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Does anyone actually like Nurgle? He seems to be the least popular of the Chaos gods, and is simply too repulsive.

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Don't be talking aboot Papa that way!

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I like nurglings

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I love papa Nurgle, and he loves me.

Plus, Plague Marines are awesome.

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Nigga best be trollin

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Are you fucking kidding? I love Nurgle. Lots of fa/tg/uys love Nurgle.

Dude gives you eternal love and immortality. It's worth the price.

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I love papa Nurgle, hes actually my favorite chaos god.

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Tzeentch FTW.

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Nurgle once showed me how to play baseball. I was sooo happy.

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Plenty of people like him - or, in fact, adore him. He's such a nice guy. A real bro. Whenever you're down in the dumps, whether it's because of war, crime, disease, poverty or something else, he's there to pick you up and help you out all the way.

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Nurgle is the best broseph, don't let anyone convince you convince you otherwise.

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Nurgle is my favorite on the tabletop

Tzeentch is my favorite in the books

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nurgle is my favourite.

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I think its he's the hardest to parody. With Sleneesh you have the general /d/ness and doomrider (COCAINE). Khorne has BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD and Tezeetch has just as planed, with occasional CREEEED.

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sorry to be a huge newfag, but what universe does nurgle hail from? dnd?

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>Grandfather Nurgle
>Diseases are his children
>His children kill you
>You get turned into a daemon
>You never feel pain ever again and are immortal
>You can be peaceful by just counting the diseases
>The only deity that lets you remain peaceful and keeps you like a jealous father
>Thus, the loving papa nurgle

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You must be new to /tg/.

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Nurgle loves me! This I know,
For these buboes tells me so.
Nurglings to Him belong;
They are weak, but He is strong.

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Given the choice, I would definetely dedicate myself to nurgle.

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Fuck yeah Nurgle!

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OP, you must not come to /tg/ too much. Everyone loves him here.

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His appeal is limited because most people want pleasure and the ability to manipulate things for their favor. Nurgle offers neither you dont feel anything and your existence is only to be a giant pus sack and turn the whole universe into one.

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as far as chaos gods go, nurgle is probably the nicest one.

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god fucking dammit. i wonder how many newfags that leave /tg/ on a daily basis because of you assholes.

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Slaanesh is the best. Your life, like a flare will burn short but brightly. Nurgle may give you immortality but a stagnant one. It is better to experience much in a short time than to experience little over eternity.

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Good fucking riddance.

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>implying nuglings and plaugebearers/marines don't see "much"

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Oh boo fucking hoo. Newfag should be lurking, not posting.

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Slaanesh also consumes your soul and tortures it for eternity.

No thanks.

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i'm not leaving. but this is EXACTLY what i mean. saging? YOU GO SISTER!

fucking faggot.

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Hugs all around!

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cool samefagging, bro.

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Ring around the rosy
pocket full of posse
we all fall down.

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When I commit heresy, I always send a little prayer out to Nurgsey.

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If I remember correctly Nurgle has a "companion" (for lack of a better word) whom the Eldar call "Isha".

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Warhammer 40K, man. You must be really new.

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I genuinely lol'd.

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You mean his Waifu.

He feed her delicious "soup". Is she "likes" the "taste" he shares it with the rest of the universe. He does this because due to being a god of healing, she can't be harmed by it.

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very. and thank you.

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So a neckbeard basically.
Completely deluded.

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Do you belive any thing you read on the internet

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What's this nonsense about never feeling pain? When you get infected by a rotting disease of Nurgle, it simply puts you into so much delirious pain that it numbs out lesser shit like getting a hole in your torso from a bolter round.

That's got to be some serious fucking pain. Plus, you end up looking like a zombie from all the rot.

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Yep. He saved her from being raped to death/devoured by Slaanesh, and gives her a taste of all his plagues before releasing them. She whispers to mortal doctors how to fight/cure said plagues. It's not a pleasant existence, but she still gets to help people and do her job as a goddess of healing, and she gets to live rather than being raped to death and/or devoured.

