watching the sun go down.

And nudity.

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i bet she smells like bacon

and semen

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Give her time and she'll be just as crunchy!

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I've seen dead bodies with no skin and compared it to bacon, but...
My stomach heaved when I read that.

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I think he was refering to dried jizz, bro.

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Needs more Bump-tan x Cultist-chan.

>> No.9521217

I believe he was aware.

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fuck you guys x-tan still holds my heart

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I'm not sure HOW Cultist would actually say "fuck."

>> No.9521345


" Faaaaark! "

" Fhooork! "

" Phaaaack! "

...Yeah I can't quite see it myself either

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I kind of figure she'd say it normally, but stretch it out abnormally. Having some unnecessary "th" sound in there actually makes some sense, given most of what she says is probably whistling through those teeth.

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Do... do abortions count as blood for the blood god?

...Would Nurgle be pissed about abortions...

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There has to be a coathanger joke in there somewhere.

>> No.9521480


How about this?

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I always assumed that they were big T deleting you from existence if you were going to piss him off in your future.

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Eh. Sure.

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You know... a woman usually have her boobs side by side and not sort of on top of each other.

The angle in that pictures is all bent to hell.

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Is gangbanging a willing cultist prisoner an act of heresy or an act of divine intervention?

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At the rate cultists die, they've got to be breeding like rabbits.

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