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Japanese bird cooking spaghetti

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What has science done?

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Japanese birds can't cook spaghetti.
The same goes for other birds, too.

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Touhou thread

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This picture's pretty cool.

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Japanese bird cooking spaghetti

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bad pun bro

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That's true. I've never really seen a man-cirno like that.

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what the fuck

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Goddammit Aya.

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Yeah, I don't really know either.

Do you want more strange touhous? Or should this be more conventional?

And if you really need an excuse for this to be on /tg/, I could always tell you how things are going with the project in the name.

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Post moar Mima.

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I want to see that bird cooking something else. Maybe some eggs for the irony.

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Cho-Marisa up in this bitch!

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>penne rigate.jpg

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Mima is one I'm really lacking, but okay.

Then again, there isn't that much of her in the first place, is there?

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Things like that could also work.

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The first rule of PC-98 is that you do not post Mima.
The second rule of PC-98 is that you do not post Mima.

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One more.

Touhou threads aren't fun if they're just image posting with no discussion.

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Who would win in a bar fight, Suika or Yuugi?

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Yuugi because she has my heart.

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The audience.

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Suika as her power over density in a brawl would be HAX.

Though it goes if the 'power over phenomenon' is horribly broken to ambiguity Yuugi wins.

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Yuugi has Parsee on her side for moral support and cheering.

Suika has nobody, not even Reimu, because she's a good-for-nothing freebooter.

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This is why they make these.

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Nothing some words of encouragement, some sake, and six hours of sleep can't fix.

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Why do fanartists always draw Parsee with some "natural hairband" of hair?

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Yeah, team Yuugi easy.
Though I wonder, what of the other 2 oni? And do they have 3 and 4 horns respectively?

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Got me.

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I mean, it's not like she has one in her in-game portrait.

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They would both win, they would be drinking, Yuugi will mock Suika's choice of form and washboard chest, purely in jest, Suika would probably say something about Yuugi overcompensating with her form and how she wouldn't even need to grow bigger to beat her and in typical Touhou fashion they would start a fight, get it out of their system and enjoy themselves, then drink themselves silly some more.

Only losers would be anyone who tried to break them up and maybe the bar owner, but Suika and Yuugi are honest so they'd help repair the place the next day. He may end up a very lucky man at the end of the night... or unlucky depending on how you look at two monstrously strong drunken demons hitting on you.

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Japanese bird playing a traditional game

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I don't even really think about who would win in a serious fight because it doesn't fit their personality to really go that far, the implication already is that they are both more or less on the same level and fights are more about amusement for them these days.

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Japanese fire bird cooking spaghetti

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I swear to god there's ONE motherfucker posting THIS and "NEVER FORGET" in /tv/.

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I'm still wondering whether the "elves are asians" guy is just the "unique and diverse powers" guy with a different shtick.

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He is.

There's one guy who's basically admitted that he spends all day on /tg/, a lot of it just trolling.

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OP IS WRONG, that is not spaghetti. Fusilli and Penne are pictured on the package. lrn2pasta

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>Though I wonder, what of the other 2 oni?

They have had their memories wiped and believe themselves to be regular humans.

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Oh shit, really? Was this archived?

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Why does Haniwa always draw Suika in that miko outfit?

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