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Drawfag thread continued from >>9447144

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Wow this did not turn out well

Mostly I got fed up with the paint program and decided not to finish it

But whatever here's >>9471800

I'll try harder with the next

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a half elf archer with hair uniformly down to the nape of his neck, wearing leather armor, a quiver on his back with a recurve bow in one hand. As a part of the quiver he has a short sword scabbard as well with an elven wooden hilt. and a dagger in his right boot and one on his belt which has a couple pouches.

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Please draw a dwarven battle chef. Adamantine frying pan at the ready, with a throwing spoon in his off hand...

>> No.9475193

With a roll of battle bread?

>> No.9475209

Doing this

>> No.9475266

A minotaur of imposing bulk clad in the skin of fierce beasts. He has attached trophies to the armour, primarily around the arms and a lattice of bones and teeth bulk up the torso. Smaller bones, talons, and some feathers decorate the kilt.

>Of note there is a vial of lich powder, the tooth of a
>purple worm, a phoenix feather, a dragon scale of
>darkest shades, a tooth from a beholder, a vampires
>fangs, and a tentacle from an illithid.

On his head he has a wreath of leaves, vines, and green things. They seem to move slightly, even when he stands still. The wreath actually surrounds the damaged horns, which have had the tops shattered by a great impact. Only 2/3rds remain.

His Mordenkrad (pic related) is cast over his right shoulder, parallel with the ground.

>> No.9475269

A fiery enchanted suit of armor covered in runes. It doesn't have a face, and a flamberge seems to flow from it's hands. Bursts of flame erupt from open joints, and the sword itself seems to mimic the flames.

>> No.9475291

>The hammer is decorated with images of giants,
>mountains, and scenes of battle. Their are vicious
>spikes on either side of the hammers head.

He has a ring on his left hand decorated with a pair of wings folded in such a way so as to present a circle (similiar to the yin and yang of complementary forces) It is made of silver

At his belt he has a simple dagger in a sheathe, and a drinking horn worked through the belt with a loop.

>The horn should look similiar, though slightly smaller
>than his own minus the damage

He has gloves covered in dwarven script. The fingers of the gloves are bare, and their is an obvious image of a hammer with wings on them.

Around his throat he has a necklace of long claws, teeth, and quills that seem to shake of their own volition.

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>> No.9475343

A dragonborn sorceror who has just recently acquired a pointy wizard hat. She looks extremely proud, and is twirling a cane in her left hand. Her robes are green, and her scales are also green.

Pic is reference for cane.

>> No.9475366

A man made out of shadow; black skin, no real features to his face. He's very slight and has pointed features, and wears a shabby dark grey suit. He seems to be completely greyscale, which sets off the bright red scarf around his neck into sharper focus. He has a backpack on (also grey).

He seems cautious to the point of paranoia, and probably has a flip-open knife in his hands. He usually hides in shadows, taking advantage of his physical makeup, or under the starkest, harshest light, so he has a definite shape. He sheds no shadow himself, of course.

>> No.9475367

He has a pair of simple iron armbands on either arm. They look weathered but that is all.

On every exposed limb you can see a labyrinthine tattoo that looks to have been superimposed over the surface of his shaggy hide.

He is standing on a dais of raised stone in front of a crowd of minotaurs. With his hammer over his shoulder, he has his left hand out pointing at the crowd and he is shouting something to them.

Anyway, I don't really expect anyone to pick this sucker up, but I think it would look awesome, almost awesome as the poor drawfag who tried to get all that detail down.

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Er, forgot all of my links. These posts are connected.

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Dear Draw-Friends. I am working on a campaign, but need a piece of artwork for one of my most important characters/ villains. Could you help? If not, I understand.

Since the disguise of this individual's race is a bit of a plot point, but I needed something a tad exotic, I envisioned something akin to a cross between Shishio and Shiek, but with Leather Armor and combat equipment ontop of the rags, cloth, and bandages. The Weapon of choice would be a Rapier.

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any chance of getting a staff-wielding psionic Shardmind up in this bitch? he's verymuch a SRS BSNS kinda dude, think rock candy on a bad day.

>> No.9475473

A young girl in sorceress robes, holding a staff that's too big for her. Behind her is a flaming image of an old woman in the same robes. The two look like they're the same person, just different ages.

