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Hey Anon, Hey Anon, Hey, Hey!

Let me give you a haircut!

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Sure, no parasites involved though.

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your claws don't even close all the way, woman.
even if they did, they are for crushing and not for scissoring.

but my hair is pretty short as it is. how are you with a buzz clipper?

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gotta say I like the way the eyes work
who drew this monstrosity

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not sure if i wanna know, but
image source?

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Crab people.... crab people....

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...ah hell, I've fapped to Thri-Kreen, I can fap to this.


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I like that her emotions are reflected by her eye angling.

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i'm confused
if her skin is chitinous, how does she have breasts

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why does she have HAIR

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what in the fuuuck

god damn it *fapfapfap*

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Human crab HYBRID~!

That explains everything.

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I like how her face somehow follows human proportion while keeping all the parts of a crab face present.

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Gentlemen. Gentlemen! Calm down, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for all of this.


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What the fuck is this shit?!
Get this goddamn monstrosity out of here!


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human-crab hybrid, dude

also it could be that optical illusion where the eye segment directly facing you looks darker than the other parts of the compound eye

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compound eyes are a problem, but functioning hands complete with thumbs are okay?

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is the OP even still here

whatever, requesting source anyway

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It's so cute! I wanna take her home!

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think of how sharp they'd be

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OP here.

I got it off /tg/


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Reminds me of the Draeni /joke that was removed long before the next expantion.

Went something like "Yes they're real, and sharp" or somesuch.

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If that were the case then the distortion would shift and change when her eyes moved, not remain perfectly vertical.

I also take issue with the fact that she has scissors when given those giant index and middle fingerclaws she really wouldn't be able to use them.

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Must be a 4th Edition race.

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'course, the biggest problem would be the smell.

shellfish fucking reek.

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(trying to remember the basics of crab anatomy...)
is her vagina on her neck?

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Crabs aren't really known for their hygeine, you know.

You'd smell too if you never showered and ate garbage all day.

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Bees vs Crabs.

Who wins?

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Cutest chestburster ever.

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I like the crab better
It's the face, man
she seems pretty hygiene concerned, considering she's a barber

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I tried that once, actually.

I smelled mostly of mcdonald's hamburger.

... I did not eat any mcdonald's during that time.

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you're missing the point a tad there
those aren't moster-girls, those are just one girl with the same face and body type in different costumes and wigs.
the crab-girl image had a lot more detail and effort put into its design. It's a unique and original creature, not just another anime girl with monster accessories tacked on.

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I hate it when artists write words on their pictures but don't bother to put a signature

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You're masturbating right now, aren't you?

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If not for the eyes, it could pass off as a little girl Garrus

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ok, i currently see no problems with this.

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it's artistic appreciation, I swear

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Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, brother.

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I agree. I'm more attracted to "Interesting" than I really should.

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yeah, it's not sexual (at least I think it isn't...) I just have an appreciation for creature design
besides, there's nothing exposed on her except the crab-head, and all in all that's more interesting than arousing.

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Name the fetishes.

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God dammit monstergirls...

Why can't I quit you...

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don't really know if I wanna click on that.

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Tail, tongue, ass, feet, scaly..... maybe small tits?

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Because of assassins.

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weeeelll, i DO need a haircut...

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oh hey guys whats goin on itt

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why does the brown girl have a tail
how many languages are they speaking
what the hell is going on

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I think we all knew what direction this thread was going to take, really.

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I requested this from a Drawfriend a while ago.

It still makes me laugh like an ass-hole.

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I'm not showing any excessive nudity.

No worries. I got banned last time I did that.

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Actually the first post was nothing but you bitching about your DM.

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might as well enjoy the ride then

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Posting 'not sure if want' pics is fun.

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>I wanted to talk about house rules



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But there's no doubt about it.

Do want.

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>Actually the first post was nothing but you bitching about your DM.

>original post was two sentences, one was a topic while the other was an example

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I think you have the wrong guy.

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lots of shitty dms itt butthurt at op

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just go with it

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Damnit Dar-ma. Why couldn't you had offered me that when I was awake. It's not like I would have refused. being the Champion of Cyrodiil, Grandmaster of the Thieves, and Fighter's guild, Arch-Mage of the Mages guild, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, and Daedric Prince of madness gets very lonely.

