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Looking for the drawfag that visited yesterday, awesome drawfag thread. He said he would be back again today.

Otherwise, general drawfag thread.

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drawfag threads seem to be dying lately. Maybe it's my fault for filling some requests!

I filled some and aI don't know if the requesters got them since the threads are gone... so I'll put the two I'm unsure of up... and maybe even take one or two today if this thread gets picked up.

>Could I get a desert/middle eastern/Moorish themed Rogue? He has a hooded cloak heavily bundled around his neck and shoulders, most of the time some of the excess is pulled up over his nose as to make him seem more intimidating or assassin-like. His hair is long, parted in the middle, and tied back. He has a hand in a fist resting against his hip, this happens to reveal a plethora of daggers and varying thieves' tools on his belt beneath the cloak. He also has a pair of large dusty goggles dangling around his neck.

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sorry for the reposts and the quality, just making sure they're picked up. :P
>Bumping with a request.
>I would like a sorcerer, with a small braided goatee. He is in typical long robe/dress looking clothing with a hood on. The sleeves are baggy. Layered on top is a sleeveless vest-like thing.
>Vest-like thing is likely made of leather or hide, comes down to his waist where it is secured with a belt. Excess extend off of it, to slightly past the knees, as they do not eclipse the clothing beneath it. (Sort of like the picture, but manly of course.)
>Criss-crossing his chest is are a pair of straps, one is holding a book in a bag at his side and the thing is secured with seals and chains, the other is holding a quiver looking item, except instead of arrows or bolts, it is filled with scrolls.
>On the belt dangle pouches and bags, compasses and canteens. On his lower back is a real quiver, with bolts in it, and a light crossbow dangles opposite the book. He carriers a spear, which doubles as a walking stick.
>Bonus points if he is puffing a small flame at curious village children.

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> seem to be dying lately
You weren't around a couple weeks ago when we had a drawthread daily, sometimes twice daily. Of course, most of them turned into tripfag circlejerks, but we did get some shit done. This awesome thing, for example.

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Reverse cultist version of this.

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Jonah-chan: "I-it's not like I doubt your loyality, s-stupid Cyrus-kun!"

Really, that's the mental image I had in Chaos Rising. As kawaii as possible, please.

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>You weren't around a couple weeks ago when we had a drawthread daily, sometimes twice daily. Of course, most of them turned into tripfag circlejerks, but we did get some shit done. This awesome thing, for example.

I was around, I just lurked and didn't post much. I only started artfagging it up recently. But I am kinda "new" to 4chan and don't get the whole "tripfag" thing? People just hate people who identify themselves as a name on here or do they ruin threads somehow? and I also have no clue about anything 40k warhammer related. :(

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> People just hate people who identify themselves as a name on here or do they ruin threads somehow?

Faggots from /v/ have a natural irrational hatred toward anyone that uses a Tripcode or Name. Some from /tg/ don't like it, too, because of posters like Flee, Jim Profit, or Scaredofshadows.

For the most part, though, Tripfags outside of those I just named are fine, and the only people that bitch at them are trolls.

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>For the most part, though, Tripfags outside of those I just named are fine, and the only people that bitch at them are trolls.

I don't even recall seeing those names in my travels on here... and I hang mostly here and /co/ though /tv/ should be my thing as well but I always feel like an "outsider" whenever I peek in - guess I just don't "mesh" there. Thanks for the explanation though, since I never got what the hatred for trips was for... if I artfagged a lot and were good at it I'd probably want people to know me by some name as well.

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i use a nick, i dont mind at all being identified.

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You are an OCfag though, all OCfags have earned the right to use name/trip because they bring OC

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is there a "difference" between a name and a "tripfag?" Are "tripfags" mods or something?

sorry and thanks for explaining shit to a "noob" or whatever I am (an asshole).

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I would like one, if I could.

The dude is a big man, with closely cropped hair. He strong, powerful, and generally has a very earthy, mountain like look about him. His build is either ripped or BEARMODE.

He wears either what is effectively hip armor, designed to cover what's needed and provide a little defense, or a very heavy breastplate and regular pants. He has a very large tetsubo, which is fairly close to just a big tree limb with nails in it. He's a martial artist, so really it all in what you think is cooler.

Also he has a small cat that he loves that is white with black spots he named Inqy.

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I dig that pic but they need one for chicks as well!

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Which drawfag? The only ones I remember from that last thread were K-BAMF, the guy who just posted after OP, Peekaboozle and that new nameless one.

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I still want my Deadlands character.

Mummy looking bandaged lady with a veil over her lips and nose, quipoa, and little white gloves. She might have the turban thing going on, but not with the hair sticking out like that.
Would probably be wearing a long prairie skirt, as well as Injun, Chinese, and Arabic necklaces.

Just sitting down with her legs crossed and to the side is fine.

But probably the first.

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>Which drawfag?

Well, I know he didn't mean me (the one that posted after OP) and I never saw Peek yesterday (though doesn't mean he wasn't here) and he specified yesterday... so that should eliminate 2 from your list.

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does that let me?

the... how was it? "Spanish tau fap drawfag"?


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Yeah thanks again, I checked in on that thread at like 1am last night/this morning and was surprised that A) the thread was alive and B) someone had done my requests.

Once again thanks.

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awesome... weird that it's a single guy that got 2 requests from me... must be something about your descriptions I enjoyed. :P

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>>we had a drawthread daily

We can still have a daily drawthread IF WE TRY HARD ENOUGH.

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Oooh Greenmarine. Any news on colors for =][=nquisitor Whitemane?

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Drawfags hate me.

>> No.9489749

you noticed?

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Hey Greenmarine, You going to be drawing today?

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Fuck year thats mine.
Request up fellas, lets get some shit done. I got the day off and my drawing hand needs a workout.
Here's that Dragonborn request I did yesterday, not sure if the requester ever saw it.

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Thanks for doing shit for us!

I'd like to see your version of Idranel as a striking scorpion, with an approrpriately sexy version of the scorpion armor. Helmet off, of course.

