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so /tg/ - Last refuge of /v/
what do you think about upcoming 40k MMO?
how do you feel about female space marines?
feminine orks

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Sisters of Battle.

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>female space marines

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...wait what kind of Orks? Aren't Orks asexual fungi?

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>how do you feel about female space marines?

> feminine orks

are these confirmed? I'm actually hugely for the idea. Delicious fanboy tears, I can almost taste them.

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>implying feminine Orks
>implying feminine ANYTHING other than what has already been shown
>implying if they added feminine anything that wasn't supposed to be there wouldn't be MAJOR BACKLASH

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>feminine orks

Not gonna happen. Didn't happen in WAR.

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They didn't do female Orks in WAR, see no reason they'd change that, even if it is different developers.

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lol WAR
bad game was bad

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they're not going to do female orks but feminists are starting to kick off

they just said the would 'consider how they could make orks more female-friendly'

also female marines

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Developers: Canon? What the fuck is canon? Come over here and help me animate this female space marine so her ass jiggles when she runs.

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>Female space marines
you mean sisters of battle.

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everyone has to play IG and when you die you're permanently dead

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humans but no womyn? SEXISM!
and then it was canon

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[citation needed]

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>feminists are starting to kick off


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I'm sure GW has excuitive over ride on that and will crush it like a beer can at a frat party, and tell them to do Sisters of Battle, who are shorter, weaker, more fragile, but come off more bad ass.

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/lol still works.
Though WAR's imperial faction pulling out the sigmar handpuppet and lecturing a phantom audience with it was gold.

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Humans but no Anthros? FURSECUTION!
and then it was canon

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it was the shorter, weaker, more fragile separate from the men bit they didn't like
i'll admit I got it form a gaming magazine

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They won't make female orks. There were no female orcs/goblins in WaR and no one gave a shit. There were even gender restrictions on classes and no one gave a shit.

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So your full of bullshit?

Thought so.

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google: Horse Feed Muzzle

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not female
more curvy with a different voice

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I'm sure that if GW has their hands in it, Matt Ward will make it so only the Ultramarines are playable and all the missions are saving other, clearly inferior, space marines from big bad chaos.

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I wish I could tell you "lol no".

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The daily will be "go around and force other space marines to accept you as their spiritual liege"

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And Marneus Calgar rewrites the codex so that there are female Ultramarines (but no other female marines).

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concept art

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Oh I get the feeling when they unveil the faith power that lets a sister swing for the fences with a strength greater than her male counter part, and all the other faith powers that the marines player won't get, that will shut them up.
Femmenist: "Not as strong, or as tough that's an outrage!"
Gamesworkshop: "That's because their mere humans, so they have the strength and toughness slightly better than the average man or woman, but not as good as a super human."
Feminist: "That won't...say did she just..."
Gamesworkshop: "Summon the power of her faith in the god emperor of all humanity and lay down a smighting that a Space Marine would give his nuts to duplicate. yes."

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> /tg/ - Last refuge of /v/


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Well duh, Brother-Captain Obvious. Only Gulliman is versatile enough to give his geneseed to females.

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you mad?

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Space Marines can't even be a playable class.

Marines don't operate alone, and unless the game is some sort of ungodly RTS-hybrid (which we know it's not), it wouldn't make any sense.


Doesn't fucking make sense. No. I won't believe it.

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That's not concept art at all, and you're a god damned retard.

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Bite me Ultra smurf.

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in b4 there's 400 people playing space marines with some variant of "Alpharius" or "Omegon" in the name.

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Bad news.

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inb4 people with the same name as major characters in the story, only with minor changes to get past the name filter.

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>Feminist: "That won't...say did she just..."

>Gamesworkshop: "Summon the power of her faith in the god emperor of all humanity and lay down a smighting that a Space Marine would give his nuts to duplicate. yes."

Feminists would not be happy for the SoB's only strength to be faith in a patriarchal figure. I hope they include Sisters for this reason.

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well it was in a section called 'concept art' whether it is or not I couldn't care less

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the idea of 40k's fluff being balanced in any way - on social, gender, or strength-based terms - is pretty hilarious

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Just hoping this turns out to be Planetside-like in set up and play style.

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Don't they know? They also have faith in female saints, etc.

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This game will fail like every other mmo that isn't WoW.

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But all power derives from the Emperor, i.e. men. The Imperium is the ultimate patriarchy; it's delicious.

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God I hope so.

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lots of MMOs are doing well right now and making lots of money...
that's why everyone is jumping on the idea now

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>No. You refuse to dance.

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>You: /giggle
>Game: What was that? /suicide? Okay your character dies, lose a level.

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In practice, the High Lords of Terra are the actual leaders of the Imperium. The Emperor is just a figurehead.

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The High Lords of Terra don't grant miracles.

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Most MMOs don't fail. They just don't match the crazu success of WoW. WaR is falling apart, sure, but I bet you it has turned a profit.

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If you want to talk about WoW's success...
>meanwhile at blizzard HQ

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AoC's going full-steam on their expansion.
Part of measuring the profitability of an MMO has got to the expectations of growth over time. AoC might be winning back it's investor's fortunes and growing.
I'd like to point out that which won me my exalted rank among His Angels of Death: we know positive fuck all aside from Blizzard trumpeting "10 million LOL!" Whether WAR, AoC, Aeon, CoH/V and all the others are profiting or not is not a known quantity -or if it is it's one never appearing in this threads backed by actual information.

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Turned a profit several times over, I'm sure. An MMO subscriber is basically buying the the equivalent of the gamebox every three to four months, over and over again.

Even "failed" MMOs are ludicrously profitable, that's why they keep making them.

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My plan is to make a space wolf named lemon rust.

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I don't see 40k MMO being as popular as WoW.

EVE Online has 30,000-50,000 people on at all times, since Warhammer 40k is more popular it will probably have double or triple that after the first few months and stay there for a couple years.

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I'm gonna go with F just to shake things up.

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Horo Rus

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female space marine tiem. Someone post a Space Wolf.

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Ragio, son of Angron

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how about brother XxSnIpErL33TlYxX

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Feminists are going to attack patriarchal religious figures now?

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Commisar Holt

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i think you guys are missing something...

Blood Ravens, motherfucker. We know little of them(forget the book), they can pull female marines out of nowhere and we will be unable to complain, because they come from THAT chapter. That or they will invent a new chapter with females...

OR (this is the most logical) the character system will be class-based to replace races and genders.
Space Marine (always male)
Sister of battle (always female)
Guardsman (both genders)
Techpriest ? are there female techpriests?
Psyker (both genders, i guess...)
Ork Choppa
Ork Shoota
Ork Mek
Gretchin Sieger (or something like that)
Eldar Farseer (always female)
Dark Reaper
Fire Dragon
Warlock (Always ┬┐male?)
Khorne Adept (champion)
Nurgle Adept (knigth)
Tzeetch adept (sorceror)
Slannesh adept <--- Now this is where genders get messy.

Think of korean MMOS that restrict to things like
" Rifleman (only male)" and "gunslinger(only female)"

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There's female techpriests.

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fanart doesn't count

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Novels do.
Femme techs in Mechanicuum for one.

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I was using it as an illo; there's at least one female Magos in Mechanicum and more than one female techpriest in Titanicus.

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>implying Slaanesh won't be mysteriously absent from the game due to not being T rated.

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Cain series has Fem-Techpriests.

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Holy shit that is awesome.


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