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Other Drawfags! Assemble!

Everyone else! Start posting requests!

I think i'll try to do some requests in color tonight!

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A loli bard, wielding a bow, riding on top of a warforged monk's shoulders. Together, they are beating up criminals.

>> No.9432938

Anyone from the Sisters of Battle please :D

>> No.9432985

Chem-chan "badass"ized. Scavenged weapons, armor, bits, bobs, whatever the hell you can think to add. Just basically make her look more weathered and veteran.

>> No.9433023

working on this one
here, have this old request to hold you over

>> No.9433053

requesting Katherine Heigl wearing this dress or naked and inside of a tall glass of red wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.

>> No.9433090

A male and female alchemists giving each other a high five after a successful experiment. Something in the vein of this picture.

>> No.9433091

forgot my pic

>> No.9433095

A female professor of breeding and class wearing a self-built suit of machinated armor and holding what can only be described as some sort of tesla coil powered lightning gun.

She seems eager to test her latest invention on an absolutely clueless barbaric-looking orc.

>> No.9433116

An imperial guardsman who is really young and naive looking. He is sitting on top of a dead ork with his las rifle resting next to him. The guardsman is smiling and giving a thumbs up to the viewer/whoever took the picture. Text says "Wish you were here"

>> No.9433134

Baiken depicted as an Eldar Banshee in a duel to the death with Space Marine Sol Badguy.

>> No.9433141

Misha from Katawa Shoujo as a punk with a pink mohawk.

>> No.9433158

And here's Sol.

I should mention that it's important that Baiken still lack for an arm and an eye.

>> No.9433169

Why do these threads always happen when I cannot commit myself to whoring our my weakass 'skills'?

>> No.9433171

Professor Badass and the Doctor at a bar. Whichever regeneration of the Doctor you liked best, I'm not picky.

Bonus points: Also include House and the Medic.

>> No.9433172

A Dwarf and a Dwarf and a Dwarf. The Dwarf is sawing the Dwarf's head off. The Dwarf is screaming. The Dwarf is laughing.

>> No.9433174

A blonde D&D halfling sorceress with DEM CURVES(that is, hips, butt and boobies, not fat) sitting amid a pile of cushions on a Floating Disk, waving a wand lazily.

>> No.9433197

Someone's been playing a death-spiral DF fort?

>> No.9433202

It was glorious.

>> No.9433207

I request my naturalist be drawn.A pale Gnome with big messy pinned up white hair and circular glasses. She has pouty lips and big yellow eyes.She is leaning against a huge backpack filled to bursting. It has several objects tied to it and threatening to fall out including, bottles of liquid,traps, small caged animals, scrolls and maps, nets, and a spyglass.She is wearing a short back jacket with a high collar and thick sleeves over a leather strap corset-like top.

>> No.9433220

A Farseer 'can't sleep, slaanesh will rape me' picture.

>> No.9433222

An elven ranger with a bow and eagle animal familiar. The ranger wears red leather pants, padded armor, Kamina style sunglasses and a propeller beanie made from dragon hide.

>> No.9433236

Captain Ahab in machine armor, standing on the bow of a starship, holding a massive harpoon and yelling "From hell's heart I stab at thee!"

>> No.9433251

I'm gonna request my Psionic Shardmind Tallos. he's green, crystal, and hunts down other shardminds for lack of anything better to do.

>> No.9433258

A small female fairy riding a spider. The fairy's wings are partially shredded and she's holding a tiny spear.

>> No.9433278

I would like a buxom, hourglass figure woman with a very large bow and fairly standard elvish gear standing drammaticly.

Off to the side is a smaller, much much more realistically shaped archer girl trying to explain that certain things get in the way of archery, and the first girl should stick to something else.

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Dear artists,
Please draw the rock battle end of Pick of Destiny with Cultistchan and Drizzt VS a giant Dorf.

In exchange, a picture of a witch/ghost breastfeeding a young samurai.

>> No.9433319

Female mongrelfolk wizard. She's short and stocky enough that she obviously has more gnome, goblin, and dwarf blood than human or elf. Her hair is strawberry blonde and curly, and is worn in a french-braid along each side of her head and loose in back. She wears a belted robe with a mandarin-style collar, over breeches and sturdy boots. Spell component pouches hang from her belt on the right, and a sheathed dagger hangs from her belt on the left.

