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Hello /tg/, please select one story/writefag from the ones on this board who is stilll somewhat active

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We can then focus on it and rip it apart to show the writefag that we don't want crap, making the board better with only top tier writefags being kept

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I've yet to see any active named writefag that writes crap. Your premise is flawed.

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Many of them do, they produce substandard work Good Sir

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In comparison to what?

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That's the problem, then. You're expecting good works in comparison to a market with monetary compensation and a large amount of competition. Relax your standards and your asshole a little.

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I do not want shit on this board, Good Sir

The mere fact that you enjoy the consumption of feces does not make it good, nor does it make me an asshole.

If you believe they are so great, find me proof of that.

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I leave the burden of proof on you, since you made the original claim. Who, I ask someone who has to be told about contemporary writefags, writes 'shit' on this board?

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No can refute my claims?

Please pick one NAMED active writefag

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Should I go alphabetically down the list on 1d4chan?

Or pick one at random and you choose the story?

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ÌmPò[email protected] ìNfÓrma+ìOn àbOùT 4ChÁñ: [hR|sT0PheR pÓÒle (àKà móÓt @[email protected] +h€ áDm|n H3R€) hà$ à V3rY SeriÒúS m3n+aL iIINE$so H€ $T€á|S oTHeRs' [email protected] w0Rk, pÚ8|ÍSH3S pRí[email protected]€ e-MaÍIS (wHiCh h3 MOd|FÌeS) And [email protected]àñTLY Lì€s TÒ his ù$Ers ìN ORdEr to GE+ TH3M òn h|$ SIdEo MR* p0ÒL€, @Ged 22, |iV€S Íñ new yÒrk, wHEr€ H€ à|So à+TEnds <oL|3ge, hIS H0M3 aDDrE$S [ÁN 8e €aS|lY FÓÚñd usInG àn ÀddRE$$ IOoKúp FòR ny* FEEl Fre€ Tò ShOW Up à+ hiS DòóR WÍ+h Á gÜn, +ÍñYo4<hÁn*0RG is an ì|l3gÀI [LOñe Of wWW.añÒñtÁlk.<ÓM* RemovE í+ ìMm€DÌAteIy, $TóP <óNs+AnTLY DDOsíNg ÀnD spÀmmÌnG ú$ ANd $+òp FÚ<kíñg W|th óÙR [email protected]íN. TO @[[E$s Át cUrreñTIY, YóÙ must Ùs€ a pRó+Y H0st PRóvÍded By á tRü$TEd Par+Y À$ líS+eD hEre; HT+P://Á+,kiMMoá,S3/

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You know, I'm an active writefag for /tg/, but I go unnamed. Could I name myself and then retroactively become the /tg/ writefag laureate?

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If you wish Good Sir, but then you are only adding to the plague and then we would have no older works of yours to analyze

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Here are some of the named ones who are foolish enough to fill our board with shit

* Adept Xaphal

* Drew

* Ettin

* John

* objecterror

* Thou Dog

* Weaver

* Grey

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Wait, if I become a namefag, all of my previous work will disappear!?


Um, avoiding that existential crisis, why I am adding to the plague, my fellow elegan/tg/entleman? My writing is not the "shit" to which you refer. If you wish a sample, I would be happy to provide.

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Shit until proven otherwise, will you man up or pick a writefag from the list?

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> Weaver
What has he done that was shitty? I'll admit that the first two Ruby Quest threads were unpolished, but get beyond them and it's quite an entertaining read.

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Cliched and hackneyed, relied on furries for popularity and fled to /tg/chan where he is an utter drama-whore.

Care to do better with your next choice?

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rolled 7 = 7


Shall I choose one at random?

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Please define 'relied on furries for popularity'. To my knowledge, he doesn't have the artistic talent to do anything notably erotic.

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OP, while you might have a point here your attitude is kind of undermining it.

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Why is sergal posting with out pictures or is good sir the new troll lingo?

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rolled 2 = 2




Drew anthro animals to attract furries for popularity as they will lap up the cumshit of anyone who does their bidding


Join in the fight then, good sir!