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For the love of Armok SOURCE

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wait, turian collarbones are actually shaped like that?
I thought they just liked big ridiculous collars on their clothes.

>> No.9393967


A little from column A, a little from column B.

>> No.9393975

It protects the neck from being snapped from behind by jaw or other natural weapons.
It's sound from an evolutionary standpoint.

>> No.9393980

Their clothes emphasize the shape, but it's there underneath.

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Why does she have gills around her waist?

>> No.9394029

So she can breathe.


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3 am monstergirl/furry thread.
I love you, /tg/...

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She has gills on her neck. Why would she need them on her waist. Her lungs aren't anywhere near her stomach!

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extra vagina's

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>extra vagina's
>extra vagina is

>> No.9394089

>extras belonging to a vagina

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...best vagina.

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>is good

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>>9393996 Nurse Verity

So missing dat ass.

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Problem, Yeenoghu?

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I don't even go to the other boards anymore.

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<-- /tg/

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Needs more neckbeard.

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This is fucking adorable

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Wish I knew.

As consolation, here is a picture of Dar-Ma scissorfucking some Iksar chick. You can pretend the other one is an argonian too of some other tribe.

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I just realized something. /tg/ is (forgive me for using this term but I don't know of a western equivalent) tsundere for xenos. Think about it.

>> No.9394185


...explains Tali, really.

>> No.9394186

herp derp how does i post pic

>> No.9394189

Needs moar chitin + scales.
Not enough weird stuff.
Moar weird animals/xeno critters.

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I wouldn't say that as much as I would say that there is a definite fragmentation in /tg/. One group that loves xeno, and another group that does not.

40K players generally fall under the latter for obvious reasons.

>> No.9394210

and sometimes in the former.

>> No.9394242

And sometimes the former indeed.

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I have a problem, I'll admit it.

But fuck off with your crazy moon language. I'm ashamed of my disgusting fetish, but god damn do I love them monstergirls.

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Goddamnit, /tg/, you're gay as hell, why don't you ever have a monsterGUY thread? :(

>> No.9394249

It's just who you are...

>> No.9394253

That's a great idea!

>> No.9394256

>I missed you, you know?

>> No.9394258

Because we're not gay as hell.

>> No.9394261

It's unhealthy.

And time-consuming.

>> No.9394268


Because its Just gnollbard shaking his butt at the board then...

>> No.9394271

We're only gay for Kane and Commissar Holt. But everyone is gay for Kane.

Go to /co/ if you want penises.

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Yes, that does exist as a probable issue.
But, to keep obscure feelings locked inside you causes illness. So just don't get yourself messed up.

>> No.9394290

Also I can now properly identify and label all of the mouthparts that are visible in that picture.

My reasons for knowing this are shameful as well.

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I'm sure that some small, tiny, eeeety bitty part of my being missed you too. Maybe.

Alright, dammit, I missed every one of you lot.

>> No.9394302

Well it's gotten me to write again, there's that.

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>> No.9394331

hey, look it doesn't have that standard anime face that so many other pics have
what the hell is that? some kind of satyr?

>> No.9394342

/co/ only likes superhero gay porn, /y/ calls me a furry and /v/ is.... /v/.
Meh, guess i'll just fap to females then :/

>> No.9394343

I'm still dissapointed that no one knows the source of the crab-girl pic :(

>> No.9394344

You're saying that like it's a bad thing...
Sounds like you're trying to be sorry for yourself for something that isn't a social norm.
Stop it. I'm not trying to sound cold, but in all honesty, it just makes things worse.
But then again, going all out just makes things....odd...
Just find the happy medium, no shame here.

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Damn /tg/

i didnt know you guys loved the xenos THIS much

even then, no HERESY or anything in this thread too..

have a trap then

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Thri-Kreen story almost done?

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>> No.9394370

Shut up, Xenos, It's not like I like you or anything.

I-i just gave you those cookies because I didn't want them to go to waste.

>> No.9394380


Fey creature

The artist likes David Bowie in labyrinth so lots of her other stuff is quite gay.

