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ITT - ask a conversionfag anything


I'm at long last builing a playable 40k army, and while I have the list ready (IG - 2000pts) I'm stuck with the look of the army. While it would be acceptable that I don't convert every last one of the over 100 guadsmen, I kinda want to. So I was thinking Skitarii, but I can't think of any better ideas than the tired old one of mixing High Elf archers and Cadians.

I also thought about Chaos Cultists (not Traitors), but that wouldn't really suit the theme of my army (tanks and blast weapons aplenty)

So... ideas and input plz?

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Fuck theme, go for awesome.
Admech has been done over and over, yet I've never seen a proper Chaos Cult army.

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i remember that hitler poster, also awesome model

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Alpha legion, they treat their cultists well enough. Who says they don't give them lots of boom for their buck?

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It's probably because you're fixated with the idea of "fighting Adeptus" most Skitarii conversionfags have.
I don't think it's mentioned anywhere that they have to have the same red robes, just find a more technological look than your average IG that reminds you of the Admech.

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Go for Alpha Legion Cultists.

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true, true, but a band of ragged cultists with Leman Russ Demolishers, Vendettas and rocket launcher spam just seems... off
It's a painting, also, thanks.
It's again more a question of the vehicles, as I already have them so I son't really want to replace them with say, daemon engines.
I remember seeing some Skitarii art that had them looking more like Vostroyand with gun arms and cables all over.
One of my plans was to use Skaven Plague Monks as a basis to make them look a bit more messed up than the usual straight-backed rendition, like these.
Not hating on these minis or anything, it's just that I don't really want to go around copying things someone else has already done.

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DoW has corrupted me enough to make this my view of chaos cultists. Wouldn't they make better Penal Legions than normal platoons?

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Post your list, maybe that'll help.

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rolled 97 = 97


Dude. Combine the two.


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Ok, have to split it though. Incoming
Yet it hardly solves the conversion problem.. unless I stick wires all over my Flagellant-based culstist...

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You're absolutely right, what's the point in copying if the fun in converting is doing your own thing? Skaven conversion sounds awesome, btw.
Just keep in mind there's as much diversity in the Tech Guard as there is in the Imperial Guard-- in the books the skitarii legions mentioned so far ranged from augmented barbarians not unlike what you'd see in Chaos armies to basically Terminators. There's as much room for conversion juiciness as could be.

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>Army list part 1
Company Command Squad --- 310
Squad - 50
Creed - 90
Missile Launcher- 15
Grenade Launcher - 5
Vox Caster - 5
Master of Ordnance - 30
Astropath - 30
Master of the Fleet - 30
Chimaera - 55

Infantry Platoon --- --- 325
Command Squad --- 50
Vox - 5
3x Plasma Guns - 45

Guardsmen- 75
Grenade Launcher- 5
Missile Launcher- 15
Vox- 5

Guardsmen- 75
Grenade Launcher- 5
Missile Launcher- 15
Vox- 5

Heavy Weapon Squad --- 95
Squad - 60
Missile Launcher - 10
Missile Launcher - 10
Lascannon - 15

Infantry Platoon --- --- 325
Command Squad --- 50
Vox - 5
3x Plasma Guns - 45

Guardsmen- 75
Grenade Launcher- 5
Missile Launcher- 15
Vox- 5

Guardsmen- 75
Grenade Launcher- 5
Missile Launcher- 15
Vox- 5

Heavy Weapon Squad --- 95
Squad - 60
Missile Launcher - 10
Missile Launcher - 10
Lascannon - 15

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>part 2

Veteran Squad --- --- 190
Harker- 55
3 melta- 30
Vox- 5
Shotgun- 0
Demolitions - 30

Vendetta Gunship --- 130

Vendetta Gunship --- 140
Heavy Bolter Sponsons - 10

Leman Russ Battle Tank --- 180
HB Sponsons + HBolter + HStubber - 30

Leman Russ Battle Tank --- 180
HB Sponsons + HBolter + HStubber - 30

Leman Russ Demolisher Squadron --- 330
2 Demolishers w/Heavy Bolter - 330

>TOTAL - 2000

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rolled 26 = 26

>unless I stick wires all over my Flagellant-based culstist...

There's that. Also, necron parts, all over the fucking place.

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There is still a core "look" for Skitarii I think most people share:
-hardwired guns

Or at least, this is what the fluff and artwork has made me see, and what most conversions/fanart I've ran across emulate.

My main question is which robes to use, as everything else is cake.

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Necron limbs might work, even heads with a bit of chopping, but the torsos are just too distinctive.

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Give some drillarms. Others get backpacks with lasers. SOme have gunhands. Some has tracks for their lower-half instead of legs. Some are (sort of) headless - Use a servitor and have the units 'head' attached to the body by some wire, but still. Some dont have arms at all, just guns attached to their torso.