>> No.9475474

A cat wearing a fedora.

The cat is a detective.

>> No.9475575

Two men fighting. One is wearing armor that resembles the segmented suits that Romans are often shown in, has a purple cape and has plumes coming out of his helmet. He wields a spear. The other man is wearing leather armor, with a silver tower embroidered on his chest. He wields a longsword.

>> No.9475599

Hope this is to your liking

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>my face

I would not want to mess with that dorf.

>> No.9475687

Doing this

Please keep it kinda simple guys I'm just reacquiring my familiarity with my tablet

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i am glad you did this

>> No.9475780

A human Male sorcerer with a brown beard and dark-brown hair. He's around his mid 20s. He is wearing a dark cloak that is slightly damaged, leather armor and with boots.
He's holding a staff with one hand, and the other is glowing. He has a small crossbow that is strapped on his back.

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4 of em and not one thank you!!! fuck you guys! you all cry in the other thread how none of you gets your shit done, i do FOUR and not one thank you?!?!? what the fuck man?


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shit I gots tolded!!!

>> No.9475801


hey man i said thank you

>> No.9475819


so then, you're obviously a stupendous badass of the highest degree. drawfags FTW.

>> No.9475829

lol. fine.


>> No.9475856

Disregard that, I found the picture.

>> No.9475869

I would like a dark-skinned girl with a shocked look on her face after exploding someone with a spell. In front of her is a pair of smoking boots and a wall with the outline of that person.

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>> No.9475886

A drawthread? Alright!

Lets get started!

Doing this!

>> No.9475897

OP drew this >>9475113
I was expecting a lot more from the pic.

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>> No.9475966

Doing this

Also should I namefag so people know who I am

>> No.9475977

Requesting a halfling with a long spear riding a timber wolf.

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>> No.9476035

I would like to see a Necron wraith playing a saxophone.

>> No.9476038

A British woman in the Weird West dressed in bandages and a Chinese shirt. She's
She's kind of like a mummy, covering up burn scars with bandages. She wears one of these Chinese vests from her time in China, and because the silk feels better on her skin. On her hands she wears white gloves.
Because the bandages around her mouth and nose are loose enough to let her speak, she wears a small white veil over the bottom of her face. Around her neck, and on her arms, she has a few trinkets. Some are Chinese and others are homemade Injun ritual items.

She was born as the daughter of a British woman and a Native American, and became a Shaman while she and her mother were traveling around China. Now she's gone to the Americas to find her father to explain the ways of Shamanism to her. Being a ferner and a white woman and talking to the spirits, the Rattlesnake Clan didn't take to kindly to her.
They didn't take to kindly by using fire.

>> No.9476058

A 30-something-year-old man with brown, slightly graying hair and a peppered brown-and-gray neatly trimmed full beard. He is wearing a brown vest over a white long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled back. He is also wearing brown pants and black shoes. In his hands, he holds tongs which are gripping an alien artifact of some kind.

>> No.9476089

A giant train, smashing through some planets, the train is screaming because it's totally hardcore like that.

>> No.9476109

A horribly burned man throwing a steel edged sombrero at a fleeing monk who's wearing clown makeup.

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>> No.9476198

A female fairy riding on a spider.

>> No.9476203

This is a terrible character.

>> No.9476219

well you sir are fantastically awesome. fucking hilarious. thanks man.

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>> No.9476251

Shut up Edward.

>> No.9476263

A guy riding some sick mountain bikes with a dragon.

>> No.9476271

it's lace's character, what did you expect? quality? pfft

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>> No.9476360


>> No.9476362


thank you. I may never experience fable 3, but at least I will have this ;-;

>> No.9476378

Doin' this

>> No.9476391

A shovel duel.
As in, the shovels are in fact, dueling each other.
Magic is involved.

>> No.9476421

I mean, even from a practical standpoint.

Heavy charms on a body so ravaged by burns you dress like a fucking mummy? How about ow.

I've seen some bad character, but this is right up there. Damn.

>> No.9476430

A Redemptionist and a Sister of Battle firing their flamers, side by side in the Emperor's name.