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Can you draw my Levinquick scout from a Changeling game i'm in? His features are sharp with wide glowing eyes like balls of energy and a sly grin that always seems to be on his face. His hair is styled in a way like he's touching a Van Der Graaff generator. His body is thin and lean with skin so white he looks like he's glowing. He's wearing an ACDC t-shirt with a dark hoodie, dark shorts held up by a belt lined with metal studs, a pair of socks and running shoes. His accessories are an MP3 player in his pocket with a pair of headphones connected to it that sit around his neck, and a backpack slung over his shoulder.

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I like the cut of your jib.

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A 5'3", muscular man with long grungy hair and untamed muttonchops(similar to wolverines). He has many scars all over his body and has largish canine teeth.On eof the scars is a long scar across his neck, implying that it has been sliced open before. His nose is broad and he wears beads around his neck. He has a tankard in hand and is smiling,possibly missing a tooth or two. He is wearing clothes similar to this man.

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A non-animu version of this girl. She's an atlantean mage.

>> No.9492987

On it.

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Trying this one -again-.

Female dark sun adventurer. Tall, tanned skin, several old scars. Hair worn in a short ponytail, cute but stern face. Leanly muscular. Tattoo of a sun with a man's face inside it on her hip.

Wears a skimpy leather two-piece armor. Wears leather straps wrapped around her lower arms. Wears a pair of leather shin guards but goes barefoot. Carries a huge and savage-looking two-handed axe made from some primitive material like obsidian or stone.

Would be very happy if you could take a stab at this. Been requesting it so many times in various threads. :/

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Okay. I realize this may seem like a troll request (and in a way it is, since it features a troll) but if you could please give it a go that'd be awesome.

I'd like a pic of a female commissar with long black hair, pulling a "zipper" down her skin which makes it open and reveals a grinning Warcraft troll beneath.

It could either be a two-part image with a "before" and "after" image of her opening the disguise, or just the moment right after unzipping.

Extra bonus points for trollboobs shown.

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Greenmarine! I have been wanting to request this from you. A woman that looks like this and inside of a glass of red wine. She is wearing the same dress as well. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass. I ask you because you are so good with colors, but it is open to anyone really.

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A human male Sorcerer wearing leather armor with a cloak that is slightly worn out and boots. He's around his twenties with a brown beard and dark-brown hair. He is holding a staff in one hand and the other is glowing.

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Angry Drawfag got kind of burnt out, and is also otherwise busy.

Lord only knows what happened to GM/KBAMF/bg.

>> No.9493377

Oh, GM's up there. AngryDF really should have read the full thread first. And stop talking in the third person.

>> No.9493384

I thought I saw bg on two days ago.

>> No.9494538

Thanks for the reference pic, it helped a lot.


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Request repost:

Requesting a friend's character as a gift for her.
Lord of the Rings Noldorin Elf.
Fairly young; he'd be just out of his teens if he was human.
Not too extreme on the ears, since LotR ones tend not to have the really long ears.
He has light skin, grey eyes, and long black hair tied back in a ponytail - it'd just about reach his waist if untied.
Very calm type.
Sitting down checking/maintaining his bow or something, with a slightly wistful expression?

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I posted this in a drawthread 2 days ago, but the drawfag had to head to bed before he got down the list to mine:

Abyssal Daybreak caste scientist. Tall and strong, but in a wiry/skeletal sort of way rather than big muscles. Expert in necrotechnology, a sorcerer, and martial artist. Skin is quite pale, but his hair is pitch black, and kept short, as is his goatee.

Always seen wearing his glasses and heavy robe made of scraps from various things that can be associated to death... such as animal furs, priests robes, funary garb, and corpse wrappings. In combat he uses his black Soulsteel Razor Claws along with his Soulsteel bracers when using his Hungry Ghost Style martial arts to kill his enemies... or at least people nearby when he gets bored or needs 'resources'.

He's not 'evil' per se, just that humanity happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The 'wrong place' being Creation, and the 'wrong time' being "any time after he got exalted".

(Also fixed that stupid misspelling of 'per se').

>> No.9495322

Any drawfags on tonight?

>> No.9495338

Wait, sorry, missed you, kind of went through and thought that pic was another repost from the last thread.

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>> No.9495417

Please draw an Eldrad Ulthran Kirby somehow being a dick to one of the other 40k factions. Stealing their cakes or something like that.

>> No.9495454

your style is fucking awesome.

>> No.9495486

A small vampire girl, hair up in pigtails. She has scars on her soft face which extend to the bottom left of her left cheek and the top right of her forehead, with a few more here and there. Where her eyes previously sat now sits a makeshift blindfold. She wears a dress shirt too long for her with a corset over her 36B breasts. She wears a somewhat tight pair of black dickies, tucked into her over the knee black leather boots so it makes a bit of an aladdin-esque pocket just above the top of her boots.

And a stylized "Rio Rose" near her somewhere.

Please :3

>> No.9495603

This ones next.

Thanks bro.

Yeah I think I'm the only one atm.
I ain't funnin'.

>> No.9495738

DrawPariah here.

I'm way too busy, writing a 20-page paper.

I'll stop by tomorrow though. I told the guy who wanted the brown-cloaked sorcerer I'd be here Thursday or Friday.

>> No.9495785

thanks drawfag
Fuck yeah.

>> No.9495813

In light of recent events, please draw an eversor assassin driving a monster truck into a crowd of chaos cultists.

>> No.9495892

My supermanly drawstation got busted. I am in a much less manlier one at the moment, and only limited to girly software as my drawing tool.

Help me deal with my large amounts of frustration by making sexy requests, brothers.

>> No.9495941

Oh, hey there.

>> No.9495982

Here you go ser. Sorry to hear that about your equipment.

>> No.9495987

This >>9486520
A quipao is thin and silky. Nipples poking out everywhere. Do it. Sexy bandage lady.

>> No.9496021


Can you draw my Levinquick scout from a Changeling game i'm in? His features are sharp with wide glowing eyes like balls of energy and a sly grin that always seems to be on his face. His hair is styled in a way like he's touching a Van Der Graaff generator. His body is thin and lean with skin so white he looks like he's glowing. He's wearing an ACDC t-shirt with a dark hoodie, dark shorts held up by a belt lined with metal studs, a pair of socks and running shoes. His accessories are an MP3 player in his pocket with a pair of headphones connected to it that sit around his neck, and a backpack slung over his shoulder.