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rolled 2 = 2


Oh, they absolutely work. They scale beautifully with most of the GW mini's, even Skaven.

But if you go CHAOS + ADMECH deal, be sure it looks like tech that's really not -working- with the body very well. Pulsating veins, bulging muscles with wires shooting out; shit like the Hybrids from System Shock 2, even.

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dude go for a shambled admech look,taking ork weapons and converting them to look more admech, just redementary chainswords with plate metal and FUCK,PUT A KNIFE HERE HERE AND HERE,ALSO THINGS THAT GO BOOM,AND WIRES EVERYWHERE

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Yes, I do see this working. A bit jumbled, but working.
might need to raid some extras from Chaos Marauders and Catachans then.

Also I just remembered the High Elf Archers even have kneeling legs. Curses, why must that kit taunt me so...
Wait... so do Empire Archers... HMMM...

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For you Scriptarius

Also, what do you think of Spruecrons?

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Of course it works. You just have to be creative - and that shouldn't be too hard for you. Anything is possible.

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Go heretek Script. it'll be amazing to see an entire IG heretek army.
Quick question script.
what bits did you use for your Emperor conversion?
I'm thinking a nice emperor model will be a good leader for my terminator squad, and I am betting i could get all the bits pretty easily, if onyl i could get some more greenstuff.

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Thought about using Bretonnian Men-at-Arms?

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Aw, Leman Russ is going out for walkies.

>> No.9489208

More heretek.

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Scriptarius, what did you use for the legs of this (What i'm assuming is a) Greater Daemon? Did you free-sculpt GS or use a plastic/metal piece already available?

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Hey there, OP. I'm an viking/nordic-themed exodite Eldar playing, slowing converting his minis into a playable army. My current projects are custom Jetbikes and Dire Avengers.

For the avengers I've got a few basic changes to make, but the Exarchs are still vexing me. I want to make the Dire Swords into Dire Axes. I have a design for them drawn up, but I'm not sure the best way to go about making them. I have some sheets of plasticard, green stuff, and grey stuff.

Should I cut plasticard to the size I want for the blade, and then build on top of that, or carve a piece of grey stuff?

And how do I get good even sheets of green grey stuff? I can never seem to get them even when I roll it out.

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It is supposed to be Angron, legs are from the plastic whfb giant, it's just a kitbash with only the arm and a few joints boing made out of greenstuff.

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rolled 82 = 82


Plastic Giant kit with GS over it + plates from Soul Grinder kit.

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>viking Eldar
...pics please, I need to see this

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If you don't mind using some non-GW parts, Wargames Factory's generic sci-fi greatcoats would probably look awesome painted up as a Skitarii force.

Pic related - a quick photoshop of greatcoat Skitari.

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Helgast as Tech Guard?

>> No.9489499

Now that you mention it, they kinda do look a bit Helgast-y.

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Spruecrons are the glorious antithesis of WYSUWYG STOP HAVING FUN GUYS tourneyfags. Also I want to make some.
Head - Space wolves
Laurel wreath, leather straps, back eage, sword guard - SM Captain
Power Fist, knees - Sangiunary Guard
Pauldrons - Chaos Terminators
Legs - Assault Terminator
Torso - Black Templars
Sword blade, chest gem - Empire Wizard
Arms, cape - Space Wolf Terminators
Shoulderpad wing - Dark Angels
Shoulderpad eagle - Lysander
Shoulder shield - Grey Knight Terminators
Purity Seal - Venerable Greadnought
Claws - Chaos Marauders
I did, but they feel a bit too varied and poofy.

>Here are some unthinkably shitty shoops of the 4 main ideas

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I haven't finished anything yet, unfortunately. I just got the look of the army figured out recently, and I'm starting with my Avengers. Quick overview of their fluff:

Farseer Maghtuir foresaw the fall, and gathered followers for an exodus. They left the Eldar worlds in search of a simple life of labor and disciple so that they might avoid once again being lost on the paths of hedonism. They settled on Kor, a frozen planet orbiting a dying star. Eeking out a living from the hard, icy earth would give them a purpose. While working to establish the planet's World Spirit, be discovered that the planet was allready teeming with souls. A proud and war-like race (Vikings) had inhabited it before them and flickered out with their sun. But more importantly, the sould of their gods still lingered. Maghtuir peers through the warp, leading his exodites on surgical strike missions to cause the death of as many planets as he can. One day the gods of the dead will rise up along side Ynnead and strike down chaos.

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Hey there, OP. I'm thinking of creating a Warboss after this character - most notably, I'm going to give him an exaggerated warbuggy, possibly complete with fire-spewing exhaust. Also, I want to make his eyes bulging from his skull, with the accompanying shit-eating grin, and slavering tongue.

