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'sup /tg/

one rule
ask away
pic unrelated

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I would totally ask for "even in death I still fuck your mother"

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Cultist chan with her eyes propped open Clockwork Orange style with this quote in there.

"Ahs Haai Veedeed Thah Alltravayohlance"

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requesting Katherine Heigl naked and inside of a glass of red wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass.

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Draw some Evas.

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A ceremony in which a soldier of upstanding valor is getting knighted by the queen.

The soldier equipped with mail and a great axe.

She looks a very happy elf.

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Neo and Morpheus kung fu fightan only Neo's head is a giant cartoonish '/tg/' and Morpheus's is a '4chan'.

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A 5'3", muscular man with long grungy hair and untamed muttonchops(similar to wolverines). He has many scars all over his body and has largish canine teeth. His nose is broad and he wears beads around his neck. His ankles and wrists have several metal ring bracelets. He has a tankard in hand and is smiling,possibly missing a tooth or two.

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wait shit
i just remembered
can't draw people for shit
I'm sorry /tg/

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A Gretchin Congal line to go make this a real orkish luau.

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A female dragonborn warlord playing the Wii and looking stupid whilst doing so.

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Draw a Dreadnought in a female two piece swim suit.

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You best be joking.

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Try anyways!

I'm gonna end up having to draw this, dammit!

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Not joking
I can probably do this though

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A tough girl in heavy futuristic armor, no helmet, wearing huge headphones and cat ears, wielding (minigun-like) cannon that has two speakers instead of barrel, emitting focused music at dangerous levels.

Bonus speakers on shoulderpads for playing same music but normally, for teammates.

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Animu Noise Marine?

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The Doctor, after stepping out of the TARDIS, being confronted by several Sisters of Battle.

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see pic for my personal critique

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He doesn't draw people but this makes me wish I could draw.
Just hope for Greenmarine to show up.

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I'd like my Deadlands character drawn.

She's a British woman who traveled around the world with her mother. Her father was an Injun from Maryland, and Evangeline Hollingsberry was a Shaman. She came into her powers in China, and not finding the answers she wanted from the Chinese, she set out to the Weird West to find her father. Barely out of the City of Lost Angels, she was burned by the Rattlesnake Clan, who hated the idea of a British woman having Shamanic powers.

She's bandaged in all the places that can be seen, and she wears a veil over her mouth and nose. Her long red hair falls out from the gauze that hides her burn scars, and she wears a sleeveless Chinese shirt and silk gloves. She looks quite distinctive among the normal denizens of the Weird West, and has a few little pieces of jewelry from China or the Middle East around her neck, and a few self-made Injun bracelets and a few things pinned to her bandages at the shoulders.

She's accompanied by her Spirit Guardian, Xiong, or Shawn, the Bear. He's decked out in Injun gear, such as one of them little rib bone chest things, and feathers in his fur.

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you can draw dreadnoughts okay, I guess
how about a spess mehreen with AKIMBO BOLTERS BRAH

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Maybe, are there any pictures?

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A Blood Angels dreadnaught firing his magna-grapple at an eldar fire prism whilst shouting "GET OVER HERE!"

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Could you draw a enclave dude from fallout 2 smashing a gnoll's lute and yelling DAMNIT GNOLLBARD?

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get that paladin done yet?

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No, I'm just gonna say fuck it and get drunk instead of showing up tomorrow, cause that's the responsible thing to do.

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And THERE was my short-lived career as a drawfag
I'll be returning once I get my scanner working 'cause I can't draw with a mouse

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Are there any other drawfags on?

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I wish.

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Seriously this thread was hilariously bad. I appreciate an artist trying to get better by taking requests from /tg/ but this guy doesn't draw humans. Then he leaves 28 minutes later. Could be a huge misunderstanding but this is just too weird.

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This thread is still alive?

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I want an SS Leman Russ tank. With a Balkenkreuz and stuff.

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A picture of a Human and a Dwarf and a Dwarf. The Dwarf is beating the human mercilessly. The Dwarf is laughing.

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I can writefag up in this thread, if anyone would appreciate the local writefag assisting.

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Urist was not pleased by the human's trade figures. With his beard, he snatched the stone bracelet he just traded to her from her wrist and began to savagely beat her across the face. She screamed for the swordsmen and macemen to help her, but no one heard her cries for mercy as her jaw began to break from the attack. A drunken pregnant dwarf, Momuz Delerid strolled up the nearby stairs, carrying a barrel to the trade depot. Her green eyes lit up at the sight of the beating, reminding her of the days when she could fight. She began to laugh as the teeth scattered from inside the human's mouth and the cries for mercy became less and less articulate. The redheaded dwarf rolled on the floor laughing as the human died.

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bamp for hte lulz.

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