>> No.9476468

Hey guys KBAMF here I've been sort of busy with school stuff (pic related) but I'm going to draw the cat with fedora.

also, name the movie and request for increased changes of drawfaggin' your request

>> No.9476488

blade runner

>> No.9476499

i am the one that said blade runner, mine is the first request of the half elf archer. thanks.

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>> No.9476563


>> No.9476577


>> No.9476578


This owns

>> No.9476683

How is that a terrible character?
Or weeaboo?

>> No.9476757

We ridin' spidas, we ridin' spidas, they don't stop
Well shit I can't compete with that

>> No.9476780

Shit forgot to erase guidelines here fixed

>> No.9476796



>> No.9476808

Fukken cat detective. Probably last time I use MS paint.

>> No.9476812

Thank you.

>> No.9476829


Oh wow, you did that in paint?

>> No.9476848


rerequesting. Hell, even a minotaur with a two handed hammer in a kilt.

>> No.9476855

To complement the shovel request:

A party of shovel adventurers, fighting the mighty Shovethulu

>> No.9476872

On it

>> No.9476880

Okay, Chinaboo.

How about
>British and NA parents learning fucking mysticism while in China, presumably from the Chinese
How the fuck did this even happen? Who the hell is going to teach the Gwailo your secret Chinese mysticism bullshit?

>Chinese clothes & shit
There's already silk clothing for her to wear without getting all chinaboo; silk was a popular, expensive clothing item for EVERYONE.

>Hideously burned
Being hideously burned like that usually means YOU DIE. You can't regulate your own temperature when you're burned like that and then... YOU DIE. Or you get infected piss-easy and then you die!

Being burned like that and wearing bandages with trinkets is asking for agony- shit, bitch, have you ever had a burn? Shit fucking hurts to touch or put pressure on or cover up. Fucking fuck you.


>> No.9476894

requesting an eladrin in very plain white robes, with a kitchen knife on a stick. He is shouting VERY loudly at the nearby warrior who has a flaming sword. The warlord has a dapper hat on, with a golden fleece thrown around his shoulders.

>> No.9476934


on that note the ELADRIN is a WARLORD. HE is male, and rather frail looking but his lungs are in good order.

>> No.9477039

Yes. Biggest flaw with Paint is that it lacks pressure sensitivity. Also bad quality compression.
Has some neat brushes and tools though.

You guys have bad requests. I tried doing the half elf archer but honestly there's like sixty million half elf archers out there, only visually interesting hook about that was the quiver with a scabbard.

>> No.9477071

>Implying shovels aren't awesome.

>> No.9477087

What kind of thing do you like drawing, df?

>> No.9477098

>How the fuck did this even happen? Who the hell is going to teach the Gwailo your secret Chinese mysticism bullshit?
Her mom was one of those "travel the world and be welcomed into other cultures" people.
That's also how she got knocked up by an Injun.
>There's already silk clothing for her to wear without getting all chinaboo; silk was a popular, expensive clothing item for EVERYONE.
She had the shirt with her when she came from China.
>Being hideously burned like that usually means YOU DIE. You can't regulate your own temperature when you're burned like that and then... YOU DIE. Or you get infected piss-easy and then you die!
She's not 100% burned. Think that Katawa Shoujo character. Originally we were going to play the Post Apocalyptic Deadlands game, and I drew a black joker and got a horrible past of being burned by a nuclear explosion and needing to cover my skin in bandages or take a -2 penalty to everything because of the sun and sand.
I liked the concept, and kept it when we changed to normal Deadlands.
I'm not going to lie and say I thought it out fully, but come on, it's a game. It takes place in a world with magicians who play poker with spirits, and dead people coming back to life and needing liquor to stay fresh. I don't need to think it through 100% because I've handwaved it as the spirits protecting her.

>Being burned like that and wearing bandages with trinkets is asking for agony- shit, bitch, have you ever had a burn? Shit fucking hurts to touch or put pressure on or cover up. Fucking fuck you.
The bandages protect her from the sun and sand of the desert. They also cover up lotions and oils to keep her skin moisturized and not in pain. The trinkets are things like bracelets and necklaces, because she is a shaman.
Though she does ritually tattoo her burns to make her look less hideous without the bandages on. Hurts like hell, but it grants Appeasement.