>> No.9496058


Can I has Sandwich Stoutaxe standing next to a naked-except-for-sword cleric of Eilistraee? She's looking at the cleric and saying "Ye want me t' do WHAT?"

Sandy can be mildly heretical if you like.

>> No.9496140


>> No.9496146


alright, so no attempting to get a massive sketch you did to be colored.


a sexy lass cutting a hole in reality with a BFS and sucking some poor git into it.

>> No.9496202

A torso that looks vaguely human, but the resemblance stops there. There is no lower body - no human legs, and where the crotch should be is a single gaunt leg, it's flesh being reduced to a bony claw below the knee. Two similar, but longer legs come from where a person's shoulders would be. There is no head. Instead, a variety of appendages sprawl out of the neck. The creature does not stand fully erect, allowing the appendages to hang freely.

>> No.9496214


You are a beautiful fairy princess of an anon, Anon.

>> No.9496237

I can't do it at the moment, brother.

Wrestling faggot software in an attempt to produce >>9496058

>> No.9496251

Thanks, greenmarine.

>> No.9496291

Giving this a go next.

>> No.9496334

A man that looks like Bruce Cambell with a smoking silenced barretta in his hand. In his other hand is an eighties mustache that he has just pulled off of his face. He is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and canvas shorts. He has a look on his face that goes well with the text above him that states, "It was me all along!".

>> No.9496343

Reposted, I forgot the beads around the enck.

>> No.9496351

dicks everywhere!

>> No.9496360

fuck I didn't mean to link that to your post buddy.

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>> No.9496402

Mother of god.

>> No.9496409

that gave me the fuckin creeps.
I ...I can't thank you enough. This is unreal. How fuckin cool!

>> No.9496410

Can I get a Rule 63 (reverse gender for the uninitiated) rendition of Lord Soth please?

Pictured is Lord Soth.

>> No.9496474

Servo-skulls being cute and helpful. :3c

>> No.9496539

A big cute half-orc muscle girl.

Use the left as reference.

>> No.9496561

Like, this muscley.

>> No.9496645

So Op I have been watching this thread and I would love if you would draw my pathfinder character for me. I put some effort into the description but don't feel obligated to draw it a all. Your style is crazy good.

I request my naturalist be drawn.A pathfinder Gnome with big messy pinned up white hair and circular glasses. She has pouty lips and big yellow eyes.She is pale and her clothes are full of objects threatening to fall out including, bottles of liquid,traps, small caged animals, scrolls and maps, nets, and a spyglass.She is wearing a jacket (pictured)with a high collar put over a leather strap corset-like top. Her clothes below consist of knee high boots and tight pocketed pants.

>> No.9496658


>> No.9496668

That's not high medieval style, that's closer to late Renaissance.

>> No.9496683

Yo Joe, I love servo skulls too. How about some suggestions for 'cute and helpful?'

>> No.9496688

Huh. That's the first really-muscular woman I've found attractive.

>> No.9496700


Oh god, this looks even more fucked up than I had imagined. Thanks, it's always wonderful to see stuff drawn out.

>> No.9496710

She has gone through what's called the bleaching.It's what happens to gnomes who become complacent with their lives and don't find something to be passionate about.They become out of sync with reality and the world around them.Needless to say she is a little kooky and a little unprepared for the outside world.She spent her whole life studying and is ready to get out and explore the wonders he has only read about. (pic is an example of a pathfinder gnome)

>> No.9496720

A pole-dancing Farseer.
Just for the lols and heresy-bait.

>> No.9496728


She has a decent face, but her fake tits are obnoxious.

>> No.9496787

Which one is the half-orc?

>> No.9496832

She is an alchemist and a ranger.She kills/captures beasts in order to better understand how they work. Their defenses, weaknesses, and strengths. She utilizes her knowledge on animals and beasts to help the party. She also attempts to use their own natural defenses in her concoctions to increase their potency. Also she uses her own body as a mixing bowl sometimes to imbue some of her own magic into the liquids. (Pic is an example of what the characters face looks most like. Her expression and hair are different than pictured and left up to your discretion)

>> No.9496861

This one next.
Bruce Muthafuckin' Campbell. You guys sure know my weaknesses :3

Glad you guys like them.

>> No.9496893


/tg/ hates me and won't let me upload the pic.


>> No.9496905

Reposting Request

A human male Sorcerer wearing leather armor with a cloak that is slightly worn out and boots. He's around his twenties with a brown beard and dark-brown hair. He is holding a staff in one hand and the other is glowing.

>> No.9496986

The one with tusks.

Although, one thing this artist made the mistake of is that the tusks should be from the bottom lip going up. They could also be smaller.

>> No.9496993

Chuck Finley?

>> No.9497010

another drawfag joining the fray...

>> No.9497093


Thanks a million!

I didn't think the thread even survived until now!

>> No.9497094

Fucking finally.

>> No.9497156

The creauture's large body is shaped out of an assortment of different bones, warped and fused together to create a single form. It's legs are small and squat. In contrast, its arms are massive thicker than it's lower body. They meet the ground in what could best be described as hands, but are closer to claws. It's face hangs out from a long and hollow head, a bloated tumor that attempts vainly to mimic a human's.

>> No.9497200

An Eversor, slaughtering his way through a Hive City, chanting "I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN..."

It's The Little Assassin That Could!

>> No.9497239

If someone does the the assassin has to be in chibi proportions while everyone else is normal

>> No.9497241


Sadly i must depart.
See you later, brothers.

>> No.9497265

A more fantasy oriented version of Lo Pan, if I could.

>> No.9497274


Somehow the Eversor exploding should be worked into this.

>> No.9497281

Techpriest Ambassador- her augmentations are subtle, or at least aesthetically pleasing. Her face-grill is covered with a polite veil. Her eye augments are just impossibly brightly-colored eyes to joe Imperial. Her arms are a vision of metal and ceramics. She has some mechadendrites, but they're carried down low unless needed. Her hair is long and luxurious (and a wig).