But alas, I have never, ever used greenstuff before. So thus I come to you with some questions:
1) Can greenstuff be shaved/carved after it's hard? Will it look like shit?
2) Can mistakes be corrected with greenstuff? Is it possible to dip the model in solvent(Probably alcohol) and start over, shedding the greenstuff? Is there a solvent I can use that won't harm the plastic?

3) How hard is it to do small details like the aforementioned eyes and tongue? Have you any experience with sculpting fire? Is it hard to do?

4) How well does it work as a gap-filler?

5) Any places I can look for good greenstuff tutorials?

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As for the look, I'm making power axes, giving all the guardians unhelmeted heads, making custom jetbikes, custom fire prisms, giving the avengers fur tufts instead of the egyptian/roman looking ones, fur coats for my autarchs, and snow drift bases.

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If you make spruecrons, instead of standard uninspiring-looking necrons, make their poses as awesome, stuff-conveying and dynamic as you can to show what decent modelling can do, making them not only the antithesis of the wysiwyg tourneyfaggotry mentality but also of their inability to make things look good (well, most of the time. Some tourney armies look awesome, many are shit. Hell I've seen a tourneyfag who put his tanks together ssur namel because he didn't realise which way they went.)

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Oh, and not greenstuff related, but is 1/35 a good scale to use for automobiles in 40k? I want to create a warbuggy squad, with the cars made from existing popular "hot rod" models, modified to look a little more orky.

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Plasticard for the blade
You can get pretty even sheets of GS if you just squish one flat with a piece of lubed plastic or similar.
as >>9489322 and >>9489323 helpfully pointed out, WFB Giant legs
Due to this being a gamng army first and foremost, I won't use 3rd party bits with the possible exception of Pigiron heads (as I have them laying around)

>> No.9489657

Sauce? Especially on those wooden-based ones?

>> No.9489669

Thanks scripty!
I will now go have a rightous miniature to lead my thunderhammer squad.

>> No.9489690

1/28 is the standard scale for infantry, 30mm is already pushing it... It's best if you just post some pics for comparison since most 40k transports are blatantly too small to carry as many units as they're supposed to.

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1) GS can be filed down and cut after its hard, it might look bad though
2) you can probably pry GS off pretty easily if you try, or cut it off
3) depending on the level of detail, shouldn't be too hard unless you have sausage hands
4) works great
5) try Dakkadakka or Bolter and Chainsword
Also, let your GS sit for 5 minutes before working it.
My biggest dream is making the Spruelith, really. Aside from that, everything else is just lols.

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In that case I've always been a fan of the ones with Cadian torsos and guns, High Elf legs, and Wood Elf hooded heads.

What is the bare minimum of GW parts that you have to use on a mini for GW not to bitch at you for using stuff from other companies?

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From left to right: shit, meh, meh and shit

>> No.9489745

I believe the majority of the model needs to be GW or scratch built.

>> No.9489746


> Spruelith


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I think it's 50/50 Warhammer/3rd party bits, with LotR parts being banned from tournament armies.

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make some cultists of Malal,

pic related, its one of them.
Or maybe make one of thems IG regiments that went Tau

>> No.9489805

why the fuck would they ban lotr parts from tournies?

>> No.9489808

Didn't it use to be 50% or 75% GW parts or something like that?

I remember something similar being a tourney rule a few years back.

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GWs fascism > Apple's

>> No.9489851

Thanks for your help!

>> No.9489860

Copyright reasons. Chapter Master Saruman might not roll too well with certain involved parties, one that looks like Chris Lee even less.
I have a burning hatered for Tau so I'd rather not.

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Not Scripty, but a moderate sculptfag:

1) Yes, it can be shaved/carved/filed after it's carved. However, you must take note that the longer you wait, the more like plastic it will be. So if you begin doing some heavy duty stuff RIGHT after it's hardened, it may come off in large amounts than you wanted.

2) Note the above. You can ply freshly hardened greenstuff of with your fingernails if you wanted to. No solvents needed. I use my sculpting tool to do so (Because I'm a nailbiter), and it works perfectley.

3) Scultping fire is...A pain in the ass. Let me just put it like that. But there are many, many other techniques that work great for making fire. Look them up on google. You'll find lots. And it depends on the tool you use, and just your general skill. Don't expect to be making 11/10 sculpts your first try. Remember: A sharper, finer tool equals sharper, finer details.

4) Greenstuff is the best gap filler you can find. Just mix a bit up, put some in, and sculpt it to your liking.

5) Coolminiornot.com, dakkadakk.com, and most 40k sites have some good ones. But remember: /tg/ is the best site on the internet for discussing stuff. You'll find really good stuff here, and help from people like Scripty.

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Bloody hell I found a pic of some Heretek Skitarii in my archives. Not that it really helps, as I ain't going to buy 100 of these guys.