>> No.9477111

It is still bad.

>> No.9477165

Requesting a halfing druid in black dragonscale half plate charging a line of orcs while riding on a wolf. The halfing is wielding a long spear with a banner made of moss on the end, the orcs are hopelessly entangled and about to get fucked up, also the tip of the spear is writhing with flame and electricity and the shaft is covered in poison dripping thorns.

>> No.9477169

A skeletal wurm (think of dragon worm) slamming into a lava elemental.

>> No.9477176

An extremely emaciated, naked human that has a hole where it's eyes and nose should be. It has no identifiable gender. From its mouth are a series of tubes leading towards it's back, which in turn has a large mechanical pack built into it. Wires lead from the pack across the person's body, but the majority of them lead to the arms, which at the elbow have been replaced by rusted blades.

>> No.9477198

It's perfectly reasonable within the setting.

I mean, the real question is "how can you be injured when you can heal wounds". But then you'd have to ask how a DnD character can have a scar when the cleric can restore the dead fully formed from a pile of chili-looking meat pulp.

>> No.9477201


>lotions and oils on burns
holy fuck are you retarded? That's the one thing every burn guide tells you not to do. Shit traps the heat in your poor-temperature-regulating skin.

That does make me care. Obvious fucking flaws make me mad, I suppose.

>> No.9477220

>implying healing in deadlands is easy LOLOLOL

>> No.9477231

Badass things.

80's hairstyles.

>> No.9477244

seconding, in our deadlands game our preacher rolled to heal, while we were out in the wilderness, botched it and lost his faith. no healing for the entire adventure other than heal skilling stuff into "flesh wounds"

>> No.9477262

I added that in at the last second because I thought it would sooth the apparent rage...
I bow my head in shame.

Though what would you call all that green aloe vera shit?

It doesn't really matter. Hell, it was damned magical fire in the first place. I DON'T GOT TO EXPLAIN THIS SHIT.
Why does no one complain about >>9475395 ? Shishio, not the character.

>> No.9477317

Not a lotion, you dumb fucker. It's a gel. Lotion has an oil as the base. Gel has water.

And he's some anime motherfucker, you're trying to pull off chinaboo-Indian Mysticism and not doing it well by ALSO crossing it with I AM SO TRAGICALLY INJURED WOE IS ME.

>> No.9477333

Hey, I'll admit I haven't really done much more than make the character at this point, but...

With my Spirit Guardian, I can hold 5 Appeasement points, so I could heal almost any wound.
Plus, by spending a white chip, I can do it without even spending the Appeasement points.

>> No.9477412

Actually I drew the card and at first I didn't even like the idea of being horribly disfigured.
Then I decided it would be fun to play a character who's saddled with a ton of disadvantages like being ugly and needing to keep their skin covered and being deathly afraid of fire. Especially when the person she's traveling with is framed for arson that took out an entire town and most of the prairie around it.

Gel, lotion, it doesn't really matter. You're thinking too much about it. It's just a chick who's burned and covers herself in bandages.

>> No.9477458

drawthread turned into discussion about burns and gels and lotions?
Shit son all you need to know is to put the lotion in the basket when the man tells you to so you won't get hosed again.

think I'll draw this fucked up thing

>> No.9477481

Here ya go

>> No.9477556

Yeah, I'm done with arguing over this because seriously it just doesn't fucking work, but hey! it's Lace!

Something Tzeenchian/other chaos god of your choice you don't see often. Like a Tzeenchy Sister of Battle or Techpriest.

Or a Tzeenchy tank dialed up to ELEVEN.

>> No.9477605

A ninja and a pirate fighting, while a samurai and a knight sip mint juleps on the porch of a Dixieland mansion

>> No.9477622

Not everything you asked but most of it.

My hand hurts.

>> No.9477676

Well, tell me how to make it work.

I'm not exactly unwilling to change it, here.
The character was made in about ten minutes after the Marshal wanted to do that shitty retarded "draw this card and the game can fuck up your character concept" things.

I was originally going to be Cowboy Donna Noble.

>> No.9477686

Sorry it took so long, got distracted

>> No.9477708


This is awesome, thanks.