>> No.9394392

There isn't a western equivalent, that's why tsundere is so heavily co-opted. I reckon in a single generation the majority of Americans will think it has always been an English word.

>> No.9394433

i used to think it was derived from "sunder" or something
like, i thought it was referring to the girl's apparently violent personality, i guess

>> No.9394436

What the fook is going on in this thread?

>> No.9394443

Heresy. Sweet loving heresy.

>> No.9394450

>>9394380 and >>9394318 really don't look like the same artist.
but they have the same signature... I'm suspicious.

>> No.9394453


Part one is sort of done but it's not in a state where I'd want to post it. Extensive rewrites needed and real life keeps getting in the way. Which I guess is a good sign.

If it was just about the porn I could have dumped the juicy bits already by now, those just need some minor adjustments. But as I've said (NEVER SHUTTING THE FUCK UP) in prior threads where the issue has come up, it's not really about the porn (though explorations of thri-kreen/human physical intimacy are included) but rather about how a serious relationship between two such characters could work, or even develop to begin with.

It's coming along.

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put tits on EVERYTHING

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>> No.9394484

jesus christ it's a lion GET IN THE CAR

>> No.9394485

You wouldn't a mountain lion.

They are not for mountin'

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>> No.9394542

Don't risk it, they're all carriers!

>> No.9394543

You're right.

He should really have a control group to verify his findings.

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>> No.9394555

I'm having one of those "/tg/, never change" moments.

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>> No.9394570

Just remember, the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!


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>> No.9394582

Holy 1999, batman.

>> No.9394597

They're also all hermaphrodites.

>> No.9394598

>> No.9394601

Nighttime /tg/ is daytime /tg/ on the other side of the planet.

Why can't I live there ;_;

>> No.9394614

>barrel dice


>> No.9394636

>> No.9394653

That too.

>> No.9394655


Have you no shame young displacer lady?!

>> No.9394665

Why are all of these monster girls looking roughly teenage?

/tg/ has a thing for Monster girls who still go to school?

>> No.9394667

>> No.9394674

>> No.9394682

*Unzips pants*
The shit I put up with...

>> No.9394687

>> No.9394690

Actually, thri-kreen reach adulthood at about four years of age, so...

>> No.9394696

If we're gonna post fucking weird shit...

>> No.9394709

>> No.9394726

Putting tits and hip on Christopher was a mistake. You either like 'em the way they are or you don't really like 'em, I think.

>> No.9394743

Many people who are into the things that /tg/ is into (tabletop, roleplaying, etc) are under the belief that as long as someone got to know them, they'd be able to find love regardless of personal hygiene or looks or more likely their inherent shyness. This isn't universal, of course, but even the most confident of us has, at some point in life, felt this way. Because of this, we tend toward liking Monster Girls; they outwardly look monsterous, but tend to through the eyes or gestures evoke a sort of innocents and that seem feeling of "If you just got to know me..." sort of thing. This makes them ideal for a significant percentage of us, and thus makes these threads far more popular then the standard porn threads that occasionally show up here.

>> No.9394745

Dear lord they've gone and made a Khezu Hybrid

>> No.9394746

Well I didn't draw it.
I sure as hell saved it, but I didn't draw it.

>> No.9394760

>> No.9394779


That "same" not "seem" there. Argh, not enough coffee yet.

>> No.9394784

I'd say that's mostly correct.

>> No.9394812

Theoretically speaking, if you have a human lover and still wouldn't give a flying fuck if something "outer-worldly" decided to give you a jolly what does that make the said person...

>> No.9394826

A slut?

>> No.9394839


>> No.9394842


Fetish's don't work that way; they don't suddenly go away because you've found a relationship. At some point in your life, even if it was years and years ago, you probably felt that way during your sexual development (this would be in your early teens), and those feelings left a mark on you. Its nothing particularly to be ashamed of or anything; just accept it and move on.

>> No.9394844

My theory is that /tg/ just likes to use their imagination.
A lot.

>> No.9394852

In possession of Gen Y levels of apathy.

>> No.9394871


>> No.9394875

Did someone say Kobold?

