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I'll just leave this here then...

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Aren't you afraid of losing it?

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Why would he want to keep it?

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That Space marine is wearing a hat and a monocle and drinking tea
Space Marines do not wear hats or monocles or drink tea
This picture is silly

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Well, what if the Commissar happens to find it?

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Who cares, Commissars have no authority over Space Marines.

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This picture has the same problems as the previous, but it is not as well drawn.
It is also silly.

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I guess you could say it's...


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what did you say heretic?

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What? You don't. Space Marines don't even worship the Emperor as a God.

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Commissars have no authority over Space Marines.

Too bad that Fuklaw was a heretic. May the Emperor guide his soul.

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Well, Fuklaw was a special and singular case, and as he is now retired, there are no Commissars with authority over any Adeptus Astartes.

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you dare to accuse us with heresy?

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Better he does and is wrong than he doesn't and is right.

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The same problems apply yet this one has decreased even further in quality.
It is quite silly, and I fear for the crudeness that will surely be present in the next.

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you sound like a heretic too

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The artist has blindly refused to make his picture more accurate to the nature of the Astartes, and has put even less effort into this picture than I would have thought possible.
Clearly the warp is having an effect on his abilities as an artist. I fear the next will be too silly for mortal comprehension.

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He means it's better to say somethings heretical, and be wrong. than it is to know somethings heretical, but not tell anyone, meaning the heresy can grow.

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You know that, and I know that, and we BOTH know space marines aren't chosen for their intelligence, so shall we just leave it at that?

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Yeah, it's exterminatus time

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You're aware killing an Imperial Agent going about his Emperor-ordained business is treason, yes?

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this is quite the gentlemanly thread

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Killing an imperial agent? Yes. Killing a heretic? No.

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For the emperor left and right testicle! What kind of mutant is this?

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Genestealer space marine. Canon.

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And you're aware that agents of His Most Holy Inqusition are experts at uncovering heresy, whereas space marines are not?

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Is that you?

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This abomination must be purged! Better call the exterminators, be right back...

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Roll for SAN loss!

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...Well, I wonder.

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Thank you citezen, you will recieve a commendation and can opt to join the Inquisitorial Propganda leage, wherein you will become the posterboy for your home planet as a representation of an ideal citezen.

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yep. and?

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Why thank you sir, but as an Inquisitorial Acolyte I feel it would be inappropriate for me to accept such an award. Defending Mankind from Heresy is Our Duty and Our Honour.

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And I say you're wrong. So ner.

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I do believe he is defying your wishes, inquisitor. I believe it best that he be put under surveillance for any acts of heresy.

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Nope. I'm not.

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And thus I am vindicated.

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Nonsense, modesty is not a crime.

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innocence proves nothing

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