>> No.9477770

Just dial the burns way back. She got out of the fire through $MYSTIC_INTERVENTION before it got her too badly, and now she looks for her dad who was clearly some sort of famous mystic himself in order to understand what she saw during the $MYSTIC_INTERVENTION.

Just slap the burns around her legs and maybe splash across her thigh and belly. Give her some mild asthma-like symptoms from the smoke. Dial down the chinaboo to 'stuff I picked up in China with my parents that I probably don't know too well' and throw in some fuckups when you try Chinese Mystical Bullshit. Make her chinavest her prized dressup thing that she busts out to be fancy-dancy.

>> No.9477787


>> No.9477808

did this for cute chaos thread some time ago.

>> No.9477818

Long concept short, her mom travels the world, got knocked up by an Injun, gave birth in, oh, I don't know, Ireland or Wales or Saudi Arabia or something. Kid spends her childhood learning about cultures and old world religions and shit. She starts seeing visions of a big black bear dressed in buckskins and eagle feathers. They're in China, so she gets a bit of advice from a Taoist. He can't help her much since the way they do things isn't the same, so she and her bear go to California and start heading to Maryland to find her father. Evil Injuns burn her, she gets away and the US Marshals save her. Now she's covered in bandages because her skin gets irritated when it's exposed to the sun and sand of the Weird West.

She only wears the qui-pao shirt because at the last second I decided that maybe walking around like a mummy in a skirt wasn't the best thing to do.

>> No.9477822

d'awww :3c

>> No.9477838

also this

>> No.9477849


I really have no way of expressing how cool it is to see something I've thought of drawn out like this. Thanks.

>> No.9477860

Just throwing it out there :(

>> No.9477879

Well, her burns aren't even over 50% of her body. It's just that it's a very visible 50%.

And she's not necessarily all that chinaboo, though I did take 2 levels of Chinese because I want to talk to railway workers. I'd have also taken Arabic if I had more points. She's got a few Muslim trinkets as well.

Originally she was going to be a Blessed instead of a Shaman, and travel around 'selling' people religions, by trying to match them up with the best one, while at the same time sort of following them all. A blessed atheist in that she doesn't necessarily follow A god, while being a servant of many.

An idea blatantly stolen from Mistborn's Sazed.

>> No.9477890

Nah, fuck you bitch, mine was here first.


>> No.9477907

thank you.

Kind of reminded me of Killing Floor monsters.

sorry but your character is kind of boring. Sounds like a librarian or college professor.

>> No.9477952

silly. The only thing that stands out is the scarf and the backpack.

alright I'll draw it.

>> No.9477986

I told you I'd see it gets done, man. I had to sleep y'know. Hope you like it anyway, it was fun to draw.

>> No.9478002

That's the point. He's a sneaky git.

If it helps, he is a total commie and can also be found in coffeeshops nose-deep in your commie propaganda of choice and sippin' coffee.


>> No.9478079

Can you try finishing my request? It looks incomplete.

>> No.9478134


>> No.9478187

Remind me on Thursday evening or Friday night and I'll fix that up. Right now my hand hurts so I'm going to take pity on my weak flesh and take a break and probably sleep.

DrawPariah out. Nightnight /tg/.

>> No.9478191


Here you go.

also I would like to take this change to inform you that Beastie Boys are releasing a new album this year and I am excited about this.

>> No.9478213

A female elf escaped slave, wearing a slave collar with about 3 or 4 links of chain left on it. She is not wearing much more than a ragged tunic with the sleeves ripped off it, ripped down the front and up the sides, Almost more rags than tunic. She has escaped with the help of the muscle built over her years of slavery and a sharp dagger. sitting on a small ale cask, or standing leaning against a wall, dagger in her right hand looking like she is thinking "Well I'm free..... what now?"

her silver hair is shoulder length and cut raggedly. Her eyes are green.

>> No.9478269

I, for one, like Lace's fucked-up-burn-victim concept.

>> No.9478323

Alright bro. I'll let you know tomorrow.

>> No.9478404

Keep the requests coming guys. I got hours to kill.
Here is some of the stuff I made for yesterday's thread.

>> No.9478469

Hm. I'd like to see..