She's dressed in a simple, empire-waist dress; red with brass gear-teeth-edging. She usually has a belt and symbols of her office on her person.

Currently, she's armed with a gear-staff and showing some poor fucking bastard that she's still got enough upper-body strength to CHOP HIS HEAD OFF. There's a bit of a coup trying to happen and someone made the grave mistake of stepping foot on AdMech turf.

>> No.9497293


>> No.9497651


>> No.9497683

working on this one off and on but won't be done tonight more than likely... but I know I've seen this request in more than this thread so I got this one for you... worst case scenario I'll start a drawthread tomorrow with it as a repost.

>> No.9497751


Requester here.

Thanks alot bro. Take your time. I'm on here most of the time so if you don't finish tonight i'll be sure to see it sometime tomorrow.

>> No.9497829

this is very cool. thank you kindly drawfag. I'll be sure to look in on the next thread.

>> No.9497946

Anyone? ^.^;;

>> No.9498094

>> No.9498203


>> No.9498539

Almost three hours til COH updates. Get in while you can.

>> No.9498848

Well there's already a bunch of ones in this thread that haven't been done, such as >>9494882

>> No.9498943

I had this >>9496905 posted two days ago before you or some other drawfag went to bed.

>> No.9499122


>> No.9499471

Awright,workin on this one next.
Looks like all the other Drawfags have piked or gone to bed?

>> No.9499514

DrawPariah here again.

Yeah, not tonight. Got 10 more pages to go. If I'm lucky I'll even be able to sleep.

Sorry /tg/. I'll get something done tomorrow assuming I'm not unconscious.

>> No.9499534

Oh hey there, I'll give you the picture tomorrow then.

>> No.9499820

see you then.

>> No.9500339


progress report: im off to bed in a few minutes. I'm sorry but I didnt get a ton of time with this tonight but I'll finish it off tomorrow... if there's anything you don't like post away.... Im a little confused on his eyes. Are they supposed to look like human eyes with just a glow to them or are they pupil-less, like superheroes?

thanks for your patience...

>> No.9500457


They're mean't to be pupil-less. Looks to me like you got em right and looks awesome so far.

>> No.9500577

Request bump

>> No.9500614

im on my netbook now and realizing how awful some of my other shit was by doing it on a single layer... for some reason the screen on my computer doesn't show lots of stuff. this netbook picks up. Glad I decided to put a bit more work into yours and remove the sketch layer from the deal...

glad you dig...

>> No.9500800

um I don't know if you're still here. but.

A half orc paladin or Moradin

He has a jutted jaw with to protruding tusk that have been filed down. He has the swimmer body type >>9486400 and a full thrice braided beard. He keeps his hair shoulder length and is missing an ear.

He wears plate armour and uses a warhammer and a shield with the symbol of his clan on it. The symbol is a hammer and anvil next to each other.

He's also generally happy.

don't know if this is an adequate description.

>> No.9501391


>> No.9501504

I'll deliever this one tomorrow.
COH finished updating.

>> No.9501521

This one looks like he's wearing a 'lolwut' helmet.

>> No.9501560

Hey fat guise,
I am looking for a non-traditional villain idea. no religous cult, no legion of undead, no wizard in a tower...something bazaar but pressing...can you do it?

>> No.9501576

Drawfags rock, they gave me PONTARELLI.

>> No.9501619


>> No.9501946

Fuck yeah, SuperKroot and Greenmarine are bros.

>> No.9502622

Bumping this in the hope someone's still awake.

>> No.9502699

Has anyone got round to drawing the Insane Harlequin Posse rapping about "Fucking Land Raiders how do they even work"?

Because I think we need that picture.

>> No.9502912


>> No.9503529


>>...something bazaar but pressing...

Something like a middle eastern market...but applying pressure at the same time?
English motherfucker, do you speak it?

>> No.9504031

Not a group to be found. Few things worse than a berren MMO.
So I got bored, decided to draw some more.

I'll try this one next.
Anyone still on?

>> No.9504044


Did you do >>9495402


>> No.9504050


still here. >>9493194

>> No.9504101

Yeah that was me. You're welcome. Glad to know you got it.

>> No.9504112

An inside joke, if you'd be so kind: A cross-eyed Josef Stalin standing with his arms at his side. He is asking a frying pan with arms and legs, "HOW YOU SLAY VIRTUE 25ST LEVEL???????" The frying pan responds, "It was simple matter for KGB Director Dougleskov. I must give unicycle borsht now."

>> No.9504138

Finally, a drawthread I didn't completely miss! I have a request.

A sickly looking elven girl with a pince-nez glasses perched on her nose. She has dark hair, usually put up in a fancy way, though seemingly never the same twice. There is a scar on her right cheek, it looks to be from coming in on the wrong side of a knife fight. She is wearing a long, embroidered blue dress with hanging sleeves, and the side of the skirt is split to a little above the knee, though this is obviously a modification made long after the dress was finished. There is a silken sash around her waist, and tucked into the front of it is a book with a silver sun emblazoned on the front cover. Tied into the side of the sash is a sheathed longsword with a basket hilt, the basket bearing the same symbol as the book.

>> No.9504313


>> No.9504661

I'm out /tg/.
See you tomorrow, I hope.

>> No.9506123

bump to keep alive...

>> No.9507077


>> No.9507499


Are you still taking requests? Your stuff is fun to look at.

>> No.9509424

bumping so I can tank you again


>> No.9509939

I think you're totally demented to ask me... but yeah, taking "requests"

I'm still going to finish >>9496021 first and haven't worked on it since >>9500339 (something I plan to rectify soon)...

but if you don't mind waiting a tad, by all means ask away. I don't know 40k at all though, so will need ref pics if you ask for such things.

thanks for the compliment though, assuming it was and you're not goofing on me that is. ;)

>> No.9509957

for clarity's sake: demented because there are so many better artists here in my opinion... not because I question your sanity for any other reason.


>> No.9511090

Bumpin' this

>> No.9511530

hope you enjoy, sir.