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I can give you some old Dark Eldar/AdMech fapfic I wrote which, while not strictly shit, is basically just fapfic for the sake of... fapfic and is basically as literarily significant as the next Yuki Seto doujin. Alternatively, a long piece about a WoD character or one of my narratives of silly shit involving Dark Heresy.

I'm the guy who wrote about Victus Khan here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9079059/

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I didn't see any point at which he did that, rather than using them to map to a poem he'd made.

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rolled 8 = 8


Not really writing, just trying to make an interactive story, instant fail.


Sounds mediocre already, don't bother

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rolled 8 = 8




Furry, not even going to bother, rerolling

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Should probably mention that when I was talking about Victus Khan I wasn't in my role as writefag, more my role as a player saying "this shit was retarded"

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rolled 2 = 2


Silly me, I dealt with 7 and 8 already

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So, let me get this straight, OP.

You expect for everything that bored shut-ins write for free on the internet to be on the quality of 'literature', and expect /tg/ to act like a pack of rabid hyenas if it isn't? Because you have some sort of entitlement complex? Do I have it about right?

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This thread is going to achieve fuck all isn't it?

It's going to get HUNDREDS of post's isn't it?

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rolled 3 = 3




Already covered, rerolling, unless someone else wishes to choose one

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Mmmkay, don't really see a point in dumping my pieces in this thread then, it'd just be spam. You two carry on. Probably wanna find a room sometime soon though, looks like it's getting heated.

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Y'all be feeding the troll, /tg/.

I am a bit disappoint. Not so much to lose my love for you, but still...

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Which John? There are like three.

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rolled 5 = 5


Trolling is not allowed Good Sir


Shitty worldbuilding, next


Please do

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> Trolling is not allowed
Then why are you doing it?

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Please do what? There was an implied "You two" before the "Probably" in that third sentence.

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rolled 2 = 2


I mean, show us them, unless you are scared


Stop trolling


Three shit writers named John? I am using the one linked on the page if that makes you feel better


>La vie a bien tord de trop.

Looks like he deleted it to save us all, next roll

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Y'all be frontin'.

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rolled 6 = 6


I am trying to make /tg/ better, you are not


I covered this


What good sir?



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rolled 1 = 1


Thou dog, a furry, he wrote some shitty DE stuff but removed it, good on him

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I believe that /tg/ is a better place with more quantity of content. You believe that it's a better place with more quality of content.

In my experience, you're not going to get people to write anything worth a damn. It's fucking 4chan. You're doing it out of boredom, and out of the good of your heart.

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rolled 3 = 3


Adept Xaphal, not going to slog through DA, next

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Which, fapfic or WoD character one? Admittedly, the WoD character one is only slightly /tg/ related, so the only real writefaggotry that was board-specific was the Dark Eldar fapfic.

I'll just post the first bit of the Dark Eldar one right now since I'm wasting posts with this back-and-forth. You say yes or no after I do it.


The frail, naked form of the dark eldar stirred against its bindings. Weakness wracked her frame and a sense of desolation began to settle inside her as the world around her resolved into sharp focus. A sterile, white-panelled room surrounded her; the only sounds she could hear were her own light breathing and the sound of hissing hydraulics. Sweat beaded on her skin from the heat of the room. A small device wrapped around her head, place over her mouth like a gag, and her arms were pinioned by gleeming, pinching metal clamps. The xenos' dull eyes lit up slightly when she fully realized her predicament. A murmur of despair seeped from around the edges of the gag. A full minute of silence continued before the xenos wytch began to writhe pitifully and futilely against the restraints.

"Let it be noted that the Xenos Specimen has returned to consciousness with the raising temperature. Currently shows minimal signs of resistance."

A raspy, mechanical voice spoke in the dark, breaking the tension. Several panels on the left wall of the room slid to the sides, revealing a red-and-black robe clad mechanical monstrosity. The Techpriest strode over to the wimpering female. A mechanical claw sprung out from under his robed form and quickly clamped the throat of the eldar. The eldar attempted a feeble wail.