A white rat with large splotches of grey is perched on one of her boots.

>> No.9433321

Pic related, but with pointy ears, blue greenish hair, a few more scars and 5 'o clock shadow. Wears a black hooded shirt, brown leather gloves, 3/4 black pants, brown sneakers and leather chest armor. Sleeve of hooded shirt should be in the gloves, bloused.

>> No.9433345

A Kobold Sorc riding atop a giant three eyed firebreathing warforged

>> No.9433355

Forgot to mention, cornrows are tied into a ponytail, kinda like Sten from DA:O.

>> No.9433556

heh...and just like that, the artists disappear!

>> No.9433585

Fucklaw sitting back after a hard fight. He is smoking a Lho-stick, hat off, chainsword sitting next to him, wreckage of foes around him.

>> No.9433634

Requesting a friend's character as a gift for her.
Lord of the Rings Noldorin Elf.
Fairly young; he'd be just out of his teens if he was human.
Not too extreme on the ears, since LotR ones tend not to have the really long ears.
He has light skin, grey eyes, and long black hair tied back in a ponytail - it'd just about

reach his waist if untied.
Very calm type.
Sitting down checking/maintaining his bow or something, with a slightly wistful expression?

>> No.9433706

There are no drawfags left in this thread.

also, no sex in the champagne room.

>> No.9433742


Alas, I was so close, he even said he was drawing it.

>> No.9433778

A Kit Kat bar clad in power armor.

>> No.9433779

Took longer than expected D:

Where are the other drawfags to help alleviate this load?

>> No.9433948

peekaboozle is on his own thread but greenmarine should be here.:{

>> No.9433960

also that is an excellent picture

>> No.9434017

Could I have a gasoline-powered warforged juggernaut painted caution yellow with yellow/black warning stripes on various parts of his body and a little siren on top of his head?

>> No.9434088

Techpriest as your IT guy. Something from that idea.

The printer is covered in purity seals and there is now an incense burner next to it.

The fridge has holy locks only he can open. The phones? Well fuck me if you can call out without reciting the Rite of Proper Communications. The computers run on some obscure linux he made himself.

The server room is his literal lair. Opening the two main doors, the only thing you can see are a mass of ethernet cables lit by the room you just came in from, with a set of baleful red eyes peeking out from underneath them.

>> No.9434140

bust of a humanoid female, Thin suckerless tentacles instead of hair, a frill at the front of the "Hair." no eyebrows, facial structure slightly more angular than human average.
for the tentacles, think dreadlocks in the way they hang

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>> No.9434232


That is amazing, hahah. Thanks.

>> No.9434310

A human sorcerer. He has tan skin, black hair, and green eyes. He is wearing desert robes with geometric patterns. He is sitting on a rug with magic potions, scrolls, rods, and other trinkets on display. He is smoking from a long pipe and looks bored.

>> No.9434325

Totally sweet, man, thanks.

>> No.9434326

I am arrive, I guess. Who wants their request in ugly-vision?

>> No.9434391

Techpriestess with naughty grin and several raping mechandrites

>> No.9434395

Erembour, of Exalted. Only image I've found (aside from getting a friendly neighborhood drawfag to do one more). More needs to be made. I can copy-paste some stuff from the core/splat books about her if need be.

>> No.9434396

I'm in. Will try this one.

>> No.9434430

A tired, irritable ranger, who's pretty fucking tired of the forest, but still has to work in/with it, due to his grand expertise in his field. He is also a smoker and is already getting graying hair, due to the stress as a younger person. He's not terribly old, and smokes.

Can you do that?

>> No.9434463

draw me some Black Carapace Cola, the chapter approved drink of space marines

>> No.9434485

Requesting Sisters of Nurgle concept for my modeling purposes. Chaos tainted nurgle SoB

>> No.9434518

"if need be" = if someone would be kind enough to give it an attempt

>> No.9434531

An elven druid angrily staring down at a human rogue who is sleeping in the leaves.

>> No.9434646

Someone draw CĂș Chulainn in the midst of one of his warp-spasms.