>> No.9511535

I know you're probably not around, but holy shit that's awesome, thanks for the drawfaggotry. Dude looks sweet.

>> No.9511628


It's awesome thanks alot!

>> No.9513660

Heh, glad you like them guys.
Still got a hundred posts before we start autosaging.
I've held off on saying this, but if you look at the pics I have done, they've all been people's special snowflake characters. No 40k scribbles, memes or porn. Not really my forte...well porn kind of is, but this isn't the right board for that. If you have a character you'd like drawn, request away.

>> No.9513913


Do my character, please.
<-- Reference.

>> No.9513951

A vaguely-human doppleganger looking at a horse stable from a rooftop and salivating.

>> No.9513964

Hey, I'd like this drawn. >>9486520

>> No.9513996

How about a regal guard in full plate armor, sporting an ornate looking stechhelm. Rather than metal, however, the armor is carved out of an organic substance, resembling insect carapaces. They can be wielding a halberd.

>> No.9514004


stupid character is stupid...

>> No.9514005

A halfling and a Warforged at a tavern, sitting at opposite ends of a chess table. The halfling doesn't seem to be paying attention, instead smoking his pipe and reading a book while the Warforged is super into the game. The halfling is winning. Board-flipping/CREEEEEDING optional.

>> No.9514034

Blind elf (milky white eyes) in Roman toga-looking mage robe, purple with gold trim.

She holds an exquisite paperweight.

>> No.9514048

Roman hairstyle, too.

>> No.9514054


The paperweight menaces with spikes of paper!

>> No.9514057

I assume the people specifically hitting up that one drawfag only want him to do their character?

>> No.9514060

I'd be trully appreciative if you did this request sir or madam.

>> No.9514126

halfling, muscular and side shoulders, taking off a metallic painted mask with an odd looking in her eyes and a half smile...

>> No.9514208

A cute furry Dragon!

>> No.9514232


The people responding specifically to him, maybe.

>> No.9514242

Fuck no. If you want to draw my blind eladrin NPC go right the fuck ahead. I've been petitioning drawfags for weeks now with no results.

>> No.9514257

your welcome to do mine good drawfag.

A young black man with completely white eyes and a neatly trimmed beard. He is wearing a long cape like jacket that is partially buttoned and no undershirt. His pants are the same pattern as his jacket, dark with pin stripes. He has on nice Italian shoes.

>> No.9514364


>> No.9514372

A centaur of sorts. A creature with an upper torso that closely resembles a human. It's head is encased in metal, and blades protrude from it at several angles. It's arms are overly long, reaching below the creature's waist. It's hands are talons that appear to double as legs.

It's lower body is that of a beast, starting just above where the crotch should be, and not loosely connected to the torso. It's four legs resemble it's upper arms, and seem like they could be used just as much arms as they are legs. The creature's skin is blotched and bloated, in a state of decay.

>> No.9514422

But...you've already got a pic? Let the rest of us have a shot now.

>> No.9514502

It's an incredibly lithe humanoid creature made out of a massive network of constantly shifting metal blades. They disappear into a nearly solid wall of metal inside the creature. It has four long arms protruding from it's shoulder, and two human like legs. It's fingers end in blades. It's head is the same as the body, but the blades almost mimic a human face. Where it's eyes should be are instead thousands of tiny red lights, flowing out from gaps in the creature's bladed surface.

Yes, it's the Shrike from Hyperion. Unfortunately, most artists completely ignore the book's descriptions.

>> No.9514503


heh, i liked that one. Also you forgot to tell gender, so... tits!

>> No.9514570


That was all me

>> No.9514599

I'll do this one.

>> No.9514617

it's because he drew it. That is KBAMF the drawfag.

niiiice I have a request of you Darius! If this interests you I would really enjoy it being drawn.

A bust of young man with long brown hair wearing forest green breast plate and gauntlets. He is taking a bite out of a large peach, the juices running down his chin and over a bleeding neck wound. The blood and juice intermingles and trickles into and onto the breast plate. He is smiling with his eyes.

>> No.9514624


>> No.9514631

Yeah, I don't care who draws my crazy Warforged v. halfling chess match.

>> No.9514644

this wasn't.

>> No.9514659

lol... so someone gets theirs twice, though I prefer darius'

>> No.9514721


>> No.9514741

three times chum.

>> No.9514750

Thats why I always call them first, saves doubling up. Although I doubt the requestor minds getting two.
Pic of a Rogue Trader only marginally related.

>> No.9514782

feckin sweet.

>> No.9514788

drawfags should do each others character ideas. might be entertaining

>> No.9514919

A high ranking assault marine with his helmet removed and half of his jump pack blown off, as well as mud and numerous other battle scars on his face and armor. In his left hand is a bolt pistol; in his right, a war hammer. On his left hip he has another holstered bolt pistol. Across from him is a traitor Guard captain, also with a bolt pistol. His right hand is reaching for his scabbard, which is empty. He looks distressed or surprised about this. The Marine is shouting at the traitor Guardsman. Optional: in the background, a bunch of assault marines and land speeders raining death upon a camp of traitor Guard.


>> No.9514934

im off to bed. is very late now here in spain.

Maybe tomorrow i´ll do more pics ^^

>> No.9514961



g`night darius!

>> No.9514982


>> No.9515001


love yours too, anon

>> No.9515014


>> No.9515071


no, really, i was taking a dump so i didnt see it!

>> No.9515080

coming up

>> No.9515207


>> No.9515218


>> No.9515270

You turn the corner slowly, the sound getting louder, like meat caught in a grinder and being sucked through. That's when you see it. An emaciated man with a swollen, distended belly, eating as if it hadn't ever done so before. He wasn't wearing clothes, and was covered in blood and dirt and grim, his skin looking like something from a garbage can. It's not until the man lifts his head to let the rotted, festering meat he's ravenously tearing into slide down his throat that you notice he's not exactly what you thought he was. His neck is long and sinuous, and ends in a blunt face. There are tiny little beads that might be eyes next to it, and they're almost covered in blood and blinking against the thin light of a streetlamp.
At the end of the fleshy tube that makes up it's head is a razor lined tunnel. Three sharp teeth still chew at the still night air. It goes back to it's fetid meal, large talons tearing chunks off and stuffing them down the throat. It doesn't even care when it's own hand gets too close, and snaps at it before digging it back into the corpse. When it runs out of large chunks of meat, it reaches it's cylindrical head down and starts to clean the flesh from the bone. All this takes place in the span of only a few minutes, and the thing is soon nothing more than a skeleton. It couldn't have weighed more than a small child, and yet it's still as sickly thin as before, it's belly no heavier even after devouring a corpse. It snorts out, digging into any crevice it can for a missed morsel, but finds none and throws back it's head in anguish, still sniffing all the while. The head flops back, twists. The thing falls over and quickly scrabbles to it's feat, long arms dragging across the ground as it hobbles with it's bloated, gassy stomach toward your corner.