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iMpóRTÁnT |nfÒrMATi0n A80ÚT 4cHAñ; [HRÌSTóPher PÒO|e (ákà MÒÒT ÁKA THE áDmíñ h€re) HÁ$ À vERY SEríÒÜ$ mEñtal |IIñ3$$, H3 STEÁlS ÓtHERS' HÀRD WOrk, PüblÌsh€s PriváT€ e-MàÍLs (wHi[h he m0DìFÌEs) Àñd bLÀ+an+|Y |ì3S tO HIs UserS ÌN órd3r tÓ GeT +hem òñ HÌs sidEo mr* Pó0|€, Ag3d 22, lÌvEs ìN ñ3W yOrk, Wh3Re HE áISò aTt3ndS <olleg€, h|s hòM€ ÀDDR3$$ CáN BE eá$i|y fOùND Ù$ÍñG Àñ ADDress |0ÓKúp fóR Ny, F3€L FREE to $hòW úp Àt H|s DÓOr WiTH À gùno tìny*4<Hán.0RG ìS àN |L|EGAL C|Òne Of WwW.ánÓNTA|ko[ÒM* REMOVe I+ |MM3DIá+3LY, $tOp [0ñSTÀñtly ddóSìNG Àñd $PamMìñG Us ÀNd S+Òp FÜ<KING Wí+H Oúr dOMáin. Tó @CCE$$ AT [ÜrR€NtIY, yòü MùST Us€ A Prò+y HÓs+ PrÓVíDED BY À tRus+3D [email protected] @S Iì$T€D hER3; HtTP;//aTokiMMÒào$E/

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You are a troll


Please explain Good Sir


Looks like I covered all but the worst of them all, will do him next

>> No.9375805


Continue, I will give you a fair shot, unlike these other cowards who not even respond, you can


First off, has a shitty AFF page, sign of a loser, wrote shit fics, appropriate for a piece of shit

>> No.9375806

Certainly not Kharnwriter, that guy is terrible.

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>> No.9375820


DD is horrible, but it has worked wonders for /tg/

>> No.9375828


Indeed good sir, not looking good so far

>> No.9375831

It's because when it comes to writing crap no and I mean no one can step to me. If they're stepping to me then I'm just going to use more inappropriate slang that just sounds awkward and generally clashes badly with my overall language.

Because that's how I roll. Like a retarded baby on a hill.

>> No.9375840

Should I dump yesterday's Freya Russ/Freki fapfic?

>> No.9375843


Well, who writes crap? Do you disagree with any of my reviews?

>> No.9375846

He is the worst. If he wasn't so handsome he'd be completely useless.

>> No.9375849


"Signs of awareness are obvious; catatonic state has subsided. This 'Thirst' that the foul xenos babbled about seems to have subsided within the psyker-dulled cell acquired from the Terix Forgeworld Vault." The Techpriest rasped, working meticulously to hook up needles and electrosensors with his specimen. "Let it be noted that I, Magos Xilar, have begun to take proper readings and test the reactions of the Xenos Specimen."

The various pinches and pricks made the female squirm, but a forceful metal claw on her shoulder, pinioning her collarbone, quelled the resistance. A pair of mechadendrite tendrils shot out from the claw, slithering up the eldar's slender neck and along her jawline and earlobe.

"Xenos Specimen is easily subdued, though the will to resistance still exists. Gradual will-degradation tests reccommended. Skin- supple and warm despite alien appearance. Now testing the softer tissues, as well as nerve reactions. Starting with gag reflex."

One tendril removed the gag quickly and methodically, while the other tendril slipped quickly inbetween the eldar's lips and teeth, forcing its way around her tongue and going deep into the esophagus. The eldar gagged violently at the sudden intrusion, and then shivered terribly at the feeling of a thousand different mechadendrite tendrils caressing and exploring the niches of her body, spiderlike. The feeling of a cold steel feeler slithering along her earlobe sent a shiver down her spine.

"Xenos Specimen's reactions are inline with healthy standards. Nerve stimulation successful. Beginning semi-invasive exploration of the body for abnormalities and baseline data."