A female human, lean and rather slender, with very pale skin and dark hair. She has a particularly intense gaze and if you're using colour, her eyes are bright ice blue. She wears fairly stylish, albeit trendy, modern clothing but for a simple gold chain around her neck, from which dangles a symbol of Tzeentch.

>> No.9478512

A level 30 commoner chasing a pack of pit-fiends out of his turnip field.

>> No.9478526

I had this posted yesterday before you got off.

A human Male sorcerer with a brown beard and dark-brown hair. He's around his mid 20s. He is wearing a dark cloak that is slightly damaged, leather armor and with boots.
He's holding a staff with one hand, and the other is glowing. He has a small crossbow that is strapped on his back.

>> No.9478577

Draw me a kirby-version of an Inquisition retinue for 40k consisting of a Techpriest, Psycher, Arbities, Guardsmen, and Inquisitor.

>> No.9478589

A dorf with mercury coloured eyes, holding a large ass cross bow, with a pick axe slung over his shoulder, staring intently at a beaker of some sort of nasty looking liquid,

>> No.9478594

Awesome, bro.

>> No.9478624

too much cheesecake.

Anyways I'm gone, gents.

I need to eat.

here's some sisters of battle turned inquisitor

>> No.9478647

Will you be back or are you gone for tonight?

>> No.9478658

A giant, bearded samurai on a horse with a naginata. Preferably in ornamental armor with bells hanging from his vambraces and his hair flowing in the wind as he rides down his foes.

>> No.9479028

Done playing SC2 for the night, so back to drawing!

Any particular requests that deserve a drawing?

>> No.9479097


Whatever you want to draw man.

>> No.9479116

A Space Marine rocking out

>> No.9479134

>>Any particular requests that deserve a drawing?

Not really they're all pretty uninspired and generic.

>> No.9479138

I do indeed have one.
Can I get a squig gnawing on the hand of a terrified looking tau.

>> No.9479145


What cheesecake crossed with a sniper, crossed with a mage, crossed with lava would be.

The lava isn't really needed then.

>> No.9479177

This >>9476038

>> No.9479631

wanted to draw some cheesecake

>> No.9479687


>> No.9479758

Hmm... Blackjack style Cleric/Doctor. Has on a long coat with the Aquila symbol+ purity seals on it. Has a books of prayers in one hand and a black bag of medical equipment in the other.. Perhaps a Pikno cherub flying next to him.

>> No.9479765


heh thanks mate. Thats actually pretty friggin awesome.

>> No.9479784


Cool thanks dude

>> No.9479803

Draw a rock.

>> No.9479817

Two dorfs, on on the other's shoulders so he can clothesline the fuck out some fucking elf.

Either that or some servo-skulls doing cute servo-skull stuff cause FUCK i love me some servo skulls.

>> No.9479900

What is that, diet cheesecake?

>> No.9479912


>> No.9479933

If some awesome drawfag could fill this request it would make my night. Seriously, bricks shat, bees knees and cats ass. Though I know any drawfag is probably as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

A very well dressed asian businessman, in a snappy suit straightening his tie with one hand, and the other is holding out a rolling ball of reddish orange fire in the palm of his hand. He looks amused, and is smiling.Some sort of tattoo can be seen peeking out from under the sleeves of his jacket.

Next panel, its the same man, same mode of dress, except now he has very fine scales on his hands, and his face is now a similiar to that of this photo. Pale golden scales cover his face and neck, the somewhat deer like horns, and the long drooping whiskers beside a black mane of hair and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Feel free to make it look as terrifying/ugly as you want. The ball of fire is now smaller but a brilliant blue instead of the reddish orange.

>> No.9479967

>>Whatever you want to draw man.

Good advice.

>> No.9479977


>> No.9479981

A scarred up, long grungy haired, male. He is short and muscular. He is smiling wide with tankard in hand and seems to be missing a tooth. He has untamed muttonchops and blue eyes. He is wearing the same clothing as this man.

>> No.9480026

requesting this woman naked and inside of a tall glass of red wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.

>> No.9480045


Just the way I like it. I think she looks great.

>> No.9480350


>> No.9480428

Many thanks.

Have a reaction image.

>> No.9480864


>> No.9481208

final bump of the night

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