>> No.9515313


fuck year

>> No.9515880

If you're still around, would you please have another look at >>9504138 ? I've been trying to find a drawthread for this character for like a month, and always seem to just barely miss them...

>> No.9515974

This picture is to remind DrawPariah about my request.

>> No.9516013


>> No.9516057

The smiling man jostled the boy roughly as he danced around him. "Oh, my. How delightful~" He said in a singsong voice as he waved the severed head of the boy's father in his prisoner's face.

"You're going to end up like your dadddddyyyy...." He cackled.

>> No.9516109


>> No.9516211

I would like to request a drawing of Garrus from Mass Effect series as a 40K arbites officer

>> No.9516250


>> No.9516527


>> No.9516568

Fucklaw taking a ciggie break after smiting heretics. Is sitting down, chainsword by side, hat off and the wreckage of his foes lie around him.

>> No.9516835



>> No.9516963

is this thread alive?

>> No.9516991

I think it's possible that no one is taking this specific request due to it being a tad "boring" you need to spice it up a tad. Add something specific you're looking for aside from the glowing hand. "worn out armor" is a bit difficult for someone as terrible an artist as myself to create properly (if I can even create armor at all). Just some friendly advice, friend.

>> No.9517023

I'm here.

to clarify a bit further: length of hair, a scar, jewelry, tats, specific colors, belongings he might have other than the staff, etc...

>> No.9517167

I'm here too, just waiting for something to pique my interest.

>> No.9517176

A woman covered in bandages like a mummy. Her mouth is covered with a white veil, and she wears a bit of a turban and a chinese vest. She wears white gloves on her hands, and has Native American necklaces at her throat, a Persian bangle on her arm, and a few bracelets. She has a long prairie skirt, and wears those little Chinese slippers on her feet.

She's sitting on a bench, leaning on the shoulder of a lazy looking man who's pretending to be asleep. He has a long red duster, a big gun, and a stetson hat. Under the coat, he wears a green vest. Under the vest, I guess he has a white shirt. His pants are jeans, and he's got boots on, legs sticking out and crossed.

>> No.9517195

Well, I already posted this in another thread, but that doesn't matter much, does it?

A plague doctor, of sorts. A man in a crudely made shawl that covers his upper body, possibly an animal skin, dyed a very dark shade of red. His clothes underneath are fastened into one another so as to expose no flesh. He wars simple traveling boots, also sealed. Around his body are several pouches, bulbous in shape, that appear to contain some kind of gas. Along his belt are several pouches used to carry medicines. On his back is a crude pack, fastened together with strings.

On his face is a mask, seemingly carved from bone. It envelopes his entire face. Two large slots are open for the eyes, but are shielded by glass. In front of his mouth is a round extrusion, with a variety of angled, hollow barbs coming out of them. The mask is sealed to his face by a hood coming out from his shawl. On top of his head he wears a strange hat, intended to shield his eyes from the sun. In his hands he carries a cane with a blade on the end, used for opening the sacks.

>> No.9517252 [DELETED] 

A gold plated robot. It's outfit is completely black and white. It wears a top hat, an 1800s business suit complete with coattails, handkerchief in the pocket, etc. The robot's face, unlike the rest of it's body, is not solid metal. Instead, it is a constantly whirring and changing configuration of metal pieces, shifted around the face like a Rubik's cube to express different emotions.

>> No.9517321

Ok, that got me interested. I'm on it.

>> No.9517441

trying this one

>> No.9517551

It dressed in an expensive looking black suit. Its face was where it catches the attention. It has a vague outline of a human head; the general shape. Sort of like a lumpy vegetable. It was completely off white, and was divided into a few sections, with black lines running down them.

These sections constantly rotate in a mechanical pattern. Its jaw, where the changes are most evident, is also the most disturbing part. The sections of the face unhinge themselves. They twirl around seemingly aimlessly, pointing outwards as other sections of the face’s structure shift underneath.

This is probably a better version. I'm going through a dream journal to find interesting things, should I bother changing them out of 1st person narrative?

>> No.9517553

>>Well, I already posted this in another thread, but that doesn't matter much, does it?

Nope. That guy posted his spartacus-armoured wolverine galdiator about eight times. I saw it enough to want to draw it.

>> No.9517582

I've noticed that the request wasn't so good, so is this any better?

A male Sorcerer with short dark-brown hair with a brown goatee. He's around his mid twenties, a skinny person. He wears a leather that is inscribed, a poach filled with scrolls and bottles of ale, along with a cloak. He is also wearing gloves, boots, and a belt that carries a dagger in it's sheath. In one hand, he is carrying a staff with a crystal on one end, and the other hand is glowing brightly as he is about to cast a spell.

>> No.9517930

Wasn't sure about the mouth area, but I figured it'd be shaped like a plague doctor's mask somewhat.

>> No.9518017


>> No.9518064

much much better in my opinion, sir.

>> No.9518068


That actually looks cooler than what I had pictured (just a mound with spikes on it) Thanks.

>> No.9518116


>> No.9518146

I want to let the drawfag(s) know that I forgot to add armor in the sentence, "He wears a leather that is inscribed.."

>> No.9518556

I am back at full power, brothers.
I MUST DRAW, uh, you know....the usual.

>> No.9518567


>> No.9518571

This >>9517176

>> No.9518589


May I direct you to >>9496410?