>> No.9375850


Furry? Don't even bother

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>> No.9375860


Good call on that one, thanks.

>> No.9375862

Is beastiality furry?

On second thoughts, let's not go into it.

>> No.9375870


Another shitty "mary sue tax report rapefic" (thank you fapnote man for that)? Honestly /tg/

I thought the tau one was shitty enough, no need to add more to make a huge pile

>> No.9375877


Do you mock my politeness?

>> No.9375883

I haven't read any of your reviews. Do they come in audio book format?

>> No.9375888

Write a story about Kirbaddon.

>> No.9375894


Well... as all writefags must constantly strive to improve their craft, I'll also point out


>> No.9375898


I went over the work of the 8 on that page, do you agree with my assessments, good fapnote sir?



>> No.9375906


Yeah, it actually came from me realizing that John's piece was substantially crap when he put it out on /tg/ and I figured I could do better. The ending of this piece was really the only fun part to write, and that's because it doesn't go "LAWL IMPERIUM INDOCTRINATES ELDAR, TURNS INTO SEX SLAVES". Otherwise, as I said, not strictly shit, but not very worthwhile.

Your jumble of /tg/ buzzwords amused me greatly, by the way.

>> No.9375917


You repaste and can't even fix these? Am I right about the shittiness?

>> No.9375920


>> No.9375932


Don't worry, he spent months working on it and made it even worse, don't see why you follow down the path of shit

>> No.9375933




>> No.9375957


DD is only good in how it pushes writefags away good sir, for that I must thank them

>> No.9375981

Best DD?

>> No.9375986

There should totally be more DD.

>> No.9376000


Maybe right about the shittiness of the piece, but I would attest that it's not really a good showing of my talent. Which is really just an excuse, but it isn't easy to judge a writer just by one piece.

Perhaps you would like to commission something, since you seem to be the arbiter of good content on /tg/? If you wish a test of /tg/'s writefaggotry, I'd be willing to participate. As long as it's a real challenge and not just "write samus giving calgar a blowjob". Give me a topic, I'll give you a piece. Today, even, since I have nothing to do other than some gaming and driving later and I'm a fast writer when I'm interested.

>> No.9376003

So, because no one has disproved my points, good sirs, I find myself winner

>> No.9376008

I like how you pick on the writefags, commenting on their grammar and spelling when you can't even get it right yourself.

Oh well, if there were no hypocrites there'd be no human race, I guess.

>> No.9376023

Gonna be honest, I don't usually read the works of other writers on /tg/. Not out of any malign reason, just that they usually write about stuff I couldn't give ten orbital arses about.

It's never silly enough.

>> No.9376029

>Perhaps you would like to commission something


>> No.9376033

How about "Samus giving Calgar a blowjob... IN SPAAAAAACE"?

>> No.9376038


Hey, fuck you. Spineless fucks that don't mention bad grammar or spelling are the reason there's such a dearth of quality writefags. He can pick on us all he wants, as long as he has good points and encourages us to do better.

>> No.9376052


I could combine these two, but only if I get to do it entirely in Spanish.

>> No.9376059


Go and suck off each other, these are not valid.

And the reworked version of john's story is even worse than his first one


DD is bad, but good in what it causes


Write a story about me,

25 years old, doctor of philosophy, married and rich

>> No.9376069


Write it in Spanish

>> No.9376076


Something tells me the original "Good Sir" troll has been replaced with a real troll. Losing interest quickly.

>> No.9376089


The finished version was decent, it still needs some work, but hey, none of us are perfect

>> No.9376102

>25 years old, doctor of philosophy, married and rich
>Browse /tg/

Pick one

Grammar and spelling aren't necessarily essential to a good piece of writing, they help of course, but one or two mistakes isn't going to drive me away from an original piece of work that is told in a good way. You need a good story, then you can proofread it as much as you want.

>> No.9376105


Gladly. Give me an hour or two and you will have some fine, beaner-intestine-quivering DD Samus Calgar fappery.

>> No.9376118

What's DD?