From Wikipedia:
"The first warp-spasm seized CĂșchulainn, and made him into a monstrous thing, hideous and shapeless, unheard of. His shanks and his joints, every knuckle and angle and organ from head to foot, shook like a tree in the flood or a reed in the stream. His body made a furious twist inside his skin, so that his feet and shins switched to the rear and his heels and calves switched to the front... On his head the temple-sinews stretched to the nape of his neck, each mighty, immense, measureless knob as big as the head of a month-old child... he sucked one eye so deep into his head that a wild crane couldn't probe it onto his cheek out of the depths of his skull; the other eye fell out along his cheek. His mouth weirdly distorted: his cheek peeled back from his jaws until the gullet appeared, his lungs and his liver flapped in his mouth and throat, his lower jaw struck the upper a lion-killing blow, and fiery flakes large as a ram's fleece reached his mouth from his throat... The hair of his head twisted like the tange of a red thornbush stuck in a gap; if a royal apple tree with all its kingly fruit were shaken above him, scarce an apple would reach the ground but each would be spiked on a bristle of his hair as it stood up on his scalp with rage."

>> No.9434670


Muju already drew one for john

>> No.9434726


Still working on this. Uglier than usual. Lulz will ensue.

>> No.9434746

How many drawfags are working on this?

>> No.9434765

Looks more like necron SoB

>> No.9434775


>> No.9434785

Love me some Guilty Gear

>> No.9434795

>looks necron
>is covered in Nurgle's symbols and has a fuckin' colostomy hose attached to her stomach

>> No.9434800


More like a hospitaller who has been infected with chaos

>> No.9434813

as in the thread?

>> No.9434820

Necron, not nurgle

>> No.9434831

A commissar holding up the empty skin of a female eldar, with a zipper in the back.Optional text "Ah, the perfect disguise"

>> No.9434835

As far as I know, 2: Me and Sanguinus

>> No.9434840

Two by my counting. I check in every 5 minutes or so. Been a while since I speed drew shit.

>> No.9434851

Drawfag mind.

>> No.9434872

I should have specified that the elf is a female and the human is a male.

>> No.9434876

It made me think Necron. Doesn't have to make sense it's just what came to mind

>> No.9434879


Any chance on this


>> No.9434888


Weird, even read SoN?

>> No.9434930

Nope. I didn't even know it was a thing. I just came up with the concept on my own. It's cool that it is though so I have more to build on

>> No.9434969

This sounds like a cool idea.

>> No.9434994

A Hermaphrodite Sister of battle with huge tits popping out of her armor.

>> No.9435091


John wrote it, about a sister falling to nurgle

The old weird version is on 1d4chan, but he has a rewritten, changed and better version on his site

>> No.9435120

Ah! Thanks a million anon.

>> No.9435267


Is anyone going to update 1d4chan with the new version?

>> No.9435337

Three Belly Dancing Daemonettes in costume. The middle daemonette wielding a sword while bending backwards in a suggestive position. One of the two in the backgrounds looks more masculine than the others.

>> No.9435537

wonder what one hes up to?

>> No.9435561

Superkroot, can you make a kroot puppy?

>> No.9435646


>> No.9435737

Here's this, need to retire for the evening though. Sorry I put it off until I had to rush like shit. Blame TV.

>> No.9435836


Pic related

>> No.9435944

An Imperial Guardsman in full dress uniform solemnly explaning something to a young woman. The woman is on her knees, crying inconsolably.

>> No.9435971

I just wanted to draw some cheesecake

>> No.9436145


>> No.9436221

bumpan this

>> No.9436232


That's not cute

The parrot was so cute

>> No.9436238

The primarch Alpharius in a Haters Gonna Hate pose.
Text balloon/Caption: "Fuck y'all."

>> No.9436269

Im bad with cute D:

>> No.9436340

Also your welcome to change her hair if you don't like it.
you are a very cool artist and we appreciate your time and effort.

>> No.9436571


>> No.9436708

And I think im done for the night. Im tired and my hand is starting to hurt. If theres any other drawfags out there that want to take reign of the thread, feel free.

>> No.9436815

thanks for the time.

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