>> No.9394883

I don't think I'm making any unreasonable generalizations by saying this, but I'd also like to add that the people on /tg/ aren't the best at interacting with the outside world. We were picked on in school and it was much harder for us to get a date. We like to talk about 40K when most girls probably don't want to hear about 40K. We want someone different, like us.

>> No.9394899

Such reasoning is rather pathetic, really. It's not hard to practice basic hygiene, eat better, exercise, etc. The problem is not finding a person who will accept you just the way you are, it's making yourself better so that you can get somebody who has, you know, standards.

But anyway, I would be lying if I said that extreme loneliness and a fascination with the bizarre were not equally to blame for my dysfunction.

>> No.9394905


Computer goes off now, must put together D&D session for tomorrow.

>> No.9394951


This is true to an extent, but conversely two members of my D&D group were immensely popular in high school, one with multiple girlfriends. So there's always exceptions. (we're all in our late 20's now).


Mildly pathetic, yes, but not necessarily untrue. Loneliness and feelings of alienation have a tendency to spiral in on themselves, magnifying any other issues you might have, and intensifying the fetish.

>> No.9394963

>We're implying that these monstergirls or whatever actually reproduce in capable means for mutual sexual relationship.
Because humans cannot have a lasting relationship on mind alone until menopause and seniority.

>> No.9394976

Who the hell drew that?

>> No.9394989

A furry.
And someone drew this for him.

>> No.9395010


Well, yes, but human males are pretty easy. As long as the emotional support is there, she could hot-glue a fleshlight to her thorax and most people would be A-ok.

>> No.9395013


>> No.9395016

>> No.9395035

>> No.9395053

All that happens to the male mind on coffee:

>> No.9395062

>Hot glue a fleshlight
>Hot glue

>> No.9395066

She's got Carapace. Chitin can't feel.

>> No.9395093

not enough kobolds on the internet :(

it's either watch one of the three people who draw it or make your own

>> No.9395094

Are you implying that a more or less advanced species of arthropod can't feel temperature, or touch by that matter, just because of chitin?
Unhappyface man... :(

>> No.9395119


Biologically speaking, the Carapace wouldn't be able to feel it. Other "huh" facts would include: using Resin-based car paint chip fixers and car-polishes as mascara.

>> No.9395138


Nah, suggesting that it'd be blunted enough, especially if the Chitin is made of a material that can support the weight of a human-sized arthrapod.

>> No.9395146

Thri-Kreen writer should dump a poorly done section and let us help improve it.

>> No.9395152

>> No.9395153

Still, the ability to determine sudden temperature change is probably a must for certain aspects of species growth. So, microscopic hairs that grow in the chitin which are linked to nerve endings?
That way you can tickle bug-girls now or do a tsundere arm stroke or whatever the fuck.

>> No.9395166

Less implying, more directly stating?

They'd still feel pressure, more than likely, but as far as I know, chitin does not conduct heat very well...

>> No.9395178


Well... think of the hot-gluing as a like a tattoo then: "I... I love you so much that I want this to work, so I affixed a human-sex toy to my thorax wtih industrial adhesive for youuu...."

>> No.9395207


The trachea are propably pretty sensitive so you can gently let your warm breath play over her breathing holes.

>> No.9395217

That's fucking adorable...
But what about -her- pleasure too? I do concern myself as doing a job well done if she's happy with it.

>> No.9395235

>> No.9395257


Goddamnit that thumbnail is too small and dark!

>> No.9395339


You are applying human levels of sexuality to an inherently inhuman being though; humans are a rarity in the animal world in that we are ready and raring to go for sex pretty much any time and any place. As far as you know, an insectoid girl's sexual cycle is once every 17 years, and all she's going to need from you is to jack off over a few eggs after she lays them.

The emotional connection is where you are satisfying her. Thats the whole point of the "Shy monster girl" thing.

>> No.9395406


Oh what the hell.

>> No.9395434

>> No.9395437

>> No.9395466

>> No.9395476

>> No.9395492

Does this count?

>> No.9395507


No, there are some lines even we don't cross here.

>> No.9395512


it's cute when they do things that don't suit them at all because they think you'll like it

it works but in a completely different way than intended

>> No.9395535


savin' pictures from FA are we now?