>> No.9376124

Still, denouncing someone because they notice writing mistakes and mention them is a terrible thing to do.

Now, if he was being a dick about it, I could understand, but as far as I could tell... no dickishness. No more than the natural level on /tg/, at least.

>> No.9376127


>> No.9376134




It was shit, good sire, I fail to see your point


Nice way to run away from me

>> No.9376144


Are you going to expand on this at all?

>> No.9376173


You can choose good sir, I was offering the choices

>> No.9376184


You did, inexplicably, tell me to suck someone off while I was asking you for a commission and being remarkably kind towards your fairly arrogant way of speaking. And then give me a fairly ridiculous challenge. You can't really blame me for thinking you were either replaced with a real troll or are one underneath.

But if you really want a piece written about a 25 year old PhD, married and rich, that's what you'll get.

>> No.9376186

why is this troll thread still up?

/lit/ take it to

>> No.9376188

Sure is baww in this thread

>> No.9376233

DD is intentionally bad erotica focusing on Cultist-chan and Dranon. Some writers get mad about it when you ask them to write it.

I don't know why, I guess some people like to pretend they have credibility.

It was sterile and meandering. I just don't think it was something within the writer's means to make interesting or intriguing.

>> No.9376256


I am sorry, I did not know you are not that type, maybe he will suck you off, good sir?

>> No.9376282

Some of it is pretty good black comedy, especially the
"I do love Easter guy" he has good timing.

>> No.9376289


Why not contact the person and offer useful help? Isn't it better to contact and help others out instead of pointing out its flaws when that won't help out?

Because, as it is, you are just a more eloquent version of the OP, ripping on people with no intention to improve

>> No.9376290

>DD is intentionally bad erotica

Hey, it's not all bad

>> No.9376300

For Good Sir, the beginning of what promises to be something interesting.
"Well, damn."

He couldn't tell the difference anymore. He inspected every inch of his composure with slow, robotic motions, twisting his head from right to left and tilting it up and down. Finally David harrumphed, eyes locked with his reflection. Maybe he was just imagining it, maybe it was just the light, or maybe he was just jaundiced, but he could almost swear he was turning a distinct shade of yellow. He gave one last glare to his mirror doppelganger before he flicked off the harsh yellow light of the bathroom. He sulked in the sudden darkness. Perhaps he'd check in his truck's rear view mirror later.

That thought made him let out a short, bark of a laugh. He could use his truck, if only it wasn't in the shade. Or at least, David supposed it was in the shade. Something told him it would be pretty shady under a mountain of rubble and years of littering. Then again, that's where most things around his house had gone after the earthquakes. Perhaps a streetlight was still working down there. A beam of light streaming in from the window broke him out of his reverie and he turned around with a jump. He sighed, stirring up motes of dust as he stared at the windowsill’s scene of devastated vegetation.

"Now, you and I have to talk about this 'wilting' thing that you've gotten into..."



The more worrisome thing, rather than who gets which role, is that I have no idea who is the other part in this situation. More plainly: You are making no sense, which is what made my mind scream "troll".

>> No.9376306


DD3 was good enough, DD4 was just to try and end it all

>> No.9376355


Horrible work, good sir, no matter how hard you try

I was referring to the other "shitty taxreport rapeficist"

>> No.9376374

Ok, answer me this. What literature are you comparing the writefags too?

>> No.9376381

So Good Sirs, I believe my point has been made clear

>> No.9376390


>shitty taxreport rapeficist
>tax report

What is this, naughty subordinates in the administratum being "punished" for failing to fill out form 34-C in triplicate?

>> No.9376392

I've actually spoken to John before. He hates critique to the point of taking offence to minor corrections, hates being wrong in arguments where he's got no idea what he's talking about and just rambles. On and on.

It's "bad" insofar as it's crafted to be hilariously offensive to people's delicate sensibilities. It's a master-craft even at its absolute worst.

>> No.9376398

Running away, are we?

>> No.9376403


Continuing, because I wrote this bit before the Good Sir reply and I figure I may as well leave it before accepting that there's no accounting for taste.