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Sage is not intended to be an insult, you dipshit. Maybe if you spent more than five minutes actually learning about the site, you'd know that.

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as Tzeentch supporter and Slaanesh dabbler, I dislike Nurgle but see him as a means to an end for my plans.

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The corrupted Sister Apphia walked across the battlefield. Scorched earth crunched sickly beneath her boots as she made her way among the scattered heaps of rotting and blessed dead.

Father Nurgle had been victorious in battle and now all that remained was to solidify his hold here, before moving onward to consume the entire planet. His daemons and cultists had made quick work of the pitiful planetary defense force. Already, the first steps were being taken to completely infest the planet. Spores and scourges rained down, infesting the ground with Nurgle's bounty. It pleased Apphia that this formerly desolate wasteland would soon be teeming with life.

Apphia still retained most of her former beauty, but her loveliness was only skin deep; beneath this shallow veneer she had been blessed and filled with gifts from Nurgle. She had a new purpose in life, spreading the blessings of her lord; it was a task that utterly consumed her.

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Well this is fantasy canon so I'm not sure if it holds true in 40k, but the liber chaotica book for Nurgle states that his followers simply act as hosts for the diseases but do not feel any of the negative effects from them, which i asume would include pain.

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But dude I fucking love Pappy Nurgle. He gives me gifts and hugs. He takes my pain away. He is fat and jolly and laughs a lot...


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The Bubonic plague was his best work....and now hes getting causal.

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The idea of not feeling pain comes from the fact that your disease's manifestations take the blow rather than your nervous system, that's the impression I got from retarded 40k fluff anyway.

>implying people don't use sage as an insult anyway

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"YAAAAY! THANK YOU SANTA NURGLE! IT'S SO *cough cough cough* so... *cough cough haaaaack haaaaaaaaaaaaaack* ... *vomit*... ni... *cough*...ce..."

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Half you disgusting neckbeards serve Nurgle IRL.

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what is this?

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Didn't you hear about that fungus that infects pretty much all mammals, grows in your lungs, and has a 25% mortality rate?

I say he's testing us... Waiting to drop the next big gift on us...

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I wish. Working as a demagogue in a temple of Nurgle would be a great job.

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wow, you are such a little bitch. as insulted as i felt, i didn't think that at all. i know what saging is. thanks though, tips!

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If this thing spreads and I survive then Nurgle is real and all the money I spent on plague marines would be totaly worth it.

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Clearly you mad, otherwise you wouldn't be responding to me and acting so defensive.

Your tears are delicious.

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You, uh. Missed.

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This was pretty funny bro

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The new version is out, she is a hospitaller now and other changes

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What. the. FUCK is this shit?!

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What I read.

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on their days off, the beloved followers of nurgle dance and sing his praises on his plagueworlds

so does anyone on /tg/ run a nurgle army? if i had a chaos army i totally would.

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Don't you hate it when that happens?
"Whoops! That doesn't go there!"

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Ditto, strongly considered it for a while.
Then I bought Ogre Kingdoms.

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ahahahaha lmfao, so cult-chan is not only real in the angry marines universe

anyone knows a god chaos book to read? I finished the storm of iron I want to know more about their deities now and fuck I do love nurgle and don't get tzcheenk or whatever the name is.

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I have an unassembled Cadian Battleforce, and I've seriously considered buying some of Forge World's renegade conversion kits.

They'd make great Nurgle IG.

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Nurgle is my fav chaos god.

Though one day a few years ago I finally decided to start a Nurgle army for 40k. That day I got more sick than I've ever fucking been in my life. I was puking everywhere, and when I was puking I starting shitting the floor with diarrhea. So I was losing my goddamn GUTS out BOTH ends at the SAME time all fucking day.

I decided not to start a Nurgle army after that.

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What the fuck, man, Papa Nurgle was praising you that day! It was a sign!