>> No.9489940

Because GW doesn't actually own the rights to the LotR game. All GW does is make and distribute the game. It's also a cause of GW's major Jewishness as of late, seeing as the contract they entered still has like, 4 years left on it. The people who own the rights to the LotR game said they only want the models used for the LotR game. Only GW tournaments will kick you out for using them in your conversions though.

>> No.9490012

Leftmost looks silly
2nd one is the one you didn't want
3rd remnds me of your Eclipsion models
4th is awesome

>> No.9490018


but why the fuck does copyright cover what YOU the consumer choose to do with them?

>> No.9490037

haven't read the whole thread, but i read on lexicanum that some skitarii praetorians are servitors. why not go with that, haven't seen that done before.

>> No.9490071

There's nothing saying that you can't use LotR parts in your conversions. By all means, go ahead bro.

It's just that when you enter into a GW tournament, you agree to play by THEIR rules, and do what THEY say, and abide by what THEY say you can and cannot do. Obviously, at your FLGS, no one is going to say you can't play them because you used a LotR part in the mini. But at a GW tournament? That's completely different...

>> No.9490110


What if at a GW tournament you entered a CSM renegade ultramarines warband saying they turned traitor because they couldn't stand how much of a huge faggot their primarch and chapter master were/are?

>> No.9490117


>> No.9490131

This is probably the most tourney illegal model ever.

>> No.9490157

how tall is an average Spess Mehrene model?

>> No.9490181

Completely legal. Tournies don't give a fuck about your armies fluff. Only that it abides by the rules of the game.

>> No.9490197


in that case, how about a army of IG units who just fell out of middle earth, then the Imperium found em and handed them guns?

>> No.9490267

Angron needs more demonic his head look off, also make his head less hunched give it some medium sized horns and fangs.

>> No.9490277

Hate to drag the conversation back on track but can I please get some feedback on the choise of bitz?

Or should I just go unconverted IG and leave the conversions for my showcase armies?

>> No.9490458

So long as it doesn't include LotR bitz, that's perfectly fine.

>> No.9490616

The third one from the left in >>9489506 looks alright.

Unconverted guard are boring. Your choices are either Modern Military-esque Cadians, US in Vietnam Catachan, or those steam-punkish Russians, the Vostroyans.

Do something different. Why not make an Ellisian Drop Troop army? Those are different, and nowhere near as common as Krieg or any of the standard Guard armies.

>> No.9490656

Elysians are a rapid insertion drop force with no tanks, while my list is rather tank-heavy.

>> No.9490722

Nigga siriously? You're backing down cause fluff says so?
Make your own light tank versions that can be dropped from low orbit, (counts as). NOW GET BACK IN THERE TROOPER!

>> No.9490723

You can Fluff that away.

Base them off WWII US Paratroopers who fought side by side with the Irish-crewed Sherman tanks in Operation Market-Garden.

>> No.9490733


>> No.9490772

Hey, the Blood Angels do it, why not the Elysians?

>> No.9490790

Fluff, and they look rather silly to me. Dem glasses.
Conversionwise they wouldn't be too bad, Catachan legs + Cadian upper bodies + GS

>> No.9490820


The British landed the Airborne Armoured Reconnaisance Regiment on D-Day. Sure, the Tetrarch had paper for armour and a peashooter for gun, but still.

>> No.9490826

those helmets need masks, maybe play around with a terminator head.

>> No.9490854

hey script, mind posting the emperor mini again?
i lost the picture i saved, apparently.

>> No.9490864

I also have a pile of these frames for heads to use, but that doesn't really open shitloads of ideas.

>> No.9490875

Forgeworld sells heads with respirators

>> No.9490883

Here you go

>> No.9490897

Mordian Iron Guard. Basic IG tunic without armor, epaulettes. Tons of epaulettes. Remember, the Praetorian models were a head swap job on Mordians.

>> No.9490908

Plus these pig iron heads.

>> No.9490943

That was one of my plans, but it calls for casting around 100 unarmoured IG torsos.

>> No.9490949


>> No.9491083

Or y'know alternatively I could just GS some longer coats on the normal legs and call it a day

>> No.9491156

Well get to work

>> No.9491206

The silicone is setting, but I have so release agent or powder.
Also odds are the casts will look like derp and fail.

>> No.9491251

thanks script. sadly, this conversion is ngonna cot me around...
30-50$. fuck.

>> No.9492211

Enjoy your shitty Steel Legion

>> No.9492273

i have been playing around with the idea of making a necron army represented by an ork mech and an army or ork robots (very junky looking)

>> No.9492946

Huh, that's a pretty cool looking plasticperor.

>> No.9493791

Ist das mein fuherer zu ich seighten?!? Heil Hitler!

Ist der OP ein nazi?

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