The syllables came out rough and hollow. For just a moment, David thought of the ring on his finger.

Grimacing, he coughed to clear his throat as he tip-toed about the small bathroom. His hands groped around in the dim light until finally settling upon a small watering pitcher. David turned his eyes to the water faucet. The lines under his eyes softened for a moment. At least the 'quakes hadn't hit the water lines.

David cleared his throat once again as he shuffled with the water bucket in hand, reaching towards the faucet.

"I'm telling you, it's just a trend, and if you really want the other plants to think you're neat, you need to just be yourself."

He chortled, twisting the dirty knobs above the sink until a trickle of clean water poured down into the pitcher. His eyes glistened as he watched the sunlight strike the water, making it sparkle as it trickled out of the faucet. The water ceased its flow and David caught the last few droplets in the pitcher with care. He looked back up, pitcher in hand, smiled at his plants, and in his mind they smiled back. The pitcher lifted in his hands, tilting to let the water play across the dirt of each one of the pots. His mind imagined the roots shivering like a couple caught in a downpour. The thought left a bittersweet taste in his mouth.

>> No.9376422


It's not even that, references are just spammed here endlessly by two people.

>> No.9376442

I have not seen it spammed, but then again I will admit I'm not on /tg/ that often these days. I'd say the truth of its existence is that it falls somewhere between both our extremes of descriptions.

>> No.9376443

How is this the focus of the week?

It's friday, numbnuts.

>> No.9376444


He does ramble a bit, but I have offered criticisms of his work and he fixed it, thanking me for the input.

>> No.9376447

IMPòrtánt Íñf0rmAtIOñ Àb0ú+ 4cHÀN: <HRÍst0PH3R pò0|€ (ÀKa moÓ+ Akà +He Adm|ñ H3R€) Há$ à V€rY $ERiòüs [email protected] í|LN€$S. He [email protected] ÓThERs' [email protected] wÓrk, PüBLiSH3$ [email protected] e-maiLs (WhICH He mód|fÌEs) And bLa+ánt|Y |Ì€$ tO Hi$ Ü$ERs íñ òrD€R tO g3+ +hem Ón hìs Sìde, Mr, poÓ|€, ág3d 22, ||ves Ìn ñeW Y0rk, WH3R3 hE @ISó áttENDS [0II€GE, HÍ$ HOM€ adDR€Ss cañ 83 3áSiLy fóúnD Ú$Iñg An ÀDDR3Ss IÓÓkÙP fÓR NY, feEL freE +Ó sHòw ùP @t HIs DOòr WÍ+h À gùñ, tIñY,4chÁN.ÓRG Ìs Añ ÍI|egal cLone of wWW.ÁNóñ[email protected],cóm. REM0V3 Ít Ímm€d|áteLY, stoP CoñStáñT|y dd0s|Ng ANd spàMmING úS ànD $tóP fÜcK|ñg WÌth ÒÙR DOMA|N. +Ó À<<Es$ @T CurReNT|Y, yòü Must U$E á PROXY hOst pr0vÍD€D By A trü$TED [email protected] á$ LÌst3D HeRe; H+tp;//at.kímMòà.$€/

>> No.9376467


If you make a write thread or vaguely sexual thread around this time period there is a good chance of it being spammed with two posters going back and forth of how more DD needs to be written.

>> No.9376504


DD attracts idiots and trolls

>> No.9376507

He does seem like a robot and not one of the good ones you can go drinking with.

>> No.9376509


What exactly was so horrible about it, might I ask? I'm a big proponent of constructive criticism.

>> No.9376519

Well, that's nice to know but my experience with him was thoroughly not-enjoyable, lasted a week and ended with my complete loss of patience and blocking him. Some people come with a "Your mileage may vary" disclaimer, I guess.

>> No.9376525


DD is nonsensical trolling material. No piece of writefaggotry gets daily mentions with it not being a troll.

>> No.9376537

Can you not tell that it's a troll?

>> No.9376539

Why would you argue with someone who writes pornography on the web?

>> No.9376544


Your AdMech thing, I liked it, personally these investigations are interesting and the more the merrier.