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Yeah, but I think I got cold feet.

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Nurgle would make a good alternate take on zombie apocalypses

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The thing is: Nurgle isn't the god of being ugly and fat and diseased. If that were the case, no-one would ever worship him.

He's the God of giving up, of surrender, of wonderful surrender. Every time you stop trying, every time you give in to surrender, that's Nurgle. That's a wonderfully appealing idea for a lot of people, myself included. If someone could give me the certainty for the rest of my life, the knowledge that it would all be fine, that I wouldn't need to struggle or fight or work, I'd sign up in a heartbeat. Life's hard, and Nurgle makes things easy.

That's a wonderfully appealing concept.

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That army would've been blessed! Superblessed! You should have done it!

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>>Nurgle isn't the god of being ugly and fat and diseased. If that were the case, no-one would ever worship him.
Except /tg/, of course.

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So yeah OP. People fucking love Nurgle.

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Greater Demon of Nurgle?

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Oh and his wife


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>That's a wonderfully appealing concept.

It's far better than being the pawn of an unpleasable Chessmaster who doesn't give a shit about you. Or a bloodthirsty monster who only wants the blood to flow. Or a plaything for a perfectionist who'll bend you and twist you until you break and reform and then start bending you again.

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Personaly I see Nurgleism as being a warped and twisted version of the first three of the four noble truths of Buddha.

1) The Nature of Suffering (Dukkha):
"This is the noble truth of suffering: birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, death is suffering; sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair are suffering; union with what is displeasing is suffering; separation from what is pleasing is suffering; not to get what one wants is suffering; in brief, the five aggregates subject to clinging are suffering."

2) Suffering's Origin (Dukkha Samudaya):
"This is the noble truth of the origin of suffering: it is this craving which leads to renewed existence, accompanied by delight and lust, seeking delight here and there, that is, craving for sensual pleasures, craving for existence, craving for extermination."

3) Suffering's Cessation (Dukkha Nirodha):
"This is the noble truth of the cessation of suffering: it is the remainderless fading away and cessation of that same craving, the giving up and relinquishing of it, freedom from it, nonreliance on it."

You got that everyone? Existing is suffering, suffering is caused by desire, give up on desiring anything and you'll be happy. yep, Buddha is really Nurgle in disguise.

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I am Corpse. and I approve of this message.

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The only true chaos god. Look inside yourself. You know it to be true.

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I wouldn't mind him playing the riddler to be honest.

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That would be pretty cool actually, maybe instead of biting or devouring you, they just pull you in for a big hug?

Also, can someone explain to me the purpose of Nurgle having Space Marines? Like, If he's nice, why does he need guys in armor to barge in and shoot everyone to shit with bolters? Yes, I understand that he wants to share his gifts with the galaxy, but why not just have cultists who shoot people with fire hoses of diarrhea? Spess Mehrenes just don't seem necessary for his MO.

Or for that matter, why does Tzeentch have Mehrenes? just because they're like LOLMAJIK and LOLDUSTBINS, fireballs and lighting doesn't seem subtle to me, shouldn't Tzeentch ditch the 1000 sons and just get by making everyone else do his shit?

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You got it backwards there bro. Nurgle has spess mehreens because they petitioned him to save them.

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yeah, then why do they still kill shit rather than infect it and let it find Nurgle too? I mean yeah, they do infect shit, but why kill anyone? That ain't the nurgle way, just hug the bastards. If they like killing, they could've prayed to Slaanesh to make them into self-guro and be turned on by the fact their skin is peeling off

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Read about beasts of nurgle. Creatures born from nurgle, never knowing life as we do are all fun loving creatures that do not know what death means. They see life as a soul, not the carcass that holds it.

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You can infect them. But they won't worship Nurgle. They won't love Him like they do. What's the point of wasting Nurgle's gifts on those who don't want them?

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Also if they die in despair, they become Nurglings! And that looks like a lot of fun.