>> No.9395552

I love this.

>Mutant creature spraying eggs out it's multiple birthing holes? A-OK!


>> No.9395597

I have a thing for horns and hooves, like demon and satyr type girls.

>> No.9395610



>> No.9395614


Sure, why not?

>> No.9395627

I know it's not the point of what you said, but...

>> No.9395639

>I'm okay with this.jpg

>> No.9395642


>> No.9395662

could /tg/ love an undead centauress flesh golem girl?

>> No.9395693


Magic condoms...

>> No.9395704


Judging from the flies Gnolls would love to roll around on her.

>> No.9395726


>> No.9395737

Artist source?

>> No.9395767

>> No.9395771


>> No.9395786


>> No.9395794


>> No.9395803

>> No.9395813

Goddamnit 4chan I'm not flooding.

>> No.9395815

It's not like Gnolls are known for their love of SOAP.

There's that D&D NPC that wears intestines as necklaces for example.

>> No.9395821


Let's face it, somebody on here probably could.

>> No.9395838


>> No.9395840

>> No.9395847


>> No.9395853


>> No.9395855


>> No.9395858

>Implying gnolls aren't clean and only eat carrion.


>> No.9395871

Three dead hookers leaking on a midget. I'm not flooding, this is my natural posting rate.

>> No.9395875

thread needs more dragonborn

>> No.9395886


>> No.9395888

No it doesn't.

>> No.9395895

>> No.9395896


Zat being generalizashun! VUN gnollette killing her muther und raping her vather, zen eating zem, ZEN JOO FINK ALL GNOLLS BEING LIKE ZAT!

Verity nein use intestine fhor necklace. Just un vertebrae. Vunce!

>> No.9395902

yes it does

>> No.9395903

fa/tg/uys are so easily offended that it is a shame.

>> No.9395905


>> No.9395908

My face. Pic related.

>> No.9395910

Well then, have moar birds.

>> No.9395921

Oh, what the hell. Have a moth, fa/tg/uys.

>> No.9395922

You're a monster!.

>> No.9395924

>> No.9395928

I like it and am gonna use it as inspiration for my own art.

>> No.9395940

Source? Also we hit the image limit, good job /tg/

>> No.9395943



>> No.9395951

It still hurts when you talk like that...

>> No.9395963


Zem mein goot vork being done here, jah?

>> No.9395968

on a filename hunch, and because I'm a furfag, I checked http://www.furaffinity.net/user/buddhistdragon

it exists, and appears to be the sauce you're looking for. don't worry, I hate myself so you don't have to.

>> No.9395971

This thread was glorious.

What sort of uncultured Gnoll DOESN'T roll in corpses?

Sort of sad to see young gnolls disrespect the ways of their mothers.

>> No.9395972

Sorry, Verity, I'm a neutral good aligned gnoll.

>> No.9395978

I personally see furries as a awesome source of free porn.

>> No.9395981

>>9395972 I'm a neutral good aligned gnoll.

ANUVVER VUN?! Vere joo bois koming from? Poor fings...

>> No.9395994

Hah, me too!

>> No.9395996

>Vere joo bois koming from?
Well... when a gnoll lady and a gnoll gentleman REALLY like each other...

>> No.9396000

And then, Anonymous was the furries.

>> No.9396007

Some oblivion quest I think?
My character would have liked it, he was an Argonian too.

>> No.9396019

Not all gnolls had a shitty traumatizing past like you, Verity.

>> No.9396034

Meant artist source bro.

>> No.9396037

why does that fucking picture make me laugh so much.

>> No.9396043


...Nein get smart wiv Verity, boi. Even being kute, zat fast vey ending up ded, jah...

>> No.9396194

I'm sorry, Mrs. Verity.
...dam matriarchal gnoll instincts.

>> No.9396195

I still regret not finding the source of the blue crab girl :(

>> No.9396223

Deep down you find it turns you on. You cover this up by acting as if the joke is what really matters to you.

>> No.9396277

I wonder if she has ... crabs...

>> No.9396285

*ba dum tish!*

>> No.9397600


>> No.9399881

This is still alive?


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