>> No.9518625

Can I get a female Eversor Assassin groping a female Vindicare assassin through her suit aggressively while a lonely female Callidus assassin just sits in a corner and watches?

>> No.9518665



>> No.9518675

That looks like a lot of fun.
Shoud Lady Soth be doing anything in particular? Or just being sexy in a most bizarre way?

>> No.9518681


I remember somebody drew a variation on that request.

>> No.9518686

It was done

>> No.9518727

Sexy in a most bizarre way sounds fun.

Alternatively dueling with Tanis Half-Elven (bearded elf guy) with him naturally getting trounced.

>> No.9518736

You're implying sir that Greenmarine can't do it better?

>> No.9518743

If you're up to it, draw a sand-sorceress. Long, wavy black hair, heavy robes, dark skin. Have her crafting a small scene or landscape in front of herself.
T'was inspired by this, if anyone cares:

>> No.9518746

You know what I hate? The guy that comes in and says "That request has already been done" just because he's jealous nobody's paying attention to his request. There's no rule saying you can't make a request twice, guy.

>> No.9518763


I am implying that re-requesting shit that's been drawn--in the same thread, even--is for ingrates.

>> No.9518797

A gaunt looking man with an incredibly poor complexion, appearing as if he suffers from several diseases at once. His eyes are black pits, with a rough mask of steel covering portions of his face. He wears an ancient and decrepit suit of armor, which has fused into his body at several points, almost appearing to be growing out of it. In one hand he holds a twisted sword, more ornamental than an effective weapon. His other hand is in the air, carving a runic symbol into the space in front of it.

>> No.9518839

Hey, so, you must be the internet police I guess.

>> No.9518895


Not at all! Merely a drawfag who DELIVERS for those who request it.

>> No.9518923

An armored figure that is inhumanly skinny. It's form seems biological, segmented like an insect's carapace, although the joints give it away. The material it is made out of is brown with specs of red, seeming like some sort of adobe craft, or an insect's resin. It's helmet features a concave location for a mouth, but only metal is visible beneath. Above this are several red lights, possibly eyes. The back of the helm is drawn out in a chaotic array of spikes. In it's arm is a stout rifle, made from a similar material, with no visible sight or scope.

>> No.9518945

He's right though. Asking for a drawing in the same goddamn thread where someone produced a good picture (even if it's not to your taste) is the epitome of ungrateful whining. There's rules of etiquette to be observed when someone is doing something for you for fucking free.

>> No.9518971


>> No.9519009

I don't suppose either of you ever stopped to think that it's okay for someone to like more than one interpretation of their request, or that it has nothing to do with belittling the ability of one artist as compared to another?

Instead I figure that you two just happen to enjoy unnecessary drama.

>> No.9519028

Attempting this... no promises, though.

>> No.9519051

Without so much as a "thanks drawfag, that's cool, but I'd like another take on it"? If you ask mom to pass the mashed potatoes, and dad passes them instead, do you sit there with your arms folded and wait for mom to do it? No, you say "thanks dad" and then next time you want the potatoes you ask again and hope mom hands them to you this time 'cause she totally scoops out more than dad does.

>> No.9519071

Fucking Garrus...Best spacebro or BESTEST spacebro?

>> No.9519139

I didn't think drawfags drew so they could get e-fellated.

>> No.9519154

Well if you're the guy that drew it, thanks for doing that, I didn't know you were still in the thread. I would like to see Greenmarine do his take on it though.

>> No.9519175

What, didn't you hear? Drawfags are an awful lot like camwhores. Except they're not nice to look at and just offer you drawings instead. Even if the drawings are shit and nothing like what you asked for, then damn it, you'd BETTER be grateful.

>> No.9519228

i wanna draw, but there is too much code to be writen, so... little simple quick pictures? maybe?

>> No.9519240

Servo skull. Hugs.


>> No.9519241

And here's one of the whore's now!

Quickly, everyone get on your hands and knees to fellate the fag with the dragongirl avatar!

>> No.9519246

Hey! Thats not true! I'm very nice to look at...if you're gay...or female.

>> No.9519250


>> No.9519255


I don't know about you, but I love seeing how other people picture what I write, and it helps me work on my character descriptions if they do something I hadn't expected. Plus, most of the time, changes people make are a lot cooler than what I originally had in mind. I assume it's sort of the same scenario for the other party, although they do have a lot more time invested into this than we do.

>> No.9519263

Pics or you're full of shit compadre.

>> No.9519267


Sure is /b/ in here.

Stop fucking whining already, the artists will do what they want to do, as they always have. If two want to take the same request, then they will, and no amount of bitching or moaning will make them not do it.

Seriously, some people just like seeing things get drawn, they don't really care what it is or how many people draw it.

>> No.9519273


>> No.9519285

Sister of Battle saluting the Emperor?

>> No.9519294

Sure is butthurt in here. Show me on the doll where the drawfag touched you.

>> No.9519300

Well I requested it and I like it. I was kind of hoping for more dead-looking bits here and there but it's good as it is. Thanks.

>> No.9519328

Isn't Soth a burn victim under his armor? Or otherwise just really, really dead looking and mostly decomposed?

>> No.9519333

Shit, I think it's a damn good picture. Respect, man, respect.

>> No.9519339

original drawfag did it good enough :3

>> No.9519341


The lusty Argonian maid polishing a spear.

>> No.9519349


>> No.9519359


Man, I post delete times are the worst. I saw a typo as I was hitting enter, and by the time I finally got it fixed someone already responds ;-;

>> No.9519375


Oh fuck it.

>> No.9519399

Hes not the one who drew it. I did and personally I wanted to see Greenmarines take on it too.

>> No.9519447

Hey greenmarine, I want to know if you can do my request?
It's here >>9517582
Thanks in advance

>> No.9519491


>> No.9519501


>> No.9519523

This argument is retarded and you're a retard for making it.

>> No.9519529

Can someone draw a Land Raider with...

>> No.9519557

That's fucking adorable!

>> No.9519585

A rubric marine staring sadly at a pornographic magazine.

>> No.9519600

Thanks, picture is very funny.

>> No.9519703

Okay I can't stand it.

