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Post some BEAKIES

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My fave 40k pic.

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Are beakies still provided in the Spehs merhiens sprue?

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Is that a dawn of war 2 mod?

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I'm assuming that's a no...

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Damn, now I want my Chaos space marines army to all have beaky helms.

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No, stock Dawn of War 2.

Member of Tarkus' Vet squad when you skill him up for melee (this is surprisingly effective). I've always found him badass for some reason.

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I think I have a new fave.

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Does this count as a Beakie?

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yeah I got one in a five man squad I think it was 1 beaky head 5 regulars and a head without a helmet

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If I ever play Deathwatch, my dude will be a Beakie.

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They're Dark Angels.

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"tranquility campaign" ? oh it was a different game back then

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>Drop Troop Camouflage


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I like where this pic is going....

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>head on belt

Seems a bit un-Space Marine to me....almost heresy....

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Its gotta be posted.

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That was before they turned traitor

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which makes it even odder.

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>>Battle of Sagan's Moon

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Where is your God-Emperor now?

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I've seen this pic a few times. What are the two "classified" weapon types? Anyone here know?

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>not green
>No explanation for variant colour

What the fuck?

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One looks like a mushroom cloud, and the other... Hell if I know.

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That's their original color scheme. Then GW realized it would be a BITCH to paint for most players so they changed it to a simpler one.

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maybe lightning claw

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>>9401795 variant colour

That wasn't a variant colour.

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"Ok guys we need to sneak up and scout the Ork staging area. No no, bring the stealth banner."

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>Space Sharks

I fucking love those guys

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Orks would probably see the banner and be fooled by it.

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Dude its the Orks. Of course its gonna work.

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Salamanders were originally yellow and black.

You know, the same colour as fucking salamanders.

GW changed the colour scheme to make them easier to paint.

Most chapters started out with different paint schemes. I started collecting Ultramarines in 1989 and back then they were pretty much just plain blue with no gold trim and had silver studs.

And glorious beakies.

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I just want to know how somebody could even think that beakies weren't provided in the Space Marine sprues. Since when was it even hinted that they'd stop making them? Considering that there are examples of even older marks of armor in the Space Marine kits. Of course beakies are still available, they are one of the more popular helmets.

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Those head sprues were expensive as fuck at BWBits.

It's a shame they went out of business.

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Is that a Squa-

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yo dawg i herd u like reading so i put a book on my face so you can read while we purge

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I think the first incarnation of our spiritual liege His Holiness the Calgar had a beakie helmet on a stand next to his throne.

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You're doing the meme wrong.

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Y'know, I never noticed until now that he has a picture of Emps on the throne, there. To the left.

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Is that what the throne says?

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imma do an extremely h-res scan sos we can read what the baner in the bg says.

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I think i can pick out a few of those... Phule System, another Bis cuitt, Ad Astrum, Magog IV...

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Holy shit that's so metal I instantly grew a neckbeard just looking at it.

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what in fuck's name is that guy on the jetbike doing?

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Demoralising the enemy, I'd say.

If I saw that I'd just call it a day and go home.

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I have such a boner right now.

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>>read the banner

anlex III
ni hilistic
aber nethy
yoth V

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>>ni hilistic

uhm, lol.

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Also the assault marines in DoW2 all have beaky helmets.

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>>Skull Helmet
If he's a Chaplain, he's guiding his flock to a victory in the name of the almighty God-Emperor. None so fearless as he, he takes his bike to unsafe heights, a testimony to his faith in the God-Emperor.

Or... he's an Eversor Assassin. That's not his bike. Everyone in that picture is about to get WRRRYYYYYYYYYYYed

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