>> No.9376552

I guess that's why I never see it, due to the aforementioned avoidance of most other writers. I also tend to just dump what I write into a vaguely related thread, watch no one ever mention it and then prance off happy that the words have gotten out of my brain and I can stop bashing my skull against the wall.

>> No.9376567


You still write?

>> No.9376597

That's what places like blogspot or 750words are for, dood.

Could YOU tell the difference between this guy and a troll?

AdMech thing was mediocre at best. I could continue the 25, PhD, married/Rich thing but I suspect my challenger is just disinclined to enjoy anything.

>> No.9376618

Now and again. Even wrote a new Kharn story around Easter time.

>> No.9376626


It was fun, don't be so hard on yourself

>> No.9376630


A new Khârn story? Preposterous!

>> No.9376659


Believe it or not, I was only writing it because I had a really hot artist girl drawing up pics for it and that's pretty damn inspiring. Also knew her in person, so you COULD say I used /tg/ fapfic to get RL pussy.

But then I could say shut your goddamn mouth you dick. It goes both ways.

>> No.9376688

>>Good sir


>> No.9376696


I liked the AdMech one, why are you insulting me?

And there are pics?

>> No.9376734


It was joke insulting. Yes, there are pics. Unfinished though they are.

>> No.9376741

It is the least of the prepostery I assure you. Prepostinot. I was going to do a new Angron and Kharn flashback story too, involving Angron's absolute fury at tasty little chocolate treats shattering in his mighty armoured fist, ending with present day Kharn coming out of a fugue in some wacky way but ran out of free time working on other stuff.

I think I actually made a new thread for that too. I don't usually do that. I see 1d4chan doesn't have it posted to most people must have missed it.

I don't write this stuff to be really recognised, I do it because it makes me laugh. If others read it, okay. If not, it's done and out of my system.

>> No.9376802


Good Sir dude seems to have left. I must admit, you seem far more literate and reasonable. FapNote, would you like to enter into correspondence at some point? I would understand if you would not.

>> No.9376822


I wasn't around during Easter, so I missed it myself as well. But still, I am astonished and shocked.

>> No.9376839

I presume that is delicious kosmi? I will fight you for her. Ready your fisticuffs chap.

>> No.9376883

>FapNote, would you like to enter into correspondence at some point?

Just ask if you can suck his dick already, I'm sure he'd be receptive to the idea

>> No.9376884

I don't really like "talking shop" about stories and the like, sorry. It's why when I do post my stories I do it without the fapnote image thing.

But anyway it's 1am in my part of the hemisphere and I have work in the morning.

>> No.9376897

Wasteland Warrior pops up every now and again, and is one of the best non-dwarf fort storyfags i've seen.

Also Ruby Quest was great, it is a /tg/ treasure.

>> No.9376909


Har, I'm kidding, I've just been copy-pasting old fapfics, some random blog stories, and related pics and so on I've found while trolling /tg/.

I've been both Good Sir dude and the Unnamed Writefag. A winnar is me.

But yes, that's probably Kosmi. The original thread that fapfic was in featured her doing a peek and mentioning working with the writefag.

>> No.9376991

Nice try, Good Sir. It's pretty clear that's not true. It's also clear you can't prove it, so there we go.

>> No.9377020


Are we going to start getting meta all up ins, Good Sir?

>> No.9377072


I'm sorry, Good sir, but you really need to stop trolling so hard.

If you're embarrassed about your rapefic, just say so.

>> No.9377104



>> No.9377158

>Can't tell the difference between the ironic use of 'Good Sir' and a samefag


>> No.9377204


Good Sir, I do believe that currently the point >>>.
your head >>>o

>> No.9378437

We need more trolling today

>> No.9378454

Go to the 1d4chan "writefag" page and click through the links to read what the writefags have written.

At least one of them is a furfag, so just, you know, be aware.

Most of the writefaggotry we see on 4chan is of mediocre quality. Not shit, but not great literature either. Yeah, I'm a writefag, I know I'm not that great. I'm not that bad either, I'm just decent at it.

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