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Tzeentch has a legion because all other Chaos gods have one, and the writers think Chaos should be conformist.

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they are the legions who turned their backs at the emperor, once the eye of terror was at its max rape power the chaos gods were pretty fucking powerfull, the legions get into the warp and they choose who to follow

the nugle guys were, well just fucked in a way they got into one of those warp mutation holes and their whole shit was turning into something crazy with, yes tentacles, they were pretty wise and ask for help, not to khorne because they knew their blood would well you know the deal with the blood, not to the chessmaster because well he will just said "just as planed" so they went to the last one of the gods, the one that will stop their suffering and fucked up shifting, thats why nurgle has plague marines.

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Nurgle wants us to share his joyous gifts regardless.
Don't be so selfish.

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If you're going to fall to a Chaos god, fall to the one where you end up actually platonically loving them and vica-versa. Slaanesh is for people who want to be numb to all experience despite having just snorted a hyuuuuuge pile of cocaine.

Plus the whole diseases thing becomes enjoyable as the warp overtakes you. Closest you'll get to a happy life in a GRIMDARK universe.

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I wouldn't be so sure. Nobleman on a pleasure world would be heaps of fun.

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>slaanesh is for people who feel nothing
does not compute

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How come no fluff admits the truth that Nurgle is the settings' good guy? And can Nurgle guys become Obliterators? thats a disease technically

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This is why he's the patron saint of /tg/.

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Until something finds you, yeah. Commisar? BLAM HERESY. Tyranids? OM NOM NOM. And so on.

AIUI you numb to experience from all the overstimulation.

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You missed something there pal.

The people who Slaanesh venerates are those who seek excess. Excess is not just pleasure, that is a teenagers misconception. Excess can be anything, to excelling in physical prowess at a sport, or seeking of knowledge(cross pathes with tzeentch, you will see that a lot in all chaos gods crossing with each other). Among other things.

So, no, it is the path of wanting, of getting what you want.

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People who lack the senses and who are numb from their work.

Techpriests who want to taste and bite and smell things without a olfactor. Administratum who literally punch in file papers punch out sleep. Man bored with the usual missionary in bed. Druggie who can't seem to get as high as he used to.

That aspect.

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That is a side effect. If someone could act retarded and enjoy spinning a ball in place for ten thousand years then that would be fine.

A side effect is not what slaanesh gives, it is just the limit of the individual at the peak.

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>So, no, it is the path of wanting, of getting what you want.

But what about when you get it? Then you need something better. You need to run faster, to lift bigger weights, to create even greater works of art, to fuck harder, to see clearer, to write even more beautiful music. And then what? You need more. Eventually, you burn out. Humanity isn't meant for that. You stop feeling. But Slaanesh keeps giving. It's like eating until you feel sick, because it tastes so good, and then Slaanesh comes and pours some more chocolate sauce down your throat and forces you to swallow.

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"Slaanesh can I have an apple?"
>"Sure, have the apple from the forbidden tree."
"Slaanesh can I have a cookie?"
>"Yes, have this cookie made with everything you like with an everlasting taste."

You get what you want, and it does not snowball. You get bored, not burnt out. Senses do not go dull, they get enhanced. The soul feels it, and screams. As explained by the eldar, who knows slaanesh best.

Your talking like an inquisitor who only interrogates slaanesh cultists.

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Remember guys, Nurgle is superior, and you still get sex. STD's have to be spread too.


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Nurgle is Fa/tg/uys very own spiritual liege,the very thing they thrive to be

fat ugly motherfucker who is loved by his minion and a fucking hot eldar waifu

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I want to see draw faggotry of nurgle and isha in a house. Think married with children style. or maybe more 1950's except with the man of the house being more sloppy.

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And eventually they have to go to bigger and bigger extremes to get teh same thrill from it. That's why Nurgle is best. He freely offers what everyone is *truly* seeking. Happiness and contentment.

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