Texas tech priest. Possibly with mechanical bull sidekick.

>> No.9519728

>Mechanical-bull servitor

Fixed that for you.

>> No.9519740

I'll have a go at that one.

>> No.9519757

Well, yes, I thought that was assumed.

There IS a bull-shaped powerlifter servitor in Eisenhorn.


>> No.9519811

I started drawing her but had to stop for a bit and see you got her finished.
Although mine is fully armored because of the whole, Lord Soth burnt skin.
But making her sexy is fine too. :D

>> No.9519823

(spoilers)I've got some bad news for you(/spoilers)

>> No.9519832

>i'm the eversor

>> No.9519929


He'd be wearing pretty plain tunic, plain trousers... not one for ostentation, that boy.

>> No.9519933

fucking christ this thread makes me not wanna drawfag anymore...

>> No.9519993

Hope this is good enough.

>> No.9520004

Teenmarine at prom! He looks awkward, because his date is either:

1) Cata-chan, taller than him and gap-toothed
2) Chubby, ugly-duckling Sororitas with glasses
3) Cultist

>> No.9520018

Celestine's there with that jerk from Ultramar :(

>> No.9520048

Could it be all three?

>> No.9520052


Cultist was there with an Ultramarine, I'd say Teenmarine would probably be with a Cata-chan.

>> No.9520089

Cultist is with Ultrascout. Teenmarine is with Cata-chan, whose teef are fuckin triflin. Chubby sororitas glares at them jealously from her seat by the wall.

>> No.9520098


>> No.9520110

>Cata-chan, taller than him and gap-toothed
She's got big tits and his head would be about boob level, I see no problem with this.
She'd let him purge her, no problems there
>Chubby, ugly-duckling Sororitas with glasses
ok, I can see a problem with this one

>> No.9520111

4) Chem-chan, high as a goddamn kite and obviously about to start a scene?

... hell, she doesn't even go to that school?

>> No.9520124

probably just to piss in the guy's locker room

>> No.9520153


>She's got big tits and his head would be about boob level, I see no problem with this.

What can I say, it's an awkward age in life.

>> No.9520223

I almost asked out a girl that was taller than me, as I talked to her but she was kind of bitchy towards me. Looking back, if I knew what tsundere meant, I would have asked her out.

>> No.9520285

Any drawfags still taking requests?

I've got a couple sexy/badass charries for ya if so.

>> No.9520345

Great suggestions ,
I couldn't actually choose one, so instead you get this piece of crap.

>> No.9520356

Drawpariah here. I said I'd get it done. I hope this is much more to your liking.

>> No.9520367

Holy shit bro, thanks alot.

>> No.9520573


>> No.9520621

Reasonable Daemonette out on a date with a Sister of Battle. Reasonette has on a little black dress and SoB is wearing a tux(Pants replaced by skirt). Both are holding hands.

>> No.9520622


.... for what?

>> No.9520636

Im bored and cant decide what request to draw... :|a

>> No.9520654

Oh! I've got a couple! =D

Option 1! : A bounty hunter female, brunette, with acid green eyes with a thick dark rim.
Can be drawn with either short cropped hair or shoulder-length, always colored black and straight.
She's of moderate build, modest bust and dat ass. High cheekbones, slightly pointed ears, and sharpened teeth. Standardly wears a black bikini style outfit, knee-high leather boots, and a couple metal or leather belts for attaching accessories/hooking on extra gear (IE, holsters, small pouches, knives, etc). Carries an icy, shard-studded whip and a sawed off shotgun across her back. Fingerless gloves are optional, as is a hooded cloak and metallic bracers that stretch from wrist to just below elbow.

BONUS POINTS: +5) Make her a lycaness instead of human +10) and pulling a knife or two from actually -inside- her flesh [Often keeps stilletos in her forearms, small throwing knife in her thigh.] or +15) shadow figure of dragon behind her.
Option 2! : A space pirate captain female, also brunette, with brown eyes.
Hair is mostly short, slightly long bangs, with a waist-length braid in the back. Forked tounge, slightly more sharp features, usually smirking or glaring. Clothing style is spacepunkish, rather sci-fi, and not really restrained to a specific outfit. Always wears gloves of some kind, other than that usually boots, loose pants, and a short cropped and/or tighter top. Uses bladed weapons and firearms.

BONUS POINTS: +8) incorporate some kind of serpentine imagery +14) and/or make her a naga instead of human +20) and looking like she just beat the shit out of someone or is going to [angry snake is angry]
Yeah.. uhm...
That detailed enough?

>> No.9520830

I never bought into the Ultra hate before, but man, what a faggot!

>> No.9520850

Now realize all Ultramarines are like this.

>> No.9520871

Oh you were adorable as a teenmarine.
I'll try a portrait of the first then I gotta fall over. Really just showed up to finish that sorcerer request that I let sit for a few days.

>> No.9520887

same here

>> No.9520906


Good enough! xD
Thank yoooou!

>> No.9520950

Have a half-assed sketch.

>> No.9520956

Can I point you to this?

>> No.9520971

A Space Marine having nightmares about a Chaos and Space Marine shaking hands for truce.

>> No.9521114


>> No.9521125


Badass! Thanks! ^^

>> No.9521424

Decided to do this one because ive seen it posted like 10 times.

>> No.9521534

Sorry for the halfassery, i am very sleepy a t the moment

>> No.9521617

Why does nobody want to draw my fucking eladrin NPC

buncha racists up in here

>> No.9521635

I'm still waiting for my Texas stereotype.

>> No.9521657


Hell, even your halfassery is great. xD
And appreciated. Thanks for doing my request!

Though if you're tired you really should sleep.
Not that you don't know that.

>> No.9521729

Awesome. But do you mean the finished pic? I never got to see it even in the archives.

>> No.9521749

Vey nice, thanks, and so I shall let this request rest

>> No.9521762

since you asked nicely

>> No.9521777

The request. Never actually seen it done.

>> No.9521958

Delivery will have tow ait til tomorrow, broseph. I've had visitors drop by.

>> No.9521989

Ah, I didn't know, honored drawfag. My apologies. I